Presenting: C.O. Rule Of Cuteness #7

“A Thing, Accompanied By A Smaller Version Of That Thing, Is Always Cute.”

You said it, I’m just reminding you. Hope this meets or exceeds your cute needs.” -Jessica O.

From Tumblr.

This Snow Thing Ain’t So Bad After All

….if you happen to be Giant Panda Da Mao at the Toronto Zoo!

As seen on VVV.

Let’s Try It Together, OK?

[Listen, kiddo. We're both hungry, right? Here's the plan. You open your mouth and howl. And I'll do the same thing. The hoomins will come running right away, saying "Is somebody hungry?" They'll literally throw the chow our way. Works every time.]

As seen on FB via Art M.

Jimmy, Need A Price Check On A Set Of Firestones

The Canadian Tire store in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada has hired two new associates, Jimmy & Baby. They’re very friendly with the customers, but they WON’T pin on their name badges, they leave fur ON the register, AND…demand to have their bellehs rubbed DURING STORE HOURS!!

Thanks to Amy H. for tracking down the YT link. (C.O. called the store to get some more info but the fellow we spoke to said “No one here at the store has any comment about the cats, OK?” Well! Harrumph! OK then, eh?)

Friday Haiku: And You Are…..?

Sometimes you find pix
You have no clue what it is
Like this little guy


Coming Soon: 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

Eet was one of our most pupular events last year so naturally we’re gonna repeat eet! We’ve got 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day coming on, er, February 14th! So why not send us your little pet animuhl in a Valentine-themed photo! Sorta like the fellow below. Here’s how to do it, and then get ready for the fun! (If U could put “Valentine’s Day” in the subject line, we’d love that.)

Dachshund puppy from Shutterstock.

Looking For A New Sidekick?

Emily S. in NYC has begun a new webseries called “The Sidekick Series,” inspired by her adopted kitteh B.K. As her website says, it’s “dedicated to bringing you real stories of rescue pets and their hoomin parents!” (NOT a bad thing.)

“Our hope is that hearing positive rescue/adoption stories will help people realize adopting a cat/dog is the way to go. That’s also why we’ll be featuring different rescue organizations in NYC.”

Douglas And Friends

This is Douglas The Hippo. And his pals. They live at the Chipembele Wildlife Rescue in Zambia! The Dougster was abandoned by his mom when he was just two weeks old, and they’ve cared for him ever since!

Douglas’s pals are Molly and Coco- read more over at Neatorama.


I KNOW I Left My Ball Out Here Last Summer??

Watch Millie & Betty The Bouncing Bassett Sisters go blasting through the deep powder in Alexa W.’s Michigan backyard. “This was taken yesterday in my backyard, after we got a fresh snowfall to add to what we had already. Their floppy ears, clumsiness, and happy faces are so adorable. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”

(Don’t miss the SUPER SLO MO too- well done.)

Rocky Ridge Refuge Is Te-RRR-iffic!

Wow, check this out. It seems there’s an animal refuge in Arkansas, called the Rocky Ridge Refuge.

A lady named Janice Wolf runs the RRR.

She’s been at it for 20 years now, helping animals that need special care due to medical issues, abuse and neglect.

Anywhere from 50-60 critters hang at the RRR at any time.

According to the RRR FB, “Many are permanent residents and others are awaiting their forever home.”

RRR mostly runs on donations- here’s how to do it.

Or maybe you’d like a “Gimme Shelter” calendar?

Either way, the critters would appreciate the support.



“I died over this! Then I died and died and died some more.” – (The evidently late) Laieanna, as seen on Bored Panda, and also from Robin C.