I’d Walk A Mile For THIS Guy!

20140721_175128 (1)“Dear Cute Overload, I took this glorious photo of this lovely camel from the San Diego Zoo. I named him…’Humpfey.'” -Ayako I.

Dine In…Then Fly Out II

[Just put the whole wheat bread on the railing, and then get lost, dude. I'll take it from here.]

A sequel to last weeks post, on Loon Lake in British Columbia, Canada. From Andrew M.

ResQte Of The Week 3: KitKat

DSC04807lovin2-2“This is little Kit. He was rescued recently by the good folks at Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles and was in such bad shape that he needed 3 blood transfusions to make it. Truly a miracle kitteh! He’s now partying like a rock star in foster care and is up for adoption.” -KB.


photo 1I mean, will you just LOOK at that first photo?

photo 2
“Mona, a.k.a. Monalicious, is our 3 yr old English bulldog…” says Mona’s mom, Fran M.

photo 3
“…and she’s such a mush who is OBSESSED with belly rubs!”

photo 4

Louie Decides To Mix It Up

We’ve heard of finicky eaters before, but Louie takes the cake. Which he would probably end up playing with rather than eating.

“My kids and I are HUGE fans of your website,” says Cuteporter Sonia L. “It is our end-of-the-summer dream to get our miniature poodle Louie, on C.O. Louie loves to mix his own dinner, dry food over the wet, every night. If I do it for him myself, he won’t eat it. Usually quite a bit ends up in his water bowl too.”

ResQte Of The Week 2: Who’s Up For A Pignic?

Got plans for Sunday? If you HAPPEN to be the Irvine CA area…stop by Orange County Cavy Haven’s 4th Annual SoCal Pignic, Noon ’til 4! The location is here. (Click the poster to enlarge.)

Susan L. says, “There’ll be a Cavy Talk/Q&A and a Cavy Kissing Booth with Christopher, one of our ResQtes. Don’t own a guinea pig? There will be plenty of adoptable guinea pigs there for you to cuddle. Cost is $6 for adults/$3 for children 12 and under. Kids up to 3 years old are free. Parking’s free. Health checks and grooming are included with admission.”

baby christopher with cast (1)

Snail Xing

SAM_0041“I took this photo at 6am while on vacation in Iowa. I was enjoying my morning walk and noticed this snail crossing the paved road. He is only about the size of the end of a pinky finger. No photo editing has been done, this is straight from the camera!” -Kimberly O.

Buckley & Tink Take The Beach

photo 1Technically, summer ends in late September, but we all know it really ends on Labor Day. So Buckley & Tink hit the beach at Outer Banks, North Carolina to get some sun & surf in while they can.

“This was Buckley and Tink’s first time at the beach. We never knew they were such bums,” says Submitter Benjamin D.

“They are both are rescues…which ups the awww-factor. Buckley is the one disguised as a butterfly, and Tink is the one with sandy tongue and toe beans.”

photo 2

photo 3

image (1)

ResQte Of The Week: Winnie

photo (1024x765)“Here’s a photo of my adorable Pomeranian foster puppy, Winnie. The Humane Society gal here in Spokane told me she was found on Craigslist, but then the guy who adopted her decided she was too young, so he turned her in to the Humane Society. I will have her for at least a couple more weeks until she’s old enough to be spayed, and then she’ll be adoptable. As cute as the pics are, they really don’t do justice to how unbelievably adorable she is.” -Glenna M.

IMG_20140805_143536459 (1024x576)

OK. Say You’re A Remote-Controlled Car.

Annnnnnnnnnnd…there’s a frenzied bunch o’ beagles who wanna PLAY. Whatdya do? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

More on the Beagle Derby here, submitted by Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)


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