ResQte Of The Week: Ryan Gosling Meets Hemingway The Goat

2014_05-27_FSOR_DSC_1876.JPG_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary_2100x1391_300_RGBPeople, take a few minutes to read the story of how Ryan the Gosling (get it?) and Hemingway the Goatster met at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.



Derpeh Donkeh

unnamed“I took the photo of Jason in Petaluma CA. at my brother’s farm.” -Mary H.

C.O. Mailbag: “Obviously My Kitten Is The Cutest Ever”

“I’m sure you hear that a lot. He may not be the cutest ever, but he’s pretty darn cute. This is Eddie. (Or, Prince Shedward to his mommy and Eddie Shredder to his dad. And Fast Eddie, the no-good hustler, to his as-yet-unimpressed older cat-sister, Lana Lee.) We adopted him from the LA-SPCA here in New Orleans on June 6 (Adopt A Cat Month!) He’s got a knack for napping, sometimes in ways that defy physics. Hope he makes the cute cut. Love your site. It gets me through my midafternoon slump.” -Seale P.

unnamed (1)


The REAL World Cup Pup

Gotta be Pug Puppehs vs. Bichon Frises, right? None of this “country” stuff!

The Pet Collective via T.O.

Maymo, You’re Tougher Than I Am

If I saw a spider that size, (even a toy one) – I’d run for the hills. Not Maymo. After some initial apprehension, he gets it to massage his paws.

As it should be.

Wave Yer Paws In The Air Like Ya Jus’ Don’t Care

Beyond belief. This is Octavia, and….(mumbles, passes out.)

From Wendy M., who supplied the header and spotted this on Jezebel.

Wanna Be Pals?

Ruuxa the cheetah cub was rejected by his mum :( so the guys at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park paired him with Raina, a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. The puppeh will be raised alongside the cheetah and serve as his lifelong BFF!

From Thanx to Nora B.

Well, WOOF 2 U 2!

Magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen returns to C.O., along with comedian/voice actor Rudi Rok, to answer the age-old query: How do Dogs react to Hoomin Barking?

Let’s find out.

(*See previous videos here and here.)

New C.O. Downloads!

Check it out! It’s been years months days hours in the making! See that link at the top right? We’ve got Cute for yer ‘Puter! C.O. Wallpapers (there will be a new one every month)…Avatars for your C.O. Commenting Needs…and C.O. themes for your Google Chrome browser. We’ve got MORE New Stuff coming shortly, too! (Scurries back to C.O. top-secret lab in the sub-basement at Lawrence Livermore.)


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Being A Pig Is NOT A Bad Gig

guinea-pig-booboo-lieveheersbeestje-2Take a look at THESE Peeg Pix, as seen on The Panda Of Boredom. More photos at Lieveheersbeestje’s website. (Disclaimer: I think the first two shots of The Peeg With Glasses is Booboo, and the rest are part of his crew.)