JUST IN from Great White North reader Erin M.:I came across this on CBC and thought that it was possibly the most Cute Overload-appropriate news story ever. In Witless Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, a group of volunteers, known as the “Puffin Patrol” are helping misguided baby puffins (pufflings!) back to the wild. The birds are attracted to the lights on shore and are taken off course. The Puffin Patrol gathers them up and releases them back into the wild!”

[*Note: That CBC video (above) acted rather wonky for us, so we’re using another CBC clip instead. -Ed.]

[*Note #2: Also previously featured here. The Iceland video in the first clip is outstanding. -Ed.]


Mr. Marmot decides he’s gonna get all kinds of fierce on some hikers on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia. Clip from Mashable.

[*Note: Careful with the Speaker Volume on this one– he REALLY hits a high note. Like, say–Barry Gibb. No joke. Don’t use headphones. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: Oh, look. He did a duet with Taylor Swift. (Seen on The Squid.)

BONUS: Speaking of Marmots…can’t forget this guy.

Grin And Bear It


(As seen on the Nat Geo Wild FB.)

BONUS BEBEH BEAR VIDEO HERE: Watch a GoPro™ get punched out.

From Mashable.

Tubs Я Us

It’s the end of the week. Time to ease..back…in the Jacooz for a little R N R.

Then again, maybe the tub gets you just a bit TOO WOUND UP.

Both Video 1 and Video 2 from Mashable.

Roos And Emus, Oh MY!!

These guys hang out at Victoria’s (Australia) Wild Action Zoo.

Emu Chicks Edi and Eli are just a few days old- and here they are with buddy Reuben The Kangaroo.

The chicks were brought into a zoo staffer’s home to protect them from feral foxes. They’ll be released into the open paddock with their parents, when they get bigger. BuzzFeed Australia has more deets.

“You’ve probably seen this link today, but these pictures of a pair of emu chicks and a kangaroo joey simply made my day,” writes Diana C.

Oh My Goodness Gracious


“Meet Pichu the totally awesome Chinese Dwarf Hamster. He loves to dress up, explore new lands, and eat treats.” – Shelley T.

He’s Back There, Isn’t He

10622311_10203657255689177_931313901_n[I mean, what the heck…]

[…even I know how to use a litter box. Typical dumb dog.]

“I was trying to take beautiful photos of California Kitty but in one I mistakenly got Meshach in the background.” -Brandy D.

Flashback Friday: The Man In Black

johnny-cash-holding-kitten-johnny-cash-holding-kitten-demotivational-posters-1361235135Johnny Cash with kitteh: unknown source and year.

Lil’ Bub’s Sum-Sum-Summertime Yule Log

Remember the Lil’ Bub Yule Log we ran on Christmas Day last year? (Hint: it’s coming back this year, too.) Well, The Bubster has made one last end-of-summer road trip to the beach. Since you’re probably NOT at the beach now, sit back and enjoy. Or, as the video suggests, “for maximum effect, turn on a fan and light a tropically scented candle. This video can also be used to lull you to sleep, and will bring about the most potent and magical dreams you have ever experienced.”

Good JOB, BUB!

As seen on C|NET.


Stella the tufted puffin chick in an adorably awkward phase at 32 days old.Amazingly, a quick search showed we hadn’t done this very obvy headline! (Kids, if you don’t get the reference, ask your parents.) Anyway, this be Little Stella The Tufted Puffin; current domicile, the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Born July 24th, she’s a tough and mighty 574 grams at her most recent checkup. (Searches for how much grams means in regular, normal measurements…)

Now just over one month old, Stella is losing the downy chick feathers on its chest and face to make way for grown-up feathers. A complete set of adult, waterproof feathers indicates the little seabird is ready for water! (Whatta great name- “Little Seabird.”)

Aviculturists will start Stella’s practice swims in small pools behind the scenes, making sure the bird is a strong swimmer before its next transition.

Stella the tufted puffin at two days old.
“Stella is so fluffy it is a little hard to resist cuddling, but because we plan to reintegrate this puffin with the population in the Seabird Aviary, minimizing human contact is in its best interest,” said CJ McCarty, Curator of Birds for the Aquarium. Note- they’re not QUITE sure yet if Stella is male..or female. Stay tuned.

Stella the tufted puffin at three days old.
Photos by Oregon Coast Aquarium with thanks to Erin M.


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