Rats, It’s Monday

shutterstock_59663122The last Rats, It’s Monday for ‘Tocktober. This time next week….Nosevember! (He’d qualify for that, too!) From Shutterstock.

We Go Out For The Treats Now?

Foxy WitchNo, Miss Foxy Brown, you haz to wait ’til Friday night!

“Happy Friday! With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I’d submit this photo of Miss Foxy Brown rocking her witch costume. Have a great weekend.” -Tonya N.

And That’s Far Enough, Big Fella

[Oh, OK. Well, I thought you might have some snacks or maybe some barbequed ribs or something. I’ll go back to my cave and start hibernating.]


Dear Santa

1A54fvSWell, Big Fella- we’re now under two months ’til the Big Day, right? Let’s see. I’d like a James Bond keyring…a Bond T-shirt, too..um, an iTunes gift card…but most of all…



PEEKING OUTTA MY STOCKING ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. (U can make that happen, right?) Thanks! -B.

(Image via Reddit.)

Bunday Selfie Of Disapproval!

FullSizeRender“Our female bunny, Duffy takes a selfie as Benson plays with leaves in the background. From Kevin & Ann.”

Bunday Morning Comix

tumblr_ncw3wm5JKK1r5ml59o1_1280Art by Liz Climo as seen on My Modern Met.

Too Early For Nosevember….

20140909_223709…..but perfect for Bunday! “Hello!! Just wanted to send you some pics of my bunny, Gracen. She’s been on your site once before and we would love to see her on there again. Love Cute Overload so much!! Happy Halloween!!” -Melissa C.

[*Note- You can expect to see Gracen The Bun this Friday for Halloween, too. -Ed.]

Kitteh On The Cob

I love a kitteh who KNOWS what he likes. Speakers UP for this one!

The Squid.

Bebeh Goats. Just…Yeah. Bebeh GOATS.

Good GOLLY Miss MOLLY. In a three-day span of October 10th thru the 12th, SIX Bebeh Nigerian Dwarf Goats were born…

..at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo.

Of course, we’ve got tremendous ‘Tocks on display.

Wiggle, waggle.

Photo Credits: Shannon Calvert on ZooBorns.

Caturday Night: I Haz The Windex™!

[Can I help? Can I huh Can I huh Can I huh? NO? OK I’ll whack this other guy.]


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