Martin Taylor: The Sequel

I think I dislike going to the tire place almost as much as going to the dentist. Don’t know why- I just do. I’m sure they’re all very nice people- but I just don’t like doing it. Maybe that’s because I don’t have a wingman like Martin Taylor here. (First seen in April of 2014.) “Keeping his Dad company at the tire place,” reports Jackie R.


NOTHING Dumb About THESE Guys!

Without a doubt one of THE fave WHAT IS THAT creatures C.O. has ever featured. They even had a new Rule made, just for them! Ladies & Gents, please welcome back to these pages…The Dumbo Octopus! Nice steel drum music on here, too.


Call it what you want:


*Voodoo Eye

*Evil Whammy

*Glare of Death

Anyway you slice it, whoever put the Reindeer Antlers on this Frenchie is….totally toast. “Hello! Found on Pinterest- here is a Frenchie who is really enjoying his new Christmas photo antlers. Except not QUITE, haha…he could TOTALLY give the most disapproving rabbit a run for its money, and that’s BIG! I would walk away… Slowly. (Unless I had snausages.) I love you guys at Cute Overload! XO, Eva H.”

*Harvie did the header.

Now THAT Is A Realistic Ornament!

I knew that Hallmark made some great looking ornaments, but that is by far the most realistic looking kitteh ornament ever.

~ ~ ~

“I start my morning every day with you and my coffee. In October, 2014 we adopted a litter of three 8 week old kittens from the MSPCA Nevins Farm. Christmas 2014 was their first Christmas and they took full advantage of it by spending almost every waking hour in or under our Xmas Tree. This is Bagheera in our tree last year.” Wendy H., New Hampshire.

Perfect Balance

If Roxie somehow manages to slip down between the cushions, someone pull her up, OK? “We have a lot of cuteness to spare here. Fleas Navidog(s)!” -Cynthia D.


Christmas Helpers: Lil’ Bear

OK, the term “Christmas Helpers” is officially getting its own header and tag. And is this little maniac a great example, or what! “This is L.B. (Lil’ Bear) helping me put up Christmas decor. I had to wait until he was good and done with his nap before I was able to put up the garlands he was sleeping on (below)!” -Jenn from Virginia.


Pixel Perfect

And to make things even better– there’s just a suggestion of a Baroo there! “Sending holiday cheer from my dachshund puppy Pixel!” -Lindsay H.

Gotta Watch Those Pumpkin Cans!

This little Rescued Furball finds out just how tricky and treacherous a can of pumpkin can be! #Totesadorbs

Hey! Buttons! Knock It Off!

“This is a picture of my rabbit “Buttons”, taken a number of Christmases ago, who was shooting me a strong look of disapproval when I scolded her for eating my poinsettia.”

Bun Bun: Destroyer Of Leaves!

Why bother raking all those leaves when you can have FUN WITH A BUN?

(Tastefully Offensive.)