G.I. Joe On Duty, SIR!!

11067521_10200201170427248_7980591387600587971_oDon’t you feel better? You can sleep easier tonight knowing that this little feller is on duty! Keeping the world safe from…something. “Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center near Palm Springs, California cares for Meerkats with nowhere else to go. They take in Meerkats and give them a sweet home to live out their Happy Meerkat Lives!”- KB.

Ever Have One Of THOSE Days?

The weekend is still an eternity away..it’s only Toesday. Feel like the whole world is ganging up on you? Wish you could just GET AWAY? Yup, it’s like that.

From Jennifer A.

If The EARS Don’t Get Ya~

ImageProxy (1)…the Beans N’ Belleh will! Yes, I know, we ran a post of a Fennec Fox yesterday. Consider this a SEQUEL. Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, how can we RESIST these images c/o ZooBorns? A “quad” of ’em was born at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, CA. on January 23rd.



Needs More Cowbell

But overall, a pretty good effort. Should be showing up on iTunes™ anytime now. (Don’t forget to click the speaker icon lower right, to hear the audio.)

Andrew Y.- branching out from Rocketnews- found this on Rabbithole.

Just Another Turtle Tuesday!

2015-03-23-17.11.52We don’t show enough Turtles on Cute Overload. Eimear agrees. “I would like to share some photos from my visit to a Turtle Sanctuary in Singapore last week.”

“It was in a beautiful Chinese garden and I got to get up close and personal and feed the little (and large) fellas. I find their mouths so adorable, and their little smiles.”



What’s Better Than A Golden Retriever?

image_2TWO of them, naturally. AND..it’s their birthday! Say hello to Boomer and his brother Chauncey, (your guess as to who is who) who just celebrated Birfday Number Two. Photos from Elle W.








“I’m Thinking Of Nosevember”

20150329_140619-1That’s what Julie H. wrote. “Poncho’s nose. I took this picture.” Sorry Julie, we couldn’t wait.

This One Will Make Ya Go “Klunk, Ded”

PROMISE. Just turn up the speakers, and then….brace yourself.



Stacy M. says “Spotted this on Tastefully Offensive but there is an entire YouTube channel that you just have to watch.”

Toesday Fresh Furbaby Fotos

NinjashardlifeFresh Toe Beans zoomin’ in from Down Undah! Dr. Nome, of Perth Western Australia says “It’s been yonkers* since I sent in some cute pics of my fur family. Now we have added a new fur baby – The Ginger Ninja!” (Above and next two photos below.)

“We fostered and then adopted him after he and his brother were found abandoned. He has settled in nicely with the rest of the fam.”


Ernie The Caramel Golden Doodle has grown up a bit since the last time you guys would have seen him.”


[*Must be ‘Stralian for “A long time.” -Ed.]

Toesday: Has Anyone Seen Sonny?

image“Hello to everyone over there at Cute Overload!!! I can’t even begin to describe how much joy your website brings me daily! You are what I look forward to everyday!!! Here are some pictures of my little pupster, Sonny, or Schmoopy, The Schnookerkins, The Prince, The Baby, Little Boy, or Sonnster. I thought you would all appreciate the major toe beans. Love you guys!!!! Keep the cuteness coming!!!” -His Hoomin, Lauren S.


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