“Hey Honey? Do U Have The Swiffer?” 2

belly upIn May, the Kitteh Swiffer was passed out in the kitchen. This month, Kitteh Swiffer has moved to what looks like the living room. “My lovely Maine Coon, Nellie (aka Elinor Gesundheit.) Nellie’s life quest is Total World Domination (like all good kittehs,) and I know that an appearance on C.O. would make her furry little day.” -Leslie J./Jack of All Trades and Doctor of Folklore.

Rump Day: Junebug & The Tacobutt

photo“Do you have a Rule that declares the use of a Rump as a pillow to be Cute?* Here, Junebug cozies up to Chuckie Tacobutt’s** rump for a mid afternoon snooze. Thanks for the Cute!” -Erin C.

[Editorial Notes:]
* Not yet.
** Easily one of the best names ever.

Back To You, Brian

‘Bout a year ago we did a contest with the latest book from photographer Seth Casteel. NBC’s Brian Williams has the latest on The Underwater Cute.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let The Decree Go Forth!! NEW RULE ACTION!

photoThis is Marley! We’re gonna TRY (and most likely fail) at listing ALL the great stuff about her. Best of all- there’s a new rule and she was the catalyst. (IE, we just thought of it.)

#42: Ears that flop over a leetle beet are Cute.

#43: Protruding bottom lips are Cute.

#95: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is Cute. (NEW RULE! See Below.)

“This is Marley. She’s tired but wants to be included on the site. Is she Cute enough?” -Jonah K.

Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

This little puppeh was in an accident and broke both her front legs. :( OW. Plus she has the cone of shame. BUT! Good news, she’s getting better, and has learned how to navigate that pesky sliding door thing.


15K…And Counting!

Thanks to you, our Loyal Peeps, C.O. has hit the 15,000-Published Post Milestone. (Actually, this one is #15,001. Do we have to go into the Honda dealer for a tuneup?) Best news of the day- there’s MORE where that came from!



Daggone If Those Aren’t The Best Ears EVAH

And watch the pouncing! Pouncepouncepouncepouncepounce. Oh, and the digging! Digdigdigdigdigdigdig.


Hoomin, Do My Bidding

image[I don't know what I want. But I'm so jaw-droppingly Cute, you'll get it for me anyway. Am I right?] ["My multipoo puppy Zoey!!!" -Lauren.] [Is there such a thing as a "Multipoo?" Not Maltipoo? -Ed.]

What’s The BEST Thing About Being A Cat?

Probably getting your hoomin to do your bidding, like this. Yep, has to be it. Now, down a little lower and to the left if you don’t mind.

“So This Horse Walks Into The Bar…..”

POTW-Horse-and-Pin_3029708kOMG Ponies!1!!!1! This is Gilbert. He lives in a field next to the Piccadilly Inn, in Caerwys, North Wales. Quoting The Telly, “Manager Erica Burney (pictured) said Gilbert’s favourite pint is Guinness but he also clears up any leftover vegetables from dinner time.”

Sent in by Arne.


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