Nosevember: Now With Even More Boogers Per Post!

15481535155_563d632829_oHere then, a little (Industrial-Strength) Kleenex™ will set you right, my Blorpy Buddy! From Rockhopper Jen F.’s Flickr page.

Grumpy Cat SPEAKS

We’ve all seen Grumpy Cat..but have you ever heard GC (aka Tardar Sauce) speak? Check out this preview of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, out on the 29th on Lifetime. (Voice provided by Aubrey Plaza.)

Or don’t check it out. Grumpy Cat won’t care either way.

From Mashable.

Can We Talk?

025This kitteh obviously has something on her mind. Probably involves food.

“Here is my cat Sassy. She just looked really cute so I wanted to send it in. She is not doing anything special* (wearing a costume or balancing food on her head) but she is still worthy
of Cuteness in my opinion. She is cute and sweet with a tad of sassy attitude tossed in.” -Sharon.

[*She is special just the way she is. That plus the ROC #50. -Ed.]

Maybe One Of The Best Puppeh Names EVER

unnamedThis… Mudslide.

“My ResQte dog Mudslide is terribly pleased with her new Starbarks toy. Don’t worry, it’s decaf…and ‘fetch-roasted.’ :).” -Annie B.

Best Job Ever: Kitteh Kuddlers WANTED!

So it seems that a Rescue Centre (note British spelling) in Westgate Road, Newcastle, needs UK peeps to…come in and cuddle kuddle their kittehs.


Quoting the ChronicleLive story: “Westgate Ark animal shelter says it needs people to cuddle and stroke homeless young cats to get them ready to be rehomed. They are also welcome to bring the cats little Christmas presents like treats, food, or litter. To make a donation or volunteer at Westgate Ark contact Paul on 0191 273 9555, or email him here.”


If You Go™:

* Addy- 9 Prospect Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6NS, United Kingdom. (Google Street View Map.)
* Phone- 0191 273 9555.
* Hours- Daily 11am-7pm.

Andrew Y. spotted a version of this story on The Buzz.

Hot Wheels

141103-penguin-rover-arp-900a_797e1115a4a2ffa4a807267f9c8d2a6e.nbcnews-ux-1440-900[Hey..I’m new here. Do you know where the best place is to pick up chicks?]

(A robot spy cam keeps an eye on penguins in Adelie Land, Antarctica: more at NBC News.)

(Say Like Kirk:) I. WANT. MY. TOY!!!!

A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta DO.

Presenting…Seamus BEEF

[Sometimes we get emails from Sender-Inners that are so perfectly written, they are presented here unedited. Like this one from Samantha S. -Ed.]

Last year my brother and his wife got an exotic shorthair and dubbed him Seamus Beef. Upon seeing him, I forced my sister-in-law at metaphorical gunpoint to make him an Instagram account so I could have a constant stream of his perfectly round face into my eyeballs. I realize now that I was selfish. Seamus needs to be shared with the world…if not the entire known universe. His light simply cannot be contained.

He is Wilford Brimley, Jabba the Hut, a Zombie, Rocky Mountain Express conductor, Purveyor of gourmet barbecue sauce, and be-whiskered friend to all! “You had me at meat tornado.” (And a straight-up diva all rolled into one Perfectly Smooshed Face.)

He is Cattitude…..personified.

He. Is. Seamus Beef.






Rats, It’s Monday

10473721_820536987997317_290740878179512534_oMartin “Marty” Mouse is taking today off. He urges you to do the same.

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November 2014
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