Today Ees National Pepé Le Pew Day!

DSC01024CCMay2014eSM[Besides being "Caturday" of course, it's also Flag Day AND.....National Skunk Day. -Ed.]

“Orphaned baby Skunklets at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, CA. Skunklets is not the proper name for baby skunks. But it sure as hell should be.” -KB. P.S. Check out the Oreo Von Stinkersworth FB page here.

Caturday: Just….Don’t.

[I don't know how much clearer I can be.] From Teri C.

Caturday: This Is MY Sleeve

[YER自身をgitの! Er, that is- git yer own!]

More Video Zen Of Shironeko here!

Caturday: C’mon Get Slurpy!


First image from Urban Dictionary. Second from the Pixdaus FB.

And Don’t Forget To Sort ‘Em, OK?

You should see what she can do with folding clothes, too!

(Thank U to Cuteporter Shelly who sent in the CNN link but ya can’t embed those so we found eet on The Tube.)

If I Sitz Like This—

tumblr_n74chg7wcs1qejbiro1_1280—I can click ALL THE KEYS AT ONCE!!!! (From Catasters Tumblr.)

Pig & Yoda

unnamed“I have two first-timers who have been working on perfecting their “C.O. Look” for 3 years now. The pink nose kitteh is Pig and the black nose mustachio-ed one is Yoda. This is the usual bathroom activity for the two of them, specifically while watching the humans scoop their homemade litter treats. And yes, they are brothers :) Thank you! -Larissa C.”

Friday Haiku Too: Tiny Is As Tiny Does, Sir

dj72YmfMollusks are quite cute
They are very small indeed
So watch where you step

Friday Haiku: Palikka Noms

Palikka must think
“Would rather nom a cupcake
Instead of salad”



“Greetings from Finland! This is Palikka, not only the most adorable tortoise hatchling in the long history of tortoise hatchlings but also an impeccable master of disguise, attempting to pass as a cupcake while simultaneously eating salad. Photos taken by Anni L. (With the kind help of Emleri L.)”

Got Their Game Faces On

As the World Cup enters its second day in Brazil, these guys clearly have their game face (and jersey) on!









Photos and hovers via ABC