DSCF3919“Hello CuteOverload! I am a ginormous fan of your website and I often wished over the years that I had a cute little munchkin of my own so I could one day get him on the site,” sez Jessie W.

“WELL, I’m so happy to say that my husband and I recently got a silver-shaded British Shorthair near our hometown of Seattle, WA, and he is just abso-freaking-lutely adorable!”

“His name is Nermal (from Garfield) and we hope you agree that he is a cutie!”

He is very sweet, playful, and we think he looks like a raccoon from the back due to his striped tail, hehe.


Here are some of his best pictures (you will notice how much he has grown as these pictures were taken over several weeks!)

Holy Bat ResQte, It’s RUBY!

An absolutely stunning video of Ruby The Flying Fox, sent our way by Adam C. His comments follow.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.36.11 PM_1
“I recently spent some time with a bat carer who had a little red flying fox in care (Little reds are rare in the area so she’s quite special.)”

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.37.52 PM_1 (1)
“Little Ruby is only 3 weeks old and she was rescued from the side of the road.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.38.03 PM_1 (1)
“Her ability to adapt is very touching. If this doesn’t melt your heart, you’re cold as ice!”

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.39.35 PM

AA Batteries Not Required

This…is a Piglet Squid.

Now, this Jolly Little Blorp is rarely seen, or so says The Telegraph, so get a good look while ya can. And get this: “This squid species has light producing organs to help it navigate the depths.”

(So they’re their own flashlight!!)

From KB.

What Looks Good To You Tonight, Buttercup?


“Buttercup wants one of everything, but she’s watching her girlish figure and will settle for 3 bites of whatever you’re having.” -From “Me.”

“Composure Creates Time To The Full”

Not too sure what that means- but it says so right there, so it must be true. Maybe it means, “If you’re organized, that’s good?” These look like bookmarks, or page markers. And of course, The Big J being what it is, you can get them in different types. More Big J greatness for Toesday!



“I bought these “stick markers” in Japan (of course!) from the Loft Department Store. I may have started marking pages just to make myself giggle. I’ve been using them as page markers for books. They’re like tiny Post-its on Cute Steroids :), love you, CO!” -Trisha M.

Shiro, Can We Get U Anything?

Maybe your iPad? Some Catnip? Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred?)

Spotted on RN24 by Andrew Y., who never sleeps.

Whatta Whackadoodle

KWDadE1We spell it differently, but the meaning is totally the same. Via Imgur.

HUGE Puppeh Welcomes His Hoomin Home


That’s not a puppeh.

From Wendy M.

So Who’s Photobombing Who?

Can’t be too sure from this photo, but everyone involved is having a good time!

“Logan, our smiling Sammy (aka Samoyed) and Kerri. Photo by Lynn.”

Who Needs A Towel? I’ll Just Dry Off WHOOPS

“My sweet little puppy freaked out after a bath and went crazy rolling around, so much so that she lost awareness of her surroundings!” -Melanie F.