NEW Maru/Hana: Back To The Mouse House

Maru and Hana continue their bonkers back n’ forth in the mouse-shaped scratching board.

BONUS Gif Action c/o Andrew Y.:


THIS JUST IN: S.C. Sqwerlios Need Your Help!

With the flooding in South Carolina there are hundreds of baby orphaned and sick squirrels and other wildlife. The South Carolina rehabbers are overwhelmed and need help. North Carolina rehabbers are organizing to assist but it’s a huge undertaking and they need donations to help purchase urgent supplies – especially baby squirrel formula. Wildlife rehabbers depend entirely on the kindness and generosity of the public as they do not receive any federal, state or local funding. To help, visit here and click on the “I Want To Help” tab, or send them urgent supplies on their Amazon Wish List.

[*Note: These are photos from a rehabber Betsy who is helping organize this effort and is close to that area but these are not the actual storm squirrels. -Ed.]

IMG_1195 (2)

photo 1(30)-001

photo 2(23)-001

(Thanks to Kim Barker for the text/photos.)

A Grumpy Time Was Had By All

FEATURELast Tuesday C.O. gave away copies of Grumpy Cat’s new book, “No It All.” It’s not out until tomorrow– but some lucky folks already have their pawtographed copy and met Grumpy Cat in the process. She was in NYC ignoring promoting her book at Comic Con…..

and then made a Friday night stop at the Strand bookstore.

There are a couple of Grumpy appearances this week, too- Wednesday, 7pm in Beaverton OR. at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing; and Thursday night at the University Bookstore in Seattle, starting at 6.

Thanks to April W. for the photos!

Ode To A Muskox (Part II)

12011197_10154070904908465_2591709057294879234_nBering Alaska is where The Muskox roam..
Among the snow ice and cold, they make their comfy home.
Their wooly shaggy coats help to get them warm..
And the fact they’re so big helps keep them from harm.

So if you’re in the area, a sound word of advice…
Keep at least 25 yards away in case they’re not nice.
Sometimes it’s smartest when you make friends…
Through a really long camera zoom lens.

“I don’t know if there’s ever been a Baby Muskox on C.O. or not, but better late than never. This is from the Facebook page of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.” -Sandy S.

The Proshest Punkin Of Them All

Halloween Pepsi“This is my peeg Pepsi. I think he’s a very prosh gentleman.” -R. Franklin.

Rats, It’s Monday

And what’s on the breakfast menu for today? How ’bout some ‘SKETTI?

Another Quality Smedley Find.

[*Update: Let’s try THIS one. -Ed.]

Oh, Look Maymo! Another Creature To Pester You!

Maymo’s doing his usual late Bunday afternoon couch hang, when suddenly….AN OSTRICH PUPPET! Nothing new, probably happens every day in Maymo World (as we all know.)

Spend Your Bunday With Duffy And Benson

These two big guys are just relaxin’ on a Bunday- hey, it IS their day after all- chowing down on “lemon balm.”

“Here’s our two bunnies enjoying there favourite herb, lemon balm. It helps them chill out on a Sunday morning. Duffy is on the left and Benson on the right.” -Kevin & Ann.

Musta Been SOME Party Last Night…

[I haz NO idea how I ended up in this cup. That’s IT- NO more Cuervo. After 10pm.]

“I KNOW What Time U Got Home This Morning!”

2301729997_be10beed10_oMaybe THE most Disapproving Look we’ve ever had here at C.O. Doesn’t matter what you did- you’re guilty of whatever Derby says you’re guilty of. (From Art D.’s Flickr.)


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