Anyone Up For Some Mo Slow Mo?

Fine, fine. Last hour, a bunch o’ puppehs showered their hoomins with some slo-mo kisses. This hour, we head down (over to? around to? across to?) Edgar’s Mission for…SLO MO LAMBS. (Shakes head in disbelief.)

Pucker Up, Puppehs

What could be better than getting a big ol’ wet slobber kiss from your favorite puppeh? When they do it IN SLOW MOTION!

[*Note: Slammin’ soundtrack. Is that Michael Bublé? -Ed.]

Flashback Friday II: Retro BUB

Let’s take ‘er back to 2011- when Bub was adopted– this is her second day home with her new hoomin can opener. GOOD JOB, BUB!

Flashback Friday: Happy 70th Birthday, Steve Martin

Steve-Martin-1969-with-Cat“How many people have cats? One, two, three, four- OK, ten. Now, let me ask you this….do you trust ’em? Because I gotta get a pair of cat handcuffs, and I gotta get ’em right away.”

From Steve Martin’s A Wild and Crazy Guy (1978.) Feature photo from 1969, Pikture

Friday Haiku: Delicate

A_butterfly_feeding_on_the_tears_of_a_turtle_in_EcuadorButterflies notice
All the little things in life
Like prosh turtle tears

*Two Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles in Ecuador : Winner, 2014 Wikimedia Picture of the Year competition : Photograph by Ama la Vida TV. Story as seen on Laughing Squid.

Little Pudding UPDATE!

We’ve been telling you about Little Pudding, the wayward sea river otter who was rescued in Oregon, and ended up being nursed back to health at the Oregon Zoo. He decided to take the opportunity to check out the Cascade Stream & Pond Habitat, and clearly liked what he saw!

Nice Pillow, Tea Tiger

Welcome to Friday! Some day, we’re gonna try and figure out how Tea Tiger can be comfortable on a WATERMELON. Wait, he’s a cat. Never mind.

ResQte Of The Week 3: Please Turn Up Your Speakers Now

That way you won’t miss the AMAZING NOMMING SOUNDS at the start of this video. Drink On, Little Cats.

ResQte Of The Week 2: #Cleartheshelters

A worthy goal, to be sure! This Saturday is “Clear the Shelters Day,” an effort by NBC-owned stations to help get kittehs and puppehs adopted. NBC’s Lester Holt tells us about some puppehs given another chance at life. :)

[*Note: Here’s a look at some Northern California Shelter Rescues from NBC Bay Area. We’ll be featuring some ResQtes looking for homes this Saturday, at Berkeley Humane. #cleartheshelters -Ed.]

Mom Taxi LI: Watch The Claws, OK?

This cat clearly has his hoomin trained properly. Like this is a surprise to any of us.

(No audio on this one. From Andrew Y. who saw it on


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