Strawberry Kittehs Forever

“This is Nocciola our lovely cat. We adopted her at the Hong Kong SPCA and named her after our favourite ice cream flavour – Crema Di Nocciola E Cacao. I know she’d be thrilled if you feature her in your fab site.” -Gina M. from Hong Kong.


THIS JUST IN: No Trains Tomorrow, Lil’ Guy

Oh nose- BART is back on strike in the Bay Area, starting tonight at midnight PT. No worries for this fellow though–his hoomin surely drives chauffeurs him wherever he wants to go! (And who knew BART trains had such stubbular paws?)

Photo by SF Giants.

Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Maymo ‘N’ Penny

Those wack-a-doodles Maymo and Penny are back with another shame-ful video. Says submitter Jeremy: “Lots of blood, sweat, and toilet paper went into the making of this, so I hope you enjoy!”

It’s Getting Closer To Hedgie-Ween!

Careful when you carve your punkin- you never know what might be inside! “This is Harrison, he is adorable and festive!” -Kimberly J.


U Gonna Eat That?

[If you won't, I will.]

As seen on

Teeny Tiny Tiffy

Cuteporter Angela A. tells us about her camera-hog kitteh, Tiffany. “Tiffany is the only cat I’ve ever met that seems to love having photos taken. The second the camera comes out, she’s ready for it,” says Angela.


“She was about 9 weeks old in this photo and less than 2 lbs, very tiny for her age. She’s actually still incredibly, unusually small as an adult. This was taken a few days after she was adopted.”


“It’s amazing how one tiny cat can take up an entire armchair when threatened with having to share.”



Sea Lion ‘Tocks!

These Bebeh Sea Lions were injured when they washed up on a Peruvian shore. But great news heah! They’ve all been nursed back to health by this group! (Site is in Spanish, but use Chrome and get Immediate Translate Action at no cost.)

Check out the ‘Tock Diving starting at :16 or so, and watch ‘em go!

Mid-Month ‘Tock Revue

[In order to fully appreciate 'Tocks, you have to understand exactly what is it you're looking at. As the month is half over, let's review a few basic 'Tock Features. Creditos in hovers as noted.-Ed]

1. Splayage: Believed to be first referenced here back in ’08. Thought to have been perfected in Japan by His Thickness.


2. Texture: While it’s true that most ‘Tocks are silky smooth, some ‘Tocks can be, well, not smooth. As Cuteporter Josh Norem says, “Giraffe from the Oakland Zoo. It’s kind of bumpy.” Just so.


3. Stealth: Sometimes you don’t want to show ‘em off…so you blend in.


4. Size Matters: The Littlest ‘Tock of all. ‘Nuff said.


A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course

So far this ‘Tocktober, we’ve had Heffalumps, Puppehs, Pigs, you name it. Now we’ve got a horse of a different color kind.

“This from the Draft Horse Inn, Arcadia, WI.” -Dave V.

THIS JUST IN: Hana Goes Bonkers

Hana the kitteh goes absolutely bananas on Maru. His Royal Thickness, meanwhile, remains placid.


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