CAT is My Co-Pilot

OK, let’s run through the pre-flight checklist. Raybans? Check. Clif bars? Check. Got enough gas? Check. Brakes work? Check. So we can go up, and then we can stop when we get down. Oh, secure all felines prior to takeoff. OK! Up, up and away.

(Gizmodo Australia.)

BONUS IMGUR GIF ACTION recommended by Meg!

Z3fFFcj - Imgur

It’s Toesday (Scottish Fold Edition)

Folks, we got us some too-quality Toebeans in this video. Notice how Peenk -N- Delish the Beans are as this Scottish Fold Kitteh trys to nom the daylights out of this hoomin’s fingers. (Pro Teep: For better results, put a little peanut butter on ’em. Uh, the fingers, not the Beans.)

(DP&F Videos.)

How Do Sugar Gliders Learn How To Fly?

They go to Flying School, naturally.

(Andrew Y.)

Do You Remember Your First Time?

…doing…anything? Playing with yarn, doing your taxes, watching Star Wars? Luckily, all those firsts (and more) were captured ON VIDEO with these little kittehs! Enjoy.

They Said China Was Down Here??

[So I will dig and dig and dig and dig…huh. You know what, I think they were kidding.]

Meet Charlie The Chorkie

IMG_1140Can. You. Even. Believe. This. Face. People, meet Charlie The Chorkie, who is all of 1 and a half years old! (Cross between a Wah Wah and a Yorkie, natch.)

From Jennifer B.

U Got This Bed Just For Me…Right?

funny-cat-sleeps-baby-crib-finny-zoe-3[WOWSERS! Usually I just curl up on the sofa, or on the big window sill in the front, or maybe on your black cashmere sweater when you fold it nice and neat in the dresser drawer you forget to close. But THIS..well, I don’t know what to say. Except…get me a blanket and one of those little suck-suck things the bebeh hoomins use. And step on it, there’s a draft in here.]



Check out this edited nine-month video of The Cheese Patrol AKA Colby and Bleu, blasting around the kitchen corner heading towards the munchies. Those darn kitchen floors are tough on braking! Their first birthday is a month from tomorrow.

(The Squidster.)

Colour Their World

246-990x645Terrific story here, everyone. Artist Stefan Siverud has been decorating Snail Shells for several years as part of his Snailpimp project.

He uses safe, non-toxic paint for these designs. And they serve a purpose that’s more important than just decorative.

The bright imagery helps them stand out so they won’t accidentally get stepped on!











(As seen on My Modern Met and Design You Trust.)

NEW Maru: Serious Need For Box-Hab Here

Maru has never met an Ashai carton he didn’t like. Has a bit of a waddle problem at the end, when Hana arrives just to laugh at him.


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