The Return Of The Lumpsucker!

He (or she, let’s face it, who knows) is BACK after a THREE YEAR HIATUS, and he (or she, let’s face it, who knows) is busy doin’ the electric slide!


(And try not to crack up.)

Thanks to Grace of the California Academy of Sciences one more time today.

The Incredible Cuteness Of Chloe

Chloe 6wks (9)Now THIS is the way to start a Monday morning, everyone. Meet Chloe, who is all of seven weeks old as of this past Friday!

Chloe 6wks (2)
“I hope you enjoy these pictures of my adorable puppy,” writes Jennifer L. “Chloe is a Maltichon, half Maltese, half Bichon Frise.”

Chloe 6wks (4)
“I hope there’s at least one good photo!” [*Note: NO problem. We count SIX!-Ed.]

Chloe 6wks (5a)

Chloe 6wks (6)

Chloe 6wks (8)

Calling All Animuhls! (And Their Hoomins)

The Fourth Of July is this Caturday Saturday! We’d love to maybe feature your little critter (or big critter, no discrimination here) on C.O.! Take your best shot, then send it off!





“Photos of white dog = Potato. Black and white dog = Whistler. Dark brown dog = Cricket. I keep a little blog, mostly to share photos with my family. Thank you for running such a fun site!” -Megan.

And Let’s All Recite Rule #45, OK?

All together now: Any animal with the word “pygmy” in it is cute.

So of course, we’ve got TWO of ’em for you today, with thanks to Grace at the California Academy of Sciences. First up: PYGMY SEAHORSES!

oh, but that’s not all. Give it up for some…….PYGMY SLOTHS!

NEW Maru & Hana: Tag, You’re It!

Cats just wanna have fuh-un.

Rats, It’s Monday!

7799914206_58c5251ca5_kIt certainly is!

Lotta great stuff for you today- some Pygmy surprises..The Cuteness of Chloe..and a visit to not one but two Cat Cafés the same post! And they’re in the USA, if you can believe it. (This keen Ratso photo from Flickr, BTW.)

P.S.: A new Maru & Hana video is coming up…NEXT.

Happy Birthday, Maymo!

What could be better than your own Ball Pit to roll around in! Happy Birthday, big fella!

Only Four Months To Go

peggy“I have no idea what Peggy wants when she makes this face. Maybe…she’s just wondering what kind of trouble she can stir up.” -Mary H.

It’s Halfway To Christmas Day!

m_PJur31(Besides BUNDAY, of course.) Earlier this week, St. Nick and his gang posed for this team photo. Right now, Santa is by the pool sipping a cold drink with a little umbrella in it, working out the December 24th flight plan on his iPad. But before you know it, you’ll hear the pitter-patter of little hooves paws on your rooftop! Ho, Ho, HO..Believe!

Bunday: Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands Paws!

REMEMBER the old saying: Cleanliness is next to Godliness! And, er, Bunliness. (Is that a word? If not—it should be!)


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