Got an update on the Mewgaroo Hoodie from earlier today. AB, Peanutcat, and debg expressed an interest in buying them- and it’ll cost ya. (Currency differences, y’know.) Anyway, C.O. reader AJ found a site that will ship to the U.S. Or try eBay. And we just got an email from Mio Kumagai from the PR team of BE-S Co.,Ltd. in Japan. They’re reading C.O. in The Big J.

Imagine that.

We read your article on Cute Overload! Are you getting a lot of feedback from your readers? For your reference, we got thousands of pre-orders yesterday and now both sizes are out of stock! At the moment, unfortunately we do not handle the direct sales to oversea individuals, but if you really wish to get it you might want to check with the shops listed at the Market Place in Amazon Japan.


♬ Hey HEY You YOU…♫

Get offa my bebeh cloud(ed leopards.)



1000 (1)

1000 (2)
(Four tiny leopards came online eight days ago at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma. Photos from The Guardian via Heatherington, who also provided the Stones reference.)

Urgent Email From Kerry C.


unnamed (1)

Not Too Sure What’s Going On Here

However, it IS Prosh. And that’s all that matters.


“Hey Honey? Can You Fold The Dog, Please?”

“And would you mind doing the towels while you’re at it? Thank-you!”

Another Arne find on Websta.

C.O. Follow-Up Post: Coincidence? I Think Not!

“Hi C.O., back in November you posted a custom, pillow portrait by artist Sarah Clark. We couldn’t resist — we got two for our cats Mac and Cheese (Cheese is the smiling goof.) Plus, we got one of her stock pillows, which looks very much like our foster kitty!” -Charmz.





f42That’s the slogan on the back of the “Mewgaroo” hoodie, straight from the brilliant minds of The Big J. Stuff your kitteh in the front pouch for some portable snorgling- even has a removable liner (second photo below) to collect all the cat hair. We’re not sure why that person (first photo below) is hanging out of the dryer; remember this key concept: make sure your kitteh isn’t IN the hoodie when drying. (Also notice the CAT EARS ON the hoodie. They’ve done it again.)





ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (1)



(Laughing Squid.)

Remember Driver’s Ed?

The simulator was one thing- you know, sit at the wheel and drive along to the film at the front of the trailer. But when you get out on the road…pay attention and two paws ALWAYS on the wheel at 10 and 2.

(If you can’t reach 10 and 2, 5 and 7 are OK, as Phineas Bean demonstrates.)

(Daily Of The Day.)

Help The Puppehs, They’re Stuck In The ‘Puter!

[My friends are INSIDE there! How can we get them out???]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Dare You Not To Yawn Now (Part II)

Go ahead. Try not to yawn. (Everyone in the office is staring.) You’re giggling and trying to put your hand over your mouth…….right?

Won’t work.


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