Hey Munkster, Wanna Go To Timmy’s?

“What best encapsulates Canada? Why a chipmunk drinking Tim Horton’s on a Muskoka chair at the cottage dock of course! We named him Rumpelstiltskin and by the end of our one week stay he was eating almonds out of our hands. Cheers and thanks for the adorable and hard work!” -Alissa.

photo 2

photo 3

OK, We’ll Watch “Lassie.” Again.

LAURA S[But next time, it's the Lion King, OK?] From Laura S., who also submitted this photo of dog Peppo and new cat Marcino for the 2016 C.O. Calendar. You can do it, too!

Anyone Up For A Pikachu Or Two?

Just when you think you’ve seen everything The Big J can throw at you–they smack you in the face even harder.

Yokohama will be hosting some type of massive Pikachu event next month from the 9th through the 17th, called “Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu. Translating as “An Outbreak of Pikachus” or “Pikachus All Over the Place,” according to RocketNews24. RN24 also reports, “Pokémon events will take place at no less than 14 locations in and around the Minato Mirai harbor front district.” Here’s the official website if you can handle it.

Booking my flight now.

In Which Sailor Learns How To Swim

Remember your first swimming lessons? Did they go something like this? Here’s Part I:

And…Part II!

“Sage…Do You Know Where My Shoes Are?”

14200729825_33c8045ec8_b(You do….don’t you.)

“This is Sage. The little guy just loves to be underfoot.” – Kara B.

Sprocket Rocket!

imageThat little Snerkable Noisicle might be the best we’ve EVER seen! “This is my hedgie baby Sprocket, aka Sprocket Rocket when he’s running. He’s not really a baby since he turns 3 this November! Usually I manage to only get pictures of him sleeping!” -Caitibug.

image (1)

Caught On Film™: If It Fits, I Sits!

Gobi_in_bowl“This is what happens when you turn your back for one minute around here! Gobi either wants to be a chef or a salad, and he can’t make up his mind.” -David L.M.

“But Ma, I Don’t NEED A Bath!”

image“My name is Mark F. I was visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and got a picture of the mother bathing her young ‘un. The look on baby giraffe is adorable!” [Note: Mark supplied the header, too. We don't take credit for something we didn't do. Usually. -Ed.]

Shake Yer Body Down To the Ground

This may or may not be an is an Encore Presentaysh, even though the C.O. database returned zero hits on the name “Chiro.” Doesn’t really matter- one of the greatest videos in history. Right here.

From RN24 via Andrew Y., who we are convinced must be a cyborg due to being online 24/7.

Close Encounters Of The Trunkster Kind

Navann The Scooting Bebeh Trunkster was boppin’ along with Ma at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, just minding his own business.

And then Navann and The Cat spotted each other. Ruh roh.

As seen on The Buzz.


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