Pearl, Paco & Pedro UPDATE!

SONY DSC[C.O. featured these little guys & girl last year. At least that’s what Cuteporter KB says, I couldn’t find the darn post. Her comments follow. -Ed.]

Pearl, Paco and Pedro are now 11, 12 and 13 months old. They’ll be released back into the wild near the end of the summer and they’re doing well.”

“When they’re awake, they’re moving around constantly…in and out of the pool, learning to be otters. Sometimes they nap like this-”

“…and sometimes they nap like this-”



You Can’t Handle This Much Blorp!

Blorp factor 9, Mr. Sulu! (C/o commenter Tim.)

As seen on Boing! Boing! by Wendy (“A new high in blorpitude”) M.

How 2 Properly Pet Animals (Illustrated!)

Sometimes petting animals can get a little bit dicey. Oh sure, puppehs love the standard scritch behind the ears..and kittehs love..whatever it is they’re OK with at that very moment. Which is subject to change without notice.

But what about our other kinds of friends? Here’s a helpful guide for ya.












From Bored Panda.

Another Day, Another Duck

There must be something in the water. Or the air. Or..something, ’cause C.O. has gone to the dogs ducks. Why, on Friday alone we had three, yes, threedifferentduckster posts! Took the weekend off, but today we’re back with the cutest duckster video you’ve seen since, er, Friday. Check eet out, friends.

From Frîncu M.

Rats, It’s Monday!

5899177260_2d5da8edd1_o[…and I just remembered, I do not like Guacamole!!!!]

Touille The Ratso by Flickrer Deanna W.

Erin H., Here’s Yer CotD 4 Today

“Hi, Meg & company. I’m a 7th grade English teacher @ Longfellow Middle School in Falls Church, VA and every day I start my classes with something called “Cute of the Day.” It’s a photo or short video to put the kids in a happy mood. The CotD often comes from Cute Overload! I also work with a local cat rescue group. This is my cat Jack, a Maine Coon mix. I adopted when I lived in England for a few years. As you see, Jack’s a pirate cat. He’s had the hat for a few years now, and ate the feather long ago as payback for me putting the hat on him!”

P.S.: “As the rhyme I made up says, “Jack, Jack the pirate cat. He ate the feather off his hat!”

[Whadya MEAN, I Missed Star Wars Day?]

[Will someone tell this little furball that it was on the fourth of May, please? -Ed.]

From Catasters Tumblr.

Who Put This Guy In MY Woods?

rZHpoUG[I do get a nice high-up place to look around, though!]
From Reddit.

実行する !それは Bunzilla です ! (Run! It’s Bunzilla!)

[There’s a new Godzilla movie coming out, and he trashes San Francisco. I don’t think Bunzilla here would do that. He might take all our lettuce and carrots, though. -Ed.]

“My boyfriend and I recently adopted a Bun in need of a new home. He arrived Easter night (not planned, I swear) and was bigger than we expected. His name’s Cinnamon, but he goes by Cinnabun, Bunzilla (obviously,) Bunarrific (because he’s great,) James Bun, and Bunston Churchill. He’s settling right in, eating ridiculous amounts of lettuce, and alternately enthralling and terrifying our cats Sailor and Squid. We’re madly in love with our new guy.”

bun meets world
From Maura C. (Japanese header in tribute to the old Toho movies.)

Patty & Her Little Guys

“Hope it isn’t too late to submit for Mother’s Day…[Nope! -Ed.]…this is my foster kitty Patty & her 4 babies. Patty was heavily pregnant when she was trapped in a feral colony (she’s definitely not feral!) I took her home & the next day she gave birth. The babies were 2 weeks old yesterday. Patty is the best mommy and her kittens are beyond adorable!” -Cuteporter Cathy O’B.



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