The Art Of Stealth

Ninja kittehs are trained in the art of stealth. Be silent. Block out all distractions. Become one with the environment. Softly walk right past your opponent- they will be powerless to stop you, for you are Ninja.

From SayOMG.

THIS JUST IN: How To Draw Rabbits!

This free art lesson c/o Simon Tofield, creator and narrator of the Simon’s Cat series!

Owl Festival Mea Culpa

Ya know, we totally overlooked the International Owl Festival, held this past weekend in Houston, Minnesota. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Houston, Minnesota.) To make up for that we offer you this Little Owl Dudelet and his apple lookalike.

From Cats, Beavers & Ducks.

Anybody Up For Some Chow?

Amazing video here, folks! Usually when you call your pupster to dinner, they come zooming in, right? Not these guys! Take a look at the Most Polite Puppehs Ever!

From The Laughing Squid.

And That’s A Wrap For Crufts

Saturday, we reported on the goings-on across the pond at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England. It ended yesterday with these stylish puppehs in attendance!

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From MSN News.

This Dot Thing Is Drivin’ Me Nuts

[Why can't I catch this little thing? I am a Mighty Hunter! I can DO this! Well, mebbe not.]

Leo the curious kitteh, sent in by Stephanie.

How’s That Jif, Odin?

[Love it. But I prefer the one with peanuts in it, to be honest!] (Make sure the speakers are up for this one.)

Via Sad & Useless.

Alan! Alan! Alan!

The British Sense O’ Humour (note correct spelling) is outstanding.

SXSW? Who Cares?

[They hauled me down here to Austin, Texas for some deal. I hate it. But I get a free meal.]

Bebeh Hedgies On The Move!

The first comment at the link below says “Cuteness Overload.” We agree 100%.

From The Beautiful World FB page via Kristin R.