Cat-Friends….And Dog-Friends

When you have friends over- do some of them remind you of Cats, and others remind you of Dogs? See if you can pick our your pals in this new video!


KrameraloneWe don’t know if this pint-sized Kramer will blast open your door and slide into your apartment- but with that look and THOSE LITTLE WHITE BOOTIES- he can darn near do anything he wants. “Our new puppy has stolen our hearts. He may steal your heart as well,” remarks Tanya K.

“Cute today, tomorrow and always to us.”

And OK, for all your Seinfeld fans out there..

Please Welcome Stogie To C.O.

STOGIEThere are Puppeh Faces and then there are PUPPEH FACES. The kind that make you WEAK IN THE KNEES. Or, the kind that has to have his own Trading Card, STAT! Like Stogie here, who certainly has an Ewok look about him, too! Where did he get the name, Ann R.?

Didnt like first bath
“We got our little Havanese puppy two weeks ago, just in time for Nosevember! We named him Stogie in a nod to the breed’s origin of Havana Cuba. He is 13 weeks old and is enjoying the fall here in Whitefish Bay (Milwaukee) Wisconsin.”

Stogie extreme close up
“I have wanted a dog with a pink nose forever and I can’t stop taking pictures of his little pink nose and blue eyes. Unfortunately his eyes won’t stay blue but his nose should stay pink. This is my first submission but I have been enjoying this site for a long time. It has been great stress time out when I was still working or had two small children.”


Hang On- Be With You In A Minute-

if you’re waiting for Gus the Highland Lynx to take a drink of water, you might be waiting for him for awhile.

(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

One More Serving Of BEANS To Wrap Up Toesday

These JUST came in, and they just couldn’t wait another week or so. “I humbly submit for your perusal the Beans and Floof therein of my Kitty Catticus, Daisy. Perhaps it’s worthy of Toesday? Photos by me. :) Baranda.”




“HI! I’d Like To Add You To My Professional Network on LinkedIn!”

Clipboard01Arne pointed this one out to us on Twitter, and that headline and photo are from Heath C. Can’t improve on that headline, nope, not a chance.

The Return Of The Dibblers

When I first came across this story, I thought “Dibblers? No way. Have we ever done a Dibblers post?” Sure enough, right before Christmas last year. Well, ya know- they’re still Cute, so here they come AGAIN. Meet the Dibblers, Part II.



(BuzzFeed by way of Andrew Y.)

#Tocktober: Björk Seems To Have Forgotten Her Dress

swan 'tocksWe’re getting close to the halfway point of ‘Tocktober- can you believe it? And this is without a doubt the first Swan so far. “I do believe they’re under-represented,” Sharon D. says. We agree, and we also stole the headline from her Flickr account, too.

Maybe The Best Kitteh Baroo Of All Time?

12059959_10206617648031608_1060182582_oGonna be tough to top THIS one, People. Give it up for Sirsey, c/o Caroline M.

Passes The Pixel Test

C.O. is not officially endorsing this dog bed, but we gotta call ’em like we see ’em: it pretty well passed The Pixel Test for durability, no? And at the end, The Resident Cat has no comment.


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