Blaze, U Wanna Go In The Kennel?

Blaze states his reply in no uncertain terms.

From 22Words.


A couple of years back, a Russian woman began taking photos of her sons with various animals.


Whether the animals are big or small..

You can tell that these little fellows have quite a bond with the critters.

Mail Online quotes Elena Shumilova, “Children and animals – they’re my life. As a mum of two sons we spend a lot of time on the farm, so I often shoot my boys with dogs, rabbits and ducks.”

“When shooting these pictures, I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose photos of my children with animals.”

“I get inspired mainly by desire to express something I feel, though I usually cannot tell exactly what that is until I have taken the shot of them with the animals.”


Photos from Caters/Mail Online.

Shhhh..Be Vewwy Vewwy QUIET (Updated!)

[Dere are hoomins in this room. Must be vewwy quiiiet.]

(Hit the music at the exact same time as you click the video. And don’t go back in the water, either.)

Video via The Big TO.

(I Got Dem) Post-Christmas Blooz (Updated!)

[If you recall, Wolfie got all worked up about some overseas pals visiting for Christmas. The downside is, all visitors eventually return home. -Ed]

(Traditional Blues/Public Domain: composer unknown)(Sing like George Thorogood.)

Now it’s 3 weeks after Christmas (da da da DUM..)
An’ my friends went awaaay (da da da DUM..)
Somewhere way waaaay far off (da da da DUM..)
Dunno where- they wouldn’t say (da da da DUM..)

Now it’s cold Januaaaaary (da da da DUM.)
And I got dem post-Christmas blooz (da da da DUM..)
They gave this little squeaky toy (da da da DUM..)
I’d rather chew on their shoes. (da da da DUM.)

Wolfie New Year 3
“Wolfie’s friends went back to Singapore. Now he just sits and stares out the window completely forlorn.”

“He had been moping around for days, wondering where they went. We bought him a new squeaky toy to cheer him up and he’s finally starting to perk up again.” -David E.


“Wolfie is 2 years old now… below at 10 weeks with his “big” sister! He’s always been such a little monkey!”

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)


Mo: Twenty Pounds O’ Fuzzy Love

Cuteporter Brent H. sent in a photo of “My guy Mo. Twenty pounds of fuzzy love! Hope you like him a tenth as much as we do.”

unnamed (2)

Let’s Go Dogsledding, Everybody!

Not that Iditarod stuff, though. So what if the hoomin wipes out? Just keep going! IN A JAUNTY RED COAT, TOO!

A video posted by Cute Win Fail, spotted on by Susan M.

THIS JUST IN: Strike A Pose!

Don’t just sit there, let’s get to it! Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!!!

Quoting Mail Online, “Photographer Simone Sbaraglia, 41, captured the funny scenes on a trip to North Sulawesi, Indonesia, where the monkeys are endemic but critically endangered due to poaching and loss of habitat.”



(Mouse over the video below to play.)

Photos and vid clip from Mail Online : Caters. Headline from Madonna/S. Pettibone.

To Pop…Or NOT To Pop…

that was the question. So the BBC show QI gave the audience bubble wrap. And they were told to pop it depending on how cute the image on the screen was! Here we go:

“I think many of us are very guilty of this” says KT, who sent this to us via her BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the O2 network.

[Note: With this post, we are bringing out a new tag- British Humor Humour. It's the right thing to do. -Ed]

A New Year, But The Same Results:

…The Big J is still wiping the floor with us when it comes to The QTE.


Remember this post? Cuteporter Megumi does, and boy did we get a load of stuff in an email. Videos, wallpapers, screensavers, book links, you name it. So we were wondering what they were selling in that previous post. Turns out to be a travel agency. Let’s let Megumi take over:

“This is a 5-part commercial series that feature the master Nyalan and a new apprentice kitty, who’s taking his first train trip to the ocean and learning the ins and outs of travel.”

“Nyalan receiving 5-star treatment at a hotel:”

“Nyalan and Jr. with a new Pomeranian (?) friend:”

“A travel commercial:”

“And we also have desktop wallpapers, screensavers, a photo gallery, and books! Sorry for sounding like a company rep, I’m totally not affiliated with them! I just fell in love with the mascot and wallpapers =P. Anyway, please use any of these links if they’re worthy. Too bad my first submeesh isn’t of my own kitties! A forever CO-fan, Megumi.”

Big Kitteh, Little Kitteh

“The photos with the leopard cover are my favourite.” -Jaroslaw L. [We agree! -Ed]