Gonna Need Some Clean Up On That Window Sill

(Great Batman collar, right? That might be ’cause his name is BRUCE WAYNE!)

What Do U Get When You Combine An Owl Nest & A GoPro?

Well, you get this!

OK, Willya Look At That Little Fuzz Head

image003Saturday, August 30, the first Chilean Flamingo chick of the season was born at the San Francisco Zoo. The Zoo says there are now a total of four new fluffy white chicks in the Flamingo rookery. “A successful breeding season indicates that the flock is healthy and happy,” said San Francisco Zoo Curator of Birds Dominick Dorsa II. “We’re so excited about the hatching and look forward to getting to know each of our adorable new arrivals.”

Well, SOMEone’s Wearing Their Cranky Pants

[*Note: They're not really fighting. They're just a little grumpy. -Ed.]

Why does this little furball sound like a clarinet to me?

From: “The Original Jane.”

Kim P. Has Her C.O. Calendars- Do U?

Posted to the C.O. FB page! “I just bought the Wall and Mini Calendar today! So happy to see it back!!!!! I LOVE every single animal I see on here. Thanks for coming back!! :D :D :D” -Kim P.


Don’t (just) take Kim P.’s word for it- order yours today! Operators aren’t ACTUALLY standing by- that’s just an expression.

ResQte Of The Week + Look O’ Disapproval!

IMG_5298Whoa, that is one withering look of disapproval in the above photo! What’s the story here, Karen M.? “My dog, Misty, found a little bird that had flown into our window.”

“I held it for a while to warm it up and allow it to get its wits back together. It seemed to appreciate the attention and after about 5 minutes, it was able to fly away.”


Thirsty? Or Need To Take A Quick Shower?

This puppeh will show you how to do BOTH at the very same time.

Boing! Boing!!!!

HOW Do They Know To Head For The Water?

In honor of the fact it’s…hmmm…what can we say- in honor of…OK, Thursday; watch about a zillion 150 Bebeh Turtles ZOOM towards the beach and take the plunge. #Totesadorbs.

Have you ever seen 150 turtles being born? from Leon Duplay on Vimeo.

As seen on Digg.

They Got Some Big Ol’ Disapproval Down In Texas, Ya Hear?

frog bath2“I took these photos after a light rain. The frog was enjoying a bath under the down spout. He’s not my pet, and he doesn’t have a name.” -Andrea in Houston.

U Like My Hat?

picdump-1202-28[I was wandering through this yard and they had like A WHOLE LOT of them, so I..well, I bit off a couple of 'em and plopped 'em on my head.]


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