Ride ‘Em, Cowboy! Uh, Cowboy?

Now, can the German Shepard really be that big? And can the bebeh hoomin really be that small?

From Wimp.com.

What IS This Big Thing?

[I can haz no idea but I wanna nom on it so STAY STILL big blue bird thing.]

Rump Day: Meet Meaty

13065583624_751649a17a_oThree days down, two to go. That’s what Rump Day is all about! Today’s “Rump Day” poster boy is none other than Meaty! “He is a Bulldog/Pug mix. He is about a year old and very lovable and cuddly. My husband and I got him from a rescue shelter. Photos taken by me, Amy H.”

Levitating Weiners (Part II)

Back in the first part of August, we brought you Part I- now Magician & Mentalist Jose Ahonen is back with part II. Hopefully he got stocked up with more hot dogs!

Maddie, Would You Like A Treat?

If you do—you know what to do. (You have trained your hoomin well, young Maddie.)

As seen on Lost At E Minor.

Walrus Intervention

[Listen. We're here because we want to help get you off the kelp. You should be eating CLAMS! It's really for the best.]

(And hey, as long as we’re Talkin’ Blorp—how ’bout THIS Little Gonzo Wild Man?)

Both photos from the NatGeo Instagram page as seen on BuzzFeed.

You Are The Wind Beneath My Jowls

Pilatus AKA Pilly The Weimaraner is experiencing the TRUE meaning of “Life In The Fast Lane.” If the car gets pulled over for speeding…who gets the ticket?

From The Squideroo.

Meet The Mighty Peppermint

Don’t have a problem at all saying I Love Me Some Yorkie Action. And so when we get an email from Alana and it’s wall-to-wall Yorkster Pix, we have to pay attention. Roll ‘em, C.B.!

This photo series explores Peppermint’s wild side,” she says.

“…with images shot in the style of a nature photographer, capturing a feral animal in their natural habitat..”

“…juxtaposed with not only distinct domestic features, but also the anthropomorphic elements we tend to place on our companion animals.” [Huh? -Ed.]

“Typical with my photography style, there is also an element of whimsy present in this series.” [Now THAT we get. We know "whimsy." -Ed.]





Bombs Away

It is a proven fact that Cats Rule The Internet. (See: Lil’ Bub, Grumpy Cat, Maru.) Therefore it is logical to assume that since they Rule The Net, they also do the best Photobombs.

This series of photos (from Mashable) does nothing to disprove that theory.











Exactly 98 Days ‘Til Christmas

CollageAnd NO time like the present to order your 2015 Cute Overload Calendar! (Heck, it also has September through December of 2014 on it- you can start using it as soon as UPS delivers it!) Here’s a helpful link to Amazon for the Wall size as well as the Mini size.


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