OMG Pony Kisses!!!1!!1!

So this fellow decides he’s gonna give this OMG Pony a big ol’ smooch. Fine -n- dandy. But THAT, as they say on Action Five News at Six- is NOT where the story ends…

“Sweet <3," says Michelle S.

“Hey Honey? Did You Leave The Door Open?”

“Uh…no! I closed it behind me. I’m 100% positive. BTW, have you seen the kitteh?”

Wanna See A Hammie Yawn?

SURE you do. People, this is Dumptruck, last seen on Easter Bunday. Now, at least one of two things is about to happen.

One, you swoon from The QTE, pass out, and hit your head on your desk. Two, you start yawning uncontrollably. Just letting you know before you click the video!

Cuddle Up With Cira The Hedgie

If you happen to meet Cira The Hedgie on the street someday, ask him if he’d like a little Thumb/Forefinger Cuddle Action. Bet he says yes.

Slo-Mo Kermie!

Have you ever heard the term “Googly Eyes?” If you haven’t, allow Kermit The Frenchie to show you in this brief clip. (Same thing as “Whackadoodle Eyes.”)

“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Beach

nmo3l1-13.corgi.041115.msCorgi Beach Day was Saturday, and an estimated 500 of the little Stumpers hit the sand for some fun and frivolity!


Photos 1-5 from the The OC Register/Mindy Schauer; Photo 6 from Instagram/Mashable.

Rats, It’s Monday!

20150403_080245“I’ve made it my life’s goal to get one of my cuties immortalized on the Interwebs via Cute Overload. So here’s my little girl Princess Peach- caught her waking up this morning. She’s a wiggly little fuzzy worm.” Consider that one checked off the bucket list, Kelly L.

Kozy Kitteh

burli_05And we’re wrapping up the week with a little Rule Of Cuteness #40 action: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.” “Greetz from a German fan and my 7 months old male cat named Burli!” -Christoph B.

The Many Sleeps Of Scout

Can you guess what Scout the Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s favorite thing to do in the whole world is?




“All shots taken by crazy dog mom, Dani!”

♬ “Play Us A Song, You’re The Piano Pup..”♫

From the YouTube video: “Sadie is a 6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. She loves learning new tricks and recently learned to play the piano. Watch as she turns it on and plays a few notes! Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.”


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