Have A Refreshing Root Beer On The 4th!

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“Farting & snorting since Nov 2013. Ladykiller. Professional mischief maker, part time explorer, full time lovebug.” See more of Root Beer the Frenchie on Instagram!

Happy Fourth From Up North

The one and only Milo wishing everyone a Happy Fourth! (Even though he’s from the Great White North, eh.)

From Milo’s Official Hoomin, Anita C.

Food Fight On The Fourth!

Here’s what happens when a Bunch O’ Buns get together for a picnic on the 4th Of July. After having watched Animal House the previous night.

Bunnehs are hilarious. Adopt one! Molls sent this one in.

Friday Haiku: Bloop?

Tiny fish can swim
All day long and all night long
They need to breathe too

From @CuteEmergency.

Happy Hoppy Fourth, Mate!

unnamed“Here is a photo of our foster bunny Frank that I took. I thought his little hat would make him eligible for your 4th of July photos, even though I live in Australia and don’t celebrate that holiday. Hope he makes it on your site!” -Jamie S.

Wait! I Haven’t Done Behind The Ears!

Tired of giving your cat a bath? Sick of all the struggle? Let the PigWasher2014© do it for you! Just plop the PigWasher2014© down next to your always-reluctant feline, crank the tail, and watch ‘er go! Guaranteed results every time on your money back! Your kitteh will despise you forever, but at least he/she will be clean!

From Anna C., who did her homework to find this one.

ResQte Of The Week (International Edition!)

Goin’ across the Big Pond for this ResQte post, kids! Got a great email from Heidelberg, Germany.

“My Name is Susanne, I am a photographer from Germany. I volunteer for a local animal shelter as I take portrait photos of the animals (mainly cats) for their website.”

“It would be great if you could show how beautiful and adorable those abandoned cats are, so that people get motivated to check the animal shelters, before they look up a breeder.”

“All of the photos on my Instagram account show cats from that animal shelter!” -Susanne.”


Luis Suarez, Is This Your Tortoise?

This tortoise musta picked up some illegal soccer tactics watching the World Cup soccer.

That’s a Red Card for you, mister!

From T.O.



From Jules A.

If Extensions Work For Beyoncé….

..they’ll work for this Love Bird, too!

From The Squidster.


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