Trinket Wants More Treats

tumblr_najacpU53m1qzrf57o1_1280Would anyone like to help her out? From

Can Someone Hand Me The Remote?

[I mean, I’m fairly comfy here and all. I appreciate it.]


Caturday Morning Cleanup

[I’m just sitting there minding my own business, when all of a sudden WHOOPS there’s a stupid camera in my FACE! Can’t a girl get ANY privacy around here?]

“Thanks and as always love your site.” -Stacy M.

A Sweet Caturday Morning Breakfast!

These little guys love their sweet potatoes! Other animals in the house…..don’t. Wonder who that might be?

Will You Turn That NOISE Off?

I am trying to get some SLEEP here. Thank-you.

Close Encounters, Vol. I

Since we see a lot of videos like this, from here on they will be part of a series. Volume I presents Dash The Kitteh and Mora (Mora?) The Chicken getting their playful on.

Bonus Butt Wiggle at 1:33.


Now Here Is A Real Welcome Home!

On Monday, we showed you how cats welcomed home their hoomins from military service. Or not.

Tonight, we’d like to show you how puppehs bring the affection 110%.

TGIF: I Can Haz New Smart Phone Holder?


Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Celebrate with these great images from The Guardian UK. Paul Goldstein took these in Spitsbergen, Norway.







Oh, and maybe a video or two.

Thanks to Anna S. for sending!

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Will Work For Peanuts

DSC_0134Backyard banditos
have no problem when it comes
to stealing peanuts


“Cubby was a squirrel who helped me rake leaves all fall so he was rewarded for his hard work, writes Don W.

UPDATE! Don also sent in this YouTube clip:


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