Bunday Morning Comix

(As seen on Pinterest; artist unknown.)

[*Note: Coming up next- it’s Maru’s 8th Birthday! -Ed.]

Bunday Ball O’ Bun

DSC03266“We just spotted this tiny fluffeh ball of bun on our patio today. Who can resist a face like that? So. Adorable. Thought we’d share him with you! -Lynne from Colorado.”

Tortoises, Start Your Engines!

Today’s the annual Indy 500, and the Indianapolis Zoo held their Zoopolis 500 Wednesday, a prelude to the big race. The winner? Well, watch the video and see! Look what was waiting for the winner (and his pit crew) at the winner’s circle!

OK, Let Me Think About This…

[The stick is THIS wide…but the bridge is only this wide. Boy, feels just like one of those problems they gave us in fourth grade.]


[*Note: It seems AFV videos may now not play outside the U.S. Here’s another (shorter) version to try. -Ed.]

Trés Chic, Chick, No?

blue pink hat 2015 chick  watermarked cute overloadThe only thing better than Cute Little Fuzzy Bebeh Peeps…are Cute Little Fuzzy Bebeh Peeps wearing hats. They’re NOT just for Easter anymore.

blue fascinator chick 2015 watermarked cute overload

chick blonde wig pink ribbon watermarked cuteoverload

steampunk hat 2015 4 watermarked cute overload
Thanks to Julie P.

Yes, This Is What An “Elfie” Looks Like

Yesterday, Vin The Pony snapped his own selfie…and today comes word that this Heffalump did the same thing, grabbing this fellow’s GoPro! Quoting the Yahoo! News Canada story, “I was taking photos and feeding the elephant bananas until I ran out of bananas and the elephant grabbed my GoPro while the camera was set to ‘timelapse,’” Christian LeBlanc wrote to Global News in an email. “This allowed the camera continuous shooting and enabled it to take the ‘elphie’!”

Stacy M. found this one!

“Ewe Go Ahead- We’ll Be Right There!”

A herd of sheep go for a stroll in Venice, Italy. Some of them decide to stop off for a quick nibble!


ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Edition): Gene Wilder

photo 1 (2)“I work at a vet and we were brought two baby birds found in a parking lot. Gene Wilder (shown here) seemed perfectly healthy. Our wildlife rescue won’t accept song birds, so I decided to feed him/her myself and release him/her in a bird friendly environment. Starting at sunrise, I fed Gene a mixture of mashed worms, baby bird supplements, and a liver based food every 40-60 minutes until sun down.”

photo 2 (1)
“When Gene started fluttering around and exploring, I knew it was time for the next stage. Song birds have a lot of instinct and after being released, Gene learned to catch bugs on his own, though he still occasionally comes up to us begging for food. Gene was a lot of work and I’m happy he/she did well, but I don’t recommend or encourage people to take and raise wild animals.” -Heather B.

photo 2 (2)

World Turtle Day

unnamed (1)Thanks to Wendy D., who reminded us that today is World Turtle Day!




All photos by Kyle Huber, who also has an Instagram page for “Turtle Tuesday.”

Caturday: Try The COUCH, Mister

[Don’t even THINK about sitting on the chair. You won’t like what happens next.]

“She loves to sleep in this place but i don’t know about the pillow like this. And her name is White.” -Pedro S.


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