More Happy Mew Year From The Big J

Shiro and the guys make their encore New Year’s Day appearance, continuing the New Year’s Rice Cake tradition in Japan that we saw earlier with Maru. As you can see, it’s quite exciting for them.

Thing One and Two would also like to welcome in the New Year in their excitable style.


ResQte Of The Week: Cam Cuddles

Wanna play with kittehs over the InterTubes? Silly question, I know.

So check this out. “My New Year’s resolution is ‘Waste more time at work by playing with kittens,’ explains Kelly B. “Which I plan to accomplish via this website I found, iPet”

“They have about a dozen animal shelters which set up webcams in the kitten room, and they connected real cat toys to controls the internet viewer can navigate them with, allowing a person to play with real live kittehs from afar. Or… waste time at work more efficiently.”

Top photo from iPetCompanion FB.

Happy Mew Year 2015

10893500_576812952452737_561207088_nPhoto by The Furrtographer!

Happy Bleu Year!

image3“Bleu Steel is a rare Blue Beagle,” says Cuteporter Bridgette H. “He is full of energy and has an attitude of his own. Better watch him, he’ll steal your treat or bone in a minute!!”

“He thinks everything is a game and most of the time it’s really entertaining…until he’s running around with something he doesn’t need.”

“Trust me when I say, ‘no one can be blue when Bleu is around.’ He can make anyone happy!”

“Almost forgot to mention! If you want more Bleu fun, visit us at bleusteel_the_beagle on Instagram!”


Hard Time Gettin’ Up This Morning?

You’re not alone. Tinka says thinks, “Go AWAY. And quit YELLING.”

From Ilana B.

Shiro & Pals: Makin’ 2015 A Mellow One

Then again…aren’t ALL years laid-back/mellow where Shiro and his gang are concerned?

THIS JUST IN! Happy Maru Year!

Maru is wondering, “Does this box make me look fat?” Well, Your Roundness, the answer is…yes.



Thank You & Happy New Year!

img_0879It’s 11:59pm (PT) on New Year’s Eve, and there are some people in particular that we need to thank as the year comes to a close here on the West Coast! Take us home, Chris Isaak.

The Furrtographer, Josh Norem…..Meredith T. of Farm Sanctuary…..Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission…Cuteporter’s Kim B. and C.O. Japan Desk correspondent Andrew Y……Concord Paul & Barb…..Susan M…..Krista M. at the SF SPCA……Anita C. (Milo)…..Angela C. (Kodie)…Jeremy L. (Maymo)…..Marilyn T. (National Geographic)…..and Steph and Paul of WordPress VIP.

If we’ve left anyone out from the above list, our apologies. Know that we appreciate everyone’s efforts. But most of all, we appreciate you, our Loyal Peeps! We thank you for visiting our lil’ corner of the InterTubes this year, and we’d like you to stay tuned for even more QTE in 2015!

Have a safe and Happy New Year! (Image from Michelle D.)

The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #2

output_aa46AqAs promised earlier, we present The Furrtographer’s Gif-tastic Kitteh #2!

One Bottle Of “Meow Chased One” Champagne, Coming Up

Nanas New Year“Bananas would like to say if you tip one back to ring in 2015, don’t forget to tip your Sommelier!” -Sue A.

[*Note- that’s a dog toy, BTW- Ed.]


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