Evening Snack With Nagi

Nagi says Rigby and Mordecai can have that lettuce and green stuff. She has a big juicy strawberry in mind for her dinner!

“I found some Hamster Instagrams,” says Meg B.

Afternoon Snack With Mordecai and Rigby

Rigby is the first Pig you see..and Mordecai is his “Best Buddy.” At least until the 1:22 mark.

Hungry Hippos, Perfect For A Bunday Brunch!

Hope you’re enjoying your Bunday wherever you happen to be- if you haven’t had your Bunday Brunch yet, we have just the thing for you. Click here for the full recipe!





Story and hover deets from Design Taxi.

Pixel Two-Fer

Here we go with two new Pixel Full-Length Features! In the first one, Pixel decides he needs to start teething.

And here’s how to wear out the ever-energized Pixel, in order to get him to bed.

He Went THATAWAY, Chuck?

image (1)“Hello, this is my new bunny Charlie. As soon as I saw him I thought he was Cute Overload worthy, and I hope you agree!” -Emily M. [Oh, yes. -Ed.]

Bunday Morning Comix

From Pinterest.

Caturday Night Selfies

Ever wonder how all those kitteh selfies got on your iPhone? Wonder no more.

From RN/24 and Andrew Y.

Thing Two: Caturday Night In The Big J

p15011602Not much to do on a Caturday Night when you’ve got the Collar Of Shame on- if that’s what that is. So just hunker down in front of the iMac and call it a night!



Guremike’s website also has this photo. I don’t have a clue what they are, but they’re Cute.


Oh, So U Want Some Hippo Blorp, Eh?

We are happy to oblige. This Chubby Little Blorpster was born on Boxing Day (December 26th) at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England. (NW of London.)


‘Scuse Me…You Gonna Eat That?

[You are? Oh. Well. I’m gonna take it from you anyway.]



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