U Can Bust Me ANYTIME, Little Dude

You won’t see this little feller on COPS, tho. Thanks to Elaine G. for sending this story in. “Story from Bahston.com,” she adds. This is Tuco, a German Shepherd named for the “Breaking Bad” TV show character Tuco Salamanca. The first photo is from Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, a non-profit that helps provide bulletproof vests, training, and the purchase of dogs for police departments in Massachusetts.


And this one is by Jonathan Kozowyk from the Boston PD FB page.


WHO’S The Little Halloween Devil? WHO Is?

Tesla Halloween 2014-13-1Why it’s YOU, Sir Irving Tesla Paddington Baxter! From Cuteporter Judy.

[*Note- due to some obscure OCD thing C.O. tradition- Irv's posts always go up at 6:29am PT. We...don't know why. -Ed.]

Missy-Moo, How Do U Do?

1We don’t get too many Sheepsters on Cute Overload because…we don’t. But Missy-Moo’s here to reverse that trend! “This is our sheep Missy-Moo, we took her in because her owner was going to send her to market, she is quite the character! Here we see her trying out Halloween costumes, she can’t decide if she wants to be a hip-hop artist or Bob the Builder, she is a little worried the tool belt makes her butt look big.” -Carol B.


Bailey -N- Bella Go BOO!

Bailey and Bella2_Photo by Carolyne KroekerLooks like two Peegs in particular are already geared up for the Big Night this Friday. “Here are some pictures I took of my friend Katrina’s piggies, Bailey and Bella, getting in the Halloween spirit! There was almost too much Cute for me to handle while taking and editing the photos!” -Carolyne K., Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Bailey and Bella_Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

UPDATED: C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Montréal

A little over a month ago, we ventured up to the Great White North to check out the The Café Chat L’Heureux, now open at 172 Duluth Est, Montréal. Here’s an update c/o Cuteporter Liz H. by way of a website called “The Montreal Eater.”


Deuxième photo prise par Chantal Levesque.

Kit The Doxie Would Like To Remind You-

unnamed (1)- that there’s a Big Baseball Game starting at this very second. No idea who she is rooting for, either.

From Jo B., who says “Fun to take, but I have now lost my favorite sweatshirt to Kit, who think’s it’s an awesome cave-bed.”

[*Note- We must note, in the interests of equal time, we've not received any puppehs in Royals attire. -Ed.]

‘Tocktober: Marty’s Trabel Adbentures

unnamedAh, we missed this one for Rats It’s Monday, but who said we can’t have a Rats, It’s Tuesday? No one did, that’s who. These Ratso ‘Tocks happen to belong to Martin “Marty” Mouse (who is really a Rat,) the Internashunal Bizness CEO. Marty, when’s your book out?

Plum’s Beans

Toebeans Plum“This is Plum, who was born to a stray cat in my yard in the spring. She and her brother Milo are happily living with me now. Milo likes to stretch out when he sleeps, but Plum prefers the curled kitty with exposed toebeans position. She is perhaps the sweetest kitten I’ve ever had. So tiny!” -Stephanie F.

JoeJoe The Puppeh Sitter

From the “C.O. Can’t Even Fathom This” Department: According to the YT video, “the mother of the puppies was unable to care for them so JoeJoe watched over them until they were old enough to go to forever homes.”

So what we’re talking about is..A CAPYBARA PUPPEH SITTER. Say that out loud, then press the video button. #DED.

From Andrew Y., who is tasked with finding an officially licensed Maru plush figure. Don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Furgus Needs A Name!

Furgus 4This little kitteh’s name- for the moment- is Furgus. (Which I rather like. But what do I know? Don’t answer that.) But– Furgus’s hoomin needs a better one, and wants yer help. It goes something like this:

My friend’s parents have adopted the attached this young lady- 3 months old, half Maine Coon/half Siberian. Apparently she already rules the house after 2 weeks! My friend is completely smitten by her, she steals their food, and the only name which has so far been put forward (by the friend) is “Dido, Queen of Carthage*” which her father has rejected as being “too pompous.” So I was wondering if I might appeal to the good readers of Teh Ovahlode for suggestions for less pompous-sounding names? Thanks in advance! :)” -TJ.

PS- “Furgus was my suggestion, but since it’s a little girl kitteh it’s not entirely appropriate.”

[*Note- What??? -Ed.]


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