Flashback Friday: Three’s Company

1504947_10152544559161338_972850151005310627_n“Késő Esti Mosoly/Late Night Smile.” From Facebook. Fotó: Toni Schneiders: Familienbild, Lübeck, 1950. From Vajda B.

If I Can’t Pick This Frisbee UP….

[….I guess I’ll just STOMP IT to death!!]

(Daily Mail.)

ResQte Of The Week III: Beets!

unnamed (1)“Orphaned baby squirrel ‘Beets’ was brought to the local shelter snuggled and cozy inside an oven mitt thanks to his kind rescuer! He’s now at Coast & Canyon Wildlife in Malibu, California and seems pretty fond of the lady who’s feeding him and taking care of him until he’s old enough to be released back into the wild.” -KB.


The Year Of The…Cat Wearing An Orange

Well, it’s Shiro And Friends again. Can’t say this comes as too much of a surprise.

Multiple RULES On Display!

IMG_0002This Wah Wah has broken every known record for most number of Rules in one post. (Seven!!!)

“This is Poncho. He loves sleeping on his back in a sunbeam. He is a funny little puppy,” says Julie H. He’s also displaying the following Rules Of Cutenessquite a rarity.

Rule Of Cuteness #01: Putting a paw up is cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #02: Looking helpless is cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #12: Fuzzy, floppy limbs are cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #19: Dainty paws are cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #22: Curled-up or tucked paw is cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #39: Nuzzable mini-chests are cute.

And of course–the big one:

Rule Of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.

ResQte Of The Week II: Back To The Big Apple

IMG_1015Earlier we heard about Byby AKA Delta, now we’re back to NYC (hey, it’s a big place) to learn about a pair of ResQte Buns. Remember- they’re NOT just for Bunday anymore. Our Cuteporter this hour is Simina C.

“I would like to submit my foster bunnies, Ira and Jasmine for your consideration. Jasmine is all white and Ira has the brown spots. They’re an awesome pair and they’re currently available for adoption in the New York area through NYC Metro Rabbits.”

Here’s where to send your email if you’re in the NYC area and interested in adopting.


Down Under, They’re Saying Year Of The Goat

I thought we’d settled this! Year Of The Sheep, right? Nope- not at Edgar’s Mission in Australia. Goat-City alllllll the way!

I’ll Have A Short Half-Caf Grande Venti Trenta…

picdump-1305-20[…or something. And can I get that “to go?”] (DP&F.)

Dinner? Did Someone Say….Dinner?

[If you think a little SNOW keeps me from The Noms…think AGAIN!!!]



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