Happy (Late*) Third B-Day, Huckleberry!

IMG_1602This just in from Charlotte A.: “You guys posted some fun photos of Huckleberry’s photobombs earlier this year, and I’m writing to submit another set of fun photos! That shot of him holding a teddy bear is ridiculous. Enjoy!”

“Thanks for all the great work you guys do! Your website makes me smile every day.”
[*Note: June 7th. -Ed.]

Meet Charlotte The Aquaphobic Penguin

Adj. 1. Aquaphobic – abnormally afraid of water.

Charlotte The Penguin was not gonna get in that water, thank you very MUCH. So she needed a little hoomin help! (P.S. At first I thought that clip said “Snorgling” at the top left.)

Headline THIS: Gary, You’re A Butthead

puppy-sitting-on-another-puppys-head[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: Gayle FTW! Our next Headline THIS on Monday will feature the new 2016 C.O. Calendar as the prize! -Ed.]

A perfect Headline THIS if there ever was one- image thanks to Arne who found it on Cutestuff.co. Write up your fave header and we’ll post our favorite at 1pm PT. Hopefully.

Well….Can You?

11752092_10152895920058204_3934930524147025913_n(Image from Dave TV FB page, with thanks to Dan L.)

Triple Bunneh Nose Boop!

[Hey fellas? Can I just sneak…in..here…ah, there we go.]

(Andrew Y. saw it on 9gag.com.)

Holy Underoos!

That little Puggles is NOT wearing BATMAN UNDEROOS. Say it ain’t so, otherwise I’m clunk [ded.]

Long, Long Ago….

….in a backyard far, far away…Munchkin The Teddy Bear Ewok does his screen test for a Star Wars movie. Sorry Munchie, the next Star Wars movie is in the can and ready for December. Maybe the next one!)

[*Note to all Star Wars fans- wait ’til tomorrow afternoon. Epic. -Ed.]

If I Sitz On Travel Box Thing They Can’t Leave?

unnamed“Cute or sad? Dmitri hates it when were getting ready to go away. (Even if it’s just for the weekend.) From Dual Cuteporters Doug & Sowmya in Winnipeg.

THIS JUST IN: C.O. Wins A Major Award!

C)Check it out–it’s a Major Award! C.O. has been selected as one of the Best Pet Blogs To Follow from FirstSiteGuide.com. Who are we to disagree?

Ice Cream. Without The Guilt.

Ever wanted to just chow down on a bowl of ice cream and NOT worry about the calories, fat grams, blah blah blah? Mashable invited a group of famous pups to snack on treats and dog-safe ice cream, including Chloe Kardoggian, Chloe the Mini Frenchie, Lester, Remi, Sir Palmer Cartney, Latte and Maddie.


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