Congrats To The Class Of 2014!

Earlier in the year, the New York ASPCA opened up a specialized nursery for Leetle Kittehs that were too young to make it on their own. On Tuesday, they held a graduation ceremony for the furrballs, who now move on to the ASPCA Adoption Center where they’ll be ready to go to a new home! Wanna donate to the ASPCA? Here’s how.

And BTW- do we know who graduated Phi Beta Catta?

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0003

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0004

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0006

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0010
TJ found this story on The Gothamist.

Better Than Barq’s!!

image3Take a sec please, and say Happy Birthday to Rootbeer The Frenchie! he turned 1.0 last week, and as you can tell- a splendid time was had by all. ‘Specially RB. OK, well, maybe the lack of ice cream is bugging him in the photo below.

“Rootbeer the Frenchie turned 1 year old last weekend! The cuteness is undeniable. He’s on Instagram too,” adds

Simon’s Cat: Let Me Out!

In the latest edition of Simon’s Cat, we learn that no matter what the Hoomin wants to do—if a cat wants to be fed, that takes priority. Like we didn’t know that.

Friday Haiku: Meet The Beetle

He once was so Fab
But now he is quite retired
Lives off royalties


As seen on Naturally Curious With Mary Holland, by way of Julia G. “I saw this guy in my news feed and I thought it was from C.O.!”

The Force Is Definitely NOT With This One

image“This is Garrett. He wasn’t sure what to think when I first put his Star Wars tie on him!” -Leanne.

Moe (AKA Precious Girl)

088“Here is my precious girl Moe, with her ‘S’ scratcher. As you can see, she likes to tuck herself in one side for naps. I think she nailed the sunbeam Rule! When she was less than 10 weeks, she somehow suffered a crushed pelvis in several places. After weeks of rehab, she healed quite nicely. Now she has a sassy little swish to her gait and runs and jumps all over the house. She’s very vocally expressive and has a lot of inflection to her meows.” -Diane B.


Maymo Vs. The Robot

Like there’s any suspense here as to who’s gonna win this battle. Penny arrives at the very end.

Time For Some Rule O’ Cuteness Action

imageNumber 7 works well here, methinks. “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always Cute.”

Indeed, Rebecca S. (Photo by Caroline S.)

Allayloo! It’s Gonna Be Called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

image1 (1)Foxy Roxy thought you’d like to know that. She’s ready for 12/18/15.

From Abby B.

PS: And just because we can:

(From The Fur Force FB.)

We NOSE What YOU’RE Up To, Buddy

Right on the heels paws of last week’s OMG Live Polar Noses comes this Nosevember gem, c/o Jennifer A. “UH MAH GAW!! POLAH BEAH SNOUT!!” she says.




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