SOMEone Disapproves Of Bunday

Bunbun1“BunBun approves of this GIF of him disapproving!” -Natalie W.

Bunday Morning Comix

From Cat Versus Human as seen on Design Taxi.

And One More For Caturday Night

Shiro and Friends are always snoozing. The only difference (usually) is- the choice of head wear changes from video to video. Tonight it looks like- what, french fries? Yogurt cups? This one’s 100% Big J.

Spend Your Caturday Night With Timo

Going out, getting groomed, being fed by his personal can opener- just another Caturday Night for Timo The Ragdoll.


[There is NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING on TV. The Can Openers are gone, so no noms. Dog is over there snoring. It’s raining outside. And look at me. Hanging out in the litter box. Pathetic.]

Kitten relaxing in litter tray


Remember Going On Field Trips?

You remember- pack a lunch, hop on the school bus, and get outta the classroom for the day to see the sights- like a….boring Salvador Dali exhibit. (Note- I really did do that one. In Louisville. We also went on a trip to a power plant, which was excellent.) Well, these guys have the same thing in mind. The Pengy residents at the Monterey Bay Aquarium like to get out and stretch their feet fins once in awhile and see the sights, just like everyone else!


Caturday: The Top Ten Cat Superpowers!!

Speed..jumping..strength..agility…it’s clear that kittehs have it ALL. Are there going to be cats in the new Avengers movie?


Hello, Newman

yb8n1E1Meet Newman. And for those who don’t get/remember the Obvy Seinfeld Reference, please see here. (Imgur.)

It’s World Penguin Day!

Take a little time out of the day to watch this video of our little tuxedo-clad friends!

And here’s a PROSH PENGY WALLPAPER– just click to save!


Buckle Up There, Dusty

6416520-3x2-940x627Dusty The Kangaroo is living the good life in Western Australia- he was adopted by a family there after he lost his mom :( and fits right in with the Stewart family’s assortment of puppehs. Read more about Dusty here, with thanks to Claire M.


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