♬ My Kitteh Moves At Midnight ♫…

…Goes right on till the dawn
My kitteh takes me higher
My kitteh keeps me warm

(Oreo The Cat : Music by B., R. and M. Gibb : From Amy at LoveMeow.

C.O. Trading Cards: The Circle

MARRRTrading Card Toesday returns with one of the most famous cats in the world: Maru. Collect all our NEW C.O. Trading Cards here!

Poll: Best Name Ever?

20150626_184346[*UPDATE 3:25pm PT: Neck and neck- this one is gonna go down to the wire. We’ll check the results tomorrow morning. -Ed.]


This guy is my personal Fave Best Name Ever…Sherman Hashbrowns, from Addie M. (Along with Toby Speedboat, below.) Who do YOU think has the best name ever? (UPDATE: Due to some terrific late suggestions, we might just run this today and tomorrow- and we’ll make a Bonus Trading Card for the winner. Unless they already HAVE one, like Gipsy.)

Franco Diamonds.
Gipsy Danger.
Princess Potato from the Kingdom of Tater Tots.
Griffin Von Porkchop.
Mr. Waffles.
Screaming Pug Rocket.
Sir Irving Tesla Paddington Baxter.
Jumbo Pillow.
Bubba Thump.
Toby Speedboat.
(#19 in the list.)
Chuckie Tacobutt.
Magilla Glub Glub.

So..let’s Go Polling!!


This is Gustave, from the animal shelter! This is my first cat! - ImgurSay hi to The Floof That Is Gustave. (He’s a ResQte, too- YAY! And do we detect just the sliiiiightest hint of a Baroo?) (Reddit.)

Whatever Maru Can Do…

[I can do better! Well, at least I think I can. Let’s see, I remember how I got IN here…can’t I just go backwards in order to get out?]

If U Could Wish For Any Creature..

three-red-panda-cubs-in-hand.jpg.990x0_q80_crop-smartWould it be a Red Panda? How about…THREE Red Pandas? Got ’em right here. There’s some SQUEAKING to be heard here, so Speakers Up!

They’re just three of seven born in the last month to various moms (Nutmeg, Regan and Leo Mei) at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Nutmeg is rearing her two little goobers- the Smithsonian team is taking care of the others.

(From Elizabeth G. as seen here.)

Enough Mom Taxi! Time To Learn The Ropes, Kiddo!

[I’ve hauled you everywhere, back and forth and back and forth. Grade school? Hop on. Orthodontist appointments? Hop on. Swim team? Hop o- you get the drift. Time to learn the ways of the world, kiddo. Ready? UP you go!]

(Huffington Post by way of Maureen P.)

Greetings From Corgifornia!

1This past Saturday, nearly 500 Stubbulars gathered at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach (HOW did I NOT know about THIS) for the annual Nor Cal Corgi Con.

The Stubbulars brought with them about 1000 hoomins, from as far off as Washington State and Nevada.

Proceeds will be donated to Corgi Aid and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.


(SF Gate.)

The Littlest Grillmasters

This weekend (in the USA) is the biggest outdoor grilling spectacular of the year. (Well, Labor Day might be right there, too.) EVERYONE will be firing up their Que this Saturday. Will you?

Submitted by Corey C.


[And all I get is one little sniglet of pizza??? Ridiculous. But I’ll take it.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)


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