Life Hacks For Cats

In the midst of all this #NATIONALPUPPYDAY hysteria, we discovered this IMPORTANT Cat-centric video. Plop your cat down in front of your 27″ iMac and tell ’em to pay attention. They’ll ignore you, but you can pat yourself on the back for having made the useless effort.

“Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier? Then follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litter box, and get away with pretty much anything. Brought to you by Shorty, Kodi and Raul.”

You Can KEEP Your Tennis Ball!

[I’D rather play fetch with these, er, binoculars! Yeah, that’s it! What do they do, anyways?] #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

Stop What You’re Doing RIGHT NOW And Watch This

A public service from C.O.

National Puppeh Day: How A Lazy Goldie Plays Fetch

Why do all the work if the hoomin will do it for you, right? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

Lazy Goldie playing fetch. - Imgur
Spotted by Arne.

A Portrait In Puppy Perfection

SONY DSCWhen I saw the featured photo, the first thing I though of was “Boo has grown up” or perhaps “Teddy Bear?” Ah, wrong on BOTH counts. Meet Rosie, perfect for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.

hello puppy
Gina C. says, “Her cuteness reminds me of a red panda. She is a spunky, sweet, sassy and silly Japanese Akita growing up in the great Pacific Northwest.”

“She even has her own Facebook fan page.”

“I think she’s puppy perfection, but I MAY be ever so slightly biased!”

Week 7-7

National Puppeh Day Is Today!

That’s what they tell us! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a……gang of GOLDIES! Who’s WITH me?? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.

NEW MARU (And Hana) Starring In….

…”Maru&Hana10.” Mugumogu doesn’t spend a lot of time on the video titles, but she DOES know how to capture the fun of these two nut jobs. And she does know how to keep a clean house.

Headline THIS: Labradorable

[*Update 4:37p PT: Sorry for the late update here. Life got in the way. Doug’s “Will Smile For Bacon” was good, but Rhonda B. is right- “Labradorable” is tops. First time I’ve won. -B.]

Scroll down to the comments and leave your best headline- we’ll update about 1pm PT! WHO’s the happiest doggeh? WHO is? YOU are!! #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.


Rats, It’s Monday In London

noodles“Please consider my Sweet Baboo, Noodles, for your next ‘Rats, It’s Monday.’ This photo was taken when he was enjoying a lovely stay at Crumpets Animal boarding in London. Many thanks, Liezl R.”

Lights Out, Little One

And…..that’s a wrap for another week of The Cute here at Cute Overload. Lots of fun stuff ahead on Rats, It’s Monday, like a NEW Maru & Hana, a new Headline THIS!, and..tomorrow is National Puppeh Day! As you prepare to hit the hay, take a minute :46 seconds to watch this Lil’ Furball do the very same thing.


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