ResQte Of The Week II: Three’s A (Cute) Crowd

KittenfamilyportraitLAny day is a great day to feature photos from Cat House On The Kings, but especially on Thursday for ResQte Of The Week (#2.) These photos are from Jessica L., who adds, “Cuteness Overload Alert! Kitten season is in full swing at CHOTK, and I wanted to share just a couple of the Cutie Pies that will be available for adoption soon. If people would like to donate to their care they can head here.”


So…We Got An Email From Westley

unnamedI’m not kidding. The email says he wrote it with help. Here’s what we got.

“Hello Cute Overload!

My name is Westley. I was named after the hero in the Princess Bride. I am a young explorer living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m still discovering all the world has to offer me. I LOVE squeaky toys, chewing on sticks, and meeting new friends- both furry and human kind. I finally conquered my biggest fear: climbing down stairs. Yahoo! Now I can focus on the fun things with my human! You can visit my Instagram page. Take care!! (Excuse any typos in the message, my human had to write for me.)


Sent from my iPhone

WESTLEY has an iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone. Grumble grumble.

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Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset


Millie’s Great Adventure

We first met Millie The Pygmy Goatster back in January, and as you can see, she’s grown just a bit. Chugging those milk bottles will do that! Today, let’s tag along as she goes on a Big Adventure, joined by some pals.

From the GoPro Hero 3+ Black (1080 @ 60fps) of Kimberly K.

Big J ResQte Of The Week: FUMU

From the Land Of Japan comes these Instagramsters from Jordan W. “Please enjoy Fumu, the Shihtzu/Maltese mix, being a weirdo and abiding by several Rules in one video- Rules 99, 98, and 43. Lots more photos of the little gremlin here. I just got him at the end of March from Animal Rescue Kansai, a really great animal rescue nonprofit based in Osaka with a branch in Tokyo. I love his little frowny face, his snaggletooth, and the tongue that doesn’t always quite fit in his mouth.”

C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month (April Bonus!)

Click and save! It’ll make you Hoppy!

April 2015 Easter
Image from Shutterstock.

Just A Little Taste, C’Mon!

This one’s an Encore and totally worth another look- c/o Edward and Rachel N. “This was shared with us on Facebook and I had to share with you guys,” they wrote. [*Note- FB video continues to be wonky for us, so we grabbed a version on YouTube. Enjoy. -Ed.]

MMMMM, Vanilla Ice!!

IMG_9879Holy one-two combo, it’s Batman (pounding down some tasty Liquid Breakfast) and partner-in-fighting-crime Snickers, who needs a bit of a trim. Yo, Snickers! You in there?



From Emily P. (Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone.)

When You Ask A Toddler To “Feed Kitty”…

fcltVSd…this is what you might end up with. Ella says “Spotted this on Reddit for Flipboard. So cute. Poor kitty is confused.”

What Time Is It? It’s TACO TIME

This lil’ EIGHT WEEK OLD Boston terrier named Taco is fighting to stay awake- but in the end—-the battle is lost. KLUNK.

From Susan M.

I’m Gonna Put MY Money On Tank

This HAS to be an Encore Presentayshe but doggone it, I can’t find it..which is not surprising. We got a nice email from Efrat A. of Tel Aviv, Israel that included a link to this video. “Visiting Cute Overload is one of the first things I do every morning, and always brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Thank you for this!”

Well, you can thank TANK, too. #Busted #Grounded


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