Why Walk When You Can Skip?

There isn’t anything in the world that’s more jumpy and twitchy than a Bebeh Goatster. And that’s why we loff ’em.

Hot Safe Fun In The Summertime ♫

2527279346_30046096ca_oAs we inch towards the middle of June, the temperature has already hit triple digits in many parts of the US (and other parts of the world to be sure.) Take a momento to read these Critter Safety Tips!

BUB’s Road Trip

The video says she gets really active and spry on a road trip (we’re betting they are in Vegas) – the only time she’s like this. Good job, BUB!

What’s Better Than ONE Milo?

TWO Milos, of course. Behold: {Milo} Socks. These limited edition Milo unisex ankle socks will have you looking as dapper as The Man himself! Get a little more Milo in your life, and he’ll thank you by sharing a portion of the proceeds to help the furry friends at The Toronto Humane Society. These socks will only get made if the campaign reaches its goal of 20 pairs by June 25- deets here.


At Least One Of ‘Em Is Having A Good Time

croppedBefore Maru..before BUB…before Grumpy Cat…there was Garfield. GF and GC met a couple of days ago at the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Where everyone gets together to dream up more merch for me to buy. You know, I NEED another Grumpy Stuffy. Here, Tardar Sauce: TAKE MY MONEY.



Pheebs The Shorkie

IMG_0378“Hi Cute Overload! I thought it was about time we submit some pics of Phoebe, our 3 year old Shorkie, who has already brightened many lives by her sheer power of Cute. We love taking her for walks as she never fails to make people smile or comment.” -Keira F.



Lookit! A Little Floating Hat!

There’s a LOT going on way down deep off the Puerto Rican shores! (This guy is a Dumbo Octopus.)

Here’s a more comprehensive look, too:


ResQte Of The Week: Spokane, WA.

Got a great email from Glenna M., who just had to submit a photo of one of her fosters. This is Mozart! However, he’s not available…#BOO.

(‘Cause he got adopted! #YAY!)

However…Mozart has some siblings. (Names in the hovers.) If you’re in the Spokane area (or you have friends that are,) listen up! More from Glenna:

“If anyone is interested they could post a private message on our Facebook page!”

“Mozart and his siblings actually haven’t even been posted for adoption because they have another week or so to go before they can be spayed/neutered, but we had an older Siamese mix that we had two qualified adopters for, so we let the second person know that Mozart would be available soon, and he’s been reserved for her.”


Fifty In A Twenty-Five, Mister!

I’m gonna have to see your operator’s license. Wait- you don’t even have any pants. Gonna need to call this in. You stand right there.

Arne saw this image here.

C.O. Trading Cards: BY REQUEST!

Yesterday, quite by accident, we launched the C.O. Trading Card Series because..we did. Gipsy Danger started things off. And we got these comments:

“Oh please more cards! And make one with Earl from Tuesday? I’ve been showing that picture to coworkers all day. Not that GD isn’t adorable too, because she is. There could be a Wombat set too? Plz?”debg.

“I second debg! Earl too please. See, ’cause I’m going to print two of each and have the most ultimate memory matching game ever!!!” –Tara.

Presenting Earl and Patrick, #’s 2 and 3 in the Series! Collect ’em! Swap ’em! Print and use as bookmarks!


#4 in the Series coming………….soon.


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