Still Got Your Tree Up?

Some people do, others take ‘em down the day after Christmas. Ham-Ham’s tree is still up, and he’s busy checking it out.

“Hammy was an early Christmas gift. He’s a Bebeh Dwarf Robo Hamster, and makes for the cutest Christmas ornament ever! As you can probably guess, we have a nature ornament theme this year, and Hammy fits right in!” -Scott Y.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition) II: Peanut

unnamedunnamed (3)“We were in Costa Rica last February and found this sick little pup. We fed her the first time we saw her just because she needed it so much. Later that night we saw her running down a mountain with a pack of dogs and when she saw us she recognized us, whined, jumped into our arms and tried to get in our car to go with us! It wasn’t quite that simple, it took a few days and working with the locals to track her down and also to make sure she didn’t have owners. In the end it was a beautiful thing where a whole community helped us find our little sick street pup again! We named her Peanut.” -Deirdre D. [Peanut on the R in these shots, with Otto. -Ed.]

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

OK, Time For A Head ‘Splosion

Watch this Mama Husky play with her little guys. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya. (About the ‘Splosion and all.)

(22 Words.)

Tinker, Tinker, Little Star…

How we wonder how Cute you are! “I have for your Cute-tastic pleasure my sugar glider Tinker Bell, she’d LOOOOVE to be a part of the Ultimate Cuteness that is Cute Overload,” writes the very excitable Jade (Melissa) F. “Your site makes life extra nice!! The first picture is her ‘honkzooin’ away.”

Tink Asleep
“The second picture was taken approximately 2 seconds later after the mere mention of presents (aka yogurt drops, her favorite treat)!!!”

“The third picture is her right when we got her and she was an ittie bittie teensy weensy bebeh skquirrelio zonkered out after being fed some bebeh applesauce.”


Flashback Friday: Dog-On Good Cars

eb 112014 - 6.5x8.5 glassneg - Wyland Stanley - 1924 REO - Dog-On Good CarsFrom Shorpy: “1924. ‘REO taxicab, San Francisco.’ Why Uber when you can Rover? 6½ x 8½ inch glass negative, originally from the Wyland Stanley collection.”

Waffles: NOT Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Waffles-SleepyGary C. sent these photos in, and said “We wanted to submit pictures of Waffles, our new puppy. He’s a golden retriever/King Charles Cavalier mix. He’s 13 weeks right now. Hopefully he’s cute enough to be featured!” Uh, Gary – “Hopefully he’s cute enough????”

Uh……YES!!!! :)

Waffles-First Picture


Friday Haiku: Flying Squirrel

image2Flying Squirrels are cute
They zoom all over the place
This guy has jazz hands

“My cat brought in from outside a completely unhurt, and very angry, flying squirrel,” writes John S.

“I managed to catch him and after he realized I wasn’t going to hurt him, he decided my hand was the best place for him to curl up and sleep….”

“…and he is now back to his home! I did some quick research, determined his age and made sure he was old enough to fend for himself. Kept the cats in overnight as well just in case.”

The Day After

[Man, this day is the pits. All the buildup, all the excitement, the lights and ornaments that I knocked off- whoops, did I say that out loud? And now- it’s the Day After. Sigh, another year to wait. I’m gonna lie here like this all day. Bummer. Drag. Etc. You can still scratch my belleh if you want.]

“Tyson wanted to thank you for sharing his picture again (“Hey Honey? Have you seen the remote?”) As you can see the holidays wore him out. Tyson and I wanted to wish the staff of Cute Overload a Happy New Year. I check your website daily to brighten my spirits!” -Tracey (Tyson’s mom, sent from my iPhone.)”

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Bebeh Warm Edition)

Cuteporter KB writes, “We’re celebrating our first two months since Baby Warm launched. The 47 incubators we’ve funded so far will provide a warm bed for over 23,000 baby animals, all thanks to generous animal lovers who helped us out!”

Baby Warm from Kim Barker on Vimeo.

Flashback Friday: “Now Hold Still!”

[Listen kid, I don’t like this any better than you do. So sit still, let me GET this shot, then you can run off to mama and I can get back to some nice, tasty eucalyptus bamboo. Whadya say?]

From Bored Panda, details unknown.


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