Paris ~ 1970

20150831-21070002Imagine a smoke-filled bar, a seedy dive set off the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. The smell of catnip hung heavily in the air. Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip? Probably. “Made in Vermont, yet available in Paris,” you muse to yourself. Wait, watch out. Look sharp! -the game is afoot.

The waitress slowly approaches. In a slinky voice colored with too many cigarillos and weary with disappointment, she said “Que sera-ce, monsieur?” The words dripped disdain. In all of the bars of the world, you walked into hers. And she had better things to do than cater to….un chat américain. Such is life.

(“Something Blue” by the Paul Horn Quintet played in the background. It suited your melancholic mood as you casually shifted your disinterested gaze her way. She was taller than you first imagined her to be.)

With a shrug, you reply, “San Pellegrino please. One baguette. Lightly toasted. I am Franklin, The Most Interesting Cat In The World.”

She sauntered off in an insouciant manner. She knew you knew she could care less. Ah, the night was young, no? Perhaps it held the promise of…what? Rendezvous?

This, like so many scenes of life, would be played out slowly, carefully. One move at a time. She had played her opening gambit, and you responded with careful aplomb. Whatever happened- there would be no regrets for Franklin this night. Pas du tout.


~Post Script~

Johanna W. writes: “I have a series of black and white film photos I took of my cat Frankie that make me laugh, thought you might like them for your site. He is totally posing and trying to look serious and mysterious, but I doubt there is anything going on in his mind… he’s a sweetie but not the brightest penny in the fountain.”

“Here, Lemme Just Rollll Over A Bit…”

[THERE. Perfect spot. Go for it, pal.]

(Bored Panda.)

Wombat Wednesday: Git Yer Own, Mate

20644361552_731aa6ef8c_o[I’m tellin’ ya, I’m usually a right fine amiable bloke, but when it comes to my Brekkie Veggies, I get kinda touchy when an Iggy tries to nose in, get me?] (Flickr.)

The Cornell Labs Gang Is BACK

Last month, we told you about the “singing” Owls featured on the Cornell University Labs webcam. Now, they’re back and they brought a little (unwelcome) friend with them.

(From Mary N.)

What? No Biscotti?

[If I can’t get better service here, I’ll just go ELSEWHERE for my evening meelk. Harumph!]

Baby koala
(Nothing To Do With Abroath.)

The Beeb’s Big Blue Live

Big Blue Live is a three part series featuring the critters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, airing on the BBC and PBS! Showing tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm your time.

(Part I from last night.)

(Gizmodo, sent by Andrew Y.)

“Puggles, And Your Lack Thereof”

image2[*Note: In the interests of fairness/equal time/mwah mwah mwah, we are printing Ann Y.’s email to Cute Overload verbatim. -Ed.]

“I’ve been monitoring your site for a couple of years now, and noticed a distinct lack of puggles (part beagle, part pug). Many pugs, but no puggles. Not one. Please remedy this situation immediately. This is my puggle, Miss Abigail. She makes me smile every day.”

Aaron’s Animals: Pet Peeves

Aaron is the Hoomin. Michael is the Cat. They have managed to achieve a sort of détente as far as their living arrangements go. But of course, this peaceful co-existance could crumble at any time. I mean, we’re talking CATS here.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Toesday 2: Handbag

unnamed (2)“Thank you so much for featuring Mister Tibbs on C.O. last week. He is just precious. I wanted to also share this picture of my Rescue Chinchilla Handbag who you have featured before. I hold him in my palm and then tell him to grab his toes, and this is what he does. He was adopted five years ago from the San Diego Humane Society. He’s just too cute not to share with C.O. who appreciates all great cuteness.” -Annie O.

“Hey Honey? Did You Sweep The Floor Like I Asked?”

“Uh, no…the game is on. I asked Mel to do it- she’s gonna need a snack for it, too.]

(Andrew Y.)


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