smileyHe doesn’t LOOK quite like an Asgardian prince; and where the heck is Mjölnir? Ah, just details. “This is our new Shih Tzu puppy Thor, and he is mighty cute. Thanks for considering our sub-mee-shon, Rebecca F.”



Milo’s Labor Day Nap

Milo, it’s a holiday today. You can take a nap allllll day if you want! Can we bring you anything? A dog biscuit? Maybe a latte?

What Would You Like For Breakfast Today?

Reddit, meet Waffles - ImgurMaybe some…”Waffles?” (That’s her name, BTW. Imgur/Reddit.)

Happy Labor Day, U.S. (& Canada) Peeps!

Cute Overload salutes all the hard workers out there. All year long, you’re slaving away. Today is your day to relax. Have your hoomin whip up a nice steak on the barbeque. For you, of course. They can have a hot dog or sumfin’. [*Note: Rats, It’s Monday moves over to tomorrow. -Ed.]

Photos from That Cute Site.

Hattie’s First Bath

We’ve been following the (mis)adventures of Hattie The Westie for a little while now; and today, things take a turn for the worse wetter. As in: First Bath Ever.

Hey, Who Wants To Go For Some Soft Serve?

Dogs in carDoesn’t anyone want to ride shotgun up here? Well, whatever- but put on your seatbelts! TCBY or DQ, what’s it gonna be, guys?


The Return Of Penny And Roo

Remember Penny and Roo from the Winter Of 2014? (Not to be confoozed with Turbo Roo, though a similar circumstance.) Roo’s the Prosh Wah Wah and Penny’s the one with the wild hairdo. Here’s an update on their story!

So Close—Yet So FAR

[If I wuz a big huge powerful fierce ST. BERNARD I could get these in a second!]

How Does Australia DO IT?

They’ve got Wommies. They’ve got Kangaroos. They’ve got Koalas. And of course, toss in yer odd Platypus, Dingo, Quoll, QUOKKA, and Taz Devil. Notice…we left a biggie OUT. Are you ready for…

Banjo The Yellow-Bellied Glider Joey??

Didn’t THINK so. (Runs away yelling, waving arms- “And they named him BANJO.”)

Well, Naturally They Have A Twitter Account!

animal150827_01And some point in hoomin evolution, we decided that all our Cute Critters needed to have websites, Instagrams, Facebooksters, and The Twitter. And so it is in The Big J; there’s a hoomin there by the name of Nao~* who goes by @evo3138– and she likes to post pictures of her four Buns. Quoting Rocketnews 24, “(She) has an orange-colored rabbit called Potato (male,) Kurumi (female) who is also orange, Marron (male) that is chestnut-colored and Koishi (female) who is grey.” And that settles that. Here’s a selection from the Twitter account; there’s a lotta Disapproval here: you have been warned.






(Andrew Y.; feature photo from Big Globe.)


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