Put ‘Er Right THERE, Kiddo!

JS70323176[No, I DON’T think you’d “like to come in for a swim.” You just stay right where you are, buddy.] From The Chester Chronicle via Arne.

Caturday: Silver Thing Haz The Wet?

[Why hoomin won’t give me more of the drippy?]

Caturday: MISSING

Clipboard01Wait. Not missing. Nothing to see here, move along. (Boing Boing.)

“♬ Caturday, In The Park ♫..”

[Yeah, yeah, that’s a catchy song, but where’s my dinner, buddy? I don’t see it ANYwhere.]

Moki The Cat in the home studio..”helping” his hoomin…

…Jason Scheff of the band “Chicago.”


Do I Hafta Do I Hafta Do I Hafta

Today is National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! (Besides being Caturday and all.) Here is Marmalade’s first ever trip to the vet!

[*Note: Of Cole & Marmalade fame. -Ed.]

Mom Wants To Sleep In.

Her Kids won’t let her. How familiar does this sound to some of you? More madness from the Sunflower gang.

Simon Sumo Says, “TGIF!”

output_R59tN8As soon as 5pm PT rolls around at Cute Overload, you know what that means- and Sumo is here to help us get the weekend kicked off. “Sumo still thinks he owns the world at 12 years old,” says Danielle S.

When Sea Lions SNORGLE!!!!

[O HAI welcome to my neighborhood, wait, lemme nom on your facemask thingy! I brought some of my pals with me, too!]

Susan M. saw this on The Dodo.

Cats With Cowboy Hats, Monsters, Vibrating Eggs: Only In The Big J

The headline pretty well tells you all you need to know. This has something to do with a video game. We think.

(Definitely Andrew Y. + RocketNews 24 territory.)

Aloha, Friday!

Here at C.O., we always welcome in the weekend with a little TGIF Action, but this video is outstanding, and a great way to kick off weekend activities! (OK, it’s still a little early here on the West Coast.)


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