Friday Haiku: Sleppy

When you are still tired
But it is time to get up
Just stay in your bed

From Reddit.

Happy (Late) First Baroo-Day, Lulu!

“This is our Alaskan Malamute, Lulu. (Her full name is Honolulu Lulu Surfer Queen. I named her after the Jan & Dean song, Honolulu Lulu!) Monday was her first birthday, so we celebrated with silly hats and pupcakes. Pardon the mess; we closed on our first house last week!

unnamed (1)

ResQte Of The Week 3: Badger

unnamedBadger looks like he’s got that Bongo The Mini Beanie Bebeh down for the count!! “Say hello to Badger, our 7-week old kitten that we’re fostering for the RSPCA. They go back next week, which is mega-sad, but on the bright side, it means we get a new batch of tiny fuzz balls to foster! Photo by Haje J.K.”

Ultimate Jazz Hands Action!!!

FUR_8312-X3From The Furrtographer, who says “I have foster kittens from Toni’s Kitty Rescue!”

Marley Headline Contest!

This photo is so good, we decided to let YOU provide the headline since we’re too lazy to think of one our readers are THE most clever on the Intertubes!

The comments section awaits!

“This is Marley, aka…Marmee, Mar Mar, Mars, Mars Bar, Meemers, but you get the point. She just got caught red-pawed….stealing her sister’s hot pink, and clearly tasty headband. This is her ‘Ahhhhhh!!!! I know! I could not help myself!!!!!!!’ face. Photo taken by myself, Christina H.”

ResQte Of The Week 2: Ajax The Great

Adopt-A-Cat month continues, and that makes today’s bonus edition of ResQte Of The Week quite timely! We’re highlighting a great effort now going on in Houston, Texas. Take ‘er away, Kelly T.

“Meet Jack (short for Ajax the Great) who is the cutest kitten on the entire planet. I adopted him on the 24th of May from Houston’s Friends for Life Shelter and Adoption Center. They tirelessly work to find forever homes for thousands of homeless dogs and cats. I adopted Jack during their Kitty 500 promotion that started during the Indy 500 race and is still going on.” [Through the 8th. -Ed.]

unnamed (1)
“All kitties can be adopted for $5.00 which is amazing considering all felines are FIV & FL tested, de-wormed, neutered/spayed (if old enough) and given their first round of shots before they are adopted. Also, they are thorough in pre-screening their adoption family candidates to ensure that their guys are placed within a solid home. My Jack is a little over two months old and weighs 1.14 pounds, but he is, in his own mind, a mighty jungle cat.”

“Adopting Jack will be the best $5.00 I’ve ever spent in my life.” (If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, you know what to do.)

A Dozen Magical Moments With Lilu Blue And Katherine

Last summer, we told you about Russian photographer Andy Prokh, who has been photo-documenting his daughter Katherine growing up with her British Shorthair cat LiLu. Now they’re back, joined by a new kitten!












My Modern Met.

The Kittehs Are Coming

“Tiny kitteh dressed as Daenerys? Are you kitten me?!!!”

That was the email from “Esther from U of K.” I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she means the United Kingdom instead of the University of Kentucky. Had to look up the Daenerys reference, and now I am up to speed on “Game Of Thrones.” Hovers are from respective shows/movies.


And it seems that “Dr. Who” is popular here.


Now, THIS one I understand. Make It So! To Infinity And Beyond! May The Furr-se Be With You!



ResQte Of The Week: Squidget

Cuteporter Shelby S. sent this to us- thank you, SS!

“I saw this video today and thought this little dog was so cute. She’s been rescued in Michigan!”

We also got this note from The Michigan Humane Society’s Ryan M.: “Squidget is currently in a foster home and is not available for adoption. We do not have a time frame for when we expect her to be healthy enough for adoption. We will update her status on our Facebook page. Thanks for reaching out!” As always, if you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.

It’s Almost Like A Having Remote Control


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From Holly L.