Hey! There’s A Water Shortage In California!

Notice the complete disdain/disregard Sid The Cat has for Katie The Great Dane, who patiently waits her turn until she realizes who she’s dealing with.

THIS Is One Puppeh….

…who obviously APPRECIATES fine dining.

“For your reader’s viewing pleasure, here is our new addition showing off his happy dance at dinner. His name is Dobby, a 3 yr old Miniature Pinscher that we rescued last week. Dobby does his happy dance for so many reasons – meal time, walk time, when we come home, etc. Almost any time is time for the happy dance. He’s such a sweet boy and so lovable.” – AJM.

What Time Is It, Kids?

It’s dinnertime! The bottle warmers got dinner all toasty for ya, so here we go…down the hatch!

(Maureen P.)

Caturday: Table Manners For Cats In Five Easy Steps

Now, we’re not talking about just walking up to a bowl of your standard Crunch N Munch here. This is….ETIQUETTE we’re talking about. (Or maybe..CAT-IQUETTE?)

Caturday: Stand By Me Sit On My Shoulder

[Dis stringy thing makes a lot of good noizes, and what’s dis long stick thing you got?]

(Another Quality Smedley Find©, via Love Meow)

Maybe The Best Baroo We’ve Ever Seen

This is Ninita, a Rescued Bebeh Marmoset. Will you look at that little head swivel! What does Ninita do to pass the day? Eat, play, climb stuff, and have her head combed with a toothbrush. (Wait- don’t we ALL like to do that?)

(Thanks to Wendy M.)

Caturday: I Haz Kisses For A Quarter?

[I don’t even know what a ‘Quarter’ is, but eef you stop by my booth I will give you some snorgles, K? We’re here ’til Noon PT.]

Ever Heard Of Rule Of Cuteness #32?

20150908_080020_resizedAhem: “Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.”

Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting that Sebastian here has done something bad…although he looks guilty as can be. Has to have something to do with the case he’s sitting on. (Maybe he stuffed The Dog in there?)

“Our naughty but extremely good looking ragdoll! Always sitting on Daddy’s lunch box. Sebastian the cutest muffin!” -Scott S.

Hammock Week At C.O.

Let’s recap this odd trend.

Tuesday: Maru and Hana passed out. Business as usual in The Big J.

Wednesday: The cutest Bebeh Donkeh you’ve ever laid eyes on relaxes while kids pet him. Not a bad gig for your average donkeh.

That leads us to today, and this New Jersey backyard. Despite the indoor puppeh’s murmurs of protest, the party is ON.

(From Maureen P.)


output_B9cIJaNothing like a nice big friendly Ratso to grace this feature on a Friday afternoon (PT.) Photos are from Katheleen L.


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