Cats….Who Are Actually SPIES

It didn’t take a video posted by The Dodo for us to realize this.

Prosh Pixel From Poland And His Pink Play Pig

Pixel The Frantic Frenchie will do just about ANYthing to engage Czika The Cat in a game of “Play With The Pig.” As you might expect, Czika ain’t havin’ none o’ THAT.

All Hail Maximus!

That’s the name of this outrageously QTE Australian Sea-Lion Pup. We should all just bow down right now as it’s quite clear he will rule the world. JUST a matter of time.

(Not The) Mom Taxi XLVIII: An Arne Special

RaccoonSender-Inner Arne found this super selection of (Not The) Taxi photos on The Guardian. What the heck, the premise is still valid. This first photo (a Raccoon on board a Gator, above) is all over the Tubes today (and sent in by many Cuteporters- it’s a real shot. This version found by Karen F. on Taken yesterday morning by Richard Jones on the Ocklawaha River in the Ocala National Forest.








Time To Check Traffic With Mitch…

“Thanks Rebecca, over to the East Bay where we’ve got a fender bender backup at the North Main Exit off of 680 South in Walnut Creek- yet another couch in the left lane of the Nimitz near Jack London Square in Oakland, and this just in from the KCBS Phone Force: expect a two minute Goat Delay in Berkeley at the Blackberry Gate near Berkeley Labs on the Cal campus.”


More Fun Than A Barrow Of Monkeys

Pay-Baby-OrangutansYes, I know they’re not monkeys. But then the pun wouldn’t work, right Oakley?

These maniacs are at the International Animal Rescue in Borneo before being released back into the wild.

“Holy schnikies!! The orange! the bebe faces! So darn cute!! (Seen here.)” -Emily C.

Pay-Baby-Orangutans (2)

Dwight The Turtle: Allllll Aboard!!!

Check this one out, People. Someone decided to hollow out a baked potato, right? TO MAKE A BOAT FOR DWIGHT, HIS PET BEBEH TURTLE.

(Andrew Y.)

Headline THIS: Monorail Squirrel Is Down For Repairs

unnamed[UPDATE 1:10pm PT: LaFway takes the honors this time around– thanks to all who took the time to write! -Ed.]

Julie P. sent this one in late last week. “Saw this guy during a run and I had to stop to take a photo. He says he thinks he’s Cute enough for C.O. since he clearly has no problem picking up the ladies. It may be a good ‘Headline THIS’ photo!”

Totes agree. Write up your best header and we’ll update about 1pm PT! Good luck!



C.O. Trading Cards: Chacha

Number Four in our new series! (They’re all right here!)

Collect the Entire Series! Trade ’em with your friends- we’ll have #5 coming soon! If you have requests, let us know!

Now with C.O. Super-Size™ Option! (Click image.)


Rats, It’s Monday!

3962402527_ab75e7c090_o(Grumpy:) [It’s the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT here on the West Coast! I’m Sleppy! Wake me up around 8am OK?]

(Reese The Ratso, from Flickr.)


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