24 Hours O’ Cute: Red, White, And Baroo @ 1:11am PT

Boone, think you’re gonna need a replacement bandana there, dude.

“Here is my red, white and blue cutie. Boone is (in this picture) a 1.5 year old Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd mix, all 165 lbs of him, enjoying 4th of July at the lake. He has a twin sister named Ellie.” -Steven P.

Big Baby Boy Boone
24 Hours O’ Cute: Red, White, And Baroo continues…

24 Hours O’ Cute: Red, White, And Baroo @ 12:00am PT

24 Hours O’ Cute: Red, White, And Baroo begins with Albi Rabbit!

24 Hours O’ Cute: Red, White, And Baroo continues…

I Can Haz Hair Elastic?

‘Member the little kitteh dude that went BAZOINK due to a..banana peel? Well, (sing-song-y:) he’s baaaaaack.

“Hi Cute Overload-ers! I am YouTuber Cattycatzcatz, and I am so pleased to present a sequel to last month’s popular cat-terrified-of-banana-peel saga. It features the same action hero, Gyoza, but with a new scary flight-inducing object: a hair elastic!”


Got some NEW MARU zoomin’ in from the Land O’ Japan. Mugumogu pushed this one live literally like 4 minutes ago.

When We Said We Were Going To The Beach-

That didn’t mean you could go ahead and EAT the beach!

From Reddit.

Sqwerl Tales

Guppy Momma tells the story.

“After a rainy morning, this squirrel was on a deck railing close to our glass door. It was so close to the camera that I had to zoom out to get the whole squirrel. “


“It spent a long time lounging and looking sulky, then it spent a long time grooming and eventually left. At one point we thought the squirrel would fall backwards off the railing.”



Photos taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.

I Knew After That Last One I Wuz Done For

Just gonna sleep this off right here, thank-you very much. (Klunk!)

From Kitty K Hole’s Tumblr.

OMG Cute Little Duckster People!

If you’re not a good swimmer yet, make sure you have a life preserver!

Shoshana posted this to the CO FB page.

Break It Down For Us, Alex!

Alex The Golden Retriever shows us how it’s DONE. Go, Alex, go!

Petsami gets the video cred here; discovered by Smedley.

Still A Hot One Out There, Folks

This reminder from Cute Overload- don’t forget to take extra care of your furry friends if you’re in an area that’s getting baked by the summer heatwave.



Top photo of Flynn, O’Brien, and Chloe from Cuteporter Rick H. Sqwerl photo by TBH.


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