Toudi Tuesday

From comes the Pictorial Proshness of “Toudi,” thought to be the world’s smallest Wah-Wah. She’s 12 weeks old, and weighs “just 300g and only reaches 7cm in height.”

And for those of us who don’t live in Toudi’s home of Wroclaw, Poland (where they embrace metrics,) that turns out to be 0.66138679 pounds, and 2.75590551 inches high.





Good McGriefersons


This kitteh is just. Too. Much. “Meet my kitten Ginger. She is a Norwegian Forest Cat and as you can see she earned her name,” writes Renée Z.

“She will be my personal model for as long as she lives!”

[*Note: We’re holdin’ on two a pair of photos for a future TGIF. -Ed.]








Meet Chip And Adele

FB-chip-and-adele-timelineChip (the puppeh) and Adele (the kitteh, natch) were given up by their respective owners at five and four weeks of age.

They both ended up at Operation Kindness in Dallas and are currently at a foster home.

They are paws-itively inseperable!

Here’s their FB page.

They will be ready for adoption at the end of April, y’all.

Here’s where you can donate to help little Critters like Chip -N- Adele.

As seen on 22 Words.

The Perfect Houseguest

You might say this little guy has a bit o’ the OCD going on. I say there’s nothing wrong with wanting things “just so.” From Max and Ru.

Perfect Houseguest from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

Doggone Puparazzi!!!

[I SAID NO PHOTOS! Although this makes me a perfect choice for today’s TOESDAY feature, does it not?] (From Imgur.)


NO Clue What’s Going On Here…

…so we’re just gonna print the email ‘zactly as we received it from “lmpmkm mtmm”:

“Taro begging food by making a rasping sound. he comes up with some interesting ways of telling you he’s hungry.
Taro be on the scrounge for some reason May. Taro knows how to get what he wants.
Taro ate the ZiwiPeak by the scrounge.”

Bottom line- we think Taro is hungry mungry.

(Sing-Song-y:) “♬ SOMEbody Went To The Groomer…♫”

IMG_3701“This is my Radar’s before & after at the groomer,” writes Amanda S.

Spanky = Tie-Tie

unnamed (1)The end of a long day and who can blame him! When you’re 10 weeks old, EVERY day is a long day!

“Spanky is a male exotic short hair kitten, 10 weeks old. Taken by his owner (me) Anabelle B. at our home in Las Vegas.”

Bull Terrier Sandwich

I’d hate to be that guy on the bottom!

“Not my video, but did you guys see these 3 sleepy bull terriers??!” -Ingrid H.

Meerkat Monday

You know, Rats It’s Monday is firmly entrenched as a Feature. But “Meerkat Monday” also works ’cause of the alliteration n’ all. Maybe we work one of these in once in awhile? Pack up the Family Truckster- we’re off to Morongo Valley, California to visit some of our Fellow Earthlings! Thanks to KB.

Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Sanctuary from Kim Barker on Vimeo.


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