YAY 4 #WorldOceansDay 2

Watch this story about all the Adorbs Sea Lions being rescued and cared for at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.

And as long as we’re on the oceans subject, let’s zip up the Pacific Coast for a little Sea Otter Action c/o The Oregon Zoo!

Le Grand Bernard

FullSizeRender“Here is the photo of Bernard, the Cute/Sad French Bulldog I submitted last week – in a larger file size! As noted before, this little tyke was sidelined with a broken leg, and his pathetic gaze conveys it all. But, being a spotted French Bulldog pup, he is extremely adorable even in his pathetic state. My friend Sally took this photo of him, and would love to share it with the larger Cute Overload audience! C.O. fan as always, Deb S.”

YAY 4 #NationalBestFriendsDay

On the heels fins of it being World Oceans Day, it also happens to be National Best Friends Day. Can’t we spread these out a bit? There ARE 365 days in a year- and some years even more than that! Anyways, have a peek if you will at THESE Best Friends!

YAY 4 #WorldOceansDay

It’s a day to celebrate all the QTE we hold near n’ dear to our hearts. Like these lil’ critters!



GIFs spotted on Monterey Bay Aquarium PR Twitter, originally seen on Silicon Republic.

[*Note: Google Maps also has a nice feature today, FYI. -Ed.]

Happy (Late) Birthday, Stu!

Sorry we missed your party last week- looks like you had fun!

“I’d like to submit my cat ‘Stu‘ for your site!” -Sami C.


“Oh…Hi! So You’re My Mom?”

Terrific video here from the folks at Symbio Wildlife Park as seen on BuzzFeed. Their article says this is the first time the two have ever met nose to nose face to face; the little guy/girl was born about 6.5 months ago, and spend all that time in the pouch. Welcome, lil’ mate!

(Sent in by Andrew Y.)

You’re So Cute, Marnie!

Will you please give us a kiss??

New Maru: “Asahi Dry. Make It A Double.”

Maru’s back with a sequel to his last video, where he was in the beer box. This week, he has decided that one is NOT enough.

I Meant To Do This

[*Update 1:04pm PT: Annette scores this time around- there were a LOT of great ones…TY all! -Ed.]

The post on Imgur called this shot “The feeling when you know that you’re guilty, but you haven’t hidden yet.” That dovetails right into Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.” (Quite rare.) That said, come up with your best header and we’ll REALLY try to get this updated right at 1pm PT. Have fun, peeps!

The feeling when you know that you're guilty, but you haven't hidden yet - Imgur

Rats, It’s Monday!

3318587473_7f7aed81d9_oYawwwwn….3am PT on Monday, 6 on the East Coast. You know what that means! And did you know..that there are FIVE Rats, It’s Mondays in the month of June? True, and this is only the second one! Our featured Ratso this week is none other than Tara, as seen on Flickr.


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