Headline THIS!

BUB[*Update, 12:59pm PT: (early, no less!) Thanks to Jen S. and everyone who took time to write! -Ed.]

There are some photos that were just DESTINED for Headline THIS, and…this is one of them. A good ol’ Blue Footed Booby, sent by Karen F. Write up your best header, and we’ll update about 1pm PT!

C.O. Trading Cards #14: Don Vito Corleone

donvitoThe Don originally seen on these pages back in April. Someday- and that day may never come- he may call upon you to do a service for him. See all our C.O. Trading Cards here!

Donald Trump…Or George Washington?

IMG_09271“I tried to “Trump” my dog, Jamie, but I think I ended up “George Washington-ing” her instead. What do you think? I love your site!” -Meridith E.

Pixel, Ya Missed The World Cup, Pal!

The next World Cup isn’t until 2018- so you’ve got plenty of time to practice!

Get That Little Boingy Thing, Mango!!

Mango The Cavachon Puppeh gets all fierce and everything as he/she discovers all about that dreaded doorstop!

(Daily Dot.)

“Oh, THAT Felt Like A 4.0!”

Lookit these little guys! Earlier today at 6:49am- and not too far away from my house- the SF Bay Area had a nice little 4.0 quake. And these guys felt it in Alameda, a small island west of Oakland! (Notice how they jump up before the rattle!)

(KPIX Channel 5.)

OMG (Really REALLY Little) Ponies!!1!1!!1!

Take a look at THIS Prosh Little Dudester. I promise you will NEVER look at OMGPonies!!1!11! the same way AGAIN. This bebeh Mini-Horseh is FOUR DAYS OLD! Will you check out that GALLOPING ACTION™!

(First video seen on Viral Viral Videos.)

So….You’re In The Aussie Outback…

…and all of a sudden: Crikey! A Koala decides it wants to chase your Honda tricycle thing AND HOP ONBOARD. What do you do? YOU HOOF IT OUTTA THERE LIKE A WOMBAT ON WHEELS!

[From Mashable. *Note: mild NSFW language. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: OK Just ONE More Black Kitteh!

10563138_10203618597258288_5055110985841416788_nWith the BESTEST NAME EVER! Ready?


“This is my shelter kitteh Mouse AKA Oreo Speedwagon, AKA Mr. Pipples….We both (and his sister Boo!) love, LOVE Cute Overload and have checked it daily for the past bazillion years! Keep up the Cute Work! Thanks!!!!” -Crystal B., Washington D.C.

Hold On To Your Butts Buns

JPMad Props to Matt C. – (That’s good, right? when you give them “Mad Props?” I think so) for his #REDONK recreation of Jurassic Park.

“Big fan of your site! So, I thought I’d pass along these photos of my rabbit, Roger, re-enacting the famous scenes from Jurassic Park, as if he were a big scary dinosaur.”









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