Friday Haiku

Two pals together
Enjoying a sunny day
Buddies ’til the end

~ ~ ~


“Born To Hug”

Let’s take a trip down to Sloth-Land AKA Costa Rica, and meet zoologist and broadcaster Lucy Cooke at the Toucan Rescue Ranch.


Need someone to help you put up the Christmas lights this weekend? We know someone who’d be glad not to help! (Image from @RealGrumpyCat Twitter.)

Walkin’ With BUB

It’s a nice fall day (winter’s still almost three weeks away, yo) in Indiana, and BUB’s in the mood for a walk. Or, to be more specific, she’s in the mood for her hoomin Mike to haul her around. Let’s go along with ’em, shall we?

Good JOB, BUB!

The Lights Are Up…and I’M Down

[You spend the entire afternoon untangling Christmas lights and tell me how you like it. Plus, I got sniffles. Why don’t we just toss ’em out and buy a few more sets? Like $2.50 a box at Target? Now I’m taking a nap. I’ll expect dinner promptly at five, Rickster.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I am honored to present for your consideration this photo of 5-month-old Blue. The puppy woke up this morning with a case of the sniffles. Love love love Cute OL.” -Rick S.

Hello There, Buckeye!

You might have heard of Adele. The singer? Yep. She’s got a pretty big record out now. She happens to be Buckeye’s absolute favorite. Listen in as the singer and puppeh duet together on “Hello.”


This Is Called “Getting The Treatment”

Kinako The Kitteh is in Total Bliss Mood. And she won’t be leaving it anytime soon.

ResQte Of The Week: Tribble

This kitteh was returned to the shelter TWICE! (He has a home now.) The story: first time, the owner died. Whoops. Second time, Tribble got stressed out living with four kids….imagine that. And you wonder WHY his name is Tribble?

Click the video and don’t forget to turn those Speakers UP!


Congratulations, Jackie!

We all remember our first C.O. post. Let’s congratulate Jackie S. on hers, shall we? “This is my first submission! Here are some photos of my cat I took today. Kitkat is having trouble putting up the lights for the Christmas tree.” By request, a Bonus C.O. Wallpaper!


Milo Dreams Of Oz

Not OZ as in Australia; Oz has in Wizard. As in “There’s no place like home.” If you’ve always wanted to know what puppehs dream about- their dreams aren’t JUST about dog bones.