Maymo In 2016: Dog Bones For Everyone!

MAYMO16PODmaymopresidentiallogoHillary? Nah. Biden? (Has he made up his mind yet?) Forget the guy with the hair. There’s only ONE candidate Cute Overload supports for the 2016 Presidential Election. #VoteMaymo!

Penny is the logical choice for #2- but if relatives can’t be on the ticket, we suggest Limberbutt McCubbins as his Veep- whadya think? Bipartisan politics, or…something? (UPDATE:) We checked in with Maymo’s campaign office about Penny, and they told us, “She’s still deliberating. She’d rather chew socks in the corner. She’ll probably end up doing robocalls.”

#CO10: T-Minus 3 Days And Counting…

3..until our #CO10 Tenth Anniversary 24 Hour Celebrayshe! It starts Saturday morning at 12am PT! (Flickr.)

C.O. Trading Cards: First Day O’ Fall Norbie BONUS

NORBIt’s the First Day O’ Fall! Gotta get ready to rake those leaves, right Norbert? Click for HERE for a C.O. Super-Norbert-Size™ Alternate Version,too; his first Trading Card appearances! (It took this long to get him on here?) More C.O. Trading Cards here!

And Look At Those Lil’ Wieners GO

untitled shoot-0224As you might know, Oktoberfest is going on now in Munich, and last Saturday Friday they really had it going on in Zinzinnati- the second biggest Oktoberfest celebration on the planet. Naturally, it featured Wiener Dog Races. (Click each image for C.O. Super-Size™ Wiener Dog Action!) Now, can someone get me some mustard?

untitled shoot-0089

untitled shoot-9872

Photo Sep 18, 12 19 48 PM

untitled shoot-0135

untitled shoot-0212

untitled shoot-0207

untitled shoot-9913

untitled shoot-9881

untitled shoot-9865

untitled shoot-0095

untitled shoot-0062

Le Creditos~ Super Hi-Res Photos by Brian (Dangerous) Douglas Photography, with special thanks to The News Roadie, Rich Walburg of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

Wombat Wednesday: Time For Your Morning Meelk

Boy, doesn’t take much to knock this guy out, does it?

This Little Guy Is Making Me Dizzy!!

[He goes left, he goes right. Left/right, left/right. Make up your mind little guy, or I’m gonna give you a head butt!!] At Sunflower Farm Creamery, where Redonk is the norm.

Sea Otter Awareness Week (Cont.); Gettin’ Fluffy With #696

So you’re sitting there at your desk- checking C.O. every few minutes for a new post- maybe ordering a copy or three of the new 2016 C.O. Calendar..and you’re basically wishing you could be anywhere else right now, at any other job.


(Memo to MBA; hire me, just do it. We don’t live that far away. It’ll be a killer commute but let’s chat. TY. -B.)

One Day, Someone In Japan Woke Up And Thought…

“We need to invent little kitteh bandanas that we can sell in vending machines because here, you can buy ANYTHING in a vending machine.

And so they did.





(From RN24 via Andrew Y.)

[UPDATE: You can buy these here– I think. They have these, too (below.) Remember Sushi Cat? -Ed.]


And…Back To The Big Apple…Again

What IS going on in Noo Yawk? Yesterday it was Pizza Rat…then just an hour and a half ago it was Health Food Store Mouse/Cat…and now it’s Shake Shack Squirrel!

(Gothamist and Mashable.)

WHO’S The Boss? That’s Right, I Am

Following yesterday’s Pizza Rat, we’re back to Noo Yawk for….Boss Rat.

So this kitteh lives inside this health food store, and patrols the premises to keep out the…well, rats. And THIS rat knows that.

(Say like a NYC Cabbie:) “Hey Cat- yoo wanna piece o’ DIS? I gotcher “Cat & Mouse game” right HEAH, pally.”

(The Gothamist.)


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