Have We Seen This Before?

_CE_9954“Here is Chad’s Christmas card this year…#itschad #breaktheinternet #chadashian” -Evonne B.


bijr6Z5“Hi. Nice to meet you. I. Am. BOOBY!”

From Carly B. of The Featured Creature.

The Nose Is Cold, But The Heart Is Warm

IMG_7053sm[Update 12:05pm PT: Pam is our winner with The Nose Is Cold, But The Heart Is Warm, the very last comment we received! We thank you all for taking time to write! And we have ONE more set of C.O. Calendars to give away- one week from today, Christmas Eve. Be here….Aloha. -Ed.]

Hey, Christmas Eve is one week from today! You absolutely MIGHT get these in time to put ‘em under the tree! Or just hang ‘em both right up- your call! Anyway, you know the score here. Write up your best headline for this photo, down in the comments section. You have ’til Noon PT! (And of course, if you need to order them in bulk, Amazon can help.)

(Sender-Inner Info: “I’m enjoying all the Christmas pictures on your site. I thought I would send some of Maxwell, my Jack Russell Terrier. He got some mistletoe this year! Ilona M., Albuquerque, NM.”)

Hey Doogan! U Wanna Piece Of This?

Kermit The Fearless Frenchie wants to play with Doogan The Labradoodle. Whether Doogan wants to or not, isn’t part of the equation.

From Ben N.

[*Note- Wanna win a pair of 2015 C.O. Calendars? That’s coming up….NEXT. -Ed.]

What Do Ya Get When You Mix….

..Mongooses (Mongeese?) in….with a bunch of play balls?



Kit’s Ready For Hanukkah

unnamed“Tonight begins the Festival of Lights. Kit the Doxie (still celebrating the Giants World Series win) is ready for some Latkes by candlelight! Photo by me, as usual…Jo B.”

We Need A Name Here, People

IMG_0074Everyone, this kitteh is…Kitty. Noemi F. tells us, “Her name is Kitty, we adopted her this summer when we relocated to Switzerland from Hungary. She is an adorable cat, Norwegian Forest Cat mix, super friendly, cuddly one.”

Such a striking looking kitteh needs a snappy name, right? Leave your suggestion in Comments!


The Fab Five

20141215_174454[We gotta bust outta this place. But how? That Cat is always sitting in the living room- we’ll never make it, I tell ya!!]

“Britney’s Seven-week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies!” From Joe.

Can We Bug You For A Minute?

Bugs don’t end up on C.O. often because they’re…bugs. BUT. In this case we’re makin’ the exception! Please say hi to the Quality ‘Tocks of the Tiger Bee Fly! (And check out the little Bee Ray Bans™ he’s wearing!)

Problem here- these guys are close to extinction, which is NOT appropriate. Learn more at RN24.

From Andrew Y.

Let’s Welcome Betty To Toesday

IMG_3481Betty’s not only new to C.O., she’s new to…everywhere! “Her name is Betty, she’s the new member of our family since Saturday, she’s so pretty, fluffy and love to cuddle!” -Julie A.




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