These Buns Can’t Wait For ‘Tocktober

And that’s because they’re a different KIND of Buns. You eat these Doggy Sausage Bread Buns! (Well, you’re ‘sposed to- but they’re so Cute, you might have a problem with that.) Anyway, Ace Cuteporter Andrew Y. sent this our way. You can make these right at home, and here’s the recipe!


The Return Of Shrimp

Shrimp first graced these pages just last week. Now she’s back and it’s time to get wet! Hang on, Shrimpster!

Video from Natalie.

Hello! Is It ME You’re Looking For?

Clipboard01[Welcome to Toesday! I'll be your host today! And don't forget- tomorrow is 'Tocktober First,' with 24 Hours Of 'Tocks! BTW, U got any mollusks you're not gonna eat?]

As seen on @Zappos_Service Twitter. [*Note- Send us your 'Tock Photos! -Ed.]

We Have An Open Door Policy Here

It’s just that a certain little someone can’t seem to get with the program.

So Here Is How It’s Gonna Go

[I slooooowly creep on up the other cat...slooooowly get ready to make my move...I'm just about to pounce WHACK WHACK WHACK ah maybe that wasn't a good idea. OK, I'll roll around on my butt and act all Cute and slowly make my escape. How embarrassing and stuff.]

The Adventures Of Mr. Felix

image (1)Just sorta sounds like the title to a 1970s sitcom, doesn’t it? Anyway, this IS Mr. Felix, shown above in the office where he puts in a full day being Cute, and then below at the local A&W, where he’s hoping to score a bit of his hoomin’s burger. Or fries. Or chicken sandwich. Or anything that drops onto the floor.

From Audi C.

Good Grief, I Can’t Believe This

IMG_20140921_100248[The hoomin kid left a stuffed animal in here, and look at the dog. Thinks it's real. Then again, he's a dog. So I shouldn't be a bit surprised.] (Charlie The Dog and Mia The Cat, from Raelin S.)

Animuhls VS. Springy Thing, Round III

The Door Springy Thing returns, and this time, a Most Stubbular Little Fellow trots out to do battle. Will he be successful???? (FYI, Round I here and Round II here.)

Red Panda Encore Presentaysh!

Yes, yes, we featured these little maniacs on September 20th. But we just came across these photos on The Daily Dot and said whatthehecktheseareawesomeuptheygo.

(There’s also a contest to NAME ‘em- hurry, it closes TODAY.)


(Because Your Kiss) Your Kiss Is On My Lips

…(Because your kiss) your kiss I can’t resist!

As seen on Reddit, with lyrics by Hall & Oates.


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