Hi Five, My Man!

[Er...make that a LOW Five!]


Friday Afternoon Micro Pigsters

Because we can.

Just Two Pals Out For A Walk/Hop

This involves a Bun and a Cat, in Japan.

You KNOW something’s up here. Anyone care to translate? See comments, and どうもありがとう to うさこ.

From Love Meow, spotted by Pooter.

Well Hellllllllllllo There, Lil’ Lady!

ImageProxyThis is Kibibi, “Little Lady” in Swahili. She was born in March at the Belfast Zoo!

ImageProxy (1)
From ZooBorns.

Flashback Friday: Flute Concerto For Doorstep In G

1821-934xPart of the “The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken,” from Distractify.com.

Guess What’s Coming Monday Morning?

Six AM PT. All the deets. Be here- aloha!



CAUGHT ON FILM™: THIS Bebeh Trunkster’s Goin’ NOWHERE

Remember back in May when the Floating Bebeh Trunkster got into a bit of a spot? That is NOT gonna happen THIS time!

Sent by several Cuteporters, thank you!

Friday Haiku: Shell Game

Ham and the Hermie
Two best friends thru thick & thin
Even thru that shell



“Amelia is the ham and Sheldon is the hermie. They are besties.” -Erin C.

Three Ball In The Side Pocket, NO Prob

[The only problem I haz is, where does the round thing go when I knock it into the circle?]

Well Go On…SAY Something!

20140719_114939“I humbly submit for your consideration my aunt’s 4 month (!) old Leonberger, Apollo. (He’s the one on the right. Not sure about the guy on the left. Neither is Apollo.) Apollo is a therapy dog although when he gets to his full size, I think it may mostly be shock therapy.” -Dale S.


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