Hey! Let’s Have Some Of That, Ma!

ImageProxy (2)This Hairy Lil’ Noggin Orangutan Bebeh is hungry and wants whatever Mom’s got. And she wants it right now!

ImageProxy (1)
(This is a six-week-old female Sumatran Orangutan named Siska, a new resident at Chester Zoo.)

(Another Quality Smedley Find, also from Maureen P. Photos via ZooBorns.)

Hey! Get Moving Up There! I’m Late For Work!!

18a2b9177b8a4a6482e6cce8a6f77e38_fc3103f84d2f4bf18d3be07216791716_headerJust goes to show, even Sheep can get into traffic jams. (Digg.)

ResQte Of The Week (Toesday/Halloweeny Edition)

As far as I’m concerned..there is NOTHING better for Halloween (even better than Brach’s Pumpkins) than a continual stream of Rescued Puppehs popping out of a plastic pumpkin. NOTHING.

They’re at Second Chances Rescue in Norco, California.

Last Toesday Of ‘Tocktober, So…

IMG_1242…let’s serve up some ‘Tocks -N- Beans! “Attached please find a pick of Greyson (aka ‘Grey,’) our former foster cat (now adoptee/new member of the family) showing off his ‘Tocks. Photo by: TJ (aka his adoptive mama.)” -Tara C.

A Little Halloween Something For Everyone!

fav08Jessica E. was kind enough to send in a series of photos featuring a variety of critters! Above? That would be Scout the Garden Gnome with Toto the Sunflower. Next: Desi the Taco.

And…another one with Toto. (A solo album.)

Crosby is….Bat Cat:

And…Chauncey the Referee.


Hmmm…This Is EITHER…

DSCN1016….one of those furry hats Sean Connery wore in “Hunt For Red October,”…or “Katherina, in the classic meatloaf position, with the end slice in view and haunches up.” Your guess is as good as mine. Pic/description from Michael S.

These Days…You Can’t be TOO Careful

PROHere at Cute Overload, we take home security seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new service called “C.O. HomeSafe™.” Soon, you’ll be able to click on a page on the C.O. site, and pick your own SecureCat™. We offer overnight drop-ship services (along with our partner DHL™) to anywhere in the world. Installation is simple: just place SecureCat™ in a prominent place within your home, and SecureCat™ does the rest. We guarantee he/she will NEVER move from his/her spot. Except for dinner.

Protecting your home and family is what C.O. HomeSafe™ is all about. Coming soon!

(“This is Monty, the neighborhood greeter and ambassador of goodwill, who fearlessly approaches dogs and their walkers on the front sidewalk with a smile on his face. Here he is guarding the gate and his favorite bit of wall after a hard day.” -Michael S.)

C.O. Trading Cards #24: FUFU

It’s Fufu! This Furrtographer shot is #24 in our C.O. Trading Card Series…collect them all and click to Super-Size™! (Fufu is also in our Wall Calendar/May!)


Headline THIS: You’re Putting That WHERE?

ELLA[*Update 1:11pm PT: Thanks to Ella for the header and everyone else who commented. Stay tuned for Thursday, 6am PT. -Ed.]

Say, time for another edition of “Headline THIS!” “Her name is Polly Hill, after a botanical garden in Massachusetts,” writes Christina D. (Yep- we gave the dog a last name.) Here she is at her first Vet appointment (getting ready for her Puppy shots) with my Mom (Judith) on the left and a Vet Tech on the right. I took the photos last Saturday @ Adobe Animal hospital in Palo Alto, CA. The dog…was not having a fun Saturday night. Hope you think she’s as cute as I do!”

So- you know the score. Polly OBVY knows what’s about to go down. Write up your best header and we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! (FYI the tech used an ear thermometer.)

[*Note: We’ll have an extra speshyul edition of Headline THIS coming up on Thursday- @cuteoverload has a bit o’ info on that. Just sayin.’ -Ed.]

Are You Kidding Me?

Good GRIEF! I don’t know what got me first, the Blinky McBlinkersons eyes or the Spock Ears. Fascinating. Leaving for Oregon now.

“These ‘Caracal Kittens’ have it all: ear tufts, eyebrows, Hercule Poirot mustaches??!!!, Fierce Hissing!! Big Blue Eyes!! This YouTube video of Caracals from the Oregon Zoo is too much. I’m just urging you to feast your eyes and post!” -Jeanette.


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