Toulouse Le Chat

Here we have the many moods of Toulouse. Here, he’s feeling giffy.

Feeling nommy.

Feeling adventurous.

Feeling very beany.

“They grow up so fast. Can’t believe he is already 6 months old!” -Caroline A.

No, My Name Is NOT “Eeyore!”

[Why does everybody always call me that???]

Arne saw this one here.

Disapproving, Dry And Crusty (But Cute!) Toitle Nosicle*

unnamed[*Note- another email subject line too perfect to change. So we didn’t. -Ed.]

“In honour of Nosevember, I give to you a Toitle Nosicle shot by me at Butterfly World on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Mr. Toitle looked wholly unimpressed with having his pic taken. Been a fan and avid squee-er since the beginning!” -Chelle P.

Ultimate Raging River Sqwerl ResQte!!

Somehow, this bedraggled little knucklehead got stuck on a rock in the middle of a river. Along comes Mr. River Boarder Guy Thomas Paterson to save the day!

From VVV.

What, Chloe? Little Timmy Is Trapped Down A Well?*

unnamed“I would like to submit for your approval my Sheltie Chloe’s Nose. I think it’s quite a good Nose! I tried to capture it from a number of angles.”- Josie C.

unnamed (1)

[*Standard line when we use any puppeh remotely resembling Lassie. PS- Fun Game Time- find the last time we used the “Little Timmy” line! Hint: It’s somewhere in the hovers! -Ed.]

We Haz Missle Lock!

20141102_105931[I see my target. Slowly I make my move. Sloooooowly….sloooowly…..I haz to POUNCE!]

“Two for the price of one…here is Dexter, and his Nosevember contribution. Photobombing in the background is Quint, who was rescued from the perils of I-20 rush hour last week. Dexter is slowly warming up to his new role as big brother. Hope my boys can earn a place on C.O.! Michelle G., Atlanta.”

Anyone Got Some Reddi-Wip®?

Nothing quite like a lil’ gob o’ Reddi-Wip® on some cherry pie. Wait- what’s THAT inside???

Thanks to the multiple Cuteporters (U know who U are) who sent thees een.

Seemed Like A Sincere Pumpkin Patch To ME

[I waited ALL NIGHT for The Great Pumpkin. Froze to death. What did I get? NOTHING. Not even a rock.]

“This is Maizy – 10 wk. old Basset Hound. Fall depresses her.” -Jason R.


For some unknown reason, that’s what I imagine an Elephant Shrew sounds like when he/she yawns.

“Good for Nosevember I think,” opines Andrew Y., as seen on

Butternut McFlufferson

DSC07974CHOTKnov1-2014eThat IS her real name, Folks. After you pick yourself up off the floor, gaze into those Bebeh Blues one more time. Massive WordPress-defying 13MB hi-res photo by KB taken three days ago at Cat House On The Kings. Not adoption-ready…yet.


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