Ferret Friday: Sometimes U Just Need To Stop-

18377579484_0477ff5aaa_o-and smell the roses. Or whatever happens to be available at the time. (Photo via Flickr.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Bounty™?”

buffy2“Uh…last time I saw them was on the dining room table. Let me go check. One sec.”

“Hi, I’ve been an avid Cute Overload lover for many years now! Long before my 4 year old cat, Buffy, was even around to surprise me with her Cuteness. Here she is just chilling inside a package of paper towels, and I couldn’t help but take a couple of pics to document her cuteness! She is such a sweet, fluffy kitty, and did I mention Cute? Love y’all!” -Jennifer, Hoover, AL.

“I Don’t Know WHO Took My Seed- They Wore A Mask!”

DSC_0019“These little boogers have been eating my bird seed and suet in the day time. They’re not full-grown, so I think maybe they’re not old enough to have learned they’re supposed to sleep during the day!” -Andrea D.



The Birdman Of Aberdeen

An RS McColl™ shop in Aberdeen, Scotland is consistently off when they take inventory of their Doritos™ stock. Look no further than Sam The Surreptitious Seagull. (P.S. The Scottish accents are a BONUS.)

From Susan M.

Ultimate Rule #58 Greyhound ACTION

BWwaSpUFrom Jacqueline F., who says “Reddit user ‘suzaboo’s’ dog looks like the perfect example of your newest Rule! So adorable!”

ResQte Of The Week 2 (Frogster Edition)

20150804_130802Angela M. writes: “Our bedroom is in the basement of our house and the window well in that room is quite deep. I was sitting in bed reading the news and heard a small tap on the glass. I go to see what made that sound and this little guy is staring back at me! So I lifted him out of the window well to safety. Pictures taken by me!”



Crouton Cam!

Crouton DogglesLast week, we showed you all that action at the last Corgi Beach Day in Southern California. Well, it turns out there was a MAN STUMPER ON THE SCENE and we didn’t even know it ’til now. Folks, meet Crouton The Videographer. (Above.) That’s what a GoPro looks like from one view. Here’s how it looks from the other way!

Submish by Crystal S.

ResQte Of The Week: The Big J

JakeCloseupJLNo, not THAT Big J…THIS Big J. Meet Jake, a resident of the Cat House On The Kings! Here is his story: “Sweet Jake was an owner surrender who unfortunately could longer keep him. When he first arrived he was very timid and unsure, but with some patience and TLC he came out of his shell and is now ready to find a new forever home. He’s currently waiting in the adoption room for that special person to come along. Jake is super sweet and not overbearing at all. He’s very gentle and overall a really great cat. If you’re looking for an adult feline companion, please consider this lovely boy.”- Jessica L.

Yep, That IS What You Think It Is..

Clipboard01Doodlebug The Bebeh Wallaby HOLDING HIS TEDDY BEAR. BuzzFeed Australia by way of Andrew Y. [Note: New tag for anything Australia, BTW, see below. -Ed.]


Cats are the most popular creatures on The Tubes. Just ask ’em. If they’re not too bored with your presence, they might give you a response. Then again- it’s TOO LATE FOR THAT NOW. HEAD FOR THE HILLS—the Cats are ESCAPING FROM THE INTERNET!


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