OMG Ponies!!1! Teddy’s Gettin’ Ready For Tomorrow.

IMG_1451“Teddy’s back, [*Note: last month he was a rather large Leprechaun; -Ed.] -this time as the Easter Bunny. Teddy’s a Quarter Horse from Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, N.H. He’s rocking the Bunneh Ears.” -Nancy K.

I’m Too LITTLE For Easter!!!

WWS Rabbit 2a-13 WMDon’t worry- the bigger Buns will handle all the Easter Egg delivery tomorrow. You’ll be busy a year from now, OK?

“An orphaned baby Snowshoe Hare being fed by the good folks at Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden, Ontario Canada. They care for wild babies like this until they’re old enough to be released back into the wild to live out their happy Bun lives!” -KB.

Caturday: Happy Third Birthday, Grumpy Cat!

Clipboard01Hope it’s the WORST ONE EVER! (Photos from GC FB.)



THIS JUST IN: BUB Jumps Off The Couch

According to BUB’s Hoomin—she’s never done this before. Go, BUB, Go!!

“So, U Ready For Easter Or What?”

unnamed[Ah, dunno. Pretty much all I gotta do tomorrow is peep peep peep. I mean, it’s a living, you know? The Bun takes care of egg delivery.] (Winnie the English Cream Dachshund is ready for Easter! Thanks, Richard B.)

Caturday Mornings Were Made For “Sleppy”

FullSizeRenderIo The Kitteh, with thanks to S&R.

Prosh Pups Pick NCAA Champs

Early this week, Jimmy Fallon brought a passel o’ Prosh Pups onto the show to predict who’d win today’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four games in Indy: Kentucky/Wisconsin and Michigan State/Duke. (He did this earlier in the year for college football.) Let’s goooooo to the videotape!


What D’ya Do When The Hoomin Forgets Your Treats?

Well, you just darn well get in the car and DRIVE BACK THERE YOURSELF. A Pug has got to DO what a Pug has got to DO.



vrFxjBRThe Mashable story says that a couple forgot to tell their kitteh that they just had a bebeh hoomin. #Whoops


TGIF: (Easter Edition)

bunbunrunHeading Hopping into an Easter holiday weekend, and since it’s 5pm PT, you know what that means: TGIF! (Bunbun c/o Natalie W.)



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