Tokyo Balloon Lumpfish: Share The Squee!

These are fantastic! And oh BTW, yes they’re from The Big J. Lainey G. tells us all about ‘em. “These tiny fish have suckered on their bellies to keep them in place.”

“They’re found in the Pacific Northwest in cold waters.”

“I think that they are possibly one of the Cutest fish around.”

“And of course, the photos are from a display in Japan with actual balloons to make them Cuter.”

“Wanted to share the Squee!” (Thank you, Lainey G.)


Milo, OMG, U Did NOT Eat Another Delivery Guy!

photo (1)[So whut if I did? -BURP- Needs more ketchup.]

With thanks to Nina R.D.

Beauty Sleep

[We all have our little tips n’ tricks for staying young. A little cat dog nap in the afternoon and I’m as fresh as a daisy. Leave the door open a crack on your way out, right?]


Beckie, We’ll Have The ‘Tocks -N- Beans Combo Platter

Cuteporter Beckie M. has traveled far and wide to bring us these ‘Tocks. First up: “This Elk and his Bird Pal were in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado,” she says.

“And this is Henry, a polar bear cub in Australia. He was trying to get at the blue ball that’s caught in the log. Look at those Toe Beans!”


Gonna Need A New Couch Soon, Mugumogu?

NEW! Maru using her sofa as a scratching post just one of the many highlights in the latest Maru & Hana clip from The Big J.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

unnamedGot another month and a half to go for Thanksgiving here in the States, but today’s the day for our neighbors in The Great White North! “Here’s a picture of Beanie celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today. She was previously featured on Canada Day (July 1.) She would be very excited to make another appearance!” -Sandra T.

Yes. Kitten Band-Aids* From Japan.

These are designed specifically for when your kitteh hauls off and whacks you is feeling like McGrumpypants. Like that ever happens.

RocketNews 24 says you can pre-order on this website- sorry, it’s a Japanese language only site….good luck with that.

Each set has 24 bandages (six types, four of each.)

Cost is Y560- (A bit over $5 US.)

Orders should be fulfilled by the end of December and the end of January 2015.

[*Yes, we KNOW “Band-Aid™ ” is a brand™ . But you know everyone calls ‘em “Band-Aids” no matter who makes ‘em. Like Xerox, y’know? -Ed.]

Rats, It’s Monday!

From The C.O. Mailbag…

“Many thanks for featuring Oskar and Bran! Very proud rat mama here. Just for you, here are some photos of their brother, Franklin, enjoying his burger, fries and Coke. Many hugs to Cute Overload! Frankie O.”






The Ballad Of George And Ayleen

Don’t THINK this song was conceived as a duet. Guitarist and singer Ayleen O’Hanlon is desperately trying to perform her new song “Loverless.”

George The Cat will have none of that.

From Concord Paul & Barb, rockin’ the in-box once again.

Sweet Spot

[O yes. Yes. Yup. Uh-huh. Oooooo, yeah. Mmmmmmmm hmmmmm.]

A Smedley find.


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