Can’t Keep This ‘Til Nosevember

hound-snoutMeet Frugal Hound The Greyhound. She NOSE she’s a good lookin’ puppeh. Look how she’s WORKIN’ that sweateuh and, sock.





Smedley found this one!

Bread Cat Missile (パン猫ミサイル)

The title of the video guarantees it a post here on C.O. The whackadoodle kitteh is just a bonus. Big J. Again.


(Boing! Boing!)

They’re Living Here Among Us

They eat our food. They sleep on our beds. They go and come as they please. What’s next? The truth is out there.

Starring: Peach. In a supporting role: Miss Kitty Fantastico. Video by Lauren S.

Sir Toodles + Side-Eye Action!!!

IMG_20150221_165544The ears, the Side-Eye, just too much. S.T. is obviously not stuck in Boston, either. Pal, you just got yourself your own tag.

It’s Time For My Late Afternoon Nap, OK?

So leave me alone. Unless you’ve got a bone for me.

Because U Can Never Have Enough Frenchies

IMG_8187That might need to become a new Rule Of Cuteness- it’s an absolute truth. Whitney R. tells us, “I work at the Oregon Humane Society. I recently sent you pictures of my supervisor’s puppy Bear, and I promised to send you some pictures of my two French bulldogs. My Frenchies are named D’Artagnan (brindle) and Montague Marshmallow (cream.) In regular life, they are known as Darty and Google, or Dartles and Goober, or Turtles and Goose.”

“They go by many names! As you can see, they are besties and love each other very much. Their favorite activities are wrestling, napping, snoring, begging for treats, and, of course, being absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing my pups’ cuteness with the world.”


OK, We Gotcha

Last night, we saw Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo waking up everyone in the house. Today, Gotcha returns to let you know he has…gotcha.

Paul & Barb sent this in. “Sigh. Now we want a cockatoo also. To go with the goat, pig, horse, dog(s) and more cat(s) we need to acquire from years of bathing in Cute Overload. Love this website. Love Love Love. Always makes us smile.”

♬ All In All It’s Just A…’Nother Pup In The Wall ♫

image (1)I’ve never had the privilege to visit The Big J, but I imagine you would see something new every day. Like, er, puppehs yawning in a wall. “I live in Tokyo and I saw these two dogs on my way to the local park,” Rachel H tells us. “I’m not sure what sort of dog they are but they’re pretty big and super cute!”

Apologies to R. Waters.

The Return Of The Scooting Bebeh Trunkster!

It’s a great day to be a Lil’ Trunkster, isn’t it? Let’s devote the entire morning to dragging yourself over that log. [*Note- you must turn your speakers up for some truly Epic Heffalump Squeaking. Off the chart. We’re bold-facing this so you don’t miss it. -Ed.]


Cats. Cats. And More Cats.

Besides the fact you’ll love this video, this tune will get stuck in your head and stay there for the rest of the day. (“Excusez-moi” by the Triciclo Circus Band.)



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