Not The Traditional Easter Bunneh Look

FrugalHoundBunny_1Frugalhound has absolutely no idea what’s going on here. And that makes two of us.


[*Note: Be looking for the Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon beginning this Bunday at 6am (PT.) We’re rockin’ the Easter Bunday QTE for 12 straight hours up ’til 6pm (PT.) Or ’til we pass out in a Cadbury Cream Egg coma. -Ed.]

An ELEVEN HOUR Sleeping Puppeh Pile

That’s right. This video is eleven honkin’ hours long. So start it now, and tonight close to midnight, it’ll still be playing! (Pro Tip: maximize the screen and leave it up on the PC as a Puppeh Video Screensaver.)

(Boing!!! Boing!!!)

Five Riding A Roomba

With the Easter Holiday Weekend upon us, we thought it might be appropriate to present Five The Boston Terrier as he…

*Wears Bunny Ears.

*Scoots around on a Roomba.

*Plots the demise of his hoomins as payback for this global humiliation on Cute Overload. Five, let us know what you’re planning. Peace out.

Thanks to Steve A.

Friday Haiku: What’s Up, Doc?

6916355630_1a13dfadec_kTwo days ’til Easter
This guy will be hopping soon
To deliver eggs.


Dogs Writing Emails, Vol. II.

unnamedIn the wake of Westly writing to us Thursday, comes this email from Molly Moo. Dogs writing emails. Sounds like an X-File to me.

“Hai Cute Overload! :) Here is a photograph my daddy took of me yesterday.

Can you resist these eyes?

Wub Molly Moo xxx

No, we can’t.

Quite A Handful

ObaO0iKAustralia MAY just take The Big J’s place in our Global Cute Hierarchy. (And there wasn’t even such a thing. Until now.) When you realize The Big A has QuokkasWombats…AND Koalas; well…whadya think? The Big J…or The Big A? (Although we’ll knock some points off The Big A for those horrendous big ol’ honkin’ spiders.)

Koala photo from Imgur.

BUB Hits The Road

BUB is a road warrior! According to the video, “I found some pretty amusing videos on my phone from a recent trip with BUB to visit the in-laws. BUB travels with us all the time, everywhere we go, and she has loved it since my first trip with her to NYC for Good Morning America as a kitten, two and a half years ago. She loves the road more than home. It keeps her spry, active and full of life. Do not try this with your own cat. Most cats hate traveling (including our 4 other cats.)”

Flashback Friday: Window Dreaming

SHORPY_8d28566a“May 1943. ‘Woman and her dog in the Harlem section.’ Medium format negative by Gordon Parks for the Office of War Information.” –Shorpy McShorpersons.

Whackadoodle Sea Otter Eggstravaganza At The MBA

The Easter Bunneh Otter stopped by the fabulous Monterey Bay Aquarium a few days early. No PEEPS, Jelly Beans, or Cadbury Eggs, mind you- but these little maniacs don’t seem to mind at all. (Got a live cam at the bottom, too.)

THIS JUST IN! April Showers Bring…Simon’s Cat

Wuz just wondering when we’d see another edition of Simon’s Cat, and here we are!


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