Bring Bring, Sandy!

Why hire a dog walking service to walk your dogs if you’re too busy! Just give Sandy The Goldie a call- unless she’s out walking her step-brother Little Ringo.


He Shoots And Scores!!!!

Kind of. Doxie pals Ernie and Max engage in a fierce battle of Snow Hockey with their hoomin. Whoa! Penalty right there- two minutes for nomming!


Staircase To Pygmy Goat Heaven

What do we do? We go down the stairs. We go up the stairs. We go down the stairs, we go up the stairs…


Name These Chicks!

Two of the three African Penguin Chicks new to the California Academy of Sciences still need a name! (One fellow is already named Marcus.) Here’s where you can vote on the choice of have ’til the 25th. There’s one male chick and one female still to be named.

And here’s a live cam where you can chick check in on ’em.

From SFist.

Bunday: Which Way Do I Go?

6471441865_e3a5076305_b[This happens to be all the time with my BUN EARS. Do I want to go left, or right?] (Flickr.)

Bunday Morning Comix

(Art by Jim Benton as seen on

Caturday Night~ Timo Goes Offline

[Ah, time to shut ‘er down on a Caturday night. Turned off the alarm clock, got the TiVo set to tape “Lost in Space;” and..there’s my bunny. All set. Later.]

Wah Wah Photobomb Action!

20150313_093720“Poncho & Chico chilling after breakfast. Photo taken by me yesterday morning.” -Julie H.

If U Won’t Bring Me The Caturday Noms…

[I guess I haz to come up and GET THEM.] #elevatorcat

Coco, U Can’t HAVE Pi Day Without The Decimal Point!

Some cats just do NOT get it.


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