Caturday Afternoon: Face FORWARD, Please

enhanced-buzz-23126-1406319798-16[Look, I had enough of the Dog's whining. So I whacked him in the snoot. I ask you-----is that such a crime?]


Caturday: [Dude, You're Givin' Us A Bad Name.]

[Listen, pal. We're cats. CATS. C-A-T-S. King of the Jungle- Lion King, you know? Have you heard of it? We're aloof. Indifferent. We could couldn't care LESS. That's our bag, it's what we do. You dig? Good grief, next you'll be slobbering for a bone. Repeat after moi: 'CATS. DON'T. EVER. PLAY. FETCH.']

Love me some Meow, spotted by Smedley.

Hot Town, Summer In The City

It’s summertime in Nara, Japan. What do you do to cool off? Well, you plop right down in the street, naturally.

RocketNews 24 says “this is a regular occurrence in late July, with the deer strolling out of the park to ‘enjoy the coolness of the street.'”


From Andrew Y., who still never sleeps. Music by The Lovin’ Spoonful, man.

Caturday: “‘Ow U Like Le Chapeau, Cherie?”

[I peeked eet up at HERMES, eet is très chic, no?]

Via Christian B. Unknowing input from Hermie G.

Look Of Disapproval: Not For Buns Only!

Normally the Look Of Disapproval (#98: A look of disapproval is always cute) is associated with our Wascally Wabbit Friends. This fellow, though, wants you to know he’s up for some disapproving action too.

Found on The Facebookster by Smedley.


Clipboard01Friends come in all shapes and (extra-deluxe) sizes. Imgur.

Gonna Use Mugumogu’s Comments For This

They’re just too good not to use. (Maru and Hana comments in the hovers.)

“Hey Maru, because it is hot, a lot of your furs fall out.”

“So I make wigs for you.


“Which do you like?” Maru: [I match all.]

“Hey Hana, it is lent to you next.”

“Hana: [It's too hot!]“


Hi Five, My Man!

[Er...make that a LOW Five!]


Friday Afternoon Micro Pigsters

Because we can.

Just Two Pals Out For A Walk/Hop

This involves a Bun and a Cat, in Japan.

You KNOW something’s up here. Anyone care to translate? See comments, and どうもありがとう to うさこ.

From Love Meow, spotted by Pooter.


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