“Anakin, My Allegiance Is To The Republic! To DEMOCRACY!”

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Here’s a very rare clip of how George Lucas originally intended for this battle to go. Due to some rather difficult-to-work-with Chipmunks who refused to work for scale, they used hoomins [meh] instead.

Here’s what ended up in theaters.



Ewok, I Presume?

I recognize THAT underbite!

“Hi there! You featured my dog, Olive the Shihpoo, back on February 6, 2015 (which was so cool of you,)” writes Rebecca Z. “I just saw your call for Star Wars photos and thought you might enjoy this pic of Olive as an Ewok. Thanks so much for all the joy you bring to my life! At the end of stressful meetings at the office, I like to announce that no one should bother me for at least 30 minutes, because I’m going back to my desk to look at Cute Overload.”

Jedi Meow Tricks

We’ve all heard of those sneaky Jedi Mind Tricks- The Force is strong with them, after all. Kittens have their own version, by the way. In case you didn’t know that.

The BUB Awakens!

The Force is clearly with this one. Good JOB, BUB! (Image via BUB’s FB page and Drew Wise Design.)

Luke, I AM Your Father

[Who is? You? Black Helmet Face Guy? Why you breathe like that?]

~ ~ ~

“This is Luke the Italian Greyhound! He loves gracing us with his presents (har!) Thanks! Valerie and Luke.”

Star Wars Cat

Join the Dark Side, you will.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Two Guesses Who This Looks Like:

And the first one doesn’t count. CHEWIE GET US OUTTTTTTA HERE! “Cherie Alexander; Wookiee pic shot by his mama Erin H.”

May The GRUMP Be With You

Grumpy, she is. (Above image and next three, via Grumpy Cat’s Facebook; text by April W. at Chronicle Books. I showed her the first version and she came up with this one.)






(Final two photos seen on Starwarscats.com and Pinterest via Themetapicture.com.)

These ARE The Kittehs You’re Looking For

(If you’re in the Ottawa area, anyway.) The Ottawa Humane Society did a Star Wars shoot to draw attention to some of the critters they have available for adoption!





Photos by photographer Rohit Saxena as seen on CBS News by way of Richard H.’s FB page.

May The Fireplace Be With You

Of course we’re going to have an Ewok in front of the fireplace. Why? Well….because we are. May The Furr-ce be with you. (This is Eric the Brussels Griffon, FYI.) Want him on an endless loop? Problem, is not.