Go Seahawkz Go?!

Updated! The Big Game is well underway over, and Crusoe The Doxie is getting pretty wound up at this point really had a good time. Until the very end.

Should I Deflate My Helmet?

SlOUiAy[‘Course, then it wouldn’t fit so well and all.] (Reddit.)

You Want Me To Fetch THIS?

[I NOSE today is the Super Bowl and all, but don’t you have something like a nice little tennis ball?)

Football for scale - Imgur

Puppy Bowl XI: Game ON

Today is the day for Puppy Bowl XI! It’s Team RUFF vs. Team FLUFF for ALL the marbles dog biscuits! Kickoff is set for today at 3pm PT/6pm ET on Animal Planet.

First: The Pre-Game Show:

And let’s not forget Halftime, with none other than Katty Furry:

C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month: February 2015

Just click on the image of the puppeh, then save to your ‘Puter! More here, too!

Original photo from Shutterstock.

Bunday Morning Comix

cat-logic-funny-69__605(As seen on Bored Panda; originally done by Chaos Life.)

Caturday Night Texting

2369136756_0116a000d9_oOf course, you can’t actually text your cat. Or maybe…you can. Maybe they’re just…ignoring you.





(BuzzFeed Animals : feature photo from Flickr.)

We Know Who THIS Guy Is Pulling For

The Seattle Aquarium is at it again! Last year they brought us Marshawn Pinch, named after the star Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch. This season, Harbor Seals Barney, Siku and Q (no, we don’t know who is who- no jersey numbers) are getting fired up for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.




[*Note: In the interest of fair coverage, we contacted both the New England Aquarium and Zoo New England, but we didn’t hear back. -Ed.]

UPDATE: This little feller just in from the New England Aquarium!


Who Do Ya Like Tomorrow, Kodi?

Kodi The Kitteh makes his choice for the winner of The Big Game between the Seahawks and Patriots in this totally unscientific absolutely-guaranteed-to-make-you-a-zillion-dollars -if-you-bet-the-house-on-it video.

Caturday: Yes, Those Are Wine Glasses

No, we don’t know why they are there. It’s Japan.


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