Definitely One Of Those “O HAI” Posts

There’s not a lot of, well, ACTION going on in this video. Just Ohagi and some Zen Whackadoodle Eyes BORING INTO YOUR VERY SOUL.

[*Note: Haven’t we seen that fire truck before? -Ed.]

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. VIII

Both Cats Porch (2)Been almost a year since we’ve heard from MGG and LB (AKA sidekick Lady Bubbles) and their hoomin Nathan G. was kind enough to send this bandwidth-crushing update. “Both cats are doing well,” he writes. “They’ve recently got radio frequency trackers, so when Bubbles is out too long on one of her adventures across the street at the abandoned amusement park I can go find her. They also help when I want to find Magilla Glub Glub, though he’s usually just sleeping under one of our bushes.”

Bubs Laundry (2)
“Here’s one of Bubbles helping with the laundry (above) and Glub Glub reveling in the fact that Rwanda has perfect weather year round (below.)

Glub Under Palm (4)

Man, This Dumb Page Won’t Load!!

IMG_5654[I wanna see some LOLCats videos! Or something! Can SOMEone check the DSL modem?]
From KB: “Meet Monkey the Blue Frenchie, the official mascot of social media agency, Village&Co. in Vancouver B.C. Canada! BTW these are not my photos, they’re from Justin (Monkey’s manservant.)”

Bambi ‘Tocks Spotted In Maryland!

Wildlife 019‘Tocks are not just for ‘Tocktober, you know. “Yesterday evening, we had a small group of white-tailed deer visit our house. They were right outside our house, nibbling our bushes and peeking in our windows like fuzzy peeping toms! Here are a couple of shots for you, all taken through our windows. It was a rainy day here in Maryland on Friday and the photos are at dusk, hence the mood lighting. Enjoy! One is a close up of a little guy/gal peeking in the window, the other shot is near our driveway.” -Liz K.

Wildlife 024

Headline THIS: “If They Prick Us Do We Not Squee?”

10152466_1038995326113820_6709401928105646252_n(UPDATE 1:05pm PT: Gigi The Cat lady scores with that header in today’s Headline THIS! More coming soon!)

Paulette B. posted this on on the C.O. FB page. Give us your best headline in the Comments section, and we’ll post the best one at 1pm PT. Promise.


Ain’t nothin’ like it. (*Make sure speakers are UP.) Folks, this is Fiete. He lives on a sanctuary in Germany. This was a good day for him.

[*Note- This video was discovered on YouTube and was uploaded by StiftungHofButenland. We re-uploaded it due to comment thread that accompanied the original. -Ed.]

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Cheongju, South Korea

Ashley G. is geeked up! Tell us why, AG: “I visited a Cat Café in Korea on Saturday and got to play with some adorable cats! I attached a couple photos and included the link to my blog post about it.”




If You Go™

Addy: Er, take your best shot.

Cost: 8,000 Won. (Little over $7 USD.)

Phone: +82 70-7121-5235

Social: Can’t find a thing.

Ultimate Game Of Cat & Mouse

The game has been played between these two combatants for centuries now. And once more, the old rivals do the dance they do so well- playing the game of CAT…& MOUSE.

Pickles (With Terrific Ear Floppage) & Lilly

IMG_20150304_155106“Here are my dogs Pickles and Lily. Pickles is the blonde one (above and second photo) and Lily has the brown patches. They really love each other (Mostly. Except when Pickles looks too delicious for Lily not to chomp his ears) and make our lives happier every day. They love the videos from C.O. (especially the ones with SOUNDS.) Thanks C.O. you guys make my day!” -Karen H.



Pizza. Not Just For Hoomins Anymore.

Next time you’re dialing up 1-800-NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA CHAIN HERE…don’t forget a slice for your lil’ buddy, K?


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