Caturday Night Noms

8BsIBdxResistance is futile. You know what The Cat wants. The Cat knows what it wants. Since everyone is in agreement on this issue, it’s best just to give all the food to The Cat. Now see how easy that was? (Reddit.)

Feelin’ Sqwerly On A Saturday

cute-squirrel-photography-geert-weggen-20Normally, we’d say “Caturday,” but Sqwerls and Cats don’t usually get along, so we’re goin’ with Saturday, K? Check out these great photos by photographer Geert Weegen as seen on Bored Panda!

making breakfast



fall in light

flower friend

mishroom whisper

whisper mushroom

Caturday In Japan: The View From Above

p15031601Thing One and Two are the obvious masters of their domain. Guremike is just their can opener.



“My Little Lint Balls”

20150316_002301“You know you’ve left the clothes in the dryer too long when it grows eyes. My kitties Penny & Teller ‘helping’ with laundry. I took the pic last weekend…and then re-did the laundry.” -Stephanie.

Caturday Morning In The Netherlands!

20150311_111825[“Hi, my name in Pinky and I recently was adopted into my new family in The Netherlands. Feeling pretty good about life right now so time to relax. ‘Bye.] -Sent in by Pinky’s Hoomin/Can Opener, Hendrika V. Also must cite Rule Of Cuteness #99. -Ed.]

So THAT’S What These Are For!

[They’re always with the ‘MEOW MEOW MEOW’ but I gotta say, they’re mighty comfy after a long day.]

(I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.)

Caturday: U Want Some O’ THIS?

[I’m ready for ya! Dive on in under the covers and Let The Snorgling Begin! And don’t forget my tummeh.]


Gotta Get A GUND©

17394_10153196511434700_8752586732872532849_nThat’s what he LOOKS like, am I right? Just needs the button in the ear. Wait- that’s Steiff©.

“Da feets! The tailio! The paw floppage! And don’t even get started with le tummy.” Pretty well says it all. Those comments from Shirley B., who found it on The Facebookster.

Good Grief, Go Ahead And Pounce Already!

[I haz the Target Lock Acquired! Getting ready to BLAST OFF in 5..4..3..2..]

TGIF Featuring MISS Foxy Brown

Another TGIF has rolled around, signaling the end of the work week! “Miss Foxy Brown’s 4th birthday was Monday! We celebrated yesterday with a trip to the pet store for a new dress and hair bow. We walked around the outdoor mall so strangers could shower her with compliments and finished the day with her favorite treat, a McD’s ice cream cone. She was one pooped pup by the end of the day. Photos by me, her proud mama.” -Tonya N.



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