Are Ya READY, Boots?

Start walkin’!

These Boots Are Made For Walkin! from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

FAVE FRAME™: This guy (whose name is “Boots”) is ALL OVER that video. Look at that smirk!

From Kyle at Edgar’s Mission.

Pig Up The Pace, Willya?

work those hammies

Tastefully Offensive with the score, again a tip of the cap over to Napa.

With All That Blorp, Who Needs A Sled?

Check out this Chubbular Panda at the Toronto Zoo (is it Er Shun or Da Mao?)- it’s all downhill from here on! (Note: doesn’t appear to be any sound on this clip.)

Submitted by A. W.

THIS JUST IN:’s Top 100 Websites Of 2013

PCMagWuz just clicking through this list of’s Top 100 Websites of 2013- let’s see, there’s 22Words, Feedly, Bing, Google Drive,, PicMonkey, Boing Boing, The Oatmeal, The Onion, and..WHOOPS, what’s that?

Cute Overload! Why, it’s A Major Award!

We could not have done it without You, Our Dear Readers! WE PROMEES some TERRIFIC stuff in the year ahead, too! (Below is what our award plaques will look like. No not really, just made that with Picasa.)


Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

[Now..I feel bad that my pal Horse here is, um, stuck in the gate. Kinda bad. A little bad. Not really. Maybe he oughta lose some L-B's in 2014. OK, let's get some grease over here!]

From Susan M. as seen on HuffPo.

Stinkers The Porcu-Puppeh

Snickers Stinkers the Porkypine acts like a puppeh! “I didn’t think anyone could be as cute as Teddy Bear, but i was wrong! Heck, this could even be Teddy Bear but then all porcupines look alike to me (Sorry TB)!!” -Annie M.

Sproingin’ Lamb ‘Tocks!

You know the Lambski’s got a big ol’ sloppy grin, just like the hoomin!

From the Edgar’s Mission FB: “Rescued lamb Punch leaping into the arms of Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director Pam Ahern.”

Need Your Tree Hauled Away?

If your tree is STILL sitting by the curb and you need it taken away, Zuri -N- Safina Christmas Tree Removal can DO! Just give them a call and they’ll be over right away. They might stay for awhile, though.

Video from the Linton Zoo in the UK, and submitted by Pudding.

Let’s Check In At The C.O. Weather Center (Updated!)

We asked y’all to send in a photo of your little critter dealing with the snowy frigid weather. Let’s take a look! (Several from Illinois, BTW.)

First up is Meridith The Corgi, who we first saw getting snow-stuck here. Meri has been bizzy. (Bounding through snow must be hard when you’re so stubby!)

And now to our submitters!

“This is Barkley, enjoying his first snow. He is originally from California but is doing quite well in Montana (with the help of some fashionable cold-weather gear.) -Jamie I.


Logan is a sweetheart that is waiting for his furr-ever home at Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL. where the temp right now is a chilling -12 degrees (real feel -42 degrees.) I was out in the snow with him yesterday for some playtime and photos.” -Sandra P. [More photos here. -Ed]

unnamed (1)

“This is Bisco, our Pembroke Corgi named. We live in Indiana and are experiencing the “Polar Vortex.” We don’t typically put Bisco in clothes, but felt we had to for his safety in this windchill of -30 degrees. Video by Ryan K. Photo by me, Alyssa L.”


“Here’s The Notorious FIG again…she’s a little chilly in the -8 temps. Wind chill here in St. Louis is -33!” -Greer B.

“This is how my sister protects her sweetheart rotty, Bandit, from the -17 wind chills this morning in Deerfield, IL. (Hey, it’s warming up in the Chicago area.) Bandit sports socks to the utmost Cute Degree!” -Jeanne R.

“This is a photo of my two dogs Nina (L) and Tito, before our morning walk in the NYC Polar Vortex. Tito spent 3/4 of the walk inside my coat, despite his hoodie sweatshirt, 3-legged fleece jammies, camo coat, pompom hat, and booties. Nina didn’t want to come inside and she only had on a hoodie & a coat.” -Katherine N.

“I am an avid fan of your site and would love to submit this video of Kima, my Corgi romping in snow that was way too deep for her little body! She loves the snow and we have a hard time telling her she can’t stay out and play in when the temperatures were so far below zero here in the Chicago area. BTW, it gets PERFECT around 0:37.” -Kerri M.

Not Sure Why We’re In Here, Duck

[Could be cause we're in trouble. Or it could be cause we're dirty. Guess we're about to find out.]

Bacci the baby Italian greyhound taking a bath with a pal. Photo by by Sanjin Z.