You Cannot Resist The Power Of The Theo

IMG_3668Science Experiment time! Show this post to your friends. Watch what their initial reactions are, then note in “Comments.” I’m betting on “SQUEE!”


Here’s photos of my Mini Goldendoodle named Theo! He’s approximately 4 months now.” -Kelsey L. at Miami University, Oxford, OH.

Wanna Be IN The 2016 Cute Overload Calendar?

(Well, your pet, we mean.)

The 2015 C.O. Calendar is now available, and we’re already planning for the 2016 follow-up! If you’ve got a great animal photo- we wanna see it. Now, there are a few guidelines here.

* It has to be a large file size. No 16kb file sizes.
* It has to be razor sharp. Can’t emphasize this enough. It might very well be the cutest photo ever, but if it’s blurry, it’ll get whacked. It’s not personal Sonny, it’s strictly business.
* Please put “2016 Calendar Submission” in the subject line. If we love yours and want to move forward with it, we’ll send ya some more details.

Flickr Photo from Tommy O.

Welcome To Toesday, Maci!

photo“It was brought to my attention that I should include the word “Toebeans” in my submission that I sent you a few minutes ago, so here goes. This is Maci the Vizsla showing off her…Toebeans. Taken in Eden Prairie, MN. by Megan S.”

Let The Wookiee* Win

unnamed (1)“Hi, This is a picture of my dog, Wookie. He’s a 4 year old boxer dog. Hope you like him!” -Paula M.
[Note- Paula used the spelling as shown. The 2014 C.O. StyleGuide adheres to the proper Star Wars spelling as a rule. -Ed.]

Ultimate Grabby Hands ACTION!

Best :33 seconds you’ll spend all day. Stuffing the cheeks like you’re stuffing your cart at Costco is one thing, but the furtive little Grabby Hands are Max Redonk.

NEW Maru + Hana: “The Overload Box”

That’s what Mugumogu titled it. Well, she got HALF our name in there!

Rats Bats It’s Monday (Updated!)

If we can have it be Rats, It’s Monday- seems only fair to give these Prosh Lil’ Hanging Dudes equal time.




From Parade via Sender-Inner Cathy.


“This thread isn’t complete without the picture of a bat in Batman pajamas. Includes major side-eye action!” SKuo.


TurboRoo: Zoom Zoom!

TurboRoo The Wa-Wa was born without front legs. That would be a disadvantage for some folks. But TurboRoo has turned up the heat this summer, now blasting around with his own customer-made cart made from toy parts! Vets in Indianapolis assembled the little scooter with parts from a toy helicopter and a toy welding kit, according to Mashable.




Back To You, Anderson Pooper

So there’s this Prosh Weiner Dog with a bit of a disability issue, name of ANDERSON POOPER. That doesn’t slow her down one bit! (The disability, not the name.) Quoting the Laughing Squid, “Anderson competed in the Star 101.5FM 18th Annual Wiener Dog Races at Emerald Downs on July 13th. Donations to Animals With Disabilities, Anderson Pooper’s non-profit can be made online via PayPal.”


Quite Possibly The Most Gonzo Whackadoodle Kitteh EVER


(Carrie S., thanks for sending this. Saw it on FB but couldn’t use it!)


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