Super Prosh XLIX

There’s some type of football game coming up Sunday. And they always make a big deal about the commercials.

Like THIS one.

All In The Family

Smiling sealI bet we can guess what the family Christmas Card is going to look like come December. (Arbroath.)

Behind The Scenes At Puppeh Bowl XI

The Big Game isn’t until Sunday, (not THAT Big Game, THIS one) but we have a preview of what goes on behind the scenes, thanks to Paul L. of Brooklyn. (He attended the taping back in October; everything he saw and videoed was embargoed until yesterday. Spoiler- you’ll learn who the MVP is! Ready? 21–57–92–114–Hike! Woof!)

16029449541_b65e0d6757_b (1)

Hey, A Little Privacy Would Be Nice

Jeffrey The Goatster chills out while his hoomin Robert digs him out from Snowmageddon 2015 earlier in the week.

Thanks to Susan M. and also Robert at the Guardians Of Rescue.

In Which Pixel Visits The Park…

…for the very first time. HOW does he know to jump like that? Wait- he’s a maniac. They know these things.

Flashback Friday: Serbia, 1950

f3c6m1i“Two Serbian children holding a puppy at Sukovo train station, 1950.” From Arne as seen on

To The Food Dish, Robin!

Holy Stubbular Doxie Action! Crusoe The Doxie changes into his Batdog costume in order to fight crime have dinner.

Lady Pinky Sauceleroy (AKA Debbie Applesauce)

That name alone practically warrants posting this photo, but will you check out that PROSH CHINCHILLA SMILE? ACK! “When she’s out of her cage on a supervised run, she’ll sometimes stop for a scratch,” says Betsy F.

And then…disappear behind the furniture:

unnamed (1)

ResQte Of The Week IV: Bear

They JUST DON’T come much cuter than this. People, this is Bear.

“Attached are pictures of my supervisor’s dog, named Bear. We think he is a Havanese and Lhasa Apso mix, but we aren’t too sure,” writes Whitney R.

“To me, he looks like an animatronic puppy! We work at the Oregon Humane Society, and Bear came in to the shelter one day.”

“These pictures were shot by me and other coworkers. He is probably one of the cutest puppies ever to be born on the face of this earth!”


[*Note: BEAR is off the market, but OHS has lots of critters available waiting for you! Check ‘em out! -Ed.]

“We Go To Dairy Queen Now??”

Chuck and Steve“Hello Cute Overload! I am submitting a photo of my cat Charles (AKA Mr. Peepers) for your consideration. He loves car rides with my husband Stephen (AKA Charles’ Favorite Person.)” -Marissa F.


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