The Nosevember Submissions Are Rollin’ Een!

FullSizeRenderThanks for all the great emails/images- keep ‘em coming! (Please?) This one just arrived: “We love his little white V! As someone on C.O. commented on a previous Bogart post, it’s like an arrow showing you where to Boop!” -Andrea S.

The Secret Of Maru’s Cow REVEALED

Blue Footed Booby noticed in the earlier Maru video that, in fact, the mysterious cow we see in most of the videos has a map of the world on it! And so it does:

So, applying a little logic (a lot of boxes in Mugumogu’s house, yo) we checked the site, and….bingo.

Cost is $52 USD and change as of this writing, according to the converter.

NO idea if they’ll ship worldwide.




Go Ahead, I’m Listening!

[You might say I’m all ears.]


Mail Online.

Schnozzles NEEDED!

shutterstock_127812575The end of ‘Tocktober 2014 is fast approaching, and you Nose what THAT means. We need your best Pet Schnozzles photos! All month long, we’re going to feature a varity of Prime Prosh Probosci. (Is that a word? The plural of “Proboscis?”) Anyways, you know what to do! Featured Bun Photo via Shutterstock.

Ever Had An Annoying Lil’ Brother…

…who tagged along and followed you everywhere? Yeah, it’s like that.

Totally T.O.

I NOSE I Left It In Here Somewheres…..

[Ah! I found it!!!! My BACKPACK!!!!!]

Hey! Who You Callin’ Shortcake?

13891815832_67470548aa_o[Update 12:15pm PT: We have this week’s winner! Christine C. for “Hey! Who You Callin’ Shortcake?” Stay tuned, more giveways coming soon! -Ed.]

That’s right! We’ve got another pair of 2015 C.O. Calendars to give away! You know how it works by now- write up your best header for the above photo. We’ll accept entries in the Comments section ’til Noon PT. Then we’ll choose our favorite and the C.O. Calenders will be on their way to you! (Feature photo of Gambit from Mailyn T.)

[Mercedes M. finally got hers, by the way- she won this contest back on September 8th, and thru some miracle they FINALLY made it thru customs- and everyone is happy. Except…Azumi: “They got here but were retained in the customs office because it weighs more than 500 grams and, I imagine, has “Amazon” packaging, so…they assume I did an overseas purchase. Here’s a photo of me and my cat Azumi, who is totally disapproving of the whole thing. I wanted these so much!”]



In a new twist on Mugumogu’s video routine, we get a Maru question and answer sesh.

Rats, It’s Monday

shutterstock_59663122The last Rats, It’s Monday for ‘Tocktober. This time next week….Nosevember! (He’d qualify for that, too!) From Shutterstock.

We Go Out For The Treats Now?

Foxy WitchNo, Miss Foxy Brown, you haz to wait ’til Friday night!

“Happy Friday! With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I’d submit this photo of Miss Foxy Brown rocking her witch costume. Have a great weekend.” -Tonya N.


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