Rule of Cuteness #50: Chico IS The Man

unnamed“This is Chico displaying Rule of Cuteness #50- (If your paws fold over one another, that’s cute.) I feel like he’s having a Zoolander moment – this is one of his best “Blue Steel” looks.
I took this picture. I would say that Chico is my dog, but I think we all know the truth – I am his human.”

Gideon Goes To The Store, Passes Out

In the first photo, The Pint-Sized G-Man is givin’ off some MAJOR Selfie Side-Eye as he and his hoomin head off to the pet store.

However, the trip proved to be just too, too much for Gideon, and he proceeds to go offline for the return trip.

photo (1)
“This is Gideon, my four month old Pekingese after a trip to the pet store! Needless to say he is quite tired from his social time!” -Marlena C.

The Paws The Paws The Paws The Paws

(Did we mention The Paws?)

[And what about THAT TUMMY? -Ed.]

“This is Tamago. My daughter rescued him off the street when he was 6 weeks old: he was scrawny and fleabitten and had bald patches from scratching. He weighed 500 grams. We’ve had him for 3 weeks, he’s doubled in weight and fluffed out. He likes sleeping with his tummy exposed.” -Gili H.

When Kittehs Attack!!!

(Another sequel of sorts to the When Bebeh Goats Stampede!!! post. There’s a sound icon top left, and click the video to make it stop.)

Here They Come AGAIN!!!

When Bebeh Goats Stampede!!! has spawned two sequels from the folks at Sunflower Farm in Maine. (Don’t these little guys ever get tired?)

As seen on The Squidster.


8918181067_1f555e3f7a_oDon’t even TRY to win a game of staredown with Cookie. She’ll whup you every time. As seen on Flickr.

Yes, This Happened

A Mineh-Horseh wanders up to a Puppeh.

And then noms him.



Have A Ball There, Lil’ Dude

Sometimes the best toys are the simplest ones.


Rats, It’s Monday: J.D.

14215754226_2686039f1a_oJ.D. The Mighty Hunter peers through forest dandelions. From Flickrer Deanna W.

When Bebeh Goats Stampede!!!

What do you do when 44 Bebeh Goatsters come blasting out of the barn at you?

U get outta the way!!!

(These little maniacs reside at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Center, Maine. Check out their FB and Tweets, too.)


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