Thing Two: Caturday Night In The Big J

p15011602Not much to do on a Caturday Night when you’ve got the Collar Of Shame on- if that’s what that is. So just hunker down in front of the iMac and call it a night!



Guremike’s website also has this photo. I don’t have a clue what they are, but they’re Cute.


Oh, So U Want Some Hippo Blorp, Eh?

We are happy to oblige. This Chubby Little Blorpster was born on Boxing Day (December 26th) at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England. (NW of London.)


‘Scuse Me…You Gonna Eat That?

[You are? Oh. Well. I’m gonna take it from you anyway.]


CH-CH-CH Chia!

Chia Pets are usually something to run into CVS late on Christmas Eve to buy, for someone you guess you have to give a present to. (Either a CP or…a Whitman Sampler.) But I tell you what- I will take one of THESE Chia Pets any day of the week!

Dave Irene
“A close friend’s new Shih Tzu puppy. The puppy is a little girl and her name is Dave Irene.” -Gloria R.

Pinball Wizard

Most doggehs like to go on walks, or flop over for belleh rubs, stuff like that. Chubs, however, has something BETTER in mind.

Caturday: C.O. Cat Café World Tour: San Diego, Part I

A.J.M. has alerted us to a new Cat Café (that’s their name) in Southern California! “Just wanted to let you know my locale now has a Cat Café, one of the few in the U.S. This fearless C.O. investigator will be on the prowl Monday to submit a hot off the press report with pictures and maybe some video. [*Note: That will be Part II.) Here’s a link to an article in our local paper that alerted me to this wonderful news.”

(Following photos by K.C. Alfred/UT San Diego.)

The cats are adoptable, with the fees going to the San Diego Humane Society, the kitteh supplier.

Standard CC layout, with coffee and muffins on one side, and the kitehs on the other, so the Board of Health doesn’t get cranky.

“We’ve only had our adoptable cats in here for two weeks and we’ve adopted out seven already,” CC owner Tony Wang told C.O. Friday. “The last three adoptions were for cats who had only been here a day. Two were black cats and one was a senior cat, and those kinds of cats are the toughest to adopt out.”

“I’ve been stunned by the traffic we’re getting in here. I planned for a gradual, slow ramp up but we’ve gotten so much business that I’ve had to adapt to a lot higher level of business than I expected!”

“The adoptions are really what make me work hard. I could make a lot more money with a lot less work doing something else, but it wouldn’t be as rewarding as finding homes for adoptable animals and literally changing lives!”



If You Go™:

Addy: 472 Third Avenue, Marina District. (Map.)

Hours: Daily 7am-3pm.

Call: (619) 786-2289.

Social: Twitter : FB : G+.

It’s Caturday, By George!

Boy, I’d love to snorgle this furball. If you’re in the area—what about you? “Meet George, a very handsome adult male who is available for adoption. George is currently staying at Pet Supplies Plus in West Chester, PA. He is available through Forgotten Cats. George is a volunteer favorite. He is cheerful and playful, gets along well with other cats, and he loves to be held!” -Anne M. (Forgotten Cats volunteer.)


If U Wanna meet George™:

Addy: 959 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA.

Phone: (610) 696-8042.


Can you spot the camouflaged pet in each photo? Some are obvious, but others definitely need a second look! As spotted on The Guardian by Anna S.















Kitteh Wipers

Earlier today we saw PUP HOLDERS for your car, and now we find these Kitteh Wipers! These mount on the roof of your car, just above the windshield, and you can also position them to clean the driver’s side window too. They also have a detachable feature, as you see at the end of the video. Currently available only in (natch) Japan, look for them in the Canada, USA and Europe later this spring at fine automotive stores everywhere.

(Shiro & Friends.)

TGIF: Guinevere

output_3K2i4oOriginal photo of Guinevere at San Francisco Animal Care & Control by The Furrtographer, who will be assisting C.O. on something Grumpy next Saturday. (Whoops: did I just say that out loud?)


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