Yeah Baby She’s Got It*

Venus4(*Headline = 1960s pop culture reference.)

This is Venus, and she is a “Chimera Cat” living in North Carolina. As her FB page suggests, “0% Photoshopped, 100% Born This Way! :).” Below, Venus poses with her Gund lookalike.

Come Back Here, I’m NOT Done With U Yet!

Dax is one Determined Little Parrotlet. Go, D-Man, go!!

From DP&F.


TY8vnm4[Whatever it was you said, I heard it!!!]


Bunday Morning Comix

Clipboard01As seen on Instagram.

“Is This Cute Enough For Ya, Punk?”

unnamed (2)The carrot supply is being guarded on this Bunday morning by Skye. The header was supplied by Sophie W., who adds, “Her name is Skye, 6 weeks old currently, and she is training to be a therapy rabbit. She is super friendly and loves being by people.”

We’ve All Heard Of “Bread Pudding”

But what about…a Bread Pillow! Japan, natch. The last guy with the slowly closing eye capsules is killer.

Wait Just ONE Second Young Man

I’ll be the one to tell you when you can go play!

From DP&F.

Caturday Night: Whoa! What? Was? THAT?

Yeah, you never know when that carpet can turn on you.

Mihai’s Caturday Compilation

Just in time for Caturday this kitteh compilation comes rolling in. Look how sweet- the kittehs all showing affection for their hoomins.

Like they don’t have an ulterior motive.

It’s Halfway To Christmas!

And in honor of this occasion, we present…how to wrap a Guinea Peeg. Bookmark and save for December!


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