:44 Seconds Of Sleeping Buns

Didn’t see this in time for Bunday, but we didn’t wanna wait ’til NEXT Bunday to show you this, either. This is Rikka and Yui, and they’re sleepy. Shhhhhhhh.

From WVL.

Ready For Some Reptiles?

The gist of the Bored Panda story is, “Reptiles Can Be Cute, Too.” We happen to agree 100%!








Got Any Christmas Gifts You Haven’t Opened Yet?

If you do, just give Benny a call, and he’ll be right over!


Leon Trotsky Voted Most Influential Animal Of 2014

The end of the year is when all the awards start rolling in, and Huffington Post has chosen Edgar’s Mission Hoofster Leon Trostky as the “Most Influential Animal” of the year.

Number two on the list was none other than another friend of Edgar’s Mission- Frostie The Snow Goat, who we all have a fond memory of. :)


GIF from HuffPo.

Rats, It’s Monday

If you want to sleep in, little pal- we understand.


As seen on Deviant Art, from user LilTina.

Snow: The Greatest Thing EVER

You probably don’t recall the very first time you experienced snow. Most likely, it went something..like..this. (Speakers up.)

(The Daily Dot.)

That’s A Wrap For The Week!

Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted! We’re back tomorrow with another Rat’s It’s Monday full o’ The QTE- and ’til then, we’ll leave you with Gaia The Prosh Bulldog, who is happily dreaming about…something. ‘Nite, all!

[*Note- Speakers, up, please. -Ed.]


Definite Rule Of Cuteness #99 Spotted!

This is Zeus. According to Ancient Greek Mythology, Zeus is “the god of sky and thunder.” Well, I don’t know about that- but I do know a Peeping Tongue when I see one! Outrageous Side-Eye, too.


World Cup Material Here, For Sure

Spotted this video on Tastefully Offensive. They say this is Tsubasa-kun The Penguin, showing off some mad soccer skillz at the Matsue Vogel Aviary Park in Shimane, Japan. And that’s fine. But..we ran the YouTube text through the trusty Google Translate, and got:

It was held the football World Cup Brazil tournament. In order to support the Japanese representative in Matsue Vogel Park, the Samurai Blue uniforms and we have a walk dressed. Meanwhile, I was taken with exceptionally great show playing penguin videos because we (the name is Tsubasa-kun!!) stomach.

Peeping Tom Panda

When you’re born short and squatty, you gotta do what you gotta do, if you wanna take a look at the big world out there!

Baby panda struggles to see


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