Wanna Know How To Drive Kittehs Nuts?

NOT with laser pointers. They’re so 90’s, and besides, they’re unsafe. No, there’s a BETTER and safer way. Toy quadcopters! Bobo & Nikita know ALL about ‘em. [*Note- No cats or quadcopters were harmed in the making of this video. -Ed.]

Here’s An Eclipse You CAN Look At

Well, we’ve probably seen it all at this point, everyone. Meet Eclipse. She rides the Seattle bus line!

By herself.

As seen on Digg Video.

Toesday II: Da-DUM…Da-DUM…

photoLookit those Beans, willya please? This is Sharky, which is why the lame header says “Da-DUM…Da-Dum” -never mind. Dumb is more like it. Anyway, Jena J wrote in and says “Sharky, my seven month old terrier mix rescue, showing off both her toe beans and her camouflage skill. Picture my me!”

You’re A New Bebeh OMG Pony- What Do U Do First?

Well, rolling around in the bedding of your stable sounds like a good idea!

(The Squidster.)

Now That We’re All HERE, The Meeting Can Begin

Wait- did you say someone is missing? WHOOOOOOO might that be?




Eastern Screech Owls, as seen on Mail Online!

A Bebeh Goatster. IN PAJAMAS.

(UPDATED 1/15 with new video!)(WITH a Minnie Mouse doll. Naturally.)

Timo’s Having A Bit Of An Identity Crisis

Timo’s hoomin Petra writes to C.O. and says “In Timo’s latest video you can see why the personality of Ragdoll Cats can be described as dog-like :).”

OMG What Kinda Puppeh IS This?

941661_4275400382196_1862058251_nNO idea. Those little Bat-Ears are just….Clunk, Ded.

Krys C. says, “Hi there!! I absolutely love your website!! It’s the perfect “make you happy” site :)”

“I just thought I’d send in a few pics of my sweet little Elle.. boating…and some non-boating. She’s my little Ewok. All these pictures were shot by me, her mommy.”

“Thanks for your consideration :)”

UPDATE! We just got the word. “She’s a pomapoo. She melts hearts everywhere she goes :)”

Moksha’s Voodoo Eye

IMG_2539Ever had the feeling that someone is watching you? You can’t quite place the feeling..yet you feel like SOMEone is keeping tabs on you…somewhere.

Like Moksha, for example.

“Good evening from Chicago! You have featured my sweet Moksha once before, but I have to submit this shot of Ms. Moksha relaxing on a cold winter’s night atop her heated cat pad. She and I thank you for the consideration!! Much love and cat peace, Carolyn.”

C.O. World Exclusive: Dogs In Cars: Miami!

title-sasha-and-maya2While we’re freezing, these Puppehs are enjoying the good life down on South Beach. Dogs In Cars: Miami by Keith Hopkin is an East Coast sequel to 2013’s Dogs In Cars: California and 2011’s Dogs In Cars. (Both shown on that link.) Benji and Rockie in the video are from Bark4Green Dogs, who helped with the location shoot.

[*Note; C.O. Peeps are the first to see this video! Let’s set the mood first with a little MV action. -Ed.]

Stars of the show include:








Music: “Space Age Love Song” by A Flock of Seagulls.


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