Caturday Night With Thing One & Two

p15012911Let’s see what Thing One and Two are up to. (Yes, yes, it’s already Bunday in Japan. Pesky details.) Just as we thought- relaxing by the iMac box. Ah, the good life. Also spotted on the Guremike site: cool little Bear Cars!!!





It’s Cold Outside, Maymo- Don’t Forget Your Socks

You too, Penny. Wait, what? You wanna stay inside? Oh, well- keep ‘em on anyway. KEEP THEM ON, they’re NOT for chew- never mind.

The Reason Why #Caturday Was Invented

Wouldn’t you like to sink down in the recliner, all wrapped up in a blanket with this one? Right now?

How could I say no to those eyes - Imgur

This Is Why They Invented GoPro Cameras

So you could record stuff like this. DANCING BEBEH BURROWING OWLS.


Morning, Maddie!

Maddie, wake up. Rise N’ Shine! Did you sleep on the pillows all night? The entire bed is yours, you know. Can we get you something? Coffee, OJ, croissants? How about nice massage? Maddie? Are you awake?

From Maddie On Things.

Caturday Morning Breakfast

My friends kitten, Arya. - ImgurHoomin: “And WHO wants her noms! WHO does? Oh, YOU do! WHO’S the GOOD cat? Oh, YOU are!”

Kitteh: “Every morning, the same performance. What IS it with hoomins? Fork it over before someone gets hurt. And it won’t be me.”


Pet: Just One Of The Guys

Growing up, most of us wanted to be one of the guys, you know, to fit in the crowd. Just like Pet The Lamb. We also get some great (though brief) Scottish commentary, too.

(Story seen on Mashable; second video seen on Arbroath.)

What’s The Hurry, Dude?

unnamedThe US Department of Interior’s social media team is EN FUEGO. Yesterday, we got this from their Twitter account- today, Maureen (“They have so many wonderful pictures!”) P. grabbed this from their Instagram. “A Monk Seal watches a Bebeh Turtle crawl on the beach at Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.”

@Interior #FTW!

Friday Evening Haiku: Hmmmmmmmm II

csk1Graceful little guys
With not a care in the world
Just need some red juice

(We’ve done Haiku Humsters before! Photos seen on by Charles at CSK Photography.)

TGIF: Jaxon

output_javXO6“My Shih Tzu Jaxon stole his big brother’s toy and then teased him with it from his nice soft spot on the couch.” -Angela H.


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