Bouncing -N- Bounding UK Bebeh Pygmy Goatster!

This little fellow is named Benjamin. He is a rather happy-go-lucky sort, wouldn’t you agree? (Oh and BTW: any animal with the word “pygmy” in it is cute.)

Thanks to Kristin.

Ho Ho Ho Rats, It’s Monday

xmas 2013 134“This is my rat, Petey, showing off the present he got from his Auntie Pearl last year for Christmas. I adopted Petey from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in 2012. Thanks for a great site and especially for ‘Rats, It’s Monday!'” Marta Z.

Another Day, Another TIMO Adventure

On Caturday, we saw Timo and his Christmas Bear. Today, he decides to help decorate the Christmas Tree. Who KNEW those things could be SO much fun??

WHO’S A Cute Bebeh Lion Cub? WHO Is? U Are!

IMG_0108“This is baby Serabi, one of three Cubs (now 6!) that I worked with on my trip to South Africa,” says Sender-Inner Bridget S. “Likes include snuggling, water bottles, and playing with her puppy siblings. While it’s cut off in the photo, I can assure you she had quite the big tummy!”

“P.S Glad you liked our three elephants for ‘Tocktober!”

OK, A…Swan Photobomb?

Checked through the comprehensive C.O. Archives- which you can do, just search “Photobomb” in the box- and determined that this is THE first Swan Photobomb we’ve ever run. Fanfare from the orchestra, please!

Thanks to Vajda B., who found this on The Facebooksters.

Six Signs Your Cat Loves You

Shoulda run this one yesterday for Caturday, but it stills make sense today, right?

We’ll Dine Under The Tree, Thanks

Mordecai and Rigby are busy this Bunday afternoon nomming lunch around and under the family Christmas tree!

From Erin B.

Yuki’s Bunday Adventure

IMG_20141128_125316And this JUST IN from Courtney B.; “Here is Yuki, this time she’s off exploring some new places. Her dad is in hospital, and so I snuck her in for a visit! We are currently staying at Yuki’s grandparent’s house to be closer to the hospital, I think she’s liking the change of scene.”

Bunday Morning Comix

preparingforwinterFrom Bird &

We Three Buns Of Orient Are…

shutterstock_7285054[Wait. Aren’t those the right lyrics??]



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