Flashback Friday: The Christmas Puppy

Only two weeks to go! And look who Santa has as his assistant! (Image via Pinterest.)


Reindog Reincat V: Harley

Yesterday we mentioned that we might just have a Reincat coming up today, and in fact we do. Harley doesn’t seem to thrilled to have some antlers planted on his noggin- but what else did you expect?

“You’ve heard of a Reindog, but how about a Reincat? This is our cat Harley. He’s not super excited to have on his Reindeer hat but he was a good sport about it!” -Patricia S.

Chanukah Time For Izzy

“Here is my turtle Izzy being festive,” reports Julie G.

Reindog IV: Dixon

And the Reindogs are flying into our SUB MEE SHONS email box. We’ve even got a Reincat, too. I’m sure that went over well in their house- we’ll see Reincat tomorrow! Meanwhile, Brent writes: “Here is a photo of Dixon who is a three year old Pomeranian Shih Tzu. This photo was taken on December 9th at the Pet Day Care he attends. I thought you might like it for your Christmas theme.”

Can’t Translate This One-

But I think the message basically is, “Go walk the puppehs!” Can anyone help out with the translayshe?

Reindog III: Maggie

I think we’re onto something BIG here, folks. BIG! Anyway, this is Maggie, and boy, she’s worried. Wonder why? “Thanks so much for featuring Maggie in Nosevember. Here’s a picture of her celebrating her first Christmas in 2012 with her characteristic worried look. I think she can’t quite figure out what’s on her head. Picture taken by me, Christina E.”

The Shortest Reindeer Santa

I guess we could also say…..the Greenest Reindeer Santa, too? (Imgur/Reddit.)

(*NOTE: Mea Culpa. We’ve been SWAMPED with “Reindog” photos and, well, I got me some Reindeer on the braindeer. Or something. -B.]

The Night Before Catmas

Cole and Marmalade have this tree destruction thing down pretty well!

Who Could THAT Be, Maymo?

Think long and hard about it, Big Guy. Let’s see…have you seen Penny lately? You remember Penny. Could it be her under the blankee?

I’ve Been Good All Year, Santa…Mostly

[….well ‘cept for that time I bit The Dog. And….that pesky postal guy. But HE deserved it. Just like I deserve treats in my stocking, OK?]

~ ~ ~

“This would be my ragdoll Coco Chanel’s second time on C.O. The Christmas picture was taken by Coco’s Aunt Robbie last year. Always a fan, Amélie & Coco.”