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You Will Know Synchronicity

synchronized sleep team

“We got excited seeing all the synchronized photos from the archives. Our two Angel Kittehs Saffron and Marmalade always used to sleep in Synchronicity :-) We called them the synchronized sleep team. Now they are in kitty heaven together. :( We just passed the one-year anniversary of Saffron crossing the Rainbow Bridge and the six-month anniversary for Marmalade. We would be thrilled to see them on your site. (As a side note, we never realized how much we depend on Cute Overload to keep us smiling every day until you guys were temporarily offline recently. That felt like the longest day ever until The Cute was restored!*) Thanks for being the best website on the planet, Julia and John M.”

[*Oh, I remember. -Ed.]

Marcel The Shell (With Shoes On)

Gotta admit, Marcel is a new one (for me,) but if this little critter ain’t the Cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is. The first video was just released yesterday- the other two are from the archives.

MY Chair, Bubbles—MINE

10648597_868823906470688_6893238943006937408_oThe Kigali Kittehs are back! According to the FB post: “Lady Bubbles is happily singing away in a chair, which MGG can’t tolerate. He pounces on her, kicks her out of the chair, and sits quietly in her place. Sometimes Bubbles wishes she was the big sister.”

Next Stop, Ground Floor!

Kittehs tend to be lazy conserve their energy. This is a classic example.

From Susan M.

‘Ol Blue Eyes

Rv1PMIRWe know you’re shy and all, but if you open up a little more, it might help you come outta your shell. If that’s something you want to do. (Reddit.)

Wiggling Turtle ‘Tocks

Ever decided to shake the ol’ groove thang when you’re in the shower? You’re not the only one.

The Squid.

Hold Still So I Can Nom Your HEAD

You gotta admire the patience of this Dalmatian Puppeh! Here this little furry thing wants to nom his schnozzle off, and all the big lug wants to do is sit there and take it, wag wag wag.

Panda Tag Team Wrasslin’!

So you’re a caregiver and ya gotta give these Adorable Pandas their daily squirt of medicine or vitamins or something. What do you do when they decide to gang up on you?


From Kristin W. “Sending along a video of a zookeeper trying to give medicine to two pandas. And I thought giving medicine to my cat was difficult!” As seen on Metro UK.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Quokka Quotient!

And we got it for you, oh yes you bet we do. Click that play button, then scroll down. Awe-inspiring awesomeness. Wait- what?





From BuzzFeed.


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