The Tundra Is Frozen, Alright!

[My hoomin sez it's like -50 wind chill for the Niners at Packers game- I believe him! It's cold here too!]

Photo from Mashable.

HOW Long ‘Til July?

[I like my little jacket and all, but I really could use some 80 degree action at this point.]

Little Yorkshire Terrier from Shutterstock.


From Cuteporter KB: “She’s a Pocket Gopher! Seriously that’s the real name. This sweet little one arrived at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California last night. She has an injury :( but they’re helping her get back on her feet. With carrots bigger than her head!”


Caturday: OK, I Give UP

The Big J once again, of course. Does ANYone have an idea as to what they are trying to sell here? Anyone? Bueller?

I don’t know about this one, either.

Submitted by Multiple Cat Household.

Not Everyone Hates The Snow

Take Trousers, for example. If there’s something better than a Slo-Mo Sno Romp with The Moose, he hasn’t found it yet. (And lookit the Big Furry ‘Tocks bounding through the snow @ :23. And can there BE a better name than “Trousers?”)



No Penguins In The NFL Playoffs?

Kohl The Penguin of the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans wants to let everyone know who is gonna win in the Saints/Eagles game tonight.

I Can Haz MacBook Pro?

They are just the right temp! Not too hot, not too cool. Windoze laptops tend to be kinda chilly on ma rumpus.

“Weekend of fun with Scootiepatootie, my now 13 week old kitteh. Hope you enjoy her as much as we do.” -Dr. Nome in Western Australia.

Friday Haiku: Life’s A Beach

Searching for the sea
Someone pointed me this way
I hope I find it

My girlfriend took this picture of a baby turtle desperately running to the sea shore - Imgur
From Reddit.

THIS JUST IN: Where Is Maru?

Where’s Maru, Hana? He was just here somewhere.

Happiness IS A Warm Puppeh

Is THIS one of THE PROSHEST faces EVER? Yes. Yes, it is.

Spotted this little maniac on Arbroath. Their headline is “Groucho Barx.” I really wanted to swipe use their headline- sometimes you just can’t improve on that kinda greatness.