Chock Full O’ Nuts

You’ve heard of “Tiny Houses,” haven’t you? Those great little houses that are about thiiiiiis big? Chippy got one and she is moving IN!

From Don W.


tumblr_nlqwi5j8ZI1up2b4zo1_r1_1280“This is Bouncer, a shelter puppy I met a few weeks ago. He and his siblings managed to survive a tough battle with Parvovirus, and they were all adopted into fantastic homes.” -Patrick J.

[*Note: Patrick sent this photo in with a link to a blog he made. Trust me on this when I say you will not believe the photos he has on there. So we’re gonna save that link. Coming up tomorrow morning…8:30am PT. Buckle up- these will knock ya right outta your seat. Promise. -Ed.]

[*Note #2: Here’s a preview- this is Saxon. -Ed.]


How Come U No Haz Nose Like Mine?

That’s what this Adorbs Scooting Bebeh Trunkster seems to be saying. And how about that Primo Shagginess, huh??

From Paul & “(darned &*()#$ broken links anyway)” Barb, who are probably still searching for more copies of this video.

Marco’s Beans

IMG_20150419_120304778_HDRLiz R. writes, “Marco and my husband, Justin, are best buds and they were enjoying their sunbeam this afternoon in Albany, NY!”




Happy 89th To Queen Elizabeth

With C.O. being Northern California-based, we’re not exactly subjects of The Crown, but since Her Majesty has had more than 30 Corgis during her 63 year reign, we thought it appropriate to tip a nod of the C.O. cap her way!


Great Googly-Moogly, We Got SUGAR GLIDERS!

image3“Hello! This is Ookie and Chisai. They are rescue Sugar Gliders, and live with their mom and dad in sunny Florida! They have their own Instagram account featuring only them….so they think they are pretty cool. Cutest things you’ve seen today …probably,” says Twinkle.



The Cutest Dog You’ve EVER SEEN.

yrRWVBKI bet most people are gonna nod their head (after they’ve regained consciousness) and go “Yes, he’s right.” (Imgur.)

Hi Ho Everybody!

No, that isn’t Kermit The Frog here- just somebody who looks a lot like him! Let’s find out more about the Glass Frogster, K? (Oh, and let’s not forget this VERY obscure Rule #24: “Suction cups for hands are cute.”

DID U KNOW™: Kermit’s eyes were made from ping pong balls?

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Bath Day

OK guys, up on the branch, you know the drill!

“Beautiful birds enjoying the small pleasures of life,” comments Luis M.

Hmmm..Whazzat Over There?

[Ooooo! A Birdie! Come on over little friend- just for a minute! I wants to tell you a secret!]

From Arne.


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