How Many Caturday Kittehs Do U See?

One? Two? Take a sec to watch this video- in the Big J, things are not always as they seem.

Caturday: Take THAT, Mr. Mole

Our cat friend decides he’s gonna show Mr. Mole who the boss is. Some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue. Today, Mr. Mole is the statue.


This Caturday Spot Will Do Very Nicely

Farina The Cat thinks Maeby the Siberian Husky will make the perfect bed. And if Maeby the Siberian Husky has a problem with that, that’s gonna be too bad.

That’s how Farina The Cat rolls.


Forget To Fill My Water Dish, Eh?

Peaches The Kitteh has a BACKUP PLAN in case her hoomins forget to do their dooty.

From Neatorama.

In The Entire History Of Bad Ideas…

wally-dog-shaming-637x743…this one is right up there. As says, “Ant hills do not make good pee targets.”

Hmmmm….I Sense A Theme Here

What could it be?

From Cute Roulette.

“May I Suggest ‘Odor Eaters’ For You, Sir?”

dNbdHZX["I might have some for you in my backpaca."]

They Didn’t Think I Knew The Email Password

["Let's see, what do we have here. Hmmmmm...CNN news alert..WebMD...Cute Overload daily email, ooo i love those..what else...hmmm...daily weather forecast..and this, what is..."Honey, a reminder, please buy dog food today before we go to shelter on Saturday to adopt puppy." Well, if that isn't the best news I've heard today. Must plan retaliation."]


(From Design Taxi.)

It’s Friday- Treat Yourself.

Molly Moo thinks that’s a REALLY good idea. Gonna need a napkin there, Molls.

From Chris B.

Maru -N- Hana GIF Action!

The Circle is hot on Hana’s tail, and Hana learns that what goes up must come down. Hard. Mugumogu says, “This photograph is out of focus, but Hana crashed.”

Maru URL sent in by /G.


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