Meridith The Corgi thinks belleh-flopping in snow is just like belleh-flopping in water.

Er, not quite.

Submission and totally appropriate header from Cuteporter Ella.

I’m Wishing For One Thing…

…a bunch of carrots, naturally!

Via Reddit.

Soccer, Football, Call It What Ya Like

Doesn’t matter what ya call it. I’m the man, and I got next.

@Trotterpup as seen on Mashable.

Uffa, U Want Some Broccoli?

Nod your head if you do.

Tiny Peke With Epic Baroo

“This is Herbert hanging on the patio with my three other little dogs. He is from a rescue in Southern Missouri. He is the sweetest little dog, and a very good Baroo-er. Hope you love him as much as I do!” -Pugs4me.

[Oh, we do. We do! -Ed]


Roscoe Shoots—He Scores!

Andre Drummond plays hoops for the NBA Detroit Pistons. When he isn’t on the court, he’s hanging out with his PROSH FLUFF BALL named ROSCOE.

From Ashley M. at the Pistons.

It’s Caturday, And I Am Sleeping IN

[Since my bed is being cleaned, I'll just bomb out right here in the hoomin's lap. That's what they're made for, right? Oh, and U have my permission to repeatedly scritch ma belleh. I'll let you know when you're done.]

“Meet Scootie, my 12 week old kitteh. We rescued her after her entire litter was abandoned at 5 weeks. She goes 100 MPH and then suddenly drops and sleeps in the most awkward positions. She likes to hide in bags and bite my face while I’m sleeping. She’s growing up to be a very pretty kitteh and we love her dearly. Photos by Dr. Nome, Perth Western Australia.”

A Bug’s Life

“Here’s a cute picture of my daughter holding a Lady Bug. My daughter is 10 years old and has autism. About 3 years ago, she was very afraid of bugs. Now, she’s the bug expert in our house. She loves butterflies, bumblebees, ladybugs, etc.” -Stephanie S.


Remember Your First Time?

You had never seen snow before, yet there it was. A frozen field of white. Time to…DIVE IN!

Seen on The Huffster.

Friday Haiku Too: Maddie

Who would climb on top
Of a large stone cat statue?
Gotta be Maddie

From Maddie On Things, of course.