Caturday Morning “Helpers”

Don’t you love it when your little friends decide to come over and “help” you with some major project? Like these guys, for example:

“We are remodeling our kitchen,” writes Randy D. “I happened to catch my kitties, Gemma (on the top rung) and Abby, investigating the ladder and it was just too cute for me to pass up taking a few photos. As you can see (above,) there was such disagreement as to ‘top cat’ status.

“The angle of the camera is flattering to Gemma–she actually weighs almost twice as much as Abby. Gemma and Abby think that the ladder should be a permanent fixture in the kitchen. P.S. I’ve enjoyed your site for many years; please don’t ever stop spreading the cute.”


Why You Dress Me Like This?

[Is this my present? This little sproingy thing? I notice The Dog didn’t get dressed up. Can I help you with him?] (Cutest Paw.)

Kinda Has A “Maymo” Feel, Does It Not?

‘Tis the season for snowflakes to start falling in parts of the country.

Or bubbles.

From Curtis.

I Haz The Joy?

“This is Chai (aka Chaibug.) Every year she claims her favorite quiet spot sitting under the Christmas tree. My little Christmas kitten. Photo taken by me – her human. Hope she can help spread some Christmas Cheer on Cute Overload! Thanks, Lynnetta.”


“Hi folks, I’m wondering if “Helping With Household Chores” might qualify for a new Rule Of Cuteness. Here’s my cat Bob assuming the wrap position while I change the sheets. Thanks for your joyful site!” -Kelly.

Thanks Kelly. No Rule here, but we can definitely say TGIF!

Send Us Your Holiday Pix!

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year for catching your little knuckleheads doing something Prosh. Like the IMPENDING DOOM shot above. Got some photos we might could maybe possibly use here on C.O.? Here’s the link for ya!

Pandas Just Wanna Have Fu-un

Little Man Blorp here just wants to have fun. Anywhere and everywhere he can possibly have it.


Cookie Bears. Hugging Nuts.

[*Note: It’s National Cookie Day! Time for an Encore. -Ed.]

(Let’s get this outta the way right up front- of COURSE they’re from The Big J. Now, onto more deets, as covered in Bored Panda.)

Whip up a bunch of dough, shape ’em into bears, and- the tricky part- get ’em to HOLD A NUT.

These were created by a Japanese cook named Maa Tamagosan. Her recipe is here.




FULL Extension

Got this email today from Laurie D., with two terms I wasn’t familiar with.

“Hmmm, no Splaycember…how about celebrating the Bellydays? I grabbed this picture of my Greyhound Coco. She loves cockroaching. The name comes from the fact that they look like a dead bug when they sleep like this. From the looks of the detritus* around her, I believe she may have exhausted herself.”

*OK, this is a college word. “Detritus:”

Waste or debris of any kind:
“Streets filled with rubble and detritus”
Synonyms: debris · waste · refuse · rubbish · litter · scrap · flotsam and jetsam · rubble · remains · remnants · fragments · scraps · dregs · leavings · sweepings · dross · scum · trash · garbage · dreck. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press.

Flashback Friday: Jayne And The Wah Wahs

Sounds a bit like a 60’s pop group, no? Actress Jayne Mansfield and friends. From Vintage Everyday.