THIS JUST IN: Maru Never, Ever Gives Up

The Circle gets what he wants.

Dog Paddle

Maruko The Shiba Inu has the Dog Paddle stroke down cold. He just needs to remember to start…once he gets in the water.

(22 Words.)

[*Note- Despite the video title- the puppeh’s name is Maruko. -Ed.]

Hut Two Three Four

What do we have here? Well, a Guinea Pig walkway, of course. Remember the story about the Capybara hot springs? It turns out they have Pigsters there, too. This is how they “commute” from one play area to another. This a loop video, just click the > button in center.

(RN24/Andrew Y.)

Now THIS Is Why Animated GIF’s Were Created

A Pair Of Prosh Stubbulars, headed right at ya. All…day…long.


Friday Haiku: Legos

IMG_6321.JPGHard to take a nap
When Legos are left on me
Guess I will hide them

From Andrew B. on Flickr.

Simba: Teddy Bear ~OR~ Labradoodle? YOU Decide!

output_F7FVuI“Remember Simba the Labradoodle Pup? He’s 9 months old and weighing 44 lbs now. Sending you a few of his pics taken right after his haircut yesterday. I think he looks more like a Teddy Bear than a Lion now. =)” -Jingga M.

Flashback Friday: Pre-Flight Snack At The North Pole

vintage-santa-deerThe Big Guy feeds one of his guys prior to liftoff at the North Pole: year of photo unknown. From Operation Letter To

Pup 681 Luna UPDATE!

THIS JUST IN from the Shedd Aquarium in The Windy City- let’s check in for the latest news on Otter 681, who was just officially named Luna!

Photo from @sheddaquarium Twitter.

♬ Jingle Bells ♫

Cuteporter Chris D. sent this in- “I laughed so hard at this video. I think it’s the perfect way to send Christmas cheer.” We agree.

“Mama In her ‘Kerchief, And I In My Cap…

two cute…had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.” Thanks to Clement Clarke Moore. “Buddy (on the left) and Bonnie.” Photo by Don’t Know Didn’t Include Her Name Jean E.


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