Just A Regular OK Cat

Everybody, sing along!

As seen on Mashable.

The Many Modes Of Piglet

From Cuteporter Abby S.: “My hedgehog, Piglet, has been extra well-behaved with the camera lately and I had to share! And of course he had to show off his 12th Man Seattle Seahawks support with his best Beast Mode face!”


unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

How 2 Make A Snoozing Sqwerl

1.) Tuck under warm blanket.
2.) Talk in soothing, quiet tones.
3.) Rub the head and back repeatedly.
4.) Repeat steps 1-3.


From MoonPieWoman.

Someone Digs The Snow

And I don’t mean digging OUT, either. It seems the entire US Midwest and Northeast is getting pulverized (AGAIN) by these SCARY MONSTER WINTER STORMS THAT ALL HAVE NAMES FROM THE WEATHER CHANNEL!!

How about naming one for Molly Moo, who embraces the snow.

THIS JUST IN: We Visit Thing One And Two’s House

This one is just off the YouTube express, everyone. The plot? Thing Two cruises the hallway. That’s…about it. But NOTICE if you will……the gleaming floors. The pristine…EVERYTHING.

Japan wins again.

The title of this video is “Kuru.” The online translator says that means “Kuru.” (Say like Marge in “Fargo:”) OK then! Will consult Guremike and report back.

He Is…The Most Interesting Puffer Fish In The World

Mr. Puffer Fish is bringing his A Game for Meaghan S.’s camera.

Are you lookin' at me

Cause Im fabulous
“I love these pictures of a little puffer fish I snapped at the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN. Once he realized he was being photographed he really started cheezing it. I thought you might enjoy his fishy little grin.” -Meaghan S. (Who helpfully supplied the hovers.)

THIS JUST IN: Maru V. Hana For World Domination

His Extremely Royal Exalted Rotundness and sidekick Hana take play-time seriously.


THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat Is Smitten

It’s getting closer to February 14th, so Simon’s Cat does his best to impress his Valentine!


Sooooo..Douglas The Wombat comes waddling up to this fellow, right? Time for a snorgle, right?


Oh, you want MORE? K.

Absolutely adorable video of a man getting snuzzled by wombat. Favorite scene is when the wombat rolls over for a belly rub, @ 1:19.” -Ahnika K. and also Celinda L. Second video seen on SayOMG.com.

I Haz An Ouch

[The good part of the whole thing is we went to the 31 Flavors and I had about 10 of them.]

From Reddit.