Humboldt Penguin Chick Action!

ZSL London Zoo Head of Birds Adrian Walls (WHERE else can you get such a cool job title) is raising these two little goobers by hand. Speakers UP for the peeping and classic British accent.

[*Note for UK Peeps: Walls will have a Penguin Special at 7pm this Sunday, on ITV. -Ed.]

Oranges Are GOOD For You, Maymo

The prime contender for the title of World’s Derpiest Doggeh has some playtime with a new toy. He’s pretty happy about that.

THIS JUST IN: ResQte Of The Week IV

Jethro2J-mediumThis note just in from Photographer Extraordinaire Jess Lessard: ” I’ve got some precious photos of the dogs that are currently available at the Orange Cove, CA Animal Shelter (just southeast of Fresno) and they need some extra special help getting adopted because they are tucked away in a little rural shelter. The Orange Cove shelter gets little to no funding, and adoptions are all organized by volunteers. Would you consider sharing these cute faces? I would so very appreciate it!” (JETHRO, above.)





Doug The Pug Goes Full Tay-Tay

It seems that Douglas is a big fan of the famous pop singer Taylor Swift*. So naturally, he did a video about it. With a little help. (Bonus: “Shake It Off” is now in your head for the rest of the day.)

[*Note: Almost a…BILLION page views? Wow. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week III: No Puppeh Left Behind

Mike Nuanes’ shih tzu puppy Jordan disappeared EIGHT YEARS ago from his Colorado home. But then, Nuanes got a call from an ATLANTA shelter. The shelter called him and told him they had a dog in their possession with his name in the chip data. And then, the big question.

“Is his name…Jordan?”

And this video pretty well says it all, too:

(First video c/o 22 Words.)

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Kobe, Japan

1000-ko-miacis52C.O. Cat Café Big J Correspondent Robb S. returns with another report! “Rainy season is finally over here in Tokyo, and it’s gotten very hot very quickly, but at least it’s not raining every single day.”

“Here’s a new cat cafe called Miacis, from a new city – Kobe, a very picturesque port town, and the sixth-largest city in Japan. (Just half an hour by train from the recent black-cat cafe in Himeji.)

“It’s a fairly new cafe, and full of kittens – when we entered, the proprietor told us to be careful to walk slowly and not to bump into them as they were running all over the place.
[*Note: Imagine that. -Ed.]

Robb also located that red sports car scratching post!












If You Go™

Online: Website.

Hours: Open 10am-9pm, Wednesday thru Sunday. Last entry 8pm.

Address: Motomachi-dori 5-4-8, Sanki Bldg 202, Kobe.

ResQte Of The Week II: Dateline, Lincolnshire UK!

A bebeh seal needed to be rescued after she somehow got stuck in a field! She was only 5 days old at the time!

A fellow chap named Ian Ellis was out for a walk when he noted some curious cows…crowded around a puddle.

Folks from the RSPB Reserve and Skegness Natureland helped get the little lady to safety.

She’ll stay at the Natureland Seal Hospital until she gains more weight, and then she’ll be released back into the wild.

Now check out THIS interspecies nomming, will you PLEASE.

(Tracy B. alerted us to this story. Info from East Lindsay Target, ITV News, and BuzzFeed UK.)

YAY 4…National Hot Dog Day!

It’s the best Doxie Day of the year! So grab some relish, mustard, ketchup, whatever you like! Then serve up a Hot Dog to YOUR favorite Hot Dog! They’ll love ya for it.

Correct Stumpers Office Manners

While companies these days encourage you to “be yourself” and “do your own thing” and “be part of the team;” there are certain non-negotiable office rules.

Always mute your phone during meetings.

You don’t necessarily need to have a chat in the restroom.

Try not to always be the last person to a meeting. Poor form.

No one likes Loud Talkers.

If you’re sick, stay home. No one else wants your cold.

We understand you have a large music collection. Use headphones- not everyone wants to hear the 12″ remix of “Into The Groove.” Over and over.

No one likes close talkers, either.

Maybe don’t always take the last Krispy Kreme.

If you take the last of the coffee, make another pot.

(As you can tell, this one’s from Mashable.)

CHOTK ResQtes Of The Week!

1 CH 54A couple of days ago, we brought you a nice selection of Cute Kittehs (and one featured Puppeh) taken by Jess Lessard for the CHOTK. Kim Barker also took some great shots, and here they are: A Two-Headed Kitteh Collection. Thanks to Harvie Ruth S. for sending.

1 CH 21

1 CH 48

2 Kim 78


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