This Sqwerl Is Plane Crazy

Look at this little maniac. Boy is the FAA gonna get on his case…if they can ever find him, of course. (Really gets going about 1:10 in FYI.)

Now THIS is the real thing:

First video spotted at TO!

One Whale Of A Video

Q: What can match the regal elegance of one of the largest creatures on the planet?
A: Not a heckuva lot.

A Phantom quadrocopter was mounted with a GoPro camera to get this amazing video of a mother Humpback and her young calf off the Maui coast last week, as seen on The Here’s a site out of Puako, Hawaii that lets you listen to live Humpback Whalesong, right now!

Just…wow. From Susan M.

I’ll Have Some Avocado If U Please

U prolly woke up this morning and wondered, “Can a Possum do a Baroo?” (We know you did.) That mystery has been solved!

From Leslie G.: “Avocado was a rescue opossum and she definitely won over many hearts with this photo. I carried her in a pouch for months while she healed from a dog attack and so she could get accustomed to hoomins. She’s now an Animal Ambassador at the Museum where I work. Took this pic when she was just 3 months old or so.” Read all about it at NBC Los

THIS JUST IN: Maru In The Zone

The Circle probably has no idea where he is at this point. Bet he doesn’t care, either.




I Can Haz Carrot?

[Please give me a carrot, hoomin. I promise to tell all my friends about your house so they will drop off some Easter Eggs and candy in a couple months. Deal?]


We Won The Hockey Gold Medal…Eh?

[I think we just won the Men's Hockey Gold Medal- it wuz hard to watch the TV with this dang helmet, it kept slipping!]

Photo of Harry from Nikki Yanofsky’s FB.

This Pony Is Havin’ A BALL

Moon Pie Woman sent this one in. “This horse just got a new toy. What he does with it is the most AMAZING thing you’ll see all day!” We gotta agree there, OMG Ponies!!1!11!!


Need 2 Chill Out On A Caturday?

Kick back, turn the speakers up…for NINE HOURS OF KITTEH PURRING.

Mom Taxi XVIII: Schnozzle Power

As they say on ZooBorns, it’s time to hitch a ride…on The Mom Taxi! Buckle up n’ say hi to MJ, the newborn Tamandua!

MJ was born January 12th at the Staten Island Zoo.

His mother is DJ and his dad is EJ.

Shouldn’t he be named…FJ?

Photos by Steve Yensel, Staten Island Zoo. Music by Vanity Fare.

Caturday: X-Men Origins: Wolverine And Cyclops Kitteh

Gotta feel bad for that fly in the first one.

From Con-Cute-Cord Barb & Paul.