Snuggle Snorgle Time

[Hey there! Haven’t seen you here on the beach before. You mind if I come on over for a quickie Snorgle? Hmrprh, Mmmrph, er, um, Ooomph. Whew. Need to drop a few.]

“You the seal and a dog in Cape Ferret “tender moment,'” as seen on The Dodo, from Barbara B.

LIVE: Hooray For Penguin Awareness Day!

Celebrate the day by checking in LIVE on these little knuckleheads at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! (Click the video button, and you’ll see a live feed. So to speak.) From the video: “Watch carefully and you might even see them communicating with each other. When penguins flap their wings or bow their heads, they’re telling each other how they feel. Throwing their heads back and wings out means ‘I’m happy.’ Leaning forward and opening their beaks means ‘Go away.'”

[*Note: Cam is live 7am-5pm PT : Today’s Feeding Times: 10:30am, 3pm PT. Cam not working? Check here. -Ed.]

(You can download their wallpaper below, too- just click the image!)


The Adventures of Huckleberry The Photobomber

KZ-9To be specific, Huckleberry is a professional photobomber- he was on a gig when these took place. Tell us, Charlotte A.

“I’m a huge fan of Cute Overload, and I’m writing to submit photos of my own dog, Huckleberry.”

“He’s Half Lab and Half Great Dane, and a friend of mine recently watched him while I was out of town.”

“That friend happens to be a photographer, and he let Huckleberry ‘assist’ on a portrait shoot.”

“The result is the best series of photobombs ever.”

“Photo credit goes to Bryan Aulick. I’d be honored if you feel like sharing them.”




It’s Toesday, Right On The Dot!

dot-toes-nose“For your consideration for Toesday, my little girl Dot!” -Zarina M.

Scritch. Flop. Repeat 7X.

What happens when you scritch one Capy Belleh? He/she flops over. But then the others see that, and then you have to scratch them, too. Tough job.

Spotted by Andrew Y. on RN/24…but look! It’s an Encore Presentaysh!

PS- Want more Capys? Why not?

Sing Along With Maggie!

Listen to little Maggie The Doxie sign along with her hoomin- and don’t miss The Non-Stop Tail Wagging Action, either.


Chiang Mai Bear Dog Spotted!

Sometimes one post leads to another! Last Friday, we ran these Flashback Friday photos from Maria D. And those led to…the Chiang Mai Bear Dog!

“Wow, just saw that you published my girlfriend’s ancestors photos (Maria D.) and I have to say you really made her *year* as she’s a big big fan of your site,” says Glenn M.

“Anyway, that got me thinking about an adorable Cuddle Bear-Dog we had the pleasure of meeting in Thailand last year in Chiang Mai – unfortunately I can not pronounce/spell the human’s nor the Cute Dog names correctly, but the dog is well known at the night market there.”


Time For A Little T.S.C. (Too. Stinkin.’ Cute.)

Mihai Francu has put together a great compilation of Cute Puppeh Videos. It would be a better world if we all just stopped what we were doing and watched it right now. (Speakers up for this, too.)

I Wanna Get In The Little Box, Too!

[I just wants to play!!! How do I get IN there??]


[Original video here. -Ed.]

Oh, Snap!

Not everyone is bummed out on Monday! “Mountain Flower Snap the dairy goat looks quite happy,” says Susan M.




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