TGIF Featuring MISS Foxy Brown

Another TGIF has rolled around, signaling the end of the work week! “Miss Foxy Brown’s 4th birthday was Monday! We celebrated yesterday with a trip to the pet store for a new dress and hair bow. We walked around the outdoor mall so strangers could shower her with compliments and finished the day with her favorite treat, a McD’s ice cream cone. She was one pooped pup by the end of the day. Photos by me, her proud mama.” -Tonya N.


Since You Never Know What They’re Thinking..

cat-paper-facial-expressions-montage-4Just take a pen and a piece of paper and you can create your own Cat Mood.




(Bored Panda.)

What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate

The Cockatiel doesn’t speak Great Dane, and the Great Dane doesn’t speak Cockatiel.


(Lost At E Minor.)


IMG_2041[*Note: See here for the story from a week ago. -Ed.]

“We just got the call from the UC Davis Oncology Surgeon that performed Beau’s surgery last Friday: he’s cancer-free!!! We’re so happy and want to thank all our C.O. fans for their comments, prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts. They worked! And of course many thanks to Brinke, for sharing our cause. Beau’s wearing his Thundershirt because it’s a better alternative than the cone. We’re looking forward to a long life with this furry guy. With much C.O. love, Deborah and Chris, his hoomins.”

Find Your OWN Seat

11080983_798749313524013_5238943715095423789_nI’ve got mine.

From Featured (Carly loves some Nudibranch Action) Creature.

How NOT To Hold A Phone When Shooting Video

Point #1: Not this way, even though we can never get enough of Marnie.

Point #2: Read this article on how to hold the phone.


It’s The First Day Of Sproing!

(It’s ALSO the International Day Of Happiness!) Naturally, we’re celebrating the END OF WINTER with some Sproingin’ Bebeh Goatsters! Like you didn’t see that coming.

Concept by Smedley.

Flashback Friday: Mooo-ve Over

07-5127501er Mars 1931, Paris. Photo © Ministère de la Culture – Médiathèque du Patrimoine, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais/André Kertész. Soumis par Vajda.

“A Slice Of Pupperoni, Please.”

Can I.... Have some I'm people. - Imgur[Of course, I won’t say no to Snausage, either. Just sayin.’] (Reddit.)

I TOTALLY Meant To Do This.




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