PITA (Puppeh Is Totally Awesome)

Well, that’s his name and it makes total sense, don’t you think?



New Maru: Tail Dance

Climbing up the Smooth Jazz Charts: this is “Tail Dance” by Mugumogu featuring Maru, on KQTE.

A Kitteh. In A Bee Suit. Watching TV.

There are some things you just can’t wrap your head around.

Like THIS:


OMG Pedro Pony!!!11!11!!!!1

Ok, so you’re a tiny Shetland Pony named Pedro. You arrive at the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, London U.K. So far, so good….whoops, wait. Not good. Problem: You can’t see over the stall door! (Left photo.)

Solution: you get a Pedroscope! (Right photo and below.)


The horse club contacted local design firm Print & Cut who created the Pedroscope. The club is attempting to raise funds to get him a proper sized stable.


(Laughing Squid.)

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Present…Wally Von Jelly Beans

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 worlds cutest bottle babyWally’s her name (we checked into this)—The Qte is her game. KB sent these in and says, “This 2.5 week old cutie pie was rescued Saturday! (She’s now a happy bottle baby at a loving, local foster home.) Her mom is feral (wild) and gave birth to a litter of kittens in someone’s attic. In the process of moving them to a new location, this little girl was dropped by her mom down inside a kitchen wall where the mom couldn’t reach her. The retired homeowner tore a hole in his kitchen wall to rescue the kitten …but mom was long gone. So we stepped in to take over.” (This is not my photo or my text. The good folks at The Cat House on the Kings asked me to pass it on to you.”)

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 worlds cutest bottle baby 2

Headline THIS! (I See Dead People)

photo 1UPDATED 1:35pm PT: Sorry for the tardiness, been totally absorbed in the new Apple Watch. Cyberpunkrocker gets the nod today with “I See Dead People.” Hey, another Headline This coming tomorrow!

Clearly, this kitteh has one thing on it’s mind- total elimination of the hoomin. Give it your best headline in the Comments section, and we’ll update at 1pm PT.

photo 2
From Denise G.

Rats, It’s Monday

3962410285_44fb490bb9_o[And I WANNA SLEEP IN. Who’s with me? Bye. ZZZZZZZ.]

Rachel took this Flickr Foto of Reese The Rat.

Gives “Drive-Thru” An Entirely New Meaning

Let this be a lesson- if you see a giraffe ambling over to your car- close the sun roof, or prepare to lose your Fritos.


Oh, C’mon Hoomin! Pucker UP!

[And why does everyone say I look ‘Derpy?’ I always look this way!!]


Candidate For Best Name Ever

fcutePeople, this is FRANCO DIAMONDS. Submitted by Matt T., photo by Chris Bailey.


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