Rats, It’s Monday!

Ah, another start to the work week. Let’s brighten that trudge into the office with Maxwell!

“I sent a few pics of Maxwell (Department Head Rat Mascot who lives in the Psychology Department at Oral Roberts University) last year, so I thought I would send these- one of them may make a cute “Nosevember” photo. Hope you enjoy! -Sandy T.

[Oh, we're not holding Maxie 'til Nosevember! -Ed.]


It’s The Top Knot That Does It

Kodie’s back, and it’s time for a treat. Oh, and he’s having a problem with that fan, too.


From Angela C.

‘Tocktober 2014: Coming Soon!

Wasn’t it just June? Or July? The Calendar hanging on the wall says September 15th- that’s a bit over two weeks until the start of ‘Tocktober 2014! And as usual, We Need Your ‘Tocks!

(Well, not your ‘Tocks, your pet’s ‘Tocks. You know.)

Please send ‘em to us right here! (And if you would, just put ‘TOCKS or something like that in the subject line. So we can assign it Tock Top Priority!) Then start the ‘Tocktober countdown!

Mille, from Patricia D.

Headline THIS! “It’s Cold Out, Put On A Puppy”

cat and puppy(*Update! Sorry folks, little late today with the update- busy working on 24 HOURS OF ‘TOCKS! And we do need your best ‘Tocks! Our headline winner today is Meg M.! “It’s Cold Out, Put On A Puppy!”

Good Monday Morning, campers! Time to Caption THIS! Take your best shot and we’ll update this post with the Swellest Headline at about Noon PT. Or when we can get to it. But prolly Noon. Ish.
Photo from Arbroath.

If Yer Happy And Ya Know It…

…wag yer tail! Then repeat!


Can We Talk?

[I certainly appreciate the....um....leftover stale CAT FOOD you left out last night. How about maybe some of that extra PIZZA from you watching the Bears/Niners game tonight? Just a couple of slices, leave it in the box, I don't mind that it's cold, I have a microwave at home. Thanks.]

From I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.

Hey! Help A Munk Out, Willya?

Just hand it over, sister!


Will U PLEASE Take Me On A Walk?

[Let me get my leash for you. Well, yeah, let me just- um, well, this is a problem- er, hold on, DOGGONE IT!]

From The Frogman.

Bunday: He’s Back There, Isn’t He

YVTi4Do[I totally disapprove of what the hoomin is doing. Even if it IS a BUNDAY. Now, if he produces a carrot or two, I might be persuaded to forget this whole charade.] (Reddit.)

(Say Like Batman Anncr.:) “It’s The Bunday Dynamic Duo!”

Nuzzle_1“Hi CuteOverload!! Sara, Nacho Supreme, and Con Queso here! We have some serious nuzzling action here! Nacho Supreme is the Gray Holland Lop and Con Queso is the White Netherland Dwarf. They are (obviously) a bonded pair and I think the only thing they love more than each other is your site!! Cheers and Happy Bunday!”


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