If You Lose Your Luggage At LAX Or SFO…

…you might be outta luck. However, if you’re at the Amsterdam airport Schiphol, you have a shot thanks to this intrepid little fellow. Update: Well, well, well.

From Anne M.

Look Into My Eyes

pixiebowl1“This is my maniac cat, Pixie. She claimed ownership of this funky wooden bowl soon after we brought her home from the animal shelter. She enjoys boxes and bags, too, but nothing beats the bowl! Note the soft fluffeh crossed paws. (ROC #50.) We hope you think she’s cute! :) -Renee.”


Riley The Mountain Climbing Corgi

20140601_180408Can you EVEN get past that Terrific Corgi Ear Action? (Sigh.) Let’s hear from Katharine M. “He’s riding high in a backpack on the way to Echo Cliffs, a sport climbing area near Malibu. He only gets backpacked when the trail gets really steep. He is one tough mountain-climbing all-terrain low-to-the-ground vehicle of Cute!”

That photo sets you up for a little bit o’ GoPro action with the man himself. Go, Riley, go!

Photo credit: Peter and Charlie.

The Non-Adventures Of Libby

15146164749_b2486e5c31_oWhat’s that you say, Libby? You DON’T want to go kayaking with your pal Lottie the black pug? We would not EVER have guessed!

[Double Rules here---#95 and #99. -Ed.]

Photo by Chris K., sent in by Emma K.

Simon Cowell* Saves Bebeh Swan!

[Quick overview- a Bebeh Swan is stuck in a fence- they do show this- but the rescue is amazingly Cute. Just letting you know. -Ed.]

A fellow named Simon Cowell* (not THAT one- this one is a nice guy whoops, “chap”) happens to be director of the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey, UK. He got a call during dinner about the Bebeh Swan being stuck and all, so he drove right over to help out. The fence wasn’t the ONLY problem he had. And just wait ’til the Swan ‘Tocks Waggle at the end.

22 Words.

Puppeh Posters

People, take a look. Artist Lili Chen has created these doggeh drawings grouped by country. Head over to My Modern Met to learn how you can buy these!

doggiedrawings10 (1)







Belle? DO U Wanna Go Outside?

“No? Is that what you’re saying? Not today? OK, dear.”

“These are photos are of our Cavalier/Maltese Belle. She is allowed on the couch (sofa) on her blanket but not on the cushions. The cushions ended up on the floor, so Belle took full opportunity to make use of the technicality that if they are on the floor they are surely intended for her. But the side-eye look of guilt says it all.” Cheers, Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)

It’s Late, And All Ya Wanna Do Is Chillax

I must say in all candor I’d not heard that word before, so I had to look it up: (figured it was a cross between ‘chill out’ and ‘relax,’ but still.) And I must say, this BEBEH PIGSTER is doing just that, is he not?

A Lil’ Somethin’ For Everyone

Usually (but not always) posts on C.O. focus on a particular animuhl. However, in this case, Cuteporter Roland V. received an assortment of images from a friend and he sent them our way.



noname (1)

noname (2)


And The Award For Best Synchronized Nomming Goes TO…

….Guinea Pigsters Rufus (Grey Rex) and Stanley (Brown Crested)! [*Note: Speakers UP for the Crunching and Snorting. -Ed.]

From Su-May.


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