Kissing Nosevember Goodbye

Though it’s still Nosevember here on the West Coast, we’re now officially into December back east, so we gotta start windin’ things down. But…not quite yet! Who do we have here? “Dear CuteOverload~
As we kiss Nosevember goodbye in order to make way for Christmas, I’d like to share a photo of Juni the Wonderbunny demonstrating the proper nose-to-nose kissing technique she has developed! Isn’t she lovely?! Thank you! We love Cute Overload! Sincerely, Jan S.”


Prosh Pommie Power!

We still have time to get this Little Button Nose the post it deserves, do we not? It’s still Nosevember! This is my gentle, soft and fluffy Dolce,” writes Lisa C. of Rhode Island. “She is so pretty! She barks too much, and sleeps on my head at night, but I just love her to death!”

Pocket Protectors

….and one Photobomber!

From the Little Meows FB by way of Cats of Instagram.

Snowpuff McGrumperson

We’ve seen that look before…have we not? “Snowpuff McGrumperson” from The Harv at CHOTK.

Grand Nosevember Finale!

Time for a big ol’ honkin’ Nosevember Finale. Thank you to all the hoomins who sent in their photos! Above, we have Dingo The Saucy Bossy Wahwah from Heather & Brandon O. Other names and assorted comments are in the hovers, right? And….here we go!


Riley (2)













And…… beak.


Milo On The Cat Pupwalk

Milo’s hoomin Angela C. wrote in to tell us about Milo’s latest Big Adventure! “Thursday night Milo was a Special Guest for the Strutt With Your Mutt fashion show at Purina Pawsway in Toronto. Milo was a natural on the catwalk and he had the crowd cheering loudly every time he was on stage. After the show fans were invited to a one-on-one meet & greet where they also had photos taken by a professional photographer. What a night!”



Is This An Encore Presentayshe? (AKA “The Boing-Boing Dance.”)

It might be. I don’t know. Can’t locate. Doesn’t matter. Easily one of the top ten greatest videos EVER.

Deb N. found it here.

End Of Nosevember Means…

…it’s time for Christmas photos! Do you have one like this one of Cody from last year? If you do, send it on over– we’d love to see it and maybe use it right here! (PRO Tip: Make it sharp and clear, and the larger the file size the better- just not so big it’ll kill Gmail.) Thank you and we can’t wait to see them!

~ ~ ~

“I’ve been a huge fan of Cute Overload since the day I emailed Cody’s puppy pictures to a friend who replied that Cody was as cute as anybody on C.O., and I should visit the site immediately, and submit a photo someday….which took me a while, but here it is. Just in case you don’t have enough photos in the category “pups humoring humans for a Christmas card shot,” here’s one of our girl Cody doing an awfully good job of it. She is a 3-year old lab mix. We’d love to see her on Cute Overload!” -Nora & Glenn.

Lilly Want A Banana?

“Hi there! I don’t think you can finish Nosevember without having at least one Bull Terrier, they’re at least 80% nose 😀 . This is our pup Lilly! She’s waiting patiently for a banana. Credits: Jam N.”

Good Grief! Just A Reminder:

1.) Today is the last day of Nosevember, and Snoopy’s Snoot definitely qualifies in that regard.

2.) A Charlie Brown Christmas is on tonight (check local listings!)

3.) This image is part of a desktop wallpaper series from the Snoopy Big J. site- download yours here.