If You’re Not A UConn Huskies Fan..

…you will be after watching this pair of Christmas videos!

And let’s not forget the blooper reel!

“There are 22 dogs in this video all trying to act like UConn’s husky mascots. The UConn video team (me, Bret E., and Angie R.) all helped film and I produced the video. Enjoy! :)” -Elizabeth C.


Jingle Bear

“Hello! This is Bear. He’s on his way to do a little shopping for Santa!” -Lisa C.

“Hey Honey, Did You Take My Mini Wheats?”

“I filled up the bowl and went to get the paper, but now they’re all gone! And Bear’s out of his cage, BTW.”


~ ~ ~

“Caught our hammy, Bear red handed stealing cereal out of the bowl…but was just too cute not to capture and share. Hope you enjoy :)” -Megan R.

May The Fur-ce Be With You

Cute Overload’s Star Wars Day is next Friday the 18th, to celebrate the release of the new movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Have you got a Star Wars themed pet photo? We’d love to see it! Send it over, you will!

The Littlest Turkey Reindeer

Back at Thanksgiving, we mentioned Milo had to be the Littlest Turkey. Now we have a Reindeer to go along- and get what his NAME is.

“My little Billy Baroo’s 1st Christmas. His name is Billy. Baroo is his nickname we gave him when Ted Knight on Caddyshack called his club “Billy Baroo” and Billy listened to that scene with his head cocked the whole time. Shot by me Chrissy D., Gardner, Mass.”

NEW Maru! Look Who Has A Small Box!

It’s there. Trust me on this.

Rats, It’s Monday

[Lookit! Santa has ALREADY been here! He left this in my stocking! OK, not really. That’s not for a couple more weeks or so. But this is alllllll mine! Unless you want some in which case I will share!] (Cutest Paw.)

Ball Hogs

Well, not really. More like Ball Kittehs. Here’s how to mesmerize a whole bunch of ’em at one time, and you don’t have to use a dangerous laser pointer, either.

Second STRAIGHT Goldie Post!

I mean, why not? Look at this TIDAL WAVE of Goldie Puppehs as they invade this living room. Wouldn’t you like to be on the floor to welcome them? Of course you would.

Ultimate Goldie Matchingks!

What’s better than one Goldie? Two of ’em, naturally. And don’t forget Rule of Cuteness #7: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.”

“Jager (big boy) and his pal JD (puppy)..photo taken by Stephanie R., owner.”