C.O. Trading Cards #18: Kodie By Request!

[He was in the works anyway, but Dennis W. sent us an email asking for K-Man, and who are we to say no to Kodie? Never happened. Never will. -Ed.] Click below for C.O. Super-Size!

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We’re Back, Welcome to CAT-TALK™ on KQTE

We’ll be taking your calls all morning long here on CAT TALK. Call us, 555-KQTE, that’s 555-5783 for those of you who don’t like to have to stare at the phone and figure how what letter matches what number. Whatever’s on your mind- the new 2016 Cute Overload CalendarC.O.’s 10th Anniversary…’Tocktober coming up in a little over two weeks..so let’s hear it! That number again, 555-KQTE, 555-5783..phone lines are open. Hello, THIS is CAT TALK™, YOU’RE on KQTE:

(Speakers UP:)

(Boing! Boing!)

[*Note: There really IS a KQTE. -Ed.]

Toesday: ‘Tocktober Is Getting Closer!

thebestintocktober-1938-1-_tplqJust over two weeks to go, as a matter of fact! Got some Prosh ‘Tocks you’d like to see on C.O.? You know what to do!

Candidate For Best Day Ever

“♬ I’m slobberin’ in the rain (KLUNK)
Just slobberin’ in the rain!
What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again. (KLUNK)
I’m laughing at clouds..so dark up above.
The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love! ♫”

Ollie And The Hedgehog

We couldn’t hold this one ’til Flashback Friday! Ollie The Puppeh meets a new friend, who…doesn’t LOOK quite like the others puppehs he knows! Who IS this spiky guy??

Timo: (Sing-Song Voice:) “♬ I’ve Got Something MARU Doesn’t Have ♫…”

Check this out! Timo goes absolutely bonkers in his new Cat Tube, but it eventually gets the best of him in the end…

Norbert? Wanna Treat, Buddy?

Better yet…you want TWO treats? No problem. Heck- YOU can have the entire bag.

100 Years Of Hammie Beauty..In 60 Seconds!

Hammies stuffing their muzzlepowches with carrots hasn’t changed that much over the years…has it? This is Joy The Rescued Hammie, via the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven!


How Your Dog Sees The World

It’s more complicated than you think. When you’re built low to the ground- there’s a LOT going on up there.

The Greatest Koala Video Of All Time

You gotta be careful when you make sweeping statements like that, because you’re basically implying that any other Koala Video ever made is inferior to this one. And I think we can get away with saying that.

Just watch THIS! (Sit down when you do- you’ll have a shorter fall to the floor.)

(Thanks for the tip, Kim.)


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