Let’s Take A Bunday Trip To…

bunnyislandshrine(say like you’re in a big ominous-sounding echo chamber:) …DISAPPROVAL ISLAND!!!!

When we received the images for our latest edition of the C.O. Cat Café World Tour, Robb S. also said, “I know you’ve covered Rabbit Disapproval Island before, but my friend Jonelle went there very recently and got some pix, in case you’re interested.”

Interested? It’s BUNDAY for goodness sakes! Let’s hop to it!








Happy Father’s Day: Real Men Love Cats

Even though Caturday was yesterday, we’re saving this one ’til today for obvy reasons- it’s Father’s Day! So Happy FD to all the Dads (and kitteh lovers) out there!

Bunday Morning Comix

From Cat Versus Human as seen on Design Taxi.

“♬ Why Can’t We Be Friends…♫”

This Budgie REALLY wants to be friends with the tiny Persian kitteh- though a couple of love noms earns him a couple of whacks in return- but the birdeh will not be denied, following the kitteh over the couch.

Why can’t we be friends?

Smile Slide For The Camera, Guys!

Hey! It’s Summertime! Well, as of tomorrow it is. Get ready to welcome in the Dogs Days!


[*BONUS VIDEO: Did someone say……”Dog Daze?” -Ed.]

Shell Shock

Turbo The Corgi was just hanging out. And then…….the rock…….moved.

Seen on Imgur.

Caturday: What’s For Lunch, Guys?

Ah…strawberries I see. Ya know, they go great mashed up with some Sara Lee poundcake, put a little Lite Whipped Cream on there…….Boy Howdy!

Anybody Want Some Belleh Rubs?

Oh, YOU do? Well c’mere little guy! (**Speakers UP for this one!)

Can’t Hold This One ‘Til Tomorrow, People.

Bebeh Bun Power-Slurping some Bun Formula from a bottle? GAAAAAAAA.

(Andrew Y., who also has another one coming for Bunday.)

This Tuna Is Quite A Catch!

Yesterday we mentioned “The World’s Ugliest Cutest Dog Contest,” which is coming up this Friday in Petaluma, CA. (Snoopy’s home, BTW.) On Thursday, The Mirror UK ran this somewhat related story about Tuna! (Who has 1.3m Instagram followers, counts Reese Witherspoon as a fan, and has a new book out!)





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