Frostie The Snow Goat SUPER UPDATE

People, this one will knock you out. And wait ’til the EAR NOMMING.

For Frostie, there just ain’t no mountain high enough–sing it with us!

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Frostie the Snow Goat Update from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Thanks to our mate Kyle B.

Who’s The King O’ The Stump?

The maniac goatsters at Sunflower Farm (you remember ‘em from last week) are back at it!

Oh, and here’s one more. Just ’cause.

WFH Is The Best

Biscuit_1-X2And THIS is why!! (“Biscuit,”) who was adopted from SF Animal Care & Control a couple of months back…from The Furrtographer.

Sloth Week Is Coming Soon

Do you like sloths? (I mean, who doesn’t? Ask Kirsten Bell.) Check this video out!

G’Nite, Internets

[It's been a fun week, time to shut 'er down and we'll have more QTE for ya Monday but before you go CAN SOMEONE GIMME A LITTLE HELP HERE?]


Looks Like UPS Might Have Some Competeysh

They’re already nicknamed “Brown,” so what can we nickname Maddie?


From Maddie On Things.

Royal Disapproval

His Highness Bun-ness would like you to know that he disapproves. Of everything.

From Cutest Paw.

This One Is 4 U, Pop!

[Honest! If you take me to the Dairy Queen, I will let you buy me a 'nilla cone! Is that a deal?]


Happy Father’s Day!

14037778458_63827098dc_oTo all the Lion Kings out there, big & small, short & tall!
Submitted by Jon S. as seen on “Tamboko the Jaguar’s” Flickr.

Bunday Morning Comix Cartoons: Slothfulness

Slothfulness from John McGowan on Vimeo.

(As seen on Laughing Squid’s Tumblr.)