#Tocktober: Those Are….‘Tocks?

1003108_10151729839644085_1199995666_nI swear I must need a new glasses prescription. Or something. To me, that looks like…a hat. With a head stuck on the right side. (Need..sleep. Staying up too late watching baseball.) “Here’s our furbaby Daisy. She enjoys stealing the socks right off our feet and hoarding them, Belly Rubs, and barking at neighborhood cats. She also has some adorable ‘Tocks.” -Julia.

#Tocktober In South Africa

IMGP0379cropCan’t say that we have had too many Antelope ‘Tocks so far this ‘Tocktober, so here we go! Comments and photo from Brian S.:

“Our family loves checking out C.O. every day. Here is a ‘Tocktober shot for your consideration, perhaps to raise the African content a smidge. This is the South end of a North-Facing Oryx (Gemsbok) Antelope, taken in ‘Tocktober 2012 at Tswalu ecotourism resort in the Southern Kalahari desert in South Africa.”

Good Things Come In Twos

A8BC74C3-BEC9-4126-B362-0C1695291588And let’s just get MATCHINGKS out of the way right up front! This is Adele and Havana- “Our new Boston Terrier puppies, sisters from the same litter,” says Molly S.

Here It IS- You Know What To Do!

maoDespite what our earlier post stated, (“This Is NOT A Belly Rub Request,) that sure is what it looks like to me! This is MAO, doing what he does best. Thanks to Nicola Q.

Presenting The New iPup™

The reviewer pretty well gives the new iPup™ a glowing review, but does caution that this new model can go into Sleep Mode™ at any time, which can be tricky. And there’s a problem with fluid leakage, too. Ah, they’ll push out a fix for that.

Caturday: Pancakes For Breakfast, Please

20150606_173746Some OJ, maybe a side order of hash browns, and- oh yes. I’d like PANCAKES. Hold the syrup and butter, though! “His name is Pancakes, he’s a lovable Pooh Bear of a kitty.” -Laura D.

[*Note: Can’t forget Rule Of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute. -Ed.]

The Language Of Dogs And Cats

2bigTry as we might- sometimes we JUST CANNOT understand what the little girls and guys are saying. Artist Lili Chin has developed these posters that should help, and you can download them free from her site. You can click the CAT image below for C.O. Super-Size™.

(Design Taxi.)

Maliboo ResQteOf The Week 2

unnamed (2)There just ain’t much better in life than a micro-sized Bebeh Deer Mouse hugging a strawberry, am I right?

unnamed (1)

(Orphaned Deer Mouse currently in the care of the California Wildlife Center in Malibu. Photographer: Christina.)

#Tocktober: Queen Bella Part I- The ‘Tocks

image[*Note: We’re going to save Part II for Nosevember 1st, which gives you a good idea of what that post is all about. -Ed.] Queen Bella lives in the mystical Land of Oz or as the commoners call it: Kansas. Her loyal subject and favored servant Shaila B. sees to the Queen on a daily basis.

Trick Or Treat, Teddy?

In this always popular Encore Presentaysh, we return to visit Teddy Bear who is still enjoyin’ him some lip-smackin’ Halloween Punkins. Who needs Brach’s candy pumpkins when you can nom the real thing?

[*Note: Who do we need to bribe down there to get ’em to make a new TB video? -Ed.]


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