Behold Loki’s Snow Nose

“Has C.O. featured Snow Noses yet (Dog noses that become pink when it gets cold outside?) Please consider featuring my dog Loki’s Snow Nose. Thank you! Been reading C.O. since it began 🙂 .–Gayle.


Two Wild -N- Crazy Guys

These little Sqwerlio Brothers have NO problem snatching peanuts from the hoomins. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

Another Quality Smedley Find.

It’s Nosevember In Norway, Too

Holy moly! Se på det nese! (“Holy moly! Look at that nose!”) Now that there is some massive Super Slobberknocker Action. Just…wow. Tell us, R & T:

“Dear Cute Overload, this is Aragon, also known as Snugglepumkin, or The Beast, kinda depending on his daily mood. He is a rescued great dane, who has such a fabulous nose that we felt it should be shared with the world. Happy Nosevember! Forever fans, Reidun and Thomas, Norway.”

Been Awhile Since We Had Some Quokkas Here..

…so let’s fix THAT grievous error right now. “Are Quokkas still popular? I took pics of a mom and baby on Rottnest Island last week,” says YK.









THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana In Autumn

A rare glimpse at His Roundness and Sidekick Hana outside the confines of Mugumogu-land!

A Moose And His Girl

And let’s just get this out of the way right up front, since SOMEONE will undoubtedly put this reference in the Comments ANYWAY—— nice rack.

Another Quality Smedley Find.

Peek A Boo—I C U

Wednesday is always a good day ANY dat is a good day for a great selection of Little Goober Kittehs from Cat House On The Kings!

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3 Kim 38

2 Kim 65 cal

2 Kim 54

2 Kim 28
Sent in by Harvie S.; all photos by Kim Barker.

“♬ Singin’ In The Rain…Just Singin’ In The Raaaiiin….♫”

Despite what the Lions say- you’re the undisputed Lord Of The Jungle. But you’re also a bit shy and withdrawn. So that’s a conflict. But you also wanna join in with the fellas, and have a little fun. Show ’em you’re one of the gang, right?

You ponder..

Then you ponder some more.

Then…you GO FOR IT!

Gorrilla sees his buddies playing in the rain. Decides to have a go - Imgur
(Mashable via Imgur.)

Give It UP For Rule #35!

I was all set to start another “Should this be a Rule” Poll when I discovered, uh, we already had one. So let’s not delay you clicking the video of A KITTEN NOMMING HIS/HER OWN PAW any longer. Wouldn’t be right.

(P.S. -Speakers Up.)

(Boing! Boing!)

Nosevember: A “Bid Ol’ Node”

“I told Bear that Nosevember was half gone, and that he had better sit still for a photo. He reluctantly stopped watching Squirrel TV through the window and posed for me. This is his ‘hurry up, I got s***t to do’ look. I hope you like his bid ol’ node. Photo credit: Becky G.”