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National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Vol. IX

Got some more great stuff from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, which wraps up at the end of the month!

Suspicious Penguin by Isaac Pio:


A Mother’s Kiss by Michael Palmer:

download (1)

Baby Baboon by Henry Arbaugh:

download (2)

Thanks Mom! by Porus Khareghat:

download (3)

A Mother’s Patience by William Boughton:

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Maru & Hana As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

…from below!

Neck AND Butt Wiggle Combo ACTION!!!


From Paul P.

They’re BAAAAA-ck (Geddit?)

Those turbo-charged maniac hoofsters over at Sunflower Farm in the Great State O’ Maine know a bunch of great hay bales when they see ‘em.

It’s a Bebeh Goat Flood!!

Rats, It’s Monday!


“Judy The Wood Rat (top) and Gus Gus. Both arrived as orphaned babies with eyes still closed at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, CA. They don’t usually care for rats but couldn’t turn away a sweet baby in need.” -KB.

So Why Don’t They Use Ball Doggies?

You know, instead of Ball Boys and Ball Girls? Whatevs. Across The Big Pond, it’s time for Wimbledon. Georges The Goldie Puppeh can’t wait! (He prefers chasing Slazenger tennis balls, BTW.)

(Er, it seems he also follows..the World Cup.)

And the NFL.

AND….the NHL.

Goin’ At 500 NPM (Noms Per Minute)

IF you could get a speeding ticket for nomming too fast, these guys would be BUSTED.

The Squid with the win.

Pineapple Rules The Roost!

FUR_2954-X3This girl’s not on the adoption list at SF Animal Care And Control- she runs the office!

Photos by The Furrtographer, who says: “Pineapple flew into someone’s office window, so they brought her to ACC, no idea where she came from but she’s very sweet. She does live at ACC and is taken care of by the staff there.”




Oh, U Want A Piece Of ME?

Bring it ON, pal! And when we’re done, Mom is gonna have to toss BOTH of us in the tub!


Images from Trend