Five Things Puppehs Like To Do

….starring Hattie The Westie. And MY GOODNESS will you LOOK. AT. THOSE. EARS.

BONUS GIF: Did someone say…EARS?


Bunday Morning Comix (Shark Week Edition)

tumblr_noenjvm8vS1r5ml59o1_1280It’s time for Shark Week! Above from Liz Climo; bottom image as seen on Twitter. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for an exclusive C.O. interview with Mary Lee The Shark—7am PT!


We’re Officially Andy Murray Fans Here

MurrayWWWWWe saw pro tennis star Andy Murray playing with his dog Maggie May Rusty at Wimbledon Thursday night- now he’s back with a different dog! (A day off for him- no tennis today.) Andy is a global ambassador for WWF, to raise awareness of the growing threat that poaching and illegal trade pose to some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife. Here’s where to help in the cause. [*Note: Link goes to the UK WWF site- they’re working with GBP.) #GoWildForAndy

Bunday: We Know THAT Look

2129580817_25dddcc92a_oWhy, that’s Disapproving Side-Eye, that’s what THAT is. (Bruna The Bun, from Flickr.)

Happy Birthday, Uncle Sam Aunt Zoey!

image3“I’m hoping it’s not to late to submit a few photos of my Boston Terrier Zoey, says Belynda C. [*Note- ‘Course not! It’s only 9pm PT on the 4th- we never close! -Ed.] You’ve posted a few of her photos before.”

“I love Cute Overload! It always makes me happy looking at all of the Cute animals on your site- keep up the good work! Have a great holiday weekend.”


Stay Safe Tonight, Everybody!

Commodore Gustave Swaddleman (first seen on C.O. earlier in the year) hopes everyone in the US is having a happy and safe Fourth Of July!

From Zeki B.

Happy Fourth, Tink!

IMG_7760Sam C. writes in: “Here are some photos of Tinkerbelle the Dog celebrating the 4th of July! She is very patriotic, stylish and proud to be an American Pup!”


“Hey Toto- Can I Use Snoopy Now?”

fav5It doesn’t look like Toto has ANY intention of sharing Snoopy. “Toto (Cairn,) Snoopy (Beagle,) and Scout (Pyrenees.) Have a Happy, Happy 4th!,” says Jessica E.

MOST Of Us Like Fireworks

2639402501_6af5043d02_oHowever, our smaller and furrier friends don’t. (Our poodle used to hide in the shower stall.) Here’s an article on Boing Boing that tells pet owners how to care for their little guys tonight.

(Patriotic Pampered Pocket Pooch Posing Proudly Photo from Flickr.)

Fibbs, Wimbley & Milo Wish U A Happy 4th!

And yes, Fibbs–it does mean cake!



(Spotted here by Kristin W.)


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