Wombat Wednesday (Christmas Edition)

And now……..for something completely different.

(Image from Bat**** Crazy News.)


Reindog IX: Chico

Don’t think Chico would be able to crank up enough horsepower to lead Santa’s team on the 24th- but he darn sure can be Santa’s co-pilot! “This is Chico who looks forlorn and confused because I’m making him wear this reindeer/antler polar fleece lined sweater and it’s so warm outside that we have the windows open. It’s tough being a dog. (And below is Pancho, who is not too sure about the Christmas tree.”) -Julie H.

2015-12-12 11.03.17

Reindog VIII: Spike

I admit, this isn’t the usual antler-ish Reindog look- buuuuut it’s close enough. You can almost read Spike’s mind here, can’t you? “Why you do this green thing to me?” This photo comes from Tammy L., who adds “Hi there! Thought you might like this one of Spike in the holiday spirit!” [*Note: Or not. -Ed.]

C.O. Bun Cafe World Tour: Tokyo

After a brief hiatus, our Bun Cafe World Tour returns to its old stomping grounds of Tokyo. Karen writes, “I must share one of the cutest experiences while on vacation in Japan earlier this month. This is a video of the bunnies at Mimi Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo, arguably the most well-known cafe for the cutest and most friendly bunnies. For a small fee, you get to enter a surreal world where the bunnies (including babies!) roam about the premises, and many will get super-snuggly with you in attempt to get your attention and food!”

[*Note: Works for us. We’ve actually covered Mimi once before, back in May. But the video was too good to pass up. -Ed.]

If You Go™
What: Mimi Bun Café.
Where: Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-13-9, Karasukoma #2 Bldg 8F. (Google Map.)
Phone: 070-5079-3841.
When: Open 11am-10pm daily.
$: Cover charge is Y800 for 30 minutes, and Y1200 for 60 minutes (Y1300 on weekends.)
Misc: Website.

Dinnertime For BUB

Slowly, stealthily she creeps across the couch, and then chows down on some BUB SOUP. Good JOB, BUB!

All I Want For Christmas….Is A Goat

Well, I don’t know what to say about this. So I’m just gonna toss ‘er out there. Because Goats.

[*Note: This IS a real thing. Listen to the entire album on Spotify. According to their website, “ActionAid is an international movement working for global justice and sustainable development.” -Ed.] And oh look. We’ve got more videos.

Back side cover

Back side cover2
From Concord Barb & Paul.

Christmas In OZ: Santa’s Little Elf!

If there’s one puppeh that drives me nuts (causeIwantonesobad) it’s a Maltese. Having said that, meet Bella Fi-Fi.

IMG_3994 (2)
“Hope you will consider sharing pics of our beautiful baby Bella Fi Fi (Maltese X) counting down to her first Christmas. (Bella is a friend of Phoebe – they ‘work’ in the same office.) Merry Christmas!” -Kath B.


What’s Under The Tree, Timo?

[Looks like someone got me a Dog for Christmas. Sick sense of humor if you ask me.]

Whippet Good

What would Christmas be without some Christmas Whippets? Well, we wouldn’t have that Oakley-worthy headline, for sure. “Hi there, these are my very patient Whippets posing for yet another Christmas photo. L to R, we have Radish, Bug, Pixie, and Cheeky. Happy Howlidays!!! Allie and the Whippet Girlz.”

Looking Prosh In Pasadena!

Just the right size for a Christmas stocking, no? “I would like to submit some photos of our shelter kittens in their new Holiday Sweateuw. These kittens are hoping the sweateuws will help get them a home for the holidays. Photos are credited to Pasadena Humane Society. Thanks for your consideration.” -Jamie H.