I Don’t See Anything Different

dog-looking-out-window[I heard that there were some new Windows™ out today. Looks the same to me. Maybe need some Windex™. I’m gonna go have an Apple™ now.]

Ready For Action!

862fa1154cb4255693c50ec774326cd3This Bebeh Harvest Mouse wants a piece of the action and wants it NOW. Is that Tailio ready for business or what? A Pinterest find from Smedley.

Back To Sunflower Creamery Farms

Here’s a great video to wrap up the evening with- earlier today, we watched the little Sunflower Creamery Farm knuckleheads bounce all around the barn with Boo The Cat. In this clip, they decide to hassle Mom and turn her into a mountain. Well, sure. What are moms for?

“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Long Beach

11809524_1662367737333290_1377391584_nBack in April, “Corgi Nation” descended on Huntington Beach for a huge Corgi Fest. This past weekend, they did it again- this time, some 800 Stumpers partied in Long Beach. Next get-together set for October 24th, back in Huntington Beach. Photos via Mashable.












THIS JUST IN: More Puffins? Sure Thing!

Earlier, we presented Mr. Puffin in all his Puffin Glory! Now, we’re going LIVE! Check out this Live Puffin Cam, thanks to Keena F. (Best viewing hours, 7am – 8pm ET (until they add an infrared light source and then 24/7.) This Osprey nest is perched atop a 30 foot tower located at the Audubon Camp in Maine on Hog Island.

O Great Spinning Thing, We Beseech Thee!

[Give us your orders and we shall obey, Most Exalted Thing That Goes Around And Around! We exist to serve YOU!]


Morning Run Down Undah

The Kids at Edgar’s Mission like to work up a good sweat before breakfast! (Or as they say Down Undah, “Brekkie.”)

Help Us Moo, You’re Our Only Hope

Bouncing Bebeh Goatsters Lady Bug and Princess Leia of the Sunflower Farm Creamery run into Moo The Cat, who seems totally disenchanted with the entire thing….bored, even! Imagine THAT!

“You Never Feature Puffins On C.O.!”

Visited Skomer Island, full of these little guys - ImgurThat was the subject line of the email we recently received, and we mean to rectify that GLARING error right NOW. (Photo via Imgur/Reddit.)

THIS JUST IN: Norbert Trying To Break The Internet

11202645_890599884362789_2671483995447966_nHe just might be able to pull it off with THIS photo, too. Norbert: now a member of the Cute Overload Hall Of Fame! From Norb’s FB.


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