C.O. Cat Café World Tour: San Francisco (Beta)

Is there some reason why most of the Cat Cafés are in California or Japan? Aren’t there any in…Kansas City? Or Lost Springs, Wyoming? Anyway. Last fall you’ll recall C.O. was on hand in Oakland for the opening of the first Cat Café in the US.

Now we bounce across the Bay to San Francisco with news that KitTea will be opening in mid to late April. Their mission is “To create a Zen Retreat where people and cats can hang out to the benefit of both, within the setting of a relaxing tea house.”

Zen? Yep, that’s San Francisco.

Wanna volunteer? Go for it.

Cat Cafe by Purina ONE

If You Go™

Addy: 96 Gough, SF.

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Jumpin’ For Bubbles In Texas, Y’all

The reason Ol’ Oscar here has such a nice clean n’ green backyard to do some major league jumping is, he’s in the Great Lone Star State. (I.E. NO SNOW.)

GiddyUP, O-Man!

The Legend Of Tugboat Jones

IMG_9952There lives a cat named Tugboat Jones
A fearless feline is he
Dogs quake at the mere whisper of his name
He’s who all kittehs aspire to be
Adopted at Oregon Humane, he rules the world
From his throne in the Pacific Northwest
One eye is yellow and one eye is blue
Which makes him stand tall among the rest





photo (11)

photo (13)

From Jamie B-H. Poem inspired by The Adventures Of Jim Bowie.

Let’s All Paws For This Little Lady…


“My cat is very strange. She likes to play in water, get into anything she can, I even have a video of her playing fetch! My kitteh’s name is Navi! Just like the fairy from Zelda.” -Stephanie W.

Some Might Call This Lazy

[I prefer to call it ‘convenient.’ After all, what happens…if I wake up in the middle of the night….dying of thirst??? HOW can I make it to the kitchen? BETTER idea: I just sleep next to my dish. Problem solved.]


Archer The Koala

enhanced-buzz-wide-6605-1422996369-9People, meet Archer.

Archer’s current domicile: Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

Check out his FB page!





Double Trouble

[I’d SWEAR I’ve seen you somewhere before. Maybe the park last Saturday afternoon? You never hang around, though. If it gets sunny outside, you tend to disappear.]


This Post Certified 100% NBG*.



Meet Lily And Wendy!

IMG_5797“I am so lucky that I get to pet-sit for Lily the Labradoodle and Wendy the ResQte Dachshund,” writes -Meredith R.

“I have been watching Lily since 2011 and Wendy came along in mid-2014. They are so much fun to hang with. Lily is a lover who loves anyone she meets and even lets little humans tug at her beard. Wendy is ball obsessed and would play ball 24/7 if possible.”

“I am blessed to have these girls in my life.”


Behold: Boomer

LCRekJFEver see a photo on Cute Overload and go, “I don’t care where he/she is, I am getting in a car/on a plane to go see him/her NOW!” That’s what I just decided with Boomer. (Oh, and before I forget, nice Side-Eye up there, too.)

“I just wanted to submit Boomer, our Labradoodle Puppeh. He’s just over a year old right now.”

“We’ve been wanting to submit him ever since his brother-in-law (Nermal, the British short-hair) got featured on your website… twice!

“Hope he makes the cut!”

“Photos were taken by my fiance (‘Izzie’) and I.” -John W.






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