Yes, This Is Just What It Appears To Be

h35zqoMA Pygmy Goat….standing on top of a Mini Horse…eating an apple. While a Goat watches. Note: NOT in Japan. Probably. (Imgur by way of Andrew Y.)

I KNOW I Put The Receipts Somewhere!!!

[Yeah yeah YEAH, I gotta get ’em in by MIDNIGHT. Now, is that POSTMARKED by midnight? And is that midnight ET, CT, MT, PT- what? Or does the gov have to HAVE them by midnight? In that case, I’m a goner. Yes, I KNEW they were due today. They always are. And where’s my 1040EZ, anyway? Can Cockatoo’s get fined by the IRS?] From Concord Paul & Barb.

Poll: Frolicking Bebeh Donkeh..Or Gamboling?

There are two ways we can go here. The original source headline used “Frolicking.” But I thought on it, and it seems like this little critter might just be gamboling. (Don’t hear that word much.) So- what do you think? Frolicking or Gamboling? Take our poll!

Frolicking: [frol-ik-ing] Noun: Merry play; merriment; fun; a merrymaking or party; playful behavior or action; prank. Verb: (used without object), frolicked, frolicking. Adjective: Merry; full of fun.

Gamboling: [gam-buh l-ing] Verb: (used without object), gamboled, gamboling or (especially British) gambolled, gambolling. Noun: To skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.

Frolicking baby donkey - Imgur

Five For The Price O’ One

This is how I dog. - Imgur(*Update: Make that SIX.)

1.) Side-Eye.

2.) Derpy Tongue.

3.) Toe Beans.

4.) Generous ‘Tock Display.

5.) The Tailio Iglesias.

6. Crossed Paws!

That just about wraps this up, don’t you think?


People, Welcome To Our Latest Feature!

1612231178_9a39c637f3_o(Sing like Susanna Hoffs: “♬ Just another Wombat Wednesday…♫

We ran this post on Saturday night, and speculated that perhaps “Wombat Wednesday” would be a good feature. People wrote in the comments that WW would be a fine concept! OK, twist our arm. Make it SO, Number One! (Photo from Flickr.)

(P.S. If you haz any Wombat Photos please send them to us. We don’t have a huge backlog of those. Thank you.)

Reach For The SKY, Pardner!

picdump-1344-1[Sheriff! That’s not MY kelp! I don’t know where it came from! I swears I is INNOCENT!]


Now U Know Why There’s A “Batman Head” Tag

IMG_20150411_170551How RIGHT you are, old chum!!

“‎This a pic of my pretty girl, Tabitha. Her shadow kind of looks like Batman and I believe she’s displaying a couple ROC’s, like Sleeping In A Sunbeam and Putting Up A Paw. Her can opener, Jessie.”

What In The World…

…is going ON here? Well, a Tiny Hammie has decided to gnaw its way through a stuffed Capybara! Big J. Of course.





Oh Look, He’s Wearing A Little Furry Stoat Suit

pinemarten00Remember Rule Of Cuteness #25: Dangling paws are cute! Oh, and also remember to VOTE VOTE VOTE. In November, of course.

And I almost swear this is in fact, a person in a little furry STOAT SUIT. Almost.


(Photos by Daniel Cadieux as seen on My Modern Met.)

Got Grapes?

This Derpy Little Flying Fox is having herself quite an enjoyable Nom!



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