Terrible Video. Awful. The Worst.

Who knew Grumpy Cat could fly? Bet she hated it, too.


fxxxfcgvhjkAs we noted earlier today, it’s Election Day in the U.K. Trending topics like #DogsAtPollingStations and #CatsAtPollingStations are blowing Twitter up. Might be a #Lamb or #Horse in there, too. Many thanks to Elaine M., overseeing the election action across the Big Pond.












Photos from Twitter, Daily Star, The Washington Post, BBC, and Mashable.

THAT’S The Spot. No, Over There. No, In Front!

[Why is it when I haz an itch, the itchy spot moves AROUND???]

“​This is Tabitha. She lives at GEE Funny Farm in Mukwonago, WI. She is an almost 9 month old Bennett Wallaby.” -Kathy G.

Super Capy Disapproval Noted!

23-Капибара целуется с собакойAnd it’s from a Russian website and we have no idea what they’re saying and Chrome won’t translate an inch of it but the photos are cute so go with it.


7-Самый крупный грызун в мире - капибара

2-Семейство капибар

4-Обезьяны играют с капибарой

9-Вкусный вегетарианский обед капибары

19-Ныряния капибары в бассейне

22-Капибара отдыхает в кресле

24-Капибара и морская свинка

25-Капибара целуется с плюшевой капибарой

The Cats Of Arabia: Luna & Mishi

20150415_040430Here we have a pair of kittehs from the sands of Saudi Arabia. “Mishi (Green eyes) and Luna (Ginger cat) are 2 kitties living the high life in Saudi Arabia,” says Sender-Inner Hoomin Also Named Mishi.

[Click Below To Super-Size™ !]
Processed with VSCOcam
“Luna was dumped by her previous owners at a pet store and ended up in a shelter. :( We adopted her two months ago and she’s enjoying her furrr-ever home here.”


New Feature Tomorrow!

Lessee…..we’ve got BundayRats, It’s MondayToesdayWombat WednesdayThrowback ThursdayFlashback FridayFriday HaikuTGIF…and Caturday. Something new for Friday, eh? What…could it be?

Tomorrow at 6am PT, we reveal………….?


ResQte Of The Week: PFFFTTT!!!

Ferdinand_076_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary“All Ferdinand wanted was a few pears,” writes Meredith T. “But after climbing a 4 ft. fence and ‘destroying’ 5 pear trees on the Santa Cruz farm where he lives, the owner of the farm threatened Ferdy with bodily harm! Fortunately for Ferdinand, he had a friend in Perry, a college student who rents a room on the farm and had become very attached to the gentle ‘pear thief supreme.'”

“After being given just a couple of weeks to find a home for Ferdinand, he contacted Farm Sanctuary, who happily welcomed the master pear thief to their Orland shelter on Tuesday, where he will serve a life sentence of grazing with his herd, basking in the sun, and eating as much fruit as his heart desires.”


[*Note: Only problem is, now I’ve got ABBA’s “Fernando” stuck in my head. “♬ There was something in the air that night ♬ …” RRRR. -Ed.]

Sooooo…It’s Election Day In The UK

Paul P. sent us a video of this cute birdeh, and remarked “This robin’s standing for election, I think.” The fact that it’s election day….and the bird is chirping on the fence at the PM’s house…must have some connection.

UPDATE JUST IN: OK, we got an update from Paul. “That door is #10 Downing Street, London– the British equivalent of the White House where the Prime Minister lives and holds his cabinet. While the general election is on, the press are waiting, and spend their time filming the local wildlife..like this fox.”

“There’s also Larry the famous Downing St cat.” I love the British media.

Right, play the clip.

When Danger Strikes..Call ShadowCat!!

IMG_0401Battling the bad guys is a 24/7 business. When duty calls, call on ShadowCat! Zira’s crime-fighting alter ego is shown here getting ready to respond to reports of Chihuahua’s in the front yard!!

Photo from Monica B.

Havin’ A Snack There, Wallace?

[Lemons and limes. Nothing like it. I get a bit of Pucker Face sometimes, though. Gotta wipe my wips off on their pants.]


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