Yes, But Can He Shoot Free Throws?

The NBA Finals begin tonight in Oakland, with the Golden State Warriors hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers. The California Academy of Sciences announced last weekend they have named their new African penguin chick Curry, in honor of the Warriors star player, Steph Curry.

Curry (the Penguin Version) hosted a Google Hangout Q&A (with his hoomins) earlier this morning. Here’s a replay.


As seen on NBC Bay with C.O. thanks to Riya B.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Wynken, Blynken, And Nod

CIW-1957“Wynken (above,) Blynken (next photo below,) and Nod (third photo) will be available for adoption (we’re in Half Moon Bay, Northern California) in a couple of weeks. This is them at four weeks old. The last picture features my husband trying out for the Men of Cute Overload calendar. More accurately, he was trying to meditate in the room where we’d stashed the kittens (the resident dog was not a fan,) and Wynken climbed up onto his hoodie and went to sleep.”


“Eventually I had to go in and rescue him (the husband, not the kitten) so he could go to work. Not before taking a picture, of course. Companions In Waiting and I would be delighted if our batch of babies made it onto your site.” -Carina M., Webmaster and sometimes photographer, Companions in Waiting.”

[*NOTE: You can meet their adoptable cats & dogs at the next adoption fair, day after tomorrow (Saturday) at Kibbles & Gifts, Half Moon Bay from 11am – 2pm PT. -Ed.]


[UPDATE From Carina: “I just spoke with our director and it turns out the kittens will be making their adoption fair debut this weekend, and they’ll be attending fairs until they are adopted. They won’t be ready to go to their new homes until the end of the month, but we’ll be accepting adoption applications starting this weekend. In addition to these three guys, there is another litter of three kittens the same age that will also be at the fairs. And of course, adult cats and dogs as well.”]

It’s Hug Your Cat Day

Yes, it is! And, well, OK- maybe Grumpy Cat isn’t the….BEST example for this day. Let’s take a look at whether or not your cat LIKES to be hugged, c/o Cole and Marmalade:

Headline THIS: Off Limits Until She’s 16- Got It, Mister?

unnamed[*UPDATE 1:43pm PT– Sorry so late, it’s been nuts. Viola Hello #FTW!]

Got this great photo from Maureen P. by way of the U.S. Department of Interior FB. Write up your best headline in the Comments section, and we’ll post our favorite at 1pm PT!

ResQte Of The Week: Peachicks And Kittehs, O My!

7 Jess 43Harvie Ruth S. zipped us another email earlier in the week, and it was full of Jess Lessard photos.

“Yes, we have Peachicks (Bebeh Peacocks) at The Cat House on the Kings. The wild Peahens lay their eggs inside our 12-acre sanctuary, so we watch and as soon as they hatch, we scoop up the babies (mom follows) and we put them in our dog runs until they grow big enough to fend for themselves with the cats,” she says.

6 Jess 28 peacock babies
“Some of their favorite treats are mealworms that people send us off our Amazon Wishlist!”

7 jess 5

7 Jess 44

7 Jess 48

Don’t Throw Away That Old Toothbrush!

Put it to good use with some BELLEH RUBS!!

Maymo’s Needs Are Very Simple

All he needs is a nice big green backyard. Well, those Inflatable Flying Sharks are pretty cool, too.

Captain REALLY Loves Petsmart™

First of all, “Captain” is a MOST excellent name for this little guy. Second, watch how revved up he gets once he realizes where they are. WooHoo!

“Hey Honey? Did You Look In The Front Yard?”

“Yeah…looks like a Moose Mom and her two kids are playing in the sprinkler again. Why?”

Bebeh Dwarf Goats. In PAJAMAS?

There are some things our puny little peanut brains cannot comprehend. Like…how big is the universe? How high is up? What color is the White House? Will the Cubs ever win the World Series?

Oh…..and THESE.

Andrew Y. found this on Buzzfeed.


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