Ferret Friday BONUS!

Just came across this article c/o Bored Panda……

It seems Komari (above) was found when she was just five weeks old. (The article says five months, but no way.)

Her new hoomin family happened to have five male Ferrets!

Now, she is their little sister, and Komari has decided SHE is a Ferret, too!






Friday Haiku: Hug

When you need a hug
Like this bebeh Koala
You go and get it

(Story seen on Mashable; GIF from GIPHY.)

Make It A Pokemon #Tocktober

I’m gonna put the disclaimer out there right now- I know nothing about Pokemon. Other than they’re Cute and from you-know-where. The first two photos must be keyrings. What’s the third picture? And I’m getting a distinct WinnieThe Pooh and Tigger vibe here, too. Anyone able to do a translayshe from this site? Ran a bit of text thru Google Translate, and it told me, “Cushion of Pikachu (left) Chirutto (right) Soft, it is.” Thanks Yoda, that settles that.

“Saw this linked on another website earlier, and HAD to send it to you guys! Pokemon ‘Tocks! PS: Been following your site since the beginning, and still check it daily!” -Kristi M.




“Hey Honey? Have You Cleaned The Hallway Yet?”

“Yeah, allllmost done. Gonna need some more Pledge, though.”

Flashback Friday: Buzzer The Cat, 1912-1916

Buzzer the cat  1912 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/agc.7a16795Great article from Mashable on Gunther The Studio Cat. What’s a “Studio Cat,” you say? A fellow named Arnold Genthe had a NYC portrait studio WAY back in the day…

..and Buzzer was used as a “prop” with female subjects, to put them at ease.






#Tocktober (Featuring Auto Privacy Tailio)

“You featured Poncho’s ‘Tocks a while back, but thought it might be good rerun for ‘Tocktober.” -Julie H.

Halfway Thru ‘Tocktober—

kikis-schnoz—and you NOSE what that means! Almost time for NOSEVEMBER! A huge month long FESTIVAL OF SCHNOZZLES starts in just over two weeks! If you have a Schnozzle we need to see, send ‘er over!

Welcome to Ferret Friday

11209435_10153584322641349_2732949399179033734_n“My sister has two lovely tube cats, Ronnie and Jimmy, here’s some of my favourite photos of them,” writes Jacqueline F. “The above photo is Ronnie being a ferret monorail. The last photo is of the two of them cuddling in their helmet-nest!


#Tocktober: Those Are….‘Tocks?

1003108_10151729839644085_1199995666_nI swear I must need a new glasses prescription. Or something. To me, that looks like…a hat. With a head stuck on the right side. (Need..sleep. Staying up too late watching baseball.) “Here’s our furbaby Daisy. She enjoys stealing the socks right off our feet and hoarding them, Belly Rubs, and barking at neighborhood cats. She also has some adorable ‘Tocks.” -Julia.

#Tocktober In South Africa

IMGP0379cropCan’t say that we have had too many Antelope ‘Tocks so far this ‘Tocktober, so here we go! Comments and photo from Brian S.:

“Our family loves checking out C.O. every day. Here is a ‘Tocktober shot for your consideration, perhaps to raise the African content a smidge. This is the South end of a North-Facing Oryx (Gemsbok) Antelope, taken in ‘Tocktober 2012 at Tswalu ecotourism resort in the Southern Kalahari desert in South Africa.”


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