Just Remember What Yer Ol’ Pal Said…

Boy, you got a friend in ME.

Spotted by Smedley.

Purrrrrrr-fect Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Hey- it’s mid-October, time to kick your gift-giving plans into gear. Smedley got an email about these little gems from Etsy. Check ‘em out- they’re Kitty Sticky Notes/Bookmarks! (Presumably they fold flat in the book once you’re finished playing with them on your desk. Find them here.)


The Circle Meets The Cylinder

Who would have guessed that when Maru waddled by this empty can- he would decide to stuff His Girthness inside? Not me, boy, not in a millyun years.







Andrew Y. saw these on Mugumogu’s page.

Big C.O. Thanx To Sparks Nevada Fire Station 2

This little lady was in a world ‘o hurt last month- that is, ’til Sparks NV Fire Station 2 arrived on the scene! Cuteporter Annette L. fills us in:
“Hello Cute Overload. Your site has made me smile every morning for years! I would like the world to meet ‘Trapper.'”

“This little girl somehow got her head caught in an open cable hole in my deck on Tuesday September 2nd. The wonderful firefighters of Sparks Nevada Fire Station 2 spent over an hour to get her out including having to pry up part of my deck in order to safely cut her out.”

I think she entered this world as a feral kitten but she is now become a member of my home and joined her new “fur sisters and a fur brother” She is ruling the roost, purring nonstop and demanding lap time! (And sometimes she sleeps!)”


It’s Toesday, And There’s A Mouse In Marie G.’s House

image (3)Awww, the Cutest Little Beans you’ll ever see! “Found this little guy and have been nursing him since,” she says.

image (1)

image (2)

Forest Friends

The fall chill is coming soon, and these guys are busy stocking up!

Check out Squirrley McSquirlersons and his friend the Stellars Jay I photographed last month in Red Canyon, Utah, says Sender-Inner Niki B. “It took a lot of patience and peanuts to get these friends to come out and play! Thanks for sharing The Cute!”


One Of The Best Words In The World Is…


Get some friends together and try it all at once- it’s fun for everyone! And while you’re doing that- get a load of THESE ‘Tocks -N- Beans, eh? “Hi, Miss Dora would be so pleased if you were to use her ‘Tocks and Beans puppeh photo during ‘Tocktober.” Glad to be of help, Ruth J.

Monday Night Mellow

Alberto has obviously refined his relaxation technique to an art form. Emily G., explain to us how Big A does it. “Hi Cute Overload! I volunteer at a wonderful no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles called Sante D’Or, and I couldn’t resist sending you pics of Alberto. He loves his hammock more than anything. Sante D’Or currently has three dogs, three guinea pigs, three rabbits, and about 30 cats, and they’re all wonderful.”

“Hopefully Alberto is cute enough for C.O. (despite his lack of ‘Tocks*)! Thanks for all that you do.”


[*No ‘Tocks? NONE at all? Must investigate. Send a team down to LA and report immediately. -Ed.]

*Turn UP The Speaker Alert*

He squirms.
He squeaks.
He’s got a small warm furry belleh.
Crank the speakers. You know you want to.

Thank you to Michael S.

‘Tocktober: Say Hi To The Noodle!

Noodle_Tock1Zlata & Don sent us several photos of her Little Man Noodle. WITH ROC #47 added for More Value: “Splayed haunch action is cute.”

[Just to let you know, you’re gonna see more of The Noodster on Nosevember 1st. An absolute promise. -Ed.]

Z & D, wassup? “Hi guys! Here are some photos of our Shih Tzu, Noodle. We rescued him from a shelter last year and we think he’s pretty cute :). This started off as a mission to find a good ‘Tocktober contender, so we got a couple of those. And then we found a few good Nosevember ones too! Hope you find Noodle cute and choose one of these for your site.”


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