Bebeh Lion Toesday

unnamedDon’t be scared! He/she just wants to shake your hand! Maybe. From Annamarie R.

Mom Taxi XLIV: Drop Me Right Here, Ma

A69yFJD[I don’t think I can hang on to your ears much longer!!!] (Imgur.)

♬ The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of….BUB? ♫

You better believe it, pardner. Speakers UP!

One More For #NationalPuppehDay

What could be better than grabbing your favorite stuffed pal and headin’ to the pool for a nap? Not much, I’d guess. #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.


NOT A Fan Of Today

20150322_204413You’d think that CATS would be the only ones that wouldn’t care for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY. Nope, says Susan H. “This is my Malti-Poo, Murphy. I woke him up to wish him Happy
National Puppy Day, and got this response (photo by me.)”


Life Hacks For Cats

In the midst of all this #NATIONALPUPPYDAY hysteria, we discovered this IMPORTANT Cat-centric video. Plop your cat down in front of your 27″ iMac and tell ’em to pay attention. They’ll ignore you, but you can pat yourself on the back for having made the useless effort.

“Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier? Then follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litter box, and get away with pretty much anything. Brought to you by Shorty, Kodi and Raul.”

You Can KEEP Your Tennis Ball!

[I’D rather play fetch with these, er, binoculars! Yeah, that’s it! What do they do, anyways?] #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

Stop What You’re Doing RIGHT NOW And Watch This

A public service from C.O.

National Puppeh Day: How A Lazy Goldie Plays Fetch

Why do all the work if the hoomin will do it for you, right? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

Lazy Goldie playing fetch. - Imgur
Spotted by Arne.

A Portrait In Puppy Perfection

SONY DSCWhen I saw the featured photo, the first thing I though of was “Boo has grown up” or perhaps “Teddy Bear?” Ah, wrong on BOTH counts. Meet Rosie, perfect for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.

hello puppy
Gina C. says, “Her cuteness reminds me of a red panda. She is a spunky, sweet, sassy and silly Japanese Akita growing up in the great Pacific Northwest.”

“She even has her own Facebook fan page.”

“I think she’s puppy perfection, but I MAY be ever so slightly biased!”

Week 7-7


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