Perfect! Hold That Pose, Guys!

furbabies2b“Our Bun ‘Lieutenant Dumpling’ (affectionately named by Cute Overload on Valentine’s Day) and Birdie did a ‘then and now’ photo shoot today! Birdie is still scared of the bunny but extremely intrigued and follows him around everywhere!” -Natalie W.

Caption THIS! Labrador Takes The Lead In World Pup Competition

Lucy“Hi! Here is a picture of Lucy Lady as a baby…she’s my coworker’s dog and I think that maybe this sweet little girl deserves some internet fame! I would love to see what funny description may come. (Photo by Suzanne) -Thanks, Anne B.”

Well, there you have it. What’s a good caption for this one? Take your shot in the comments and we’ll update it around noon PT.

*Updated 12:01pm PT: Oakley FTW, like you couldn’t have guessed that.


DSC05385CWC27June2014Watch and be amazed at the sweet nature of these gentle blorps. And have the Kleenex ready: this guy got stuck and needed some hoomin help.

Resqte Of The Week, indeed. TY to Cuteporter KB.

California Wildlife Center Marine Mammal Team from Kim Barker on Vimeo.

Time For A Kodie Encore

Hoomin Angela C. wrote to C.O. today: “Today, Kodie went to a groomer, only the 4th time in his life (Kodie is 6.) He is pretty distressed, and doesn’t like his haircut.” While we wait to see those, let’s, um, MAKE DO with this Encore Kodie Awesomeness. SEE UPDATE BELOW!





These JUST IN. Post-groomer shots. Redonk. Ded.



Image 3

Cat House On The Kings 2.0

DSC08100CHOTK5july2014eToday and tomorrow at 6am PT, we’ll present a mini-series of photos by Cuteporter KB. (Part 1 is here, and a desktop wallpaper of Tangerine The Kitteh is here!) She took these photos of one of the pups up for adoption at Cat House on the Kings; Bear aka ‘Lil Bear aka Pooh Bear aka Polar Bear aka More Cute Than You Can Bear.






Stayin’ Cool In The Pool

Radar Boat“That’s a pic (above) of my dog Radar, floating in a little boat we got him…stayin’ real chill! That’s my brother’s Weiner dog, Savannah to the right of Radar. Here’s another pic of Savannah in the same boat (below)!” -Amanda S.


How Do U File ‘Em In The Dewey Decimal System??

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThing One and Two from Guremike. (Wanted an excuse to write “Dewey Decimal System” in a header- first time ever on C.O.)


You’ve heard of the extreme sport, “Parkour?” Where you kinda bounce off things (and then get up really sore the next morning.)

Didga The Cat takes it to another level.

(*Stole the headline from the video poster- no way to top that one.)

“I Loff Hot Dogs…Did I REALLY See That?”

[Ah don't know- the memory's kinda foggy now. But....EET SEEMED SO REAL!]

More Kermit The Frenchie heah.


Considering all the things you can do these days with cameras, video and software- is there a chance this isn’t real? It’s….it’s….TOO PERFECT PURRFECT!



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