Newborn Quokka ACTION

Many thanks to UK Cuteporter Hannah B., still awake at midnight local time, for spotting this Knucklehead-Beyond-Belief Bebeh Quokka on ZooBorns. “I don’t know if you have seen this yet (we hadn’t) but it’s too Cute! Love your site, makes every day happy.”

So this little maniac is “Meeuk Mia” or just “Mia.”

Keeper Bec Russell-Cook of the Taronga Zoo (Down Undah) has been hauling Mia around in a pouch, and waking up very early for the first of five daily feedings.








Photos on ZooBorns by Paul Fahy of the Taronga Zoo.

I Think He’s Saying, “I’ll Eat That”

Teddy Bear is back, and he brought his grabby hands with him. On the menu today: sweet potatoes! From DP&F.

Got (Snort Snort) Meelk? (Snort Snort)

Little Bebeh Hoofster wants his/her meelk and wants it right NOW! (Snort Snort.)

“I’ll Save You, Penny!”

FILM AT ELEVEN! (Wait, no one uses “film” anymore. Never mind.) Maymo The Goofball rushes in to save his sister Penny from the clutches of a maniacal toy snake!

You KNEW It Snowed Outside?

IMG_3324[And you let me go out ANYWAY????? The Dog may love it- this is what THEY DO! But NOT me!!! Door. Open. Now.]

“Hi this is my one year old boy ‘Eddie.’ He is playing and acting like a knucklehead on the deck in the first snow of the year. He would be honored to appear on your website! From Zoe on Whidbey Island, WA.”

Just. Watch. This. Now.

You won’t believe the Beans. Ded. Ded. DED.

Oh yes, and of course….THE GIF.


Judge Me By My Size, Do You?

ren yodaYes, still geeked about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. And we’re not the only ones: “This is my Chihuahua, Ren, in his Star Wars t-shirt. We are big fans of Cute Overload!”-Jaclyn M.

Oh, and Wampa The Kitteh is pretty excited, too.

Wampa spotted on The Squid.

Kaia: Living Life….On The Edge

“It’s rumored that the hoomins do, in fact, keep kitteh treats sealed up in the bottom of the shower stall…on the theory that’s the LAST place a kitteh would search for them. Your job, Kaia, should you choose to accept it- is to get inside the shower, retrieve the treats in their sealed foil pouch, and escape undetected. Of course, if they catch you, we’ll disavow, blah blah blah. Good luck, Kaia.”

Shannon P. says, “This is Kaia. She is forever mired in evil doings (on counters, sneaking in closets, munching on hands, pouncing on the innocent dogs,) and she spends her free time plotting new and twisted ways to hasten our demise.”

“My little Munch Munch Munchkin has apparently been increasing her jumping abilities. As soon as she noticed me watching her, she started purring and twirling.”

“All I can hear in my head is Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m Too Sexy’ and the line in the song ‘…on the catwalk. On the catwalk, yeah! I do my little turn on the catwalk.'”

“My kitten is a drama queen. Faaaaaabulous.”

“Hopefully you and your audience will find my little love glutton as adorable as I do.” [“Love Glutton!” -Outstanding. -Ed.]


Name That Pup!

Meet Pup 681, the orphaned southern sea otter in ChicagoRemember Pup 681? The Bebeh Sea Otter that truly brought the Interwebs to its knees, no matter what KK said. Well, she needs a name, not a code number! Voting happens right here, and you can vote on these names:

1. Cali: To honor the California otter.

2. Ellie: Año Nuevo State Park is well-known for its elephant seals and Elkhorn Slough is right up the coast from Monterey and home to many sea otters.

3. Luna: Derived from nearby Half Moon Bay and the Shedd Members Choice.

4. Poppy: For the California State Flower.

5. Aña or Anya: Derived from Año Nuevo State Park.

Feature photo from The Independant.

OMG Therapy Ponies!!1!!!1!1!11!

POTD_Pony_in_schoo_3125262kThe Telly says these Ponies have a “calming effect beneficial to learning.” Duh. What I’d like to know is why the Mariemont City School District didn’t know about this. Spotted by Arne.


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