It’s 6am (PT)! Time To WAKE UP AND STUFF!

[My dish is empty! Fill it and then you can go back to sleep!!]

From Love Meow via Lisa J.’s iPad.

Dog Sledding

So the weather’s cold and bleak everywhere. USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Oh, So You Want Some Of THIS?

[That's IT! I've HAD it. Let's do this right NOW, Mister Man!]

Multiple RULES On A Toesday Afternoon!

13312962463_d052fd63b0_oThis is Cody, from The Furrtographer. First and foremost, Rule of Cuteness #01: Putting a paw up is Cute. Followed CLOSELY by #20: Showing your paw pads is Cute, AND…#42: Ears that flop over a leetle beet are Cute.

What’s The Common Theme Here?

Let’s see….well, they’re all doggehs.

So there’s that.

And…oh, yes! THE NOSES! Only 12 days to go for Nosevember; have you sent your photos in yet?

From Jo P.

Google Hangout With Pup #681

Pup 681 was the furry star of a Google Hangout along with guests from the Shedd Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you missed the 10a-10:30a PT live stream, here’s a replay below! (Just click the > thing, it’ll work.) #PupHangout.

Want more 681? In the video below, she’s having a major amount of fun in the pool, getting treats and playing with her basketball and toy lobster. And then a nice fuzzy rubdown afterwards. Dear Shedd Aquarium, would you hire me to do this? I don’t have any formal training. But I’m willing to learn. Today.


Almost Time For Thanksgiving!

Make that….a Very. Tiny. Thanksgiving.

All Hail The New (Dog) Mayor Of San Francisco!

FUR_2302-X3This is Frida! And for today, she is the reigning Dog Mayor of the City of San Francisco!

Winner of an SFACC Gala Auction item last month, Frida will hold “Court” today as Dog Mayor for a Day, and you’re invited to meet her at a reception in the park across from SF City Hall at 4:00 pm. (PT.) In the area? Drop by and show your support!

Dean C. adopted Frida several years ago and has been advocating for ResQte Dogs through the For the Love of Dog USA cause.

Frida is active in the SF community—she’s in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in SF (adopt a rescue contingent.) Frida also participates in the SF Chihuahua Meet Up Group that convenes the first Sunday of every month at Stern Grove Dog Park.

Frida’s a mother of two who enjoys chicken with rice, long walks, cuddling, and kisses. She would like to send the message that ResQte Dogs make great pets! [*Amen. -Ed.]

All photos by The Furrtographer.

The Mighty Monty

cute-cat-without-nosal-bone-monty-13People, meet one of the flat-out Cutest Kittehs you are EVAH gonna see. Let’s learn about Monty.

Monty has a chromosome abnormality: he was born without a nasal bridge bone.

He sneezes a little bit and is also a little bit, um, leaky- other than that, a fine little fellow!

You can learn more about Monty here.

Thanks to Wendy B. for sending The Mighty M our way!






These Videos Are Gonna Make You NUTS

OK- just watch the first one.

Amazing, right? Launching into that slipper? Aye yi yi yi yi. Now- #2- Super Whac-A-Mole Action.

“My 10 week old Maine Coon kitten named Burli,” says Christoph B.


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