No Mister Bond, I Expect You To PEEP

Spectre,” the new James Bond movie, is now playing in the UK; we hear there are some Bond Chicks in it, too.


Tompkins Square Halloween Parade (Update!)

Ruby, an Australian Shepherd-mix proudly struts her alter ego as Donald Trump at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Purina Beggin' on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015 in New York. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for Purina Beggin'/AP Images)As promised, here is an update from Saturday afternoon’s Tompkins Square Halloween Parade in NYC! (See photo hovers for deets.)

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Purina Beggin'

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Purina Beggin'

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Purina Beggin'

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Purina Beggin'

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Purina Beggin'
Thanks to Tessa W. Photos by Jason DeCrow/Invision for Purina Beggin’/AP Images.

SOMEONE’S In The Halloween Spirit!

12112379_708048685998221_7852865613700572756_nCute Overload will be presenting Halloweeny-themed posts all day Friday (so you can read ’em at the office while you nom on Candy Corn, of course.) Someone, though- couldn’t WAIT ’til Friday to try out her Halloween witch hat. Good JOB, BUB!

Happy Halloween, Maymo

Given the ongoing fact that the living room couch is the epicenter of The Maymo Universe, it makes total sense that a giant Halloween Spider decides to attack him there, correct?

Interview With Skidmark’s HERO Hoomin!

SKID‘Member the kitteh that was rescued from the Oklahoma intersection? Here’s the latest info! (And his Instagram.)

Laney (above) is the name of Skidmark’s rescue hoomin, and she told C.O. earlier this morning,

“Skids has gotten used to being in the house with us two giants, and loves chasing our feet! He pretty much just runs around the house like a mad man. We are researching some good cat condos to get him something fun for him to climb up and down – and to hopefully stop tearing up the couches! He has been doing spectacularly! Once his energy dies down, he is a super cuddly kitty! We do plan on keeping the name Skidmark, I told the Internet that was his name – no going back now!”


Vaht Are You Starink At?

CAT[My NAME…ees LOKI. LOH-KYE. Like the “Thor” moofee. So..eet ees just a few days ’til Halloveen. Vaht ees da beeg deal? By da vay– vaht ees your blahd type? Just…curious.]







(Bored Panda.)

NEW: The Many Looks Of Maru

We usually see Maru in much the same way each time- round. Here we get different views of The Blorpy One, with a cameo by Hana.



Rats, It’s Monday Almost Halloween

felixhallo2015threeThe big day is this Saturday night! Victoria O. says, “I just did a Halloween themed photo shoot with my two boys Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix, Jr. Ralphie (below) is brown and white (with the scruffy coat and funky whiskers) and Felix (above) is the black and white one. They’d love it if you’d feature them in an upcoming post.” -Victoria O., a.k.a. Victoria, Mom to 2 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs.)


Gonna Have To Lay Off Those McFlurrys® For Awhile, Munro

Munro_Photo by Paul Fahy (20)For many of us, climbing up on the scale to get the bad news is a chore we could do without. Not so with Munro, Taronga Zoo’s Fiordland Crested Penguin. He seems to enjoy it as he “he prepares to bulk up for his annual moult,” according to the video text. He weighed in at a healthy 3.3kg. Feature photo by Paul Fahy as seen on the Taronga site.

“You’re Staring At Them, Aren’t You.”

“I get this every year at this time. People drive from all around just to stare. I guess I should be flattered.”

(Another Quality Smedley Find from ZooBorns.)


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