ResQte Of The Week II: Sprinkles & Ferdinand

FUR_6349-XL[UDATED 03-16-15: Both were adopted together and went to their new homes last Friday! Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? -Ed.]

Which is which? Glad you asked! “Ferdinand is the black one – he had eyelid agenesis surgery. Sprinkles is recovering from an eye injury. Both need a home in SF together,” says The Furrtographer.

As always, while you probably don’t live in SF, U might know someone who does- let ‘em know about these two goobers! You’ll sleep better tonight (And so will they!)

Future BUB

Even though it’s only February 12th, BUB is hard at work creating her 2016 calendar. (Hence the term “Future Bub.) Here’s some behind the scenes footage- Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas already!

No Snow At The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Will a bunch of ice cubes be OK, Gidget?

Tonight On Fox: Snack Bandit!!

Your hoomin is kind enough to give you a treat, placing it down on the floor before you. Then all of a sudden…


(If you see The Snack Bandit, please call your local police department right away. Or call Fox, and they’ll turn it into a reality show.)


THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In “Butterflies”

Simon’s Cat has a Valentine’s Day present for his one true love. But, as is often the case with cats- even animated ones- it doesn’t quite go according to (burp) plan…

Holy ResQte Of The Week!

Great Caeser’s Ghost! (whoops, sorry, that’s Perry White in The Adventures of Superman.) Holy Bat ResQte, Batman! What’s going on here?

Ember-fured Night Gardners Germany
“This was shared on FB by a group in Germany. The group is called Ember-Fured Night Gardeners. This bat has an injured wing :(, thus was outfitted with this sock to protect the injury. It just happens to be a Bat Sock!” -Susan M.

Just WHO Knits Penguin Sweateuhs, Anyway?

258F994500000578-0-image-m-4_1423648537090Glad you asked. Remember last year when the Pengys needed sweateuhs? Daily Mail takes you behind the scenes Down Under, where Australia’s oldest person is busy crankin’ out sweateuh sets.

These are plushies for display purposes. But still.

“Please oh please oh please do it for Alfie, the lovely 109 year-old man who has been knitting since 1932,” says Gail F. of Toronto.


Puckerman The Puppeh shows us why all that snow in Boston isn’t so bad after all. From his POV, anyway.


This Happened.

Hard to believe, I know. Totally real, totally SQUEE.

As seen on Tumblr.

How Cats Say “I Loff You”

Valentine’s Day is just three days away- how will your kitteh express his/herself? (Besides with the usual disdain, of course.)



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