ResQte Of The Week 3: Wiggles


Wiggles, as seen on the North Shore Animal League FB. If you’re in the Austin Texas area and are interested in Wiggles, he’s now at the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

[Thanks to Ellen B. and also Holly at the Mt. Pleasant Texas Animal Shelter.]

Peanut, v2.0

If you will recall, Peanut won the title of World’s Ugliest Cutest Dog last week in Petaluma, CA. As is often the case, Famous Internet Animuhls often end up with major A-List star treatment.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel and makeover-city!


Maymo Has A Ball On His Birthday

A lot of them, actually.

Happy B-Day, buddy!

O This Is YOUR Chair?

Sorry. I’ll go away now. Didn’t mean to offend. Seriously. My bad. Gotta go. Seeya.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Adopt A Cat Month’s Almost Over!

June is Adopt A Cat month, and we didn’t want to let it pass without another word on the subject.

Melon 4

[Although, EVERY month should be Adopt a Cat month, right? -Ed.]

Leanne sent us these photos of Melon, who WAS one of the residents at the Humane Society Silicon Valley. She got adopted- #YAY! She adds, “Did you know that neonatal kittens are the #1 group of at-risk animals because they cannot survive without foster care? In 2012, we opened the HSSV Kitten Nursery and are now responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of these little guys!”

Melon 3
P.S.: Check your local shelter- plenty of little friends are waiting for you!

Takes A LOT Of Mad Skillz 2 Be A Parent

It’s always a bit of a balancing act.

It can twist you in all sorts of directions.

You have to be a chauffeur…

And a bed.

Or a shelter against the storm.

Sometimes you end up butting heads.

You end up with quite a tail to tell.

Swimming lessons? Part of the gig.

(Pause for group huggle.)

(Another paws for belleh snorgle.)

(Another paws for belleh snorgle II.)

Kids just need a trunk to hang onto.

Or a tummy…

…to rest on.

And then there’s the Mom Taxi thing…..



Hanging out as a Family Unit. Now you see ‘em…

Now you, uh, don’t.

Like father, like son.

Sometimes U invite the relatives over to help.

Keepin’ ‘em clean- always a chore.

Time for a face to face nose to nose talk…..

….and maybe a little of the ol’ “Now see HERE, young man.”

From Bored Panda by way of Ella P.

Nikita Update: Still Crazy ‘Bout Hexbugs

A couple of weeks back we featured Bobo & Nikita goin’ after everything from an RC helicopter to a motorized toy called a “Hexbug.”

Nikita has not given up.

ResQte Of The Week: We Disapprove Of Something, Do We?

DSC04349CWC18june2014SM“Orphaned baby Cooper’s Hawk, who arrived six days ago at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California.” -KB.

Whole Lotta Blorpin’ Goin’ On

6a010535647bf3970b01a3fd2121a5970b-800wiAccording to ZooBorns, “On April 24, France’s ZooParc de Beauval welcomed a male Manatee who weighed 55 pounds at birth!” And look at THAT SMILE!

Also quoting ZB: “All three species of Manatees (South American, West Indian, and West Africa) are listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.”




Photos par ZooParc de Beauval.

Maximum Baroo

This is Birdie, and as you can see, she knows how to WORK that Baroo. Left, right. Left, right. (And she’ll keep doing this, thanks to the wonders of the animated GIF process!)

Here we have Birdie hanging out while pal Clover chows down on.

animal farm
Birdie isn’t a fan of what’s being served for lunch, though.

birdie (1)
“This is our puppy, Birdie perfecting her baroo! In another picture you can see Clover, our red footed tortoise in a farm scene created by my 4 year old daughter, eating cantaloupe and wondering why that horse shaped fruit isn’t very juicy!” -Natalie W. ​