Frito, Where’s Your Frisbee?

Dude, look at your feet! You’re standing on it!

From Ryan S.

Which Side’s Gonna Blink First?

IMG_0595Think this is what is called a classic stalemate or staredown. “My name is Anastasia and I’ve been a fan of your site for awhile now. Meet my dog Willy, he is a 11 months old and a real bundle of joy. Since your theme for November is Nosember, I thought you may enjoy Willy’s pink and brown nose.”

Badder Than Ol’ King Kong…

DSC_0072Soon as I saw his name, I started hummin’ that song. You know, “big, bad, Leroy Brown..”


Nothing big OR bad about this little man. Please welcome Leroy to the pages of Cute Overload, from his hoomin Krystal B. Nice ear flop BTW.



National Dog Show Action!

nosevemberFrom the C.O. Mailbag, Clare C. writes thusly: “Hello C.O. Your site cheers me through my workdays! I was lucky enough to attend the Philadelphia Dog Show today. It’s a great show because you can meet the dogs when they are not in the ring! (Cuteness TSUNAMI!) Of course I took tons of pictures, but I have two that might be share-worthy because they seem to meet your rigorous C.O. guidelines.”

* “Attached please find a LOVELY spaniel (above, sorry I did not get his/her proper name) relaxing before going in to the ring. Clearly a candidate for Nosevember.”

* “Also, please see this Mastiff-ish guy (below) throwing some Serious Side-Eye.”


Oh, You Want To Cross The Stream, Do Ya?

[OK, lemme just check this out…hmmmm…ok…yeah…this seems fine NO THIS IS GREAT COME ON IN THE WATER’S FINE! WOO HOO!]

From VVV.

Waiter, There’s A Goldfish In My Tea

Well, of COURSE there is. Hard to believe, but these AREN’T from The Big J. Taiwan this time around, says Neatorama. NR goes on to say, “Each one is assembled by machine and hand in a 16-step process. Tug on the cotton string and the bag will appear to swim within your cup.”

OK, let’s see it.


Wendy M. also sent this in via Boing! Boing!!!

You Know How They’re All Forecasting Snow?

jammies_snow_01.16.2014They’re right. Just ask Jammies. “This is Jammies in north central Wisconsin- and he only knows one camera pose – Schnauzer first! Every month is Nosevember at our house.” -Melissa S.

FuBu SideEye

Fubu2“This is FuBu. He is a Lionhead Bunneh, and he is amazing. Quite the beautiful bouffant, don’t you think?” -Catherine G.


Rats, It’s Monday

DelennYou didn’t think we FORGOT about “Rats, It’s Monday,” did you? (We did.) “Delenn peeking out of the felted wool nest.” -From Jen on Flickr.

Monday Is For The Birds

output_4IjafnEspecially THESE Cute lil’ fellows (or ladies) practicing their Syncho-Baroo™. Photo by Dana G.


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