Yeah That’s It…A LITTLE More To The Right….

Katooschka the Bengal Cat is giving Willow the Weimaraner the SUPER DELUXE treatment, in hopes of getting an extra special Christmas present next week, no doubt. Cats can be sneaky like that.


ResQte Of The Week: REALLY, Santa!

unnamed (1)[I HAZ been a good kitteh this year. Well, except for…the times I NOM on this pillow. They put CATNIP on this. I swear.]

unnamed (2)
Photos taken at The Cat House on the Kings by Jess Lessard.

[*Note: These guys are: MissyToes McMischief (the one with half a white face) and Holly vonTwinklePaws. -Ed.]

When U Turn Your Frown Upside Down…

….you get this little guy!

happy goat

Yes, That’s A Bebeh BAT..In A Santa HAT

This lil’ Bat Goober is anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival one week from tonight….with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head. Or something.


From the Batzilla The Bat FB page and Kristin W. R.

Why Aren’t There MORE Coatimundi’s On C.O.?

Really good question, since these guys are as QTE as they come. Derek M. provided us with a most excellent Sloth video yesterday- so today he’s back with “The Baby Coati Hunger Games: Costa Rica.” Roll ‘em, Derek.

Dinnertime At Lulu & Nat’s House

image5Dinnertime, lunchtime, breakfast- every meal is meticulously precision-planned by the Dynamic Duo of Lulu The Wah Wah and Nat The Bun. As soon as they hear The Sound, they make their move.

“They moved in together 6 months ago and are enjoying each other more every day,” Sender-Inners Katherine Z. And Nick G. tell us.

“Their favorite snack to share? Carrots!” From KZ and NG.


Christmas Ferrets Because Why Not

IMG_0692aThe final week Christmas Countdown is underway, so we decided to celebrate with some Whackadoodle Ferret ACTION, courtesy of Melody M.

“The feature photo and the next two capture my ferret Khibah in all his Christmas glory with Santa,” she says.

“The rest are of my ferret Tytoo, playing Eskimo girl. All photos by Vince. Wishing you the Cutest Christmas Ever!”

Christmas 2014 067

Ferret Christmas 2014 r5 066

Maymo & Penny Decide To Play With Their Presents NOW

They didn’t realize the calendar says December 17th, NOT the 24th or 25th.

Oh and then we’ve got a Giant Bear, too.

Ho, Ho, Ho UH OH

Yes, yes, yes. We put the “Impending Doom” tag right on here.






(Photos via Lost At E Minor; video via T.O. as seen on People.)

When It Snows In The Big J-

- of course they make Cute Snow Sculptures!




RN24 & Andrew Y, of course.


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