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(Art by Lingvistov as seen on Bored Panda.)

Bunday: Rule Of Cuteness #11 If You Please

IMG_2613Remember Rule of Cuteness #11: “A cute animal + food = even cuter.” At least we think that’s food he has! Sarah L. says that’s “Clint (light grey) and CeCe (furry lion head.)”


Who’s Reddy For Beddy?

I’d say these guys are!

Caturday Night: Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark

IMG_1574“I couldn’t find my cat, Elvira… she’s always hiding, so that’s nothing new, but we live in a small apartment, and there aren’t that many places for her to hide. I checked the usual spots, but still couldn’t find her. Then I heard a noise from the kitchen…..*” –Winston R., Everett, WA.

[*Note: To be continued? -Ed.]

Stair Masters

Once you get the hang of ’em, it’s alllll downhill from there, little guys. Get a buddy to help you, k?

Caturday: OK, Maybe Just One More Batman Head

9 Jess 55I mean, Holy Shadows On The Wall, Batman! (That might or might not be what that is in the background- but still!) Check that guy (above) out!

9 Jess 49
All of these Super Quality Photos by Jess Lessard for CHOTK, and sent in by Harvie Ruth S.

9 Jess 51

9 Jess 52

9 Jess 54

9 Jess 56

9 Jess 58

“Batman Head” Is Usually Reserved For Kittehs

However, in the case of Archer here, we’re waiving that rule. Inset photo of Michael Keaton as The Dark Knight for comparison purposes only.

“This is Archer the Boston Terrier from Texas,” says Kristin B. “His hobbies include zooming around the house, chewing all the things…”

“..and watching lizards.”



pugloafYou remember Catloaf from a week ago, right? Well, the dogs got all huffy about that and demanded equal time. So be it. (Mashable.)

Snorgles -N- Stuffies

Clipboard01Stuffies serve a real purpose at Edgar’s Mission in Australia. They give companionship to Bebeh ResQtes who are in desperate need of it! Check out more on this story here! Image from the EM FB.

Caturday Morning Comix: Diary Of a House Cat

Clipboard01(As seen on the Twitter of @KitTea_SF.)


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