Time To Win A Pair Of C.O. Calendars!

And we have a winner! Rather than just tell you what the winning headline is, let’s let The Boss sing it!

Yep, we’ve got a pair of genuine OFFICIAL 2015 Cute Overload Calendars to give away! (Beware of bootleg imitations! Buy the real thing on Amazon.com!) Just write a great headline for this image. We’ll pick our favorite and announce the winner at 2pm PT, and your two calendars will be on the way. Good luck!

Doreen Heflin, U were Born To Run! Check your in-box, ’cause we need your addy, STAT! Thanks to everyone for entering- we’ll have another contest soon!



Rats, It’s Monday!

playtimelink“The black hooded boy pictured alone is Linkovich Chomofsky. The black rat in the other picture is The Stoney Crusty Dude. They were both adopted from Rattie Ratz Rescue a little over a year ago. The fawn hooded girl was adopted from a local pet store last year after her previous owner abandoned her there. Her name is Lolli as in in “lollipop” because she suckered me into adopting her. And before I get any nuffers about keeping boys and girls together, everybody is spayed and neutered.” -Victoria O.


Tell Me All About Your Day

[I'm all ears.]


Happy Birthday Pomerina!

IMG_3161“Hello! My lovely Pomerina is having a blast today for her first b-day. Hope she makes the cut for the page! We got her a piñata, macaroons, treats, princess hats, new plushies and lots of confetti.” -Barby.


T-Minus Three Days To Go…

IMG_20140924_082011…’til one of C.O.’s biggest days of the year- ‘Tocktober First! Twenty-four hours of ‘Tocktastic, er, ‘Tocks. And who do we have here on Bunday, BTW? “This is our Mini Rex Eddie, showing one of his best sides. His human sister is 11 year old Sarah. He also has a MinPin dog brother named Bob, a Siberian cat sister named Elsa, and two Gerbil sisters named Goldie and CoCo.” -Katrin J., Bradenton, FL.

Bunday Morning Comix

2014-07-08-PhotocopierMore Adventures of Business Cat here- spotted by Andrew Y.


Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s Frenchie Stitch salutes Yankees star Derek Jeter on his final game today.


From Carol H.

Serious Stink-Eye In The Middle There

Ventus The Corgi (R) says, “We can all be friends…if I get the first bite.”

I think your fellow Corgi in the center has other ideas there, V.



Selfie ! - Imgur[Disclaimer: Header totally borrowed from Reddit. -Ed.]

I’m Passing On Stanford & Yale- It’s DePaw For Me

image1“After some hard research, Sasha thinks she has found just the right school. She likes DePa(u)w.” -Pary.


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