Bug Dude: WHAT! IS! THAT?

LeafBug1“This little dude oozed its way onto our car the other night, and my husband was fascinated with it. We don’t know what it is, but my husband had to bring it home for my bug-loving son to see. The video was taken on top of the car, and the pictures are of Bug Dude being inspected closely on my son’s delicate fingers. Bug Dude has since been released into the wild to become whatever beautiful butterfly it’s supposed to be.” -Chris and Betsy D.

“Hey Honey? Did You Vacuum The Living Room?

“Yeah, I took care of it- just sent the Roomba in there. BTW, where’s the puppeh, do you know?”

Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Al!

Mr_Charlie_Farnsbarns“This is Mr. Charlie Farnsbarns, one of our many wild backyard residents. My Irish mother-in-law discovered and named him during a recent visit to see us in Simi Valley, CA. We took pictures of him for her to take back over the pond as a souvenir of her trip. Is there a Cuteness Rule for great big teethy smiles? [*Note: Nope. -Ed.] I think he’s smiling because my mother-in-law kept feeding him toast and pastry for breakfast!” -Erin H. (Pic by William G.)

[*PS- In case you’re the one person who doesn’t get the header. -Ed.]

How Was Your First Day Of Hamstergarten Today?

It looks like school is gonna be a LOT of fun this year!


Puppehs. Pigs. Paradise. Home Depot.

Almost exactly two years ago, we showed you Puppehs ‘N’ Pigs in the Bahamas…absolutely the place where you wanna go to get away from it all. (Think Beach Boys- “Kokomo.”)

Well, the guys (Tig & Sparky Bobo) are back. Not nearly as glamorous a location, nope. No palm trees, no drinks with the little umbrellas, no sand, no cool tropical breezes. Just…concrete. Watch where yer steerin’ there, Sparky….and you guys buckle up. (No animals were harmed in this shopping trip.)

Videos from Catherine C.

ResQte Of The Week: Help Bring Kaly To Canada She’s Arrived!

IMG_8012Remember the story of Kaly, the little puppeh in India who was in the process of trying to get to her new hoomin in Canada? (See here and also here.) Well…SHE MADE IT! Let’s let Jade L. tell us how it all wrapped up….

“Kaly just made it home safely to Canada thanks to you Cute Overload!!!! She’s so happy here!!! She was reunited with her friend Taj who lived with her in the kennel in India and they are best friends-husband and wife. I can’t thank you enough! Kaly’s chance of survival in India was very low given that she is very small, female, and 80% blind! She is my little unicorn I will love her forever. We have saved her life!!!

“Two weeks ago Dr. Marylin messaged me and told me that the embargo had finally been lifted! We made arrangements and got Kaly a crate; she boarded a plane in Goa 5 days ago. She made one stop in Doha for 12 hours and landed in Montreal 36 hours later.”

“I took two of my very best girlfriends and we drove 6 hours to Montreal to pick her up. When I took her passport and papers to customs, the officer said ‘I’m not going to charge you anything because you’re doing a good deed. She is a lucky dog’!”

“When I first saw her she was sleepy but super excited. She loves the car and spent the whole drive home sleeping on our laps. Now she’s happy in my home. She sleeps in her bed with her stuffed unicorn and she plays at the park with her friend Taj from India and she’s a happy pup!”


“Take ME Out To The Ballgame? Why?

12004792_909136612455410_5408791158629487747_nThat’s what Grumpy Cat seems to be thinking and she was the guest of honor, “throwing out the first pitch” at yesterday’s Arizona Diamondbacks game with the SF Giants.






Photos from MLB.com and Twitter.

Thanks, BUB- Good JOB! #CO10

cute overlord tenth anniversaryCOTENLARGEAs we mentioned earlier, this month is C.O.’s 10th Anniversary- September 26th, 2005. And we’d like to thank C.O. Hall of Famer Lil’ BUB and her hoomin Mike B. for the kind email and photo! We’d like you to send in your favorite posts from the last ten years! (Just email us a URL with the specific post.) Then on September 26th, we’ll run ’em all day long! The Best Of The Best, chosen by You, our Best Peeps!

New Maru/Hana: What Did You Do On Labor Day?

Maybe just sacked out in the hammock like Maru and Hana here? (IF you are in the US/Canada and had the day off, of course.)


C.O. Trading Cards #17: Edgar’s Mission

Number Seventeen in our series of C.O. Trading Cards comes from Edgar’s Mission in Australia! Collect the entire set- you’ll find ’em here! CLICK BELOW TO SUPER SIZE!!



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