Hangin’ Out In Sambas, Indonesia

Little Lemur Dude was pooped from climbing the trees in his neighborhood, so he decided to sack out for awhile. On himself.

The Sunda Flying Lemur has up to a five foot wingspan, so he just (literally) stretched out for a snooze.

Photo by Hendy Mp as seen on Mail Online, spotted by Smedley.


[OK, maybe I can't. Yet.]

Via Distractify.com.

It Looks Grumpy, But How Does It Taste?

Put a little GRUMP into your next party!



Mom! Wait For Me!

[By the way, why am I not blue, like you? Not that it matters.]


Hey, Your Lens Is Dirty

Let me clean it for you.

From ++md.

Remember The High Diving Giraffes?

Well, the Giraffes are back, and they’ve brought their pals. (Pre-Emptive Nuffer Disclaimer: This. Is. Computer. Generated.)

From David R.

I Said, I Want To Cancel My Service, Comcast!

tumblr_na7727sl5L1sjz27xo1_1280[No, I don't want three free extra months. It's not YOU, it's ME. Is this gonna be one of those three hour calls? 'Cause I got a groomer appointment at 11am.] (As seen on Tumblr.)

Sir Auggie Fonzwellington Bellows III (Esq.)

IMG_0614From Meredith B.: “My dachshund, Sir Auggie Fonzwellington Bellows III Esq. is a real gentleman and scholar. He doesn’t realize he’s not a person, and he likes to sit like one and pretend to participate in the conversation or ‘watch’ movies. He’d like to apologize for the gratuitous balls shots. Maybe you could cover them with a creative flower or bow?”




That’s what we have here. Despite the obvious Big J Cute Level, this is c/o London, England. That’s George and Elton below- just four weeks old.

These Pair O’ Prosh Knuckleheads were found abandoned :( and not doing well, in West London.

image (1)
They now reside, for the time being, at the RSPCA Animal Hospital.

image (2)
Quoting London24.com, “You may wonder about the outfits. Unfortunately these two naughty boys have a habit of suckling each other in their sleep and making themselves sore,” said Sian Anderson, a clinical manager at the hospital.”

image (3)
Thanks to Arne for this one.

Cute Overload Calendar Headline Contest: “We Survived Shark Week. Let’s Seal-ebrate!”

Matt S. is the proud owner of a pair of 2015 Cute Overload Calendars! Don’t fret, we’ll do ‘er again NEXT Monday!

You could be the OWNER of two brand-new (it’ll be shrink wrapped For Your Protection) 2015 Cute Overload Calendars. Submit your headline in the comments, and at 2pm PT we’ll announce the winner! He/she will get both the Mini AND the, er, Maxi Calendar. Get typing- time’s a-wastin’!



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