Epic Mealtime On Bunny Island—The Sequel

Let’s rewind back to June- we posted this story about Sender-Inner Scott Y. going to BUN ISLAND and getting swarmed by BUNS.

Not a bad way to go.

But luckily he survived the BUN onslaught, and this is his wrap-up video- he says “The trailer include snippets from most of the videos in the series (not all,) and the best highlights from each of those videos.”

And here is a playlist of all the BUN videos he took!

OK, Let’s BLOW This Pop Stand

[She's gonna plop you in your kennel box. Don't WORRY. As soon as she leaves, I'll slip in and blow nudge the lock. You and me, pal. Got it?]

Disapproving Owl Baroo ACTION!

“In Texas, the Burrowing Owl is an endangered (protected) species,” says Elaine G. “These tiny owls live in abandoned Prairie Dog dens and are critical to our ecosystem. The Facebook page for Texas Parks and Wildlife shared this video from the El Paso Urban Wildlife page. Check out the expression around :19 seconds into the video.”

Friday Haiku: Little Man

photo 1You are so teeny
Very worried and nervous
We loff you lotz

photo 3

photo 2
“This is my 7 month old son, Dredd. His full name is Dredd Pirate Roberts from the movie “The Princess Bride.” He is so special and SO cute, I just had to share with you. Featured picture and second picture are taken by Studio81 in Auckland, New Zealand. Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy him as much as we do! :D “-Kristy H.

A ‘Tocktober Tease, If U Please

Next Wednesday is ‘Tocktober First. As usual, we’re presenting 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks! So stock up on some meelk n’ Oreos- the new Pumpkin Spice are killer BTW- take a PC day, then fire up the ‘puter and check out OUR ‘Tocks.

So to speak.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect!

“Hi Cute Overload! It always makes my day to get a photo on your site. This little guy I met at a gas station in Utah while on a road trip back in ’02*. I thought his ‘Tock Wrinkles might be ‘Tocktober-worthy anyway.” -Carina M.

[*Note- there is no expiration date on 'Tock Shots. -Ed.]

Flashback Friday: “Le Chien Concierge, 1926″

Translated from French to English, we get “The Dog Caretaker, 1926.” Original photo by André Kertész.

Cuteporter Vajda B. sent this one in.


cleobigeyesI bet we can all guess what’s on Cleo’s mind. She just wants to PLAY with Mr. Sqwerl, that’s ALL.

“This is my cat Cleo immediately following the dreaded “Cat stuck in loops of a paper shopping bag” incident. There were stairs involved. Thanks a lot Zara.” -Mandy.

Halt, Hoomin! Who Goes There?

WP_20140214_006[Either give us noms or the password. If we don't get one or the other- fast- I'd say g'nite to Gracie, then tuck that tail 'tween your legs and head back to the living room from whence you came.]

“These are my 2 girls, Mable and Gracie positioned well on my kitchen island/table where they anxiously await treats. Mable on the right has a great pair of UGG boots.” -Kim M.

Gonna Need Some Clean Up On That Window Sill

(Great Batman collar, right? That might be ’cause his name is BRUCE WAYNE!)

What Do U Get When You Combine An Owl Nest & A GoPro?

Well, you get this!


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