Just Another Sleppy Day At Sunflower Farm Creamery…

Dew on the morning grass…the roosters crow..sun peeking through the clouds- just another sleppy morning at Sunflower Farm Creamery, starring Lola The Little Dog!

Q: How Many Sheepdogs Can Fit In A Station Wagon?

A: Looks like six from here!

[*Note: Apologies for fuzzy video, it’s still worth it. -Ed.]

Sent in by Andrew Y.

Ol’ Green Eyes Is Back

laidbackChacha2“Hi again! Chacha is enjoying a warm summer, being mostly outside, chasing birds, mice and moles. They make such nice presents for his humans! Here are some pics from the garden.” -Camilla E.
“PS. We’re honored that baby Chacha was chosen for Trading Card #4!” Click below for C.O. Super-Size™!




“Just .01 Per Kitten!”

Wanted to take a sec to plug one of The Furrtographer’s projects- (he took some shots for the Calendar, yo) kittehs for your phone! Open your phone up, and stuff ’em right in there!!

No, not really.

“Since people love kittens, and need to have a photo of one on their phone at all times, I designed this app to fulfill this need,” Josh says.

“It features 116 kitten photos taken by me at various rescues over the years. The app is FREE and features 17 kitten photos that are easy to share and save.”

“It’s just $.99 to unlock the other 99. That’s just $.01 per kitten!!!”


Now HERE Is Some Impending Doom ACTION

[I is gonna go over and BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP dis guy on the nose and see what happens. I hope he doesn’t get fierce or something.]

(Video from HelloU Facebook.)

Calm? She Musta Had A Dozen Red Bulls!

If you’re feeling calm, it’s highly doubtful you end up looking like this. Just sayin.’


Headline THIS!

BUB[*Update, 12:59pm PT: (early, no less!) Thanks to Jen S. and everyone who took time to write! -Ed.]

There are some photos that were just DESTINED for Headline THIS, and…this is one of them. A good ol’ Blue Footed Booby, sent by Karen F. Write up your best header, and we’ll update about 1pm PT!

C.O. Trading Cards #14: Don Vito Corleone

donvitoThe Don originally seen on these pages back in April. Someday- and that day may never come- he may call upon you to do a service for him. See all our C.O. Trading Cards here!

Donald Trump…Or George Washington?

IMG_09271“I tried to “Trump” my dog, Jamie, but I think I ended up “George Washington-ing” her instead. What do you think? I love your site!” -Meridith E.

Pixel, Ya Missed The World Cup, Pal!

The next World Cup isn’t until 2018- so you’ve got plenty of time to practice!


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