Merry Christmas. Really. I Mean It.

garfi-grumpy-cat-16[I can see from the look on your face you don’t believe me. WhatEVER. Now- the Old Man was here early this morning- I saw him. So, how ’bout we go check out that catnip in my stocking?]
(Garfi, from

Kris Kringle Did NOT Forget Edgar’s Mission

The Jolly Old Elf dropped off lots of watermelon for the EM friends Down Undah!


Even Pirates Love Christmas

unnamed (1)Cuteporter Erin H. writes, “Here are a few shots of Jack (the sometimes Pirate Cat, featured twice on C.O!) We are in the festive mood here and the cats (Jack and his little sister Cici) love that I have some time off from teaching. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you wonderful passers-on of the Squee!”


Lil’ BUB Magical Yule Log

You know how some stations put on a Yule Log endless loop video? Here’s an hour-long version featuring Lil BUB. If you want to go max-screen, click the [ ] icon in the lower right corner. Then grab a mug o’ Egg Nog, and glow n’ flow with BUB!

Photo from @IAMLILBUB.

Christmas Family Portrait

p14122401Thing One (R) and Thing Two (L) wish you a Merry Christmas! (From Guremike.)

Look What Santa Brought!

Everybody, hide your Christmas cookies! This Little Peeg is on a Nomming Mission!

From Monk C.


FILLED WITH BEBEH BUNNEHS….under the Christmas Tree??? Right, that’s IT. Clunk, [Ded]

“There couldn’t be a more pleasant surprise than finding a wagon full of cute baby bunnies under the Christmas Tree,” says Scott Y. (Quite correctly.)

Leave It By The Tree, Santa- I’m Pooped

DSC_0450“Here’s Jax, waiting for Santa to arrive. He wanted to wish everyone a Merry Mushmas!” -Stacy P.

SOMEONE Is Waiting Up For Santa!

Miki-Xmas MufflerJust a few minutes to go ’til Christmas, (West Coast time, that is) Mikimoto! Nice bow tie mustache, BTW!

This concludes the C.O. 24 Hours Of Christmas Cute; we hope you enjoyed it! It was powered by a quart or three of Lucerne Light Egg Nog from Safeway and a box of those killer Trader Joe’s Pfeffernusse cookies. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

(Photo by Cuteporter Jane S.)

Taking A Cue From Grumpy Cat, Perhaps?

Cricket-057small“This is my dog Cricket. As you can see she takes her job of being a Scrooge very seriously. Really though, she’s an absolute sweetheart. She’s a therapy dog who visit kids with disabilities and is known for being the “Ninja Kisser” – you never know when she’s going to attack!! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!” -Jamie H.

24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!


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