From Another Galaxy

“This is Galaxy. I found him on the street in Bucharest, Romania almost 4 weeks ago (on Monday). He grew up a lot faster than I imagined he would, but he is still the most amazing kitten I could have found on my way home.” -Diana.

[*NOTE: Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.


Caturday: Jurassic…Timo?

Without a doubt the cutest Dino we’ve ever seen. Nice suit, too.

Caturday Morning Baroo 2 U 2

Kitteh Baroos are very rare for the simple fact that they ARE cats. Cats do what they want, and they know when you want them to do a Baroo because they can read your mind. Again- because they ARE cats.

“This is our boy, Otto von Blanco (aka Mr. Pickle.) He’s deaf but loves watching and chittering at the squirrels in our yard. These pics were taken one morning when he was extra frustrated by one that refused to respect his authority. Backwards baroos are his speciality so photo #3 below is my fave.” -Rhonda O.


Caturday Zen

Last year, you featured my sweet Chloe,” says Diane M. “All of the fame and attention did not go to her sweet little head (she was already a bit of a diva.) Sadly, we lost our little lady in January, 😦 but she lives on our memories and in the HUNDREDS of pictures that I took of her and her cute little two-tone nosie. Happy Nosevember to you and yours!”

LOOO-CEEEE, I’m Home!!

Direne says, “Lucille T. Ball would like to submit this picture for Nosevember consideration.”

Flyin’ With One Flap Up Sideways

Usually, Rule Of Cuteness ##58 means “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” [*Note: Seen earlier today here. -Ed.]

However,there are always exceptions. Right, Maria K?

“I thought this pic was pretty cute for Nosevember. This is my dog Skooter and he ‘nose’ he’s cute.”

THIS JUST IN: Holiday Windows Now Open In SF

We mentioned it to you earlier today– and now the 29th annual Holiday Windows are up at the Union Square Macy’s in San Francisco. This was taken just moments ago- we’ll update this post if we get more images. All the windows are full of cute furballs that can be adopted on site! Here’s the window schedule.

Bonus!! Watch the kittehs and puppehs: LIVE!





Got seed? That’s what we need to get this TGIF! party started! “I think I can detect some Baroo here…” -Nikki (from Macon, GA.) [*Note: I don’t know about a Baroo- but Side-Eye for sure.” -Ed.]

Flashback Friday: Tarawa Atoll, 1943

Arne found this on Imgur/Reddit. “A U.S. Marine shares his water canteen with a kitten found under a burned-out Japanese tank during a break in the fighting on Tarawa. November, 1943. USNI Photo.”


Sometimes you just need to let your hair fur down and lose those inhibitions. Like, er, Brucie here.

“This is my brother’s dog Bruce, enjoying himself a little too much on my rug. Sorry for the angle, I was lying on the couch and didn’t want to disturb this magnificence.” -Rose F.