Nuts! I Lost My Keys…

[ will someone be so kind as to let me in?]

From Stuff I Stole From The Internet.

I Don’t Haz Good Feeling About This

[I is a young kitteh, and they say I had to go to the vet. Who is this vet person? Do they have treats for me?]

From The BuzzFeed FacebookFeed.

ResQtes Around The World!

What we have here (start the video around 1:11) is a little Swedish kitteh who decided he/she wanted to go on a three hour tour by stowing away on the water jets at the bottom of this Stockholm ferry. Read this article in Google Chrome and it will do the auto-translayshe for ya. (Unless you understand Swedish, of course.) Naturally, allt är väl som slutar väl! (all’s well that ends well!)

Then, we head down to Florida where this little one-week-old panther kitten suffering from hypothermia was rescued!

First video from Julie S. and second video from Kimberly P.

A Sticky Situation!

Tired of getting the


from your kitteh? Take a clue from this enterprising fellow and grab a stack of Post-It™ Notes! (If your kitteh reacts, shall we say, unfavorably, don’t blame us.)






From The Panda.

Dude That’s The Funniest Thing Evah

[Speakers up] Cut it out! Yer killin’ me! I mean it!

Via Wendy M.


Can’t wait ’til Bunday for this. Watch it right now.

Frances G.: “When I saw it I knew that I had to share it with the Cute Overload world!!! And the fact that I found it on Bunday…I think it was meant to be.” (Mebbe an encore presentaysh sorta kinda?)

Dine In, Or Take Out?

[Sneef? I am thinking dinner is in here. I better check it out.]

[Anyone watching?]

[And......down we go.]


[Om nom nom.]

[Filet of Fish!]

[Allll mine, baby.]

Photos from Charles Bertram,

This Sqwerl Is Plane Crazy

Look at this little maniac. Boy is the FAA gonna get on his case…if they can ever find him, of course. (Really gets going about 1:10 in FYI.)

Now THIS is the real thing:

First video spotted at TO!

One Whale Of A Video

Q: What can match the regal elegance of one of the largest creatures on the planet?
A: Not a heckuva lot.

A Phantom quadrocopter was mounted with a GoPro camera to get this amazing video of a mother Humpback and her young calf off the Maui coast last week, as seen on The Here’s a site out of Puako, Hawaii that lets you listen to live Humpback Whalesong, right now!

Just…wow. From Susan M.

I’ll Have Some Avocado If U Please

U prolly woke up this morning and wondered, “Can a Possum do a Baroo?” (We know you did.) That mystery has been solved!

From Leslie G.: “Avocado was a rescue opossum and she definitely won over many hearts with this photo. I carried her in a pouch for months while she healed from a dog attack and so she could get accustomed to hoomins. She’s now an Animal Ambassador at the Museum where I work. Took this pic when she was just 3 months old or so.” Read all about it at NBC Los