Sparkles On The Move!

The Cutest Beach Bum alive, without question. “Hello cute people, This is Sparkles. He loves the beach a lot. I was lucky enough to catch him leaping in the air. The happiest dog in America! You can find more pictures of my little buddy on Instagram.” Best, Amy.”



Reindog II

[*Note: I have a feeling this is going to be a mini series of some type up ’til Christmas- Doggehs With Antlers. So be it. -Ed.]

“Here is a photo Code, of my pointy-nosed, leggy, former-racing-star greyhound just in time for the holidays. The photos also showcases some of my knitting prowess! He often gets mistaken for a deer on his walks. Can you please let people know that they can check out their local greyhound adoption group (there are lots!) There are many of these wonderful retired racers looking for forever homes. Cheers, Jamie T.”


[*Note: Good grief, I thought at first the puppeh was wearing the tree on its head. -Ed.]

“This is my pug, Vanna White. I tried to pose her for a cute Christmas photo and ended up taking a photo of the saddest Christmas pug in all the land. I promise she usually looks much happier! Thought you guys might like it.” -Mari D.

Preeeeeee-senting…THE AMAZING THEO!

Let’s welcome this little knucklehead to C.O., shall we? Quoting his very own FB page: “I am a poly-toed kitten in Austin, Texas. I enjoy snuggling, chasing my tail, & waking up my owners by sitting on their face!”






(Gabrielle F.)

Dis Full Of Wet?

Madeline is a nine week old Havenese Poodle Puppeh, who has just discovered her first garden hose. Ah, to be a kid again…

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Food Coloring?”

“You mean for the Christmas cookies? Uh….hold on…..yeah, I think I found it. Green, am I right?”

Double The Grump

As we told you back in late August, the famous Madame Tussauds museum has unveiled a lifelike copy of Grumpy Cat…who was not impressed.

A Christmas Gift Guide For Kittehs

Still got about two weeks to go, but if you’re stuck for ideas, take a look.

Streeeeeetch Big, Mighty Milo!

Sometimes a fella has got to do what a fella has got to do. Even with a camera in his face.

Miss New Zealand

You might have been expecting some beauty in a gown or swimsuit given the title, but no. This is Miss New Zealand, a kitteh currently residing in British Columbia/The Great White North. “She really wants to be best friends with our Christmas tree,” says Sarah V. “The above photo is as close as I would let her sit to it…the second photo is her increasingly pining (PUN) away for it. (Maybe not actually a pun, it’s an artificial tree.)”

Miss New Z Christmas Tree-2