First Kees

kiss my cheeks - ImgurRemember your first kees? You snuck in there and before they were looking…SMOOCH! (Might be a Kronsch, though.) Ah, youth. Reddit.

Last Day For The Pool!

It being Labor Day in the US and all, most pools shut ‘er down after today. So get in that last dip while ya can.

Or maybe just hit the pool to wash your paws off.

Rats, It’s Monday*!

There is NO WAY that this little McRatso is wearing AN EARRING AND A PIRATE HAT! “Talk Like A Pirate Day” isn’t ‘til September 19th! Arrrrrrr!!

“Attached please find photos of Blackbeard, a pie-rat (seriously) I met while at the recent Los Angeles Tall Ships Festival, ” says Amanda B.

“The earring was attached to the hat. No rat piercings, thankfully. I thought he was pretty adorable, as was the GIANT RUBBER DUCK!”

[*Sure, it's a holiday in the US, but not EVERYWHERE! -Ed.]

Someone Had A Little TOO Much Red Bull In Their Dish

Looks like Thing Two is going to be up ALL NITE.

From Guremike.

Kick Back And Relax- It’s The Weekend

Can we get you something, little feller? An iced tea? Let me go find you the cable remote. Enjoy your massage- BRB!

From I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.

Six Seconds Of Joy

Got it for ya right HERE. Yer welcome.



If you’re anywhere near San Francisco, this little maniac is waiting for you!

Announcing the iPhone (H)

Is THIS the new one everyone’s talking about? Pretty much your standard iPhone- but THIS one comes with a hamster and a little futon snuggle bag!

From RN24 via Andrew Y. But then you knew that.

Bunday Morning Comix

tumblr_na1s5nDe0z1qh66wqo1_500Seen on Cats, Beavers & Ducks : cartoon by Sarah Andersen.

C’Mere, Winter!

It’s a very brief clip, but how ’bout a lil’ bit of Winter The Lamb bouncing down the hall?



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