Hare Wars: A New Hop

Roger The Grump leads an All-Star Cast in the latest Star Wars saga: HARE WARS: A NEW HOP!










Starring Roger The Grump. Concept by Action Figure Designer, Matt Christensen (who brought you Jurabbit Park earlier this year) : poster by Simon Valev.


As If They Needed More Weapons

Now they’ve got Lasercats, too. Is the Rebel Alliance doomed? (Wait. If the Alliance can…somehow upload hairballs to the Lasercats…they…MIGHT just have a chance. It’s their only hope!)

From Harvie’s FB.

There’s A Disturbance In Teh QTE

In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we proudly present this Star Wars medley of Past & Present Cute!






(Han Solo The Cat, from Andrew S. Previous images from Animals With Lightsabres Tumblr. First referenced here, but the site seems 404 so now they got a Tumblr page. Special thanks to Brandon S. for his expert use of The Force.)






Credits for previous five photos:

Photo 1: Frederique, from Lori R.
Photo 2: Lord CucuFace R2D2, from James T.
Photo 3: Arnold, from Alissa B.
Photo 4: Inca (Princess Leia), Murray (Darth Vader), and Rocco (Wicket the Ewok), by Megan R.
Photo 5: Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog.

I Haz Lightsaber?

[How I turn this on WHOOPS OK I figured it out.]

(Star Wars Cats.com)

Always Knew He Was A Softie At Heart

“(Darth Vader breathing sounds) WHO’S a little Wookiee! WHO is! YOU are!”

“Some people may have seen this on one of those other funny-pictures-of-animal sites, but I promise this is an original and I took it! That’s my very tall husband, Mike, in the Darth Vader costume. He’s with the Great Lakes Garrison of the 501st Legion — a group of Star Wars costumers who volunteer at various fundraisers. This picture was taken at an event for the Humane Society of Monroe County (MI) in August of 2008. Besides being close to seven feet tall in his getup, my husband also has the Vader “breathing” sound coming out of his helmet, and takes great pride in making small children cower and/or cry in his presence. This little biscuit, however, was not fooled. He obviously eats evil Sith Lords for breakfast.” -Jennie M.

“Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?”

And C.O.’s Star Wars Day is underway! Many of you have probably already seen it, right? If not, keep tuned to C.O. all day for the best Star Wars QTE this side of Alderaan. “These aren’t the Stumpers you’re looking for. Move along.” (Andrew Y. saw this on 9Gag.)

Flashback Friday: Sorry, Charlie

No dog biscuits to-day. Bummer. From Vintage Everyday.

[*Note: C.O.’s Star Wars Day is coming up….next. -Ed.]

Happy (Late, Sorry) First BD to Camilla Barker Freckletocks

Congratulations and Pupcakes all around, CBF! “Happy Birthday to Camilla Barker Freckletocks! She turned 1 year old Monday!” -Joy.

Obvy Harry Potter Reference

The original post said “We named him Dobby for a reason.” Had to look that one up, not being up on Potter lore. Sure enough, they called that one, did they not? (Imgur/Reddit.)

Yule Love This Video, Promise

Our featured Hammie tonight is Starlight, one of the adoptable hamsters at Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven. (This is an endless loop.)