Lunchtime In Belgrade

Of course, we all know Rule Of Cuteness #1: Putting a paw up is cute. (They do this repeatedly. Prosh.) We just got this email in from Vlad S., who says “This is something new. I was at Belgrade Zoo the other day…they have two white lion babies called Vuk and Elsa.”


Copycat goat

So you’re a brand new Bebeh Goat- just startin’ out, getting to know the world. You’re pretty sure you’re supposed to hop around, too. But who teaches you the right way to hop? The hoomins, of course.


Meet Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog who happens to 1) Be able to levitate for extended periods, and 2) Owns a pair of hoomins named Zuckerberg. As in The Facebook. Below, Beast takes a nap on top of his other hoomin, Mrs. Z.

As you might have guessed, Beast has his own Facebook page, too.


P.S. Congratulations to the First Couple of Facebook!

Nice Shirt There, Norbie!

But does he have an Ugly Christmas Sweateuh Sweateuw hanging in the closet? (Image from Norbster’s FB page.)

Wombat Wednesday/ResQte Of The Week!

A combo post this time around! This Wommie Chubster was rescued from Woods Lake in Tasmania, according to this Mashable story. Wommie was struggling in the water and risked drowning!

Craig Wilson and his stepfather Bob Wilton were able to haul the Wommie into their boat and they returned to shore, where said Wommie beat a hasty retreat into the woods. Good on ya!

(Also see deets from The Advocate.)

Everybody Can Use A Helping Hand Shell

Torty #1 gets stuck on…a rock. Happens all the time in Torty World, I guess. But Torty #2 comes to the rescue to help his pal out! Of course, the hoomin goes “Somebody needs to help him,”..while she keeps recording. Could she have helped instead? Maybe the Tortys were in an enclosure or something. Discuss.

Gonna Sit Right Here ‘Til The 25th

[I nose the drill. Fat man in the dirty red suit stuffs himself down the chimney- why I don’t know, we haz front door, I disable alarm? He has the noms in his bag, and I haz been good all year. ‘Cept for biting The Dog. And the hairball in hoomin’s new Porsche Cayenne. And knocking over the box of flour. And clawing up the couch. See? Mostly gud.]

~ ~ ~

“This is Nelson anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive (Tree decorations! He will be having a ball…or two!) Thnx for all the cheer you bring all day long !” -Iris W.

Ever Wanted To Nom A Balloon?

As an allegedly higher form of life, we hoomins know not to do this. Maymo, however, is smarter than ALL of us- and he wants to do it anyway. Observe:

Who Cares About Biology When You Haz Me?

Arya The Kitteh is determined not to let a little thing like her hoomin’s pesky Biology Exam get in the way of her belly scritches. “Arya not letting me do my biology work,” says Natalie W.

Firefox Has Encountered A Problem With Windows*

Sharon L. sent this video clip in, and don’t miss the VERY rare Fox Baroo, too.

[*Note: Terrific techy headline totally swiped from YouTube. -Ed.]