Wah Wah Photobomb Action!

20150313_093720“Poncho & Chico chilling after breakfast. Photo taken by me yesterday morning.” -Julie H.

If U Won’t Bring Me The Caturday Noms…

[I guess I haz to come up and GET THEM.] #elevatorcat

Coco, U Can’t HAVE Pi Day Without The Decimal Point!

Some cats just do NOT get it.

♫ Off To See The Lizard ♬

[I’ve got to get ready for the Jimmy Buffett concert! Wait, I’m already dressed for it. All I need is one of those Parrothead hats!]

(Daily Mail.)

Caturday GIF Spectacular

output_hbJEoGEmma S’s cat Zigzag proposes a new Rule. “‘A thing accompanied by a floofier version of that thing is cute.’ I would like to introduce my little brother Loki. I feel that even though Loki doesn’t have nearly enough floof, he is still quite cute.”

P.S. (from Zigzag’s can opener:) “Hope you like these pics of our two fluff-piles. Ziggy is about 6 and wandered into our lives as a stray. A year ago he adopted Loki (now almost 2.)”

YAY For Pi(e) Day!

Today is March 14th, AKA 03/14 AKA 3.14 AKA…Pi (π). (Geek bonus: 03/14/15 @ 9:26:53 represents the first ten digits of Pi. This will not happen again in our lifetime.) And these puppehs want THEIR slice of the Pi. So to speak.



Pumpkin pie colored dog try 1


And of course, there’s always the…….Cow Pi. from Cow Tromboner Derek Klingenberg.

Photos from Dogster. Cow video discovered by Andrew Y on BuzzFeed.

But I Don’t WANT To Get Up

[I’m a GREAT DANE. If MARMADUKE doesn’t get up on Saturday mornings, I shouldn’t have to, either!!]


When I Grow Up….

…I wanna be a Cowboy in the Rodeo just like THOSE guys!!!


Bedtime For Doug The Pug



Try A Little Ranch Dressing On Those, Maymo

Last time we checked in on Maymo, he was fighting with Judge Judy. (Honest.) What comes next? Well, carrots, naturally. A good source of beta-carotene!


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