Friday Afternoon Haiku: Will Work For Peanuts

DSC_0134Backyard banditos
have no problem when it comes
to stealing peanuts


“Cubby was a squirrel who helped me rake leaves all fall so he was rewarded for his hard work, writes Don W.

UPDATE! Don also sent in this YouTube clip:

“A Meow Parlour Adoption Story” By Erika H.

IMG_1602“My partner Gordon and I rescued a friendly stray cat off the street about a year ago. He tolerates us calling him Thermilvden (Below, black and white tuxedo, and a name made up over 30 years ago.) As soon as we heard about N.Y. getting a Cat Café we booked an appointment at the Meow Parlour to find a friend for Thermilvden.”

“My partner didn’t get to visit the Meow Parlour at first, so upon a second visit we ended up choosing Julian (Featured photo, and next three photos below,) the star of the Café. After hearing about all of his antics he sounded like the perfect match. We felt guilty taking the best cat, but we knew we’d be giving him an amazing home.”


“We were ready to introduce the boys slowly but it was obvious that through a crack under the door they wanted to meet right away. We opened the door and it was instant bromance. They ran up and down the hallway for hours on end. Julian (we renamed him Morf, short for Anamorphic since we are in the film biz and he has a knack for stretching out pretty flat) has brought instant peace and joy to our home.”

“Our family now feels complete. The boys love to snuggle, clean each other, and wrestle all over the apartment. It turns out that coincidentally the NY Times had done a write up* of the Meow Parlour the day before we decided to take him home. The article ended begging someone to adopt Julian. We saw the article the day after we brought him home!”


[*Note- Can’t link to the story- paywall. Boo to NYT. -Ed.]

“SuperBun” Pre-Installed On All Laptops Loptops…

bun…from now on. It’s NOT Malware like that other thing. THIS is SOFTware you can SNORGLE! (What a dream. Buy a laptop, get a BUN.)

“I wanted to share a picture of my Bun Ty helping me work from home! He is a 5 year old Holland Lop who has inquired the nickname “The Inspector,” as he always has to be involved with new things around the household! Thanks!!” -Dana Z.

*Headline Update by ki10butt.

C.O. Cat Sheep Café World Tour: Seoul, South Korea

Taking a momentary detour from our Cat Café World Tour- we find ourselves in Seoul, South Korea, for what certainly must be the first ever Sheep Café featured here. According to the RN24 story, they can roam the “Thanks Nature Café” when it isn’t too crowded, and you can feed ‘em hay, too.

Hay! It’s the Year Of The Sheep, after all.





If You Go™

Addy: Seogyo-dong, Mapo-486 Seogyo Prugio shopping B121, Seoul, Korea 121-842. (Google Map.)

Hours: Mon – Sun, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Phone: 02-335-7470.

Social: FB.

THIS JUST IN: RIP To Leonard Nimoy

The iconic Star Trek actor was 83. #LiveLongAndProsper.



First photo seen in Comments c/o Paul; third photo from Cyndi E.

Schoep’s Hoomin Adopts A Bear

Remember the story of Schoep & Unger? This photo struck a chord around the world.

And now, after Schoep’s passing, his hoomin John Unger has decided to adopt a ResQte Puppeh. According to the Schoep & Unger FB, Bear is a 1 year old, 70 lb. Akita/Shep/Lab mix. Well, he’s 70 pounds today. That’s gonna change.

Submitted by Alert Cuteporter Lori (“Have you guys seen this yet? OMG! I’m so happy for these two!!!”) K. First photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Bear photo from Schoep & Unger FB.

Can I Get A Nudibranch Pepperoni….To Go?

The Featured Creature likes weird animals- and coincidentally enough, that’s where we spotted this critter- who fits the bill. Almost two years ago (!) we were introduced to Mr. Nudibranch. This year, we have a..Dominos Nudibranch? Pizza Hut Nudibranch? What? Is? That? Answer: a “Pizza Crust Sea Slug.” (Same thing as a Nudi, says FC.) Or, (say like Cliff Clavin:) a “Pleurobranchus Areolatus.”

[*Note- Of COURSE there’s a “Sea Slug Forum.” -Ed.]

6188863677_3318e332ec_z (1)





According to RN24, people seem to think that Maya The Cat is imitating her hoomin in saying “Ohayō,” which is the “three-syllable Japanese greeting for good morning.”

Who are we to disagree?

Seen by Andrew Y…more Maya vids here.

Flashback Friday: Backyard Banjo Buddies

d1db0ee8b1fc957b53ffd516978bf82fFrom Pinterest: no other historical deets available. A Smedley spot.

Welcome to Flashback Friday! Coming up shortly: a Talking Cat from The Big J (honest,) a South Korean Sheep Café (honest) and…the return of Nudibranchs!

It’s COLD! Can SOMEone Tuck Me In?

[You know, one day I’ll be able to do this MYSELF. Little help there, Rache?]

“It’s cold and snowy here in Virginia, which means Rupert the Boston Terrier needs some serious warmth. He loves napping under blankets but unfortunately has not yet mastered the art of covering himself up. When he needs help, he makes sure to let me know. Here he is, getting an assist from me.” -Rachael H.

And that wraps up another day here at C.O.- just wait ’til tomorrow. It’s Flashback Friday! Plus a Talking Cat from The Big J (honest,) a South Korean Sheep Café (honest) and…the return of Nudibranchs!


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