Third Time Is A Charm, Tessie!

photo 2 (2)Tory M. writes: “This is Tess The Queen of Manhattan on the dining room table, clearly exhibiting Rule #50: ‘If your paws fold over one another, that’s cute,‘ and I believe also Rule #19, ‘Dainty paws are cute’, as Tess looks very much the lady in this picture. I’m not sure what “juicy” means here, but could this also be Rule #13, ‘Juicy eyes and noses are cute?‘”

(PS- “I’ve submitted her twice before and she never gets in, which is crazy because she’s so insanely adorbs! Please make us all very happy at Chez Tess and affirm her cuteness!”)

Good Monday Morning, Junior!

output_zsSXtUIan P. was kind enough to send us these great photos of Junior The Puppeh!










Who’s Photobombing Who Here?

image1Connie C. sent this in- she went on her honeymoon Down Undah, (in March in Cairns, Australia) and ended up with this selfie with Jack The Kangaroo! Now, was it her photo and HE jumped in….or…..was it the other way around??

P.S. “Jack was such a sweetheart!” -C.C.

Care To Donate To The Poodle Defense Fund?

poodley-mix-monsters[Thanks for coming to the door- we won’t take long. There’s this REALLY big neighborhood bully cat- and he picks on all of us. If you could see your way clear to a tax-deductible donation, we can afford to buy some protection for ourselves. Like maybe an armored tank. It’s a HUGE cat. A…check? Sure, if that’s all U haz.]

“Daisy, Gynji, Lucky and Boots are best friends! Poodley Party!!! Here’s a rare photo of them all sitting together versus running and play play playing.” –PJ.

Rats, It’s Monday!

Dumdum welcomes you to another edition of Rats, It’s Monday!

(From Flickr.)

Yer Messin’ With My Head Again

[OK, guys- take the OMG Ponies!!1!!11! heads off. It’s late, and you’re gonna give me nightmares. NightMARES. Geddit? Never mind. Off with your heads.]


“Hey Honey? Did You Make The Bed Yet?”

“Uh…no. Kinda having a bit of a PROBLEM in here. Little help?”


Otto The Lazy Puppeh Lump

OttoWatchesIpadDon’t take OUR word for it- take Camille M.’s word. “This is Otto, our 9-week-old yellow lab….”

“He is the laziest lump of a puppy and we can’t get enough of him. (My 2.5-year old and I love to look at the pictures and videos on your website. It was her idea to submit Otto!)”

“Thanks for all the smiles!”




image1“Meet Tod! Tod is my recently-adopted 7-year-old fox (okay, he’s a Pomeranian mix). He’s deaf and was an unclaimed stray found wandering the streets. His rough start doesn’t stop him from loving to sleep on the couch and have his belly rubbed!” -Darcy F.




Spend Your Bunday In Bed

You have now entered The Big J Zone: Rikki and Yui hunker down in their very..own..bed.

From Andrew Y. as seen here.


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