Dare You Not To Yawn Now (Part II)

Go ahead. Try not to yawn. (Everyone in the office is staring.) You’re giggling and trying to put your hand over your mouth…….right?

Won’t work.

Q: How Do Giraffes Sleep?

A: Awkwardly.






Vajda B. saw this on The Panda.

Headline THIS: Day 11: They Still Think I’m A Hairball. Disguise Working.

[Update, 1:12pm PT: Jodi #FTW!]

Maggie and Ella The Goldies are oblivious to the world, and Dave The Cat is…somewhat disgruntled. Write up your best headline, and we’ll post the best one at 1pm PT!

“Ella is the dog lying on the back cushions. She’s our dog. Maggie is the one lying down on the couch itself, next to the Dave the cat. Maggie is Ella’s daughter. Maggie was adopted by friends of ours and lives nearby, so she’s visiting all the time,” says Dan L.

White Wombat Wednesday

unnamedSing it! “It’s a nice day for a…White Wombat…..”


“Ceduna’s Lucia Franks with Polar the Rare White Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat at the Ceduna Wombat and Fauna Rescue Centre. Picture: Andrew Brooks.” (News.com.au.) From Karen (“Paws up! XOXO”) F.

Family Outing

[Hey! Kids! Walk around that storm sewer. Hop up here with the rest of us- Dairy Queen is just one more block down the road.]

OMG Bebeh ‘Dillo!

This little guy is named “Dilly” and just showed up one day in this woman’s backyard. According to the video, “Dilly is usually left to himself so that he doesn’t become too dependent, but user ‘TYarber37′ makes sure he always has plenty of water and leads him to bugs. He looks for her now when he hears her voice.”

Is That My Mom On The Phone?

[I think it is. First, I’d better get this Super-Sized Baroo out of the way- OK, here we go…]

(Boing Boing!!!)

We Feel Your Pain, Napo

Don’t you just HATE it when you dive into a scoop of (Favorite Brand Here) ice cream and get locked up with a Brain Freeze?

Napo the Cat does.

(Boing Boing!!!)

Cat PC Search History: I Haz The Google?

Ever wonder why your laptop doesn’t seem to always hold a charge? You might not be the only one using it, as we see from BuzzFeed.


10:39 AM: Bing.com
10:39 AM: google.com – Bing search
10:40 AM: Google.com
10:40 AM: least convenient places to nap – Google search
10:41 AM: Cute Overload/NEW Maru: The Circle’s New Look
10:42 AM: how Maru get book deal -Google search
10:43 AM: where mouse hide – Google search
10:54 AM: what if hate but also love mouse – Google search
10:55 AM: Dilemma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
11:40 AM: is light a thing I can grab – Google search
11:40 AM: why light hot but no grab – Google search
11:41 AM: HotKittyonKittyAction.net
12:31 PM: YarnPorn.net/kinky
12:56 PM: why yarn make heart soar – Google search
12:59 PM: benghazi – Google search
12:59 PM: 2012 Benghazi attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:05 PM: Muammar Gaddafi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:06 PM: Mickey Mouse – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:53 PM: can i eat mickey mouse – Google search


1:54 PM: where does mickey mouse live – Google search
1:55 PM: is hollywood in my wall – Google search
1:57 PM: human vs cat intelligence levels – Google search
1:59 PM: dog vs cat intelligence levels – Google search
2:06 PM: dog vs rock intelligence levels – Google search
2:08 PM: last comic standing auditions – Google search
2:08 PM: Last Comic Standing: About – http://www.nbc.com/last-comic-standing/about
2:15 PM: Last Comic Standing: Rules – http://www.nbc.com/last-comic-standing/rules
2:19 PM: can cat win green paper for laughs – Google search
2:24 PM: how hold microphone with claws – Google search


2:26 PM: where tuna can live – Google search
2:28 PM: TunaCanGlamShots.net/mature
6:34 PM: why nap so much – Google search
8:21 PM: why nap so much cat – Google search
8:22 PM: Cat Nap – Urban Dictionary
8:25 PM: Pimp Nap – Urban Dictionary
8:26 PM: Pimpnapped – Urban Dictionary
8:28 PM: Pimp My Snacks – Urban Dictionary
8:30 PM: is mouse snack – Google search
2:21 AM: nap always happens why – Google search
2:23 AM: BenghaziConspiracyTheories.net

You Haz The Dinner For Me Now, Yes?

Some cats just will not take no for an answer. Take Cole and Marmalade, for example.


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