C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Osaka

Back to The Big J for another edition of the C.O. Cat Café World Tour. This stop is c/o the enterprising sorts at RocketNews 24 AKA our (un)official Japan Bureau. “Save Cat Café” opened on the 1st- no fooling. Standard CC format- get your latte on one side, snorgle a kitteh with potential adopting on the other!






If You Go™:

Addy: 530-0041 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Kita-ku, Tenjinbashi, 5 Chome−7−8.

Hours: 12-8pm daily except for Monday (and the second and third Tuesday of the month.)

Phone: +81 6-7165-6504.

Misc: Blog : Website : FB

Flashback Friday With The Duke & Duchess

dukeduchess“The Duke (1894 to 1972) and Duchess, (1896 to 1986) of Windsor with Dizzy by, Dorothy Wilding, 1955″ (Mashable.)

ResQte Of The Week III: Gladys AKA Sponzo

039You might recall Benny from yesterday, c/o. Marla C. I asked Marla if Benny was hers, and she said no, she found that picture on Imgur..which is certainly fine.


She also sent us in a photo of a puppeh that IS hers. “If you want to see MY doggeh, please see the attached. Her name is Gladys (AKA, Gladbags, Princess Floofy Feet, and Sponzo, which stands for Spaz + Gonzo.) She is a rescue mutt that we adopted two years ago.”

Wicked Beans -N- Side-Eye Combo theyah, Gladys.

THIS JUST IN: Happy Second Birthday To Hana

Better known as The Round One’s sidekick, Hana is blowing out two candles on the birthday cake this year! Have a great one, Hana. Watch out for you know who, he’ll steal all the cake!

[*Technical Note: Had to download/re-upload original source video due to a processing error on the original Mugumogu upload. -Ed.]

ResQte Della Settimana II

Just got this one in from Jillian L. in New Zealand (See–we’re global) -a fisherman rescued a deer! “I came across it on The Dodo. You get the scenic Italian coastline, ResQte Li’l Deer with Prosh Crossed Hooflets, and by my calculations this one has FOUR Rules of Cuteness; 2, 23, 50 and 51. I love Cute Overload! I can find pics of anerable and prosh anipals in lots of places, but only C.O. Cuteologists have the talk to go with the walkies.”

[*Note: Here’s more on the story– see if you can get Chrome to translate if you can’t read Italian. No luck here. -Ed.]

Now, stand by for some rapid-fire Italian!

Why Bother With Windex™?

funny-animals-licking-glass-22__700After all, it can lead to messy streaks and smears on your glass window. Just: 1) Spritz off the window with a few drops o’ water. 2.) Just plop your kitteh, puppeh, hammie, otter, or…reptile in front of the window and let ’em get to work! It’s cost effective, too!








The Cute Is Out There

Two Kittens(Ginger kitteh, R:) [Look, Mulder, I believe that YOU believe- but there’s no such THING as 40 foot tall dogs with glowing eyes and four tails.]
(Darker kitteh, L:) [(Sigh) Scully, after ALL we’ve seen, all YOU’VE seen..why won’t you believe?]

The Cute
Kitteh photo from Theme Chrome.net.

An Order O’ Cat House Beans, Please

11038387_1552331151706766_881429130903847358_nToe Beans are not JUST for Toesday. Here at C.O., we serve ’em up ANYTIME we want. “Picture is possibly by Sezgin Ahmed, but I’m not sure. And it was posted by Cat House on the Kings as one of their daily Good Night Facebook! posts. I love all those little toes- how super cute is that!? Thank you for making my day special for what seems like forever. I’ve been visiting Cute Overload since you got your own domain name! You’re the best!” -Beth H.

The Binkie Force Is Strong With This One

Meet Princess Leia, a Giant Boxer. She can’t fall asleep unless she has her Binkie. Big baby, she is.

And here’s some GIF action, too.

(Story from Mashable.)

Qte Of A Different Sort

Take a peek at two different forms of Qte Art. These little drawings were created by artist Lorraine Loots.




-Oh, but there’s more. In the mood for some…Origami? Creations by Wenche Lise Fossland.





Paintings from Bored Panda : Origami from Laughing Squid.


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