Rats, It’s Monday

And what’s on the breakfast menu for today? How ’bout some ‘SKETTI?

Another Quality Smedley Find.

[*Update: Let’s try THIS one. -Ed.]

Oh, Look Maymo! Another Creature To Pester You!

Maymo’s doing his usual late Bunday afternoon couch hang, when suddenly….AN OSTRICH PUPPET! Nothing new, probably happens every day in Maymo World (as we all know.)

Spend Your Bunday With Duffy And Benson

These two big guys are just relaxin’ on a Bunday- hey, it IS their day after all- chowing down on “lemon balm.”

“Here’s our two bunnies enjoying there favourite herb, lemon balm. It helps them chill out on a Sunday morning. Duffy is on the left and Benson on the right.” -Kevin & Ann.

Musta Been SOME Party Last Night…

[I haz NO idea how I ended up in this cup. That’s IT- NO more Cuervo. After 10pm.]

“I KNOW What Time U Got Home This Morning!”

2301729997_be10beed10_oMaybe THE most Disapproving Look we’ve ever had here at C.O. Doesn’t matter what you did- you’re guilty of whatever Derby says you’re guilty of. (From Art D.’s Flickr.)


(*The sound a Bebeh Rhino makes when bouncing around the yard. As opposed to the more standard “gallop.”) Read more about the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation here.

(Wendy M.)

Bunday Morning Comix

11998918_10208095009721249_8413613510977030296_nThanks to Kristin R.; artwork by Scott Metzger as seen here.


image1Which one is gonna blink first? Hard to tell. “Larkyn is at it again with the animals on her face! I love how this little guy looks like he has his little hand on his chin.” -Joy.

#Tocktober: “♬I Left My ‘Tocks…In San Francisco…♫”

P1090894“Greetings! I visited San Francisco last weekend and spent some time at the Zoo, collecting a few pictures of animal ‘Tocks…and a lot of weird looks from the other zoo visitors. Guess what? Prairie Dog Butt! Enjoy! Susan H.”

[*Note: Apologies to Mr. Bennett. -Ed.]

Ten Ways That Cats Are Good For You!

There’s a lot more ways than just ten- but this first batch is a start, courtesy of our pals Cole & Marmalade!

And here’s a C&M “Greatest Hits” clip that just debuted yesterday.


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