Bunday Morning Comix

10986890_1594515994116996_1340685944859308710_nFrom Scott Metzger, spotted on FB.

Hey! Anyone Seen My Carrots?

6916355630_bb045c9266_oWelcome to BUNDAY. We happily present you this fuzzy little Nugget Of Joy, as seen on Flickr. Next up—Bunday Morning Comix!

The Most Magically Cute Kitten You’ll See All Day

That’s the title of this Caturday Night video. And we have to admit, they got it right on the mark.

“Oh! You’re…..BACK!

Geez, I leave for five minutes to go to the corner market to get food for YOU GUYS, I hurry back ’cause it’s already past your dinnertime, and—OK, break it up!


Caturday: I Haz DVD Now?

[Where is the DVD I was watching? Oh THERE it is!]


Speak, Beak!

Now, does the Hoomin speak Goose….or does the Goose speak Hoomin? Someone get me a Thesaurus. No, that’s wrong. Can we just run this post through Google Translate? Can we do that somehow?


Fly The Furry Skies

“This is the tower, and ah, roger that AirPup 1, you are cleared for final approach on Bunway 1L..reduce your airspeed and check your flaps. See you on the ground, and we’ll have a cold one waiting for ya.”

High flier
(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

Lazy Way To Spend A Caturday #2

Passed out with a bread pillow isn’t your thing? Fine, fine. How about a plastic champagne class with a dandelion stuck into the base? We can DO that! Cue Shiro & Friends:

What’s The Best Part About….

…watching a Doxie Puppeh snarfing up his stuffie? Through the magic of this GIF..you can watch it over and over and over and over and over….

Slow mo Pup. - Imgur

Lazy Way To Spend A Caturday

Just hop on the carousel with your bread pillow- then round and round you go!


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