ResQte Of The Week II: Merry Skunkmas

“This is a pic of our blind Rescue Skunk, Stevie. (After Stevie Wonder!) We call him our Teacup Skunk because he has not grown since May! He only stands a few inches tall, God love ’em.” -Brigette W., Certified Wildlife Rehabber and Educator, Second Chances Wildlife Center.



Star Wars fans from all over the world have been lining up for some time now for tomorrow’s premiere of the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens.” “I hope it’s not too late to include this photo of my rabbit Frankie as he counts down the minutes until the new Star Wars movie,” writes Jamie S. “Frankie has been featured on your site before. Thanks for all the fabulous cuteness! I don’t know how I could make it through the day without you, Cute Overload!”

Ho Ho Ho: One Week To Go!

‘Til then, have these Hedgies, K? K.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier ACTION!

At first, I thought these were photos of the same little guy! But nope! Above and immediately below, we’ve got Knox. Talk about wooly-bully Teddy Bears!










More on Bored Panda.

Yep, That There’s A Matchingks

I think just prior to this being taken, someone said “Snausage?” (Imgur/Reddit.)


A C.O. World Premiere: Hare Wars, A New Hop—8am PT.

Starring Roger The Grump. Concept by Action Figure Designer, Matt Christensen : poster by Simon Valev.

ResQte Of The Week (OZ Edition:) JAWS

Photographer Patrick Jones sent us this photo of Jaws. “Jaws is currently looking for her forever home at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter. She would make an amazing companion for anyone who has room in their life for a cat with some special needs,” writes Patrick. We agree.


I’ll Jump When I FEEL Like Jumpin’

Zeus The Really Big Mastiff does things on his own time. And when he wants to jump over the little fence things, he will.

From Jessica.

Long Long Ago…(Actually, Friday)

It all begins at 3am PT/6am ET right here. (Image from Etsy.)


We think we have a winner in the Understatement Of The Year competition. OK, there was never any such thing. But if there had been, the following quote would have won, paws down. Here we go: “This is a photo of our puppy Coco, hope you think she is cute.” -Dean F.