Headline THIS! (Alt-Ctrl-Adorbs)

Post your headline in Comments! And no “It’s full of warm” suggestions. Already done that a dozen times. It’s been done. We’ll post the best suggestion about 1pm PT, K? Update: Alt-Ctrl-Adorbs from Jules scores this time around! Thanks everyone!


Toesday Triple Play!

IMG_1187“Our boy Gio (Ghiardelli) may be number four in birth order of our five, but he is number ONE in toes!” -Brenda R.



Toesday Preview: Welcome, Chief

Chief toebean floofIt’s late, time to shut ‘er down for the evening (someone’s already done that) but we wanted to tell you about Chief! Sorta a Toesday Preview. (Wait. It’s already Toesday on the East Coast. And all over Europe and stuff. OK.) “It’s exhausting being newly rescued, but I think Chief is settling in! My husband and I adopted 4yr old Chief Saturday through the wonderful folks at Southwest English Setter Rescue. Chief sprinted at least 4 miles Sunday, so he’s taking a well-deserved rest. Thanks for your consideration and for all the joy you provide daily!” -Kate R.

“Just Another Casual Day In Australia”

Boy, those guys that want you to sign up for their dish packages are getting pushy these days.

(Say OMG!)

Swingin’ Around With Aperil

Meet Aperil. Aperil likes to wear a hat. Aperil then bumps into things.

And so it goes.

Kitteh Matchingks AKA ROC #07

The only thing better than ONE kitteh, is….another kitteh. Remember: Rule Of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.











“Hi Cute Overload friends! I found this website that has pictures of mommy cats and their mini-me kittens! Just thought I’d share it with you :).” -Annamarie R.

PITA (Puppeh Is Totally Awesome)

Well, that’s his name and it makes total sense, don’t you think?



New Maru: Tail Dance

Climbing up the Smooth Jazz Charts: this is “Tail Dance” by Mugumogu featuring Maru, on KQTE.

A Kitteh. In A Bee Suit. Watching TV.

There are some things you just can’t wrap your head around.

Like THIS:


OMG Pedro Pony!!!11!11!!!!1

Ok, so you’re a tiny Shetland Pony named Pedro. You arrive at the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, London U.K. So far, so good….whoops, wait. Not good. Problem: You can’t see over the stall door! (Left photo.)

Solution: you get a Pedroscope! (Right photo and below.)


The horse club contacted local design firm Print & Cut who created the Pedroscope. The club is attempting to raise funds to get him a proper sized stable.


(Laughing Squid.)


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