We NOSE What YOU’RE Up To, Buddy

Right on the heels paws of last week’s OMG Live Polar Noses comes this Nosevember gem, c/o Jennifer A. “UH MAH GAW!! POLAH BEAH SNOUT!!” she says.



CANNOT Wait ‘Til Bunday

unnamedNope, can’t do it. These babies just came in and they’re goin’ up STAT! BUN OVERLOAD!

unnamed (1)
Scott Y. says, “I would like to introduce to you twin baby Holland Lop bunnies, Legend and Star! Legend is a baby chinchilla colored girl, while Star is a baby blue-eyed white boy.”

unnamed (2)
“The photos show them being best of friends, and how they love to snuggle on the couch in every cute position possible. I’ve also included an incredibly Cute photo of them being held together.”

unnamed (3)

[*Note: This isn’t Scottie’s first Bun Rodeo- we’ve seen his work on Bun Island. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Barney

Processed with VSCOcam with e2 presetAlso workin’ in the Nosevember angle, too. Suppose we could probably do a Mayberry thing as well, so- wait, we’re getting off track. Imagine that. FOCUS. Let’s hear from Andrew S. “My fiancé Lilly & I recently rescued this little guy off the streets of Los Angeles after somebody had abandoned him. As you can see from the attached pic, he’s much happier now. Thought it might work for Nosevember. Keep up the good work!”

ResQte Of The Week: Behind The Scenes At CHOTK

Cat House On The Kings is a regularly featured, er, feature here on C.O. for two reasons. They do magnificent ResQte work, and BUTTERNUT MCFLUFFERSON. Here’s a look at how it all happens.

Ultimate Baroo (Shrimp Division)

shrimp3OK, OK. We’ve had more than one Ultimate Baroo. To be fair, though- at the time, those Baroos did seem to be the Ultimate in…Baroo-ness. Then we got this photo of Shrimp from Natalie W. and decided that, well, Shrimp does in fact deserve Ultimate Baroo Status, too. How can she not?

Hey There, Per-fessor!*

Got some distinctly Cute Side-Eye going on here. This would be “Theo ‘The Professor PhD-og,’ from Cuteporter Lee W.

[*Standard greeting for Professor Roy Hinkley, B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., who could never get ‘em off the island.- Ed.]

Which One Is The Stuffie?

2014 november mitzi (9)It’s hard to tell, isn’t it! “Can you see Mitzi she has been mistaken for a soft toy!! I wonder why!!! Picture taken by Gina C., proud owner of a Real Live Cutie Pie!”

Proof Positive That They’re Smarter Than We Are

I mean, who’s getting who to do their bidding here?

A Smedley find.

OK, Time To Break The Interwebs

seaotterpup9THIS JUST IN from Dual Cuteporters Tracey M. and Erin D. This female pup (#681) was found September 30th, on Coastways Beach in Northern California between the San Mateo and Santa Cruz county line. WARNING: This is SO Cute- you should be sitting down. If you fall over from The Cute and smack yer head- not our fault. OK- proceed.

She is now at the Shedd Aquarium after a month-long stay at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Quoting ABC7, “On arrival at Monterey Bay Aquarium, ‘681’ weighed 1.0kg..”

“…which is tiny for a newborn sea otter, and she had been separated from mom for at least 16 hours,” said Karl Mayer, Animal Care Coordinator for the Sea Otter Program.

“This meant it was critical that we begin to get calories into her as quickly as possible.”



















Photos from KGO-ABC7 in San Francisco.

C.O. Welcomes “Maple-etta Caramella Vassar” To Nosevember

20140730_083525There are noses in Nosevember…and then, there are NOSES. (This is the second type.)

“Here’s our darling Maple. She rules our house but is the sweetest, coziest snuggly kitteh ever! Her whole name is Maple-etta Caramella Vassar.” -Kimberly V.


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