Snow Cat

We’ve all made Snowmen and flopped on the ground to make a Snow Angel, right? What about…a Snow Cat? Simon’s Cat shows us how it’s done.


Eight Signs Your Cat Is An Alien

What, there’s only eight?


Their official name is “Tardigrade.” And they are REAL. And will you look at those FOLDS???

Let’s See What You GOT, Animal

Dave Grohl is a big time rock and roller who plays guitar and drums. Animal is a big time rock and roller who plays drums and also happens to be a Muppet.

And something has to give.

Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls 2

Here’s a somewhat belated (and cheeky) sequel to our November 2013 post!






(Boing Boing)

Headline THIS! (Via Courtney B.)

[*Update: 1:06pm PT: Hilz #FTW! Thanks to all! -Ed.]

Hi C.O.! Faced with the harsh reality that Nosevember has really ended, my coworker and I put our heads together to come up with a theme for December. How about…SPLAYCEMBER?? Here’s a sample shot of such Splaycemberage for ya. Photo featuring Annie, taken by me. All the best, Courtney B.”

“Splaycember?” Um- that’s a reach, but let me think. OK, no. However, write up your best header for this one and we’ll post the best at 1pm PT!

‘Tis The Season

A lot of folks have either already put up their tree or are doing it this weekend. Looks like Tank here already has the lights out and everything! “Tank ‘helping’ with the Christmas tree lights.” -Angela T.”

Goldie Side-Eye Action!

As they say on Imgur, “Bebeh, it’s COLD outside.”

Ah Loves Me Some Peanut Buttah

[Thith ith the beth thnack ah hath effa had!]


I Just Can’t Watch The Grinch!

[It ALWAYS scares me when starts acting all Grinchy and steals all the Who’s presents! Is that part….over yet?]


[*Note: On tonight- check listings! Here’s a handy Christmas programming guide from my pal Kies. -B.]