If You Want Something Done RIGHT…

[Ya just have to do it yourself. Give me THAT.]


Going For My Summer Camp Swimming Badge!

[Got my woodworking badge, basket-weaving, crafting, volleyball and archery. Those were easy but don’t tell my camp counselor. Now, swimming- THAT is the big one- here we goooooo….WAIT! My doggles!!]

Thanks to Andrew Y. for the technical assist- he found this on Know Your Meme.com.


Nothing like a little quality cuddle time now that the work week has wrapped up. You know what that means- TGIF!


Arne found this on Fetch Me Kittens Tumblr.

There’s Magic In The Garden

Sometimes you just have to know where to look. (Laughing Squid.)

Can We Talk About Your Car Insurance?

potd_-Gecko_3331185k[It’ll only take an hour or so. I’m not one of those 15 minute geckos.]

“A six-month-old Gecko (Tremper Albino Leopard) in Batam, Indonesia Picture: Sijori Images / Barcroft India.” Spotted by Arne on The Telly.

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Love Back Rubs?

Turn up the speakers and find out!

Flashback Friday: Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford in 'Through the Back Door' (1921)Mary Pickford (and friends) in Through The Back Door (1921.) From Vintage Everyday.

Do Pickles Get Brain Freezes?

When Pickle woke up from a sound sleep and was offered an ice cream cone, there wasn’t a lot of hesitation in his response.

C.O. Cat Dog Café World Tour: Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

sfddedIntrepid Cuteporter Robb S. checks in with hit latest Cat Café adventure- but this time, no cats!

“Taking a break from the usual cats, rabbits and owls, I visited a very nice dog café recently near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.”

“Usually in Japan a ‘Dog Café’ is someplace you can bring your own dog, and often you can order from a special menu for dogs.”

“‘Dog Heart From Aquamarine,'” the place I visited, is more like a regular animal café – you can play with the dogs there, or rent a dog for the afternoon and take it out for a walk in the nearby park.”

“It’s very good for stress relief.”

[*Note: We bet it IS! -Ed.]




When You Go™:

*Addy: Tomigaya 1-45-2, Y’s Park Bldg 2F. (Map.)

*Phone: 03-3469-4115

*Cost: Y950 for 30 minutes or Y1550 for 60 minutes cover charge in the café. Dog rental starts at Y3600 for 1 hour. Average visit time: 30-60 minutes.

*Hours: 11am-7pm daily.

*Online: Website.

*Feature photo from Dog Heart website, all others from Robb S.

Ferret Friday: Field Trip

So Mom has all the kids out for a field trip to try that fancy new rock climbing thing- some of them aren’t too keen on following. Just WAIT ’til 1:04. Don’t cheat- watch it all- but 1:04 is THE BEST.



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