Friday Haiku: Feelin’ Snoozy

Missing your pillow?
Find the closest guinea pig
And then take a nap

A kitty and a guinea. - Imgur

Dad, Can I Use The Car Tonight?

Dad: No, son. You need to study. Remember that last math test?

Son: Ah, Dad. Come ON. Don’t be a…a SQUARE.

Ferret Friday (Plus Bonus Rule Of Cuteness!)

18911994812_f2792d4011_oIf you look closely….ah, yes! There it is! Rule of Cuteness #48 Tiny Tongues are Cute! (It’s kinda a #99, too- right?)


Just About As Prosh As They Come

• The Paws.
The Side-Eye.
• The Ears.
• The Pink Panting Tongue. (Tiny Tongues Are Cute.)
Head-to-Body Ratio.
The Blue Sweateuh.

Little Corgi Blue - Imgur

Spaghetti….At Sunset!

Baxter & Dixie made the treacherous journey across the Wild Wild West the living room floor in search of a better life for their fledgling family. They were down to their very last can of Pedigree Traditional Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese [*Note- Doesn’t sound half bad. -Ed.] when they came across a cache of life-saving pasta.

They’d make it to their new home after all.

Fave Frame™


Best Day Ever II

Last night, we saw a photo captioned “Best Day Ever.” And if you’re doing a personal hang with Pluto at Disneyland…well, yeah, that’s not bad.

Neither is this.


ResQte Of The Week: Knitted Nests Needed!

Baby American Robinsstarling-tallerGot this email from Alison H., Communications Manager for WildCare Bay Area, and wanted to pass it along STAT! “Look at these Baby Robins at Wildcare! These cuties need cozy knitted nests to cuddle in as they grow to adulthood. Here is where helpful knitters can get patterns and find out how you can help the more than 400 baby birds currently in our care!”

Maple Perky-Ears Wigglebottom

David writes, “Her first name was given by two little girls from across my street, ages five and seven, with the aid of their mother.”

“Her middle name was given by my older 10 year old nephew and her last name was given by my 7 year old nephew.”

unnamed (5)
“While I do my work at my computer desk, I like to wear shirts with pockets on the front … for obvious reasons.”

unnamed (4)
“She LOVES my pocket. In fact, I take walks around the block with her in my hands. Her favorite part is when she gets to sniff flowers growing around our neighborhood.”

unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)

Don’t Even Think About It, Bun

bodie buddy“Bodhi tells his bunny buddy that he will share….after he finishes his breakfast. -Nell C.

Destination: Rottnest Island!

SONY DSCI’ve never met Quinn C. in person, but I’m sure he’s a fine fellow. Why? BECAUSE HE DID THIS.

“These photos were recently taken on a trip to Western Australia. I was there on business, but your Quokka posts inspired me to take an excursion to Rottnest Island. Being surrounded by these friendly, furry, little fellas: priceless.”

“P.S. While you’re there have a look around at my album of other furry and feathered friend photos (below) – they’re all indicative of the fauna present on this island country, and all humbly at your disposal. I’m especially proud of the Baby Wallaby because, you know….baby wallaby.


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