Stop! In The Name Of Toesday!

Goliath (5)Thees one just cannot wait ’til ResQte Of The Week. ‘Sides, lookit those BEANS! Tell us about him, Leslie R. “Hi! Goliath is a 6 week old kitten. He was discovered under a woodpile when he was 3 weeks old and in need of some veterinary help,” she reports.

Goliath (3)
“He is being fostered with SCAT Street Cat Rescue in Saskatoon, SK., and he will available for adoption in about 2 weeks when he’s a little bigger!”

Goliath (4)

C.O. Salutes Our Veterans

Including this little girl! This is Smoky. According to the website, “Smoky was credited with twelve combat missions and awarded eight battle stars. YANK magazine named Smoky, “Champion Mascot of the Southwest Pacific Area in 1944.” Read more about Smoky’s amazing story!


And we can’t forget Stubby, a true World War I hero!

Dog Wearing Military Medals
Inspiration from Smedley.


Abbie McFlooferson’s got her Remembrance Day beret on, too. From Sharon D.


O Great Hedgehog, I Beseech Thee…

IMG_0109[…bring me the Quality Noms so that my belleh might grow full and plump! Thank you in advance!]


[*Note: See more of Calico The Hedgie here. -Ed.]

The Return Of The Merlinator

1072184_10151489925736426_339211753_oWe thought this yellow schnozzola looked familiar, and indeed, it made (along with the rest of him) an appearance on these pages one year ago. “Hi Cuteologists! Here’s a Nosevember submish from my red-sided Eclectus Parrot, Merlin Birdie (a.k.a. The Merlinator,)” says Susan R.

“He’s been featured on Cute Overload before (and during last Nosevember) but he doesn’t let it go to his head. Around these parts, we think he’s got the most beautiful, candy-corny nose/beak evah!”

All photos (and hover below) by his human servant, Susan (a.k.a Mommeh.)


“My Body Is My Canvas. I’ll Never Stop Expressing Myself.”

image1Rootbeer The Frenchie makes a return visit, and after C.O., his next stop is likely the bathtub. “We live in Alabama where the dirt is red and stains everything,” says Brittany E. “You better believe Rootbeer loves to cake his nice white fur with it. But he is pretty Cute even when he looks like he dove face first into a bag of Cheetos™. Rootbeer says “My body is my canvas. I’ll never stop expressing myself.”

We. Need. Warmth.

unnamed (7)A warm bed for every bebbeh! Wouldn’t that be a TERRIFIC thing? (Everyone nods their heads approvingly.)

Q: How do you save an orphaned bebbeh animal? A: Keep them warm!

unnamed (1)
The non-profit site Baby just launched to donate incubators to volunteer homecare wildlife rehabbers who save orphaned bebeh animals in every community across the country.

unnamed (2)
Bebeh Beavers, Otters, Sqwerls, Birds, ‘Munks, Buns, Possies, Skunklets, Ducklings, and more.

unnamed (3)
If they don’t have a mom to keep them warm, an incubator is the next best place to rest their adorbs little noggins…

unnamed (4)
…so they can grow up healthy and strong…and make it back to the wild where they belong.

unnamed (5)
Baby Warm raises money for incubators- that’s all. Each incubator will be used for 10-12 years to keep hundreds of babies warm and healthy.

unnamed (6)
You can see on the site that there are 12 rehabbers listed at any given time and you can see what kind of animals they care for, read their story, and pick one to help out and chip in toward their incubator.


Gonna Be One Of THOSE Days

yawn[I can just feel it. Back inside the tree.]

“This little pair of beauties are eastern screech owls that just started nesting in my parent’s backyard. My dad is a wildlife photographer, so he was ALL OVER that owl fluffiness. I love the one of the female yawning. Maybe one for a caption contest! If you could link to my dad’s site, that would be so awesome!”- Shorey M.

[Done! And thank you for sending. -Ed.]

Someone’s Getting Punked

Pumpkin (or, if you prefer, “Punkin”) carving is a big deal here at C.O. Mainly because so many critters seem willing to do it, and look Cute in the process. Look at the handiwork of this little maniac. Well played sir, well played!



That’s rather impressive. Looks like the guy in my backyard- this was earlier this afternoon- has a long way to go.

First three photos from Boing!! Boing!!

Hmmm…What Happens If I Pop THIS One?

Stanton C. wrote in and told us, “Just came across this and thought it would be a perfect candidate for an upcoming Caturday!”

Works well for a Rats, It’s Monday evening, too!

{*Can’t find the Star Trek reference? It’s there. -Ed.]

Chico IS The Man 2.0

photo“This is Chico enjoying a sunbeam. I think his nose looks like a delectable pink berry. I took this photo.” -Julie H.


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