Rats, It’s Monday

10473721_820536987997317_290740878179512534_oMartin “Marty” Mouse is taking today off. He urges you to do the same.

C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month

November 2014
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Nosevember: Dudley The Kitteh!

SAM_1115We’re juuust into the first full week of Nosevember, and we have a nice lookin’ kitteh here in Dudley, a gray and white Maine Coon mix! Would you like someone to come over and rub those paws for a while, D-Man? Photo by Anne D. of Wilsonville OR. Thank-you, Anne!

Hey Horse! You Want Me To Scratch Your Back With My Face?

[I can do that! And I can clean your back, too! Just hold still for me, OK?]

From Susan M.

We NOSE You’re Awake There, Little Guy

Ever caught your kitteh being a faker? They’re pretending to be asleep when in fact they are watching your every move? (Which they always do.) “I present to you the pinkest of Noses! This is Bergamot. His nose indicates awakeness. When he’s really, really sleepy, the nose is almost completely white.” -Tina J.


Kiko NOSE What Month It Is!

IMG_9165 - Version 2And who’s happy to see the month of Nosevember? Kiko is! “This is Kiko. My 11 month old rescue Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan. He’s a spritely and happy little fella, living with me in Venice Beach, CA.” -Eileen M.


_DSC4297Cuteporter Jen F. is back, with another image she took on her January 2013 excursion to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands!

Hey Bandit? It’s Halftime, Pal!

The two magic words of the day? “I’m parched.”

We’re gonna assume El Bandito got his treat off-camera, right? From Mashable.

Bunday Morning Comix

lizclimo05Art by Liz Climo as seen on My Modern Met.


DSC_0947“This is ‘Maya.’ She is a ‘Kleiner Münsterländer‘-lady. About the time she turned 2 years old, a spot grew on her nose. Beside that it is harmless, it’s very cute and unique! Maya lives in Germany, in the beautiful city of Cologne.” -Florencia P.


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