Reach For The Sky, Mister!

You’re part of The Red Panda Gang. I’m making a Citizen’s Arrest and hauling you IN.

Umm... Rawr! - Imgur

For Your Eyes Only

If you get into a game of staredown with these guys, you’re bound to lose! The mismatched eye color is a condition known as “Heterochromia,” says Bored Panda.








Dad, Wake UP! I Have To…

A.) Go outside and do my business.

B.) Have breakfast.

C.) Watch Hoda Kotb* on the Today Show.

D.) All the above.

“Not my video, but I thought Lexi is definitely CO material so I’m submitting it,” writes Jon R.

*REALLY fun name to say out loud over and over.

Dateline: Frederick, MD!!

IMG_5229Carolyn R. writes: “Late Monday night, in the middle of a snowstorm, a field mouse found its way into the bedroom. Rather than trying to catch said rodent, I wielded my most effective weapon: The Cat. When the mouse skittered into the bathroom, I introduced it to Kannon, the resident feline (above image) and closed the door for the night. The next morning (below) we discovered that, overnight, cat and mouse had become BFFs. Kannon is apparently a member of the interspecies peace cooperative.”

P.S.: “No animals were harmed during this tale.”

“Hey Honey, Have You Seen Wally?”

“He just took a bath- he’s drying off. BTW, he used all the Head & Shoulders. Again.”

Toesday II: Meet Land O’ Lakes!

210“My name is Mary T. and I wanted to submit my cat, Land O’ Lakes. She is such a wonderful cat and has such a sweet personality. Land O’ Lakes is adopted and she got her name when she was just a small kitten because she kept unwrapping and eating all of the butter off our counter before we could figure out it was her; to this day she has definitely lived up to her name, food is her favorite pastime by far. She is the best cat I have ever owned!”

Knox The Dox

The Cute Little Face and Floppy Ears pull ya in….and then the Little Duck Shoes finish ya off. BOOM. Done.


Forecast Calls For 100% Chance Of Griffey

Griffey The Weather Dog doesn’t CARE if the camera red light is on. He. Wants. To. Go. Out. NOW.

(Laughing Squid.)

Yep, Still Cold & Snowy Out There…

Happy Puppy in the snow Wallpapers HD 2560x1600…for a large part of the U.S. (In Ithaca, New York- they’re waving the white flag.) Check out this helpful article from the ASPCA (that’s where the images came from, we found ‘em on Mashable) on winter care for your animals.






Mom Taxi XLII: Park It Here, Guys

[Your mom wants to rest for a minute. Go play on the swings.]

From Anna C.


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