Bunday Evening: Rule Of Cuteness #09

They do love to cuddle. - ImgurAnd that’s a wrap for the week here at Cute Overload. We’ll be back tomorrow morning with a lot more Cute! Meanwhile, cuddle up with this pile of Cute from Reddit. And remember Rule of Cuteness #09: “Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.”

I WONDER What’s Back Here?

They usually have that cargo lid in place. I’ve never looked back there…maybe I can juuuuusssst…..OOOMPH. OK, I’m done with THAT.

Say OMG!

The Many Moods Modes Of Crumble, Igor and Miu

First off, Quiet Mode. Two outta three ain’t bad when they’re kittehs.

Then, O HAI Mode. This is the typical look you get when you sneak up on them. They haven’t destroyed anything yet- but they will.

And….Maniac Mode. No explanation needed.

“My little bunch of Cuteness,” from Anna K.

A Conversation Between Two Heffalumps

Faa Mai: “Dok Mai, would you like to roll around in the mud?”

Dok Mai: “Sure.”

Sorry, What Was That You Said?

Can you repeat that for us?

“So I have another goat video for you. I swear it just happened. I don’t have a goat fetish or something.” -Elin N., Sweden.

Bunday Morning Comix

Clipboard01See more at Lingvistov.com/doodles.

Bunday: Prolly The BEST Bun Name Evarrrrrrr

13313946173_b435240bf1_o“I work for an historic organization in Savannah, GA. A school group was visiting our museum and found this Sweet Little Bun. We scooped her up after her mom abandoned the litter. She’s named Cannonball after our cannonball collection. [*Note: Naturally. -Ed.] We’re taking care of her with kitten formula and lots of love!” -Rachael H.


That’s one small step for a giraffe, a polar bear bebeh, rhinos, cows, OMG Ponies!!1!!11!!, and, well, a baby hoomin snuck in there, too.

As CutePorter Teri C. says, “Most awe-tastic moment for me was the polar bear. Warning, does include human baby! =P.”

Yeah, Those Are Beady Alright

Marshmallow-Broccoli“I saw your post -Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!? [Worlds Colliding.]
Here’s another case of both worlds colliding. I present to you my Ratso, Marshmallow, nomming on some broccoli.” – Nicole.

WHO’S A Hungry Stingray? WHO Is?

YOU are! So slide on up here and let’s have some munchies!


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