“OK, Can I Get A Robe Or Something In Here?”

[I’m just born, and there’s a BIT of a DRAFT!]



Christmas Sampler

Here’s a mini sampler of Christmas Cute- remember, if you’ve got a photo we need to see, send it to us! Comments and credits are in each photo hover. (Above, “I’m submitting a photo I took a few years ago around Christmas time. Daisy doesn’t normally pose for pictures, but I was able to capture her for a few seconds before she escaped down the stairs!” -Elena K.)



Tink Christmas



Working Lunch

[OK guys, we need to plan the company Christmas party. First thing, order plenty of seed. And we have to make sure NO ONE spikes the egg nog this year. We all remember those drunk Tapirs from accounting, we had to call security, total buzzkill, blah blah blah. OK. What’s next?”

~ ~ ~

“This was taken by my husband at Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia. Wombat nose-ums totally made the whole thing. Thanks all, and have a great holiday season. Regards, Janis L.”

Headline THIS! (Impending Doom Edition)

[*Note: Update 1:04pm PT: Oakley all the way. Thanks to all! -Ed.]

Got this photo just in from C.W., who says “My sister sent this to me, this is Kitler, one of my niece’s three rescues. She told her mom this is why she doesn’t put up a tree. His first Christmas tree to kill. I thought he did a great job.”

Write up your best headline and we’ll update around 1pm PT! Good luck!

No, I Am NOT Feeling Like A “Jolly Old Elf”

[I’m lookin’ to dish out some PAYBACK for whoever bought this outfit. YOU! Over there. You look plenty guilty. Get OVER here.]

“Worst Painting EVER”

[Who haz painted this mess? Picasso? Rembrandt? Whoever- somebody should be getting their money back. Dis awful.]

~ ~ ~

“Ms. Charlotte is questioning our taste in novelty art.” –Rachael V.

Another Christmas “Helper”

Timo The Ragdoll is ALL ABOUT helping with the Christmas Ornaments. ‘Cause he knows* there’ll be some treats in his stocking if he does. [*Note: Typical Cat Behavior: ‘What’s in it for ME?’- Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week (Maui Monday Edition)

Remember when you had your first bath? OK, probably not. But Daisy sure does!

“Aloha, I wanted to first thank you for sharing the film we made about the Lanai’i Cat Sanctuary we made a few years ago. It has really helped raise awareness for that incredible shelter. Mahalo! My wife and I have rescued several cats here on Maui. A few days ago we heard a frantic meow coming from under our house. There was a cat stuck way up in the structure and after tearing half the house down we finally discovered a 5-week-old kitten which we named her Daisy Mae. Since we are filmmakers, we have no choice but to film her CONSTANTLY! For example, here is her first bath. Aloha, Kent R.”

Here’s more on the Lanai’i Cat Sanctuary:

If He Ain’t An Ewok…

….I’m not sure what is. We just put out our call for Star Wars-themed photos, and here we are with Paxton! “Paxton aged: 4 1/2 months. Photo by Cherri from Armidale NSW Australia.”

ResQte Of The Week (Monday UK Edition)

THIS JUST IN from Paul P.: “Lots of floods in the UK right now and animals getting rescued like these:”

And Mike The Donkeh was rescued from a very bad situation in Kerry, Ireland.

From the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue FB page.