“Did Someone Say…Dinner???”

11885667_10200714947631357_6471549001089966382_o[SPLASH! I’m here! I’m here!]

From frequent C.O. Contributor Kim B., who says “It’s an elephant seal pup, now happy and healthy and back in the ocean. Taken at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California last year.


Not gonna be able to top this one. Not now, not ever. Nope, sorry, finito. [*Note: Speakers UP, WAY UP for the Prosh Smacking Sounds! -Ed.]

I saw this in the paper today and thought of you. Am sure has already been sent in the thousands but truly it is worthy of a gander (Australianism for “look”)! Love your site, keeps me sane every. Single. Day.” -Samantha N.

Curtains For The Boy Wonder!

As you can see, Robin never had a chance.

Even The Dark Knight was no match for the assailant.

Soon the culprit was located. Not The Joker. Not The Riddler. Not Catwoman. Worse. Much worse.

There was no remorse.

Absolutely none.

Next stop, Doggie Sing-Sing.

Maybe this one can be rehabilitated. Or….maybe not. Time will tell.

All photos from Imgur.

SOME Of Us Aren’t Into #NationalDogDay

gcA little Petromalt™ oughta cure that, Grumpy Cat!

Flower Power Polar

dennisfast4One of the last lazy, hazy, crazy days o’ summer, captured by photographer Dennis Fast in Manitoba, Canada. As seen on My Modern Met.









Uh, Shiro? Shiiiii-ro?

Has to be another one of those Shiro Zen deals. You are one with the Frogster, Shiro. Got some Zen Music for you to play while you watch the video, too…Just click the music and then the video real fast, to enable C.O. Synchro-Sync Action™! Both music and video end at the same time!

Headline THIS, Mr. Bond

FROG1[*Note: Update 1:02pm PT! Hey, on time AGAIN! Say, thanks to Madame X and everyone who took part today! -Ed.]

Time for another edition of Headline THIS; and let’s stay away from the obvious (though spot on) “No, Mr. Bond” concept. Write up your favorite header and we’ll post it about 1pm PT! (Imgur/Reddit.)

The Legend Of Biscuit The Cat Rustler

unnamed(Say in deep Texas drawl:) No one knows where he came from. Some say the Deep South, others say back East. Either way, he arrived in Portland with one thing on his mind- to rustle him some Cats.

Biscuit is his name……and Cat Rustling is his game.

Biscuit and his Oregon Tails posse sleep by day and Rustle by night- their mission? Send all the cats down to California. Or..somewhere.

-From Greg G., host/alternative mornings 94.7 FM Portland, who adds “Biscuit serves as my silly sidekick/co-host here on a daily basis.”

P.S.: “He was found roaming the streets of east L.A. (near some taco trucks)! He was taken to Baldwin Park Animal Shelter and then from there was brought to the Oregon Humane Society as a second chancer. Me and my wife Alana gave that chance to him 3 years ago! Biscuit lives with us and has 3 cats for roommates (hence: The Cat Rustler)!”

YAY 4 National Dog Day!

Yep, all day long! Grab your nearest four-footed furball and give me a big sloppy KEES!

Wombat Wednesday: Happy #30, Patrick!

2BA2F09A00000578-3210082-image-a-37_1440507301814Happy 30th Birthday to Patrick The Wombat! The Big Fella celebrated with his pals over the weekend, Down Undah! Patrick, as our way of saying Happy Birthday, you’re now in the C.O. Hall of Fame!

He’s also signed up with the dating service “Tinder” to try and met his special someone- no luck yet. Better charge that phone before all the notifications start flyin’ in, Pat.





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