Toesday Double Play™

photo“Dear CO, Here is an even better shot of Minnie’s beans!” -Kibblenibble.

TY, Kibblenibble. And let’s check out the backend of our Toesday Double Play™ with Hans, (featured in last year’s Halloween pet round up) from Margaret (Hans’s translator and food dispenser.)

Hans_M (1)

Anyone Who Thinks Cats Aren’t In Charge….

….has not seen this video of Bobo being vacuumed. Endlessly.

Levitating Weiners

Yep, that’s what the header says. Remember Magician & Mentalist Jose Ahonen? He’s back, and he’s floatin’ hot dogs for fun. Check it out:

It’s YOUR Day Today, Mae Mae!

I absolutely admit I am a Morkie Person. LOOK at this little lady. Would you like to come over to MY house? (Say yes!)

“This is Mae Mae my 3 month old Morkie puppy. She likes playing with her big brother Max and Ferris and….chewing on people’s flesh.” – Kiera C.

The Summer Of Goats Rolls ON!

goats“Hi guys! LOVE C.O.!!! It’s my first stop EVERY MORNING! My childhood friend has an ever-growing farm, and shot her bebeh goatsters this weekend. [With a CAMERA, folks. With a CAMERA. -Ed.] Lily is on the left and Coco Loco is on the right! Coco wants to know: ‘Whatchoo doin’?” Submitted by Carrie H., Fredericksburg, VA. Shot by Fawn H., Stafford, VA.

Maru + Hana Box .GIF By REQUEST

When are we going to get the everlasting .GIF of Maru and Hana at 0:45?” -Colleen.

You ask. We create. That’s the way we roll.


Shark Week Continues!

As you know, the annual Discovery Channel Shark Frenzy started yesterday (we previewed it here and here on Sunday.) So Monday rolls around, and wouldn’t ya know, Frankie decides to get into the act! (Hint: Hide your stuffies. Fast.)

Jammailua Bebeh Pöllöt (Jamming Bebeh Owls)

Spotted this one on RN24, and took a look at the YouTube write up. Whoops, it’s in Finnish. Calling Google Translate, calling Google Translate!

Two owl chicks sitting on a branch. Another fledglings excited to move the camera movements. Have you ever seen anything so cute and wonderful !? : D: D I heard the owl in the woods is a boy so we went to take a look. After a while in the woods after the passage I found two cubs sitting side by side on a branch. I thought of to describe the offspring of more direction when the second chick Star began move and funny: D Mother Owl sitting nearby events.

NEW Maru -N- Hana: Able To Leap Tall Boxes….

… a single bound!

♬ We Come From A Land Down Undah ♫…

2014-04-20 14.02.24“Here are a couple of pictures of Gracie (with the red bow) and her cousin Marjie. They are best friends and just love each other to bits. You only have to say her name and Grace goes into hyper-drive waiting for her to arrive. So much fun to watch them together and you can see how happy they are!” -Priscilla R., Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia.





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