The QTE: All Shapes N Sizes

Got this note from Cuteporter KB, along with several great (and mega-bandwidth-intensive) images. “The California Wildlife Center is up for a Los Angeles Laker Youth Foundation Grant.”

“The funds will go toward baby formula for all kinds of native wildlife.”

So check out that link!

And vote vote like like a bebeh stoat for the California Wildlife Center!

The winner will be announced on January 31st according to the site.





The NYC World According 2 Watson

Duly received from Meredith M: “So I strapped a little video cam onto my pup Watson’s back see NYC from a dachshund’s point of view. This is our first ‘Doxie Vision!!’” Video and pictures of the world’s cutest cameraman in action.” (Following quotes are from MM’s blog.)

“Using a custom-made harness, I strapped a GoPro camera to Watson’s back to get his view of Manhattan. The city can be amazing and overwhelming standing at 5’6″ so I was curious to see how it looked from 12″ high.”

[Note: this video is a bit completely coma-inducing to watch, but it’s fun to see NYC from the ground floor. S-S-S-Sorta.)

“‘Doxie Vision’ has been hilarious! Lots of butt sniffing, a maze of giant legs and terrifying close encounters with taxi wheels. The best part might be the reactions from passing New Yorkers: ‘That little dog’s got a camera!’ & ‘We’re on camera!…at least our feet are.’ More (less crooked!) videos TK.”

watson for dummies

Watson Book Review

watson 3 months

watson ball

Watson ears

watson on parade

Bombogenesis Visits Watkins Glen

[Note: Had NO clue what a "Bombogenesis" was. Had to Bing It. -Ed]

The tireless Meredith T. of Farm Sanctuary digs way out and checks in. “With a large swath of the country digging out from Bombogenesis (that’s what they’re calling it! I swear!)..”

“I wanted to send you an adorable gallery of images of ‘Farm Animals in Snow.’”

“Just picture it— precious ducks, pigs and cows prancing and frolicking in snow.”

“I’m not sure why, but people never think about farm animals being in the snow.”

“These sweet images from our Watkins Glen, NY shelter have an element of magic and surprise..”

2013_01-02_FSNY_Diane_pig_left_Linus_pig_right_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary 108
“…. I think your readers would enjoy!”


Poll: Leave It To Bieber!

Well, well. This is a Tail Tale Of Two Biebers.

First up, we have Bieber The Border Collie, who is so smart he can learn a new toy name in one minute! Check it out! (From Lucy S.)

Then, we have the other Bieber, who….gets busted in Miami Beach overnight and makes world headlines.

So…which Bieber is more talented?

THIS JUST IN: How 2 Draw Tabby Cats, By Simon Tofield

You might not know that name at first…but you know Simon’s Cat! In this new video, he shows us just how he draws Tabby Cats! (And of course, you get to listen to his fantastic British accent- always a plus. I don’t know what I’d rather have; the drawing skills or the accent. Must think.)

That’s All There Is To The Coastline Craze

Dolphins showed off their mad (or is it “rad”) surfin’ skillz at the Rincon Classic last weekend in Santa Barbara. Catch a wave, dudes.

And we can’t forget this fellow hanging ten..or hanging, er, however many it is he’s hanging.


~Le Creditos~

Thanks to Wendy M. for the dolphin nooz. Credit to B. Wilson/M. Love for the header and song. Duck photo spotted on The Panda of Boredom. Photo of dolphin via Shutterstock….

Wait! What was that? You have a joke for us? (In the hover.)


Guys, Remember, Before We Chow Down..

…gotta say Grace. Assume the position.

From Susan M., who is growing more prolific by the day.

Eet’s Awards Season, Dahlinks

FUR_7069 (Medium)It’s Awards Season, where all sorts of hardware gets handed out. Once again, we’d like to give Josh Norem AKA The Furrtographer a paw leg up. He’s up for Bay Woof Magazine’s Best Dog Photographer in the Bay Area, and also up for a similiar award for the SF A-List, which he bagged in 2013. (He told us he’d “personally autograph a puppy and send it to our offices” if we plugged this, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Make mine Maltipoo.)

For the Bay Woof contest, go here. Then just type your email then click “next” until you get to #43, then type in “The Furrtographer.” Click through to the end of the survey to register your vote.

For the San Francisco A-List competition, just head over here!

FUR_8022 (Medium)

FUR_4371 (Medium)

FUR_9639 (Medium)

FUR_9539 (Medium)

The Sound Effects Alone Are Worth It

Julie S. says “Check out this video on YouTube: I have NO IDEA what they are saying, but the sound effects are charming!”

[Absolutely correct..though maybe a TAD overdone. If I have to FLY TO KOREA to take away their slide whistle, I'll do it. And why don't they have shows like this in the US? -Ed]

Another Winter Storm? Yeah, OK, Sure!

The USA Northeast has been blasted yet again with a giant winter storm. Not everyone seems to have a problem with it.



Photo Creditos~
Shutterstock provided photos of Dogue De Bordeaux dressed with hat, scarf and sweater, German shepherd puppy running behind tabby cat, & Dogs In Winter.