TGIF: Henry

output_riJQyQThe end of a long week…at last! Relax and celebrate the start of the weekend with Henry, who lives in San Mateo, CA.



Pix from The Furrtographer.

ResQte Of The Week: Friday Baby Warm Update Action

DSC00757possinskisxxxBaby Warm raises funds for incubators that save the lives of orphaned bebeh animuhls. Right now they’re helping volunteer wildlife rehabber Alicia who saves Orphaned Bebeh Sqwerls & Possies like these ones who don’t have a mum :( to keep them warm. (Like Little Dude, above. SQUEE, right?) They need just a weeeee bit more help to be able to fund her incubator. It’ll save hundreds of bebehs over the next decade!

UPDATE 4:08pm PT: And all the needed funds have been raised! Thanks to all who pitched in!

Sit, Stay, Ride

We ran this story almost a year ago- it was about a documentary called “Sit, Stay, Ride” that was nearing completion. Well, it IS completed, and our NY correspondent Brian Williams has more. (He also has a side job at NBC doing the news:)

(PS- takes a sec for the NBC News clip to load.)

We Haz Our Grumpy Winners!

Clipboard01FUR_1981-XLCongratulations to Jess (above left with Claude The Kitteh) and Stephanie with Penny…aka Miss Fluffy-Butt (right,) you’ve each won a Pawtographed copy of “Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book,” and “The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations by Grumpy Cat.” Despite what Grumpy Cat says, they ARE great books!

In the SF Bay Area? Hope to see U tomorrow at Berkeley Humane!

Friday Haiku: I Haz Lawyer?

There comes a time when
You have no chance of escape
That time would be now


Riley And Pancho

These two guys are clearly BFFs. Riley The Pug was all established at home, and then outta nowhere comes the little ResQte Maniac, Pancho. Quoting the video, “Pancho the little kitten was found abandoned by his mother with his eyes closed and alone. We took him in and fed him kitten formula and nursed him to the healthy kitten he is. This little fearless kitten became attached to our dogs but especially to Riley our pug and he loves bothering him all day long. Riley would cry when we took the kitten away and they are inseparable.”

That’s JUST the way we like it, uh-huh uh-huh.



Watch as a paddle boarder gets THIS close to flat-out the largest and most graceful animal in the world.

(Boing! Boing!!!!!!)

Flashback Friday: Bath Day

tumblr_mpswwinHye1qzq84io1_1280“Kids washing Meerkat. South African children, 1950s.” Sent by Vajda B., from

A Tail Of Two Friends

One’s big and has a long, floppy tail. The other is small and WANTS the long, floppy tail. That sums it up nicely.

(Mashable. Also note- not much sound in this one, no need for Speakers Up.)

Is It “Wye-Fye,” Or “Wiffy?”

IMG_3242You know, the magical techno thing that allows your laptop to go where you go, and still be connected to The InterTubes. Some say WYE-FYE, others say WIFFY or even WIFEY. Well, this Scottish Fold Kitteh is NAMED “Wifi,” and she doesn’t care HOW you say it. Just as long as you don’t forget to scritch her head.


From Marc.


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