Boing Boing Boing Go The Kittehs

Laurie Cinotto of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee has a new batch of fosters that are the sproingiest kitties ever,” Katherine B. tells us.

We must agree.

“And here’s one where they go vertical!”

A Tiny Fuzzy Gray Cotton Ball (Named Willy)

IMG_4246Melinda Y. writes, “I work at the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, NJ. I see LOTS of Cuteness is the course of a normal day (drowning in Cuteness this time of year–kitten season) but sometimes the Cuteness Levels are just too high! This little guy was found by himself in someone’s yard. He looks like the world’s Cutest cotton ball! (Albeit a gray one :) I took this picture moments after he first came in. We named him Willy.”

No More Snax For Me?

[OK then, I’m gonna take your camera. GoPro THIS, suckers. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE.]

(Viral Viral Videos.)

“U Guyz Mind If I Hang With U?”

[And mebbe…..I could nom on your toes a little bit?]

It’s Come To THIS In Greece

This kitteh will let you know if you can withdraw money from your account. No cash for YOU.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”

Earlier this morning, it was “Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs.” Of course you knew there was going to be Equal Time for The Puppehs, right? Here we go!

“Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs”

That’s the title of the video..and personally, I would never rank one over the other. But this video does make a rather compelling argument for The Kitteh Species.

‘Ow Bout A Nom, Sheila?

This Kurious Koala wants some eucalyptus leaves. He’ll take a nom on that hand, too. (Biting the hand that feeds you?)

Alicia A. sent that in and adds, “This koala nommed on my hand today and I’m totally okay with it! I found this wild koala snacking on some dud looking gum leaves, so I got a whole bunch of fresh yummy looking leaves from a healthy tree and presented it to the ‘obviously’ hungry koala. Koalas have real blunt teeth- it felt like my skin was being squashed in between two coffee mugs! This video was taken on a local reserve / playground area in my suburb Greenhill (near Adelaide) South Australia.”

NEW Maru & Hana: Playtime

Come to think of it- when ISN’T it playtime for these two. And is that a new tower thing for them to climb on/into? Have we seen that before? And where’s the cow?

Headline THIS! Re-Fueling Hop At O’Hare

unnamed(Say like Foghorn Leghorn :) “I say, I SAY, Boy. Now that THERE is a pair of EARS.” C’mon, you remember Foghorn Leghorn. Looney Tunes? Never mind. OK, so we’ve got a terrific Monday Morning Headline THIS for ya. (This is Baby Bunneh Ethel from Johnny E., BTW.) Write up your best header in the Comments, and we’ll post around 1pm PT!

(*INCREDIBLY LATE UPDATE, 2:39pm PT: And April is our winner today! Apologies for this being so grossly tardy. I was interviewing a Democratic Presidential Candidate. I swear. C.O. has it tomorrow morning, 7am PT. -B.)

(P.S.- It wouldn’t surprise me if 2016 C.O. Calendars started showing up as Headline THIS prizes soon. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. It’s possible. -B.)


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