pugloafYou remember Catloaf from a week ago, right? Well, the dogs got all huffy about that and demanded equal time. So be it. (Mashable.)

Snorgles -N- Stuffies

Clipboard01Stuffies serve a real purpose at Edgar’s Mission in Australia. They give companionship to Bebeh ResQtes who are in desperate need of it! Check out more on this story here! Image from the EM FB.

Caturday Morning Comix: Diary Of a House Cat

Clipboard01(As seen on the Twitter of @KitTea_SF.)

Doggeh Dilemma

Your ball is in the pool. YOU don’t want to be IN the pool WITH it. Oh, look- the kid left his kiddie pool here. Hmmmmm.


Chilling Out In Haifa, Israel

IMG_1382“Dear C.O., here at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology we have the best students. Please meet the new batch of future seeing eye dogs for the blind that are being trained by the best and brightest future engineers! It’s a really neat volunteer program that places pups in loving homes of students whose job it is to love and train them to be good pups. Since we are in the Middle East and all, it’s getting pretty hot this summer. Check out these pups keeping cool! Photo credits to all the amazing students volunteering with these adorable pups! Meet Sansa (above) and Ugi (below.)” -Natalie M.


Ah-nold The Goat!

fisheye arnold“This is Arnold, my adorable 2-year-old Nigerian Dwarf Goat. He has an underbite due to misaligned jaw, which just skyrockets his Cuteness Value.” -Melissa from Blue Bell, PA.

LATE UPDATE! This is Arnold’s brother, Alfie.

Come On In! The Water’s Great!

…but I better not hear any of you guys peeing in the water! I mean it!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

TGIF: Massage, Anyone?

output_BwnIPK“I was watching the live stream that you posted in May, and the kitties held this pose for long enough that I was able to get a couple screenshots. It seems pretty caption-worthy.” -Mary.

Well, Mary- considering it’s precisely 5:00pm PT—I’d say it’s also TGIF worthy!

Tonkey The DogBear. Or BearDog.

DSC_0071small__880Tonkey The Shar Pei is in fact: 1) a DogBear. Or, 2) a BearDog. The top scientists at Cute Labs haven’t been able to make a determination as to which. We’ll get back to you.

Requisite social media accounts for Instagram and FB, of course.

(Oh, and let’s not forget: Rule of Cuteness #27 in FULL EFFECT. (“Chub.”)










(Bored Panda.)

So Cute, They Named Him Twice

image5Meet Gus Gus.

“This is my Gus Gus, he is a ten month old Shichon,” explains Kathleen H.

[*Note: Same type of puppeh as Mimzy from this morning. -Ed.]



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