24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 7:45am PT (Bonus Hour!)

G Bubbles ButtIn the featured shot (above) Magilla Glub Glub of Kigali, Rwanda seems mesmerized by Lady Bubble’s ‘Tocks. Not that there’s ANYthing wrong with that. And below, MGG decides to hang out on the bathroom divider wall, carefully balancing his ‘Tocks JUST so.

GG Tock

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 7:07am PT

Ah yes, a trusted favorite! ‘Tocks AND Beans. Remember Eiger from last ‘Tocktober? This serving was provided by Cuteporter Patricia B.


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 6:30am PT

Ah, it’s breakfast time here on the West Coast, and here we have our first Bun of the day. And who might this be? “Felix proudly showing his “Boonay Fur Flap while taking a nap.” -Patty P. from The ‘Nati.


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 5:28am PT

Nothing like some nice cool tile and morning sunshine streamin’ in on ‘Tocktober First. “Here are Banjo’s ‘Tocks!!!! Hope you can post this!!!! A Big Hug, John B.”


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 4:30am PT

photoThese are the Quality Right Angle ‘Tocks of Bucky Barnes. (Captain America fans will know that name.) Photo sent in by Faye.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 3:19am PT

We get Full Extension ‘Tock Splayage on this one…(#47: Splayed haunch action is cute)…in addition to a pretty spot-on Baroo, am I right?

“I think I already sent you a picture of Selma showing off her Glorious Pantaloons for ‘Tocktober, but I think this one is even more more delicious than the first :) and I hope she makes the cut! Her sister Patty also has wonderful ‘Tocks, but has yet to show them off for the camera like this one! Selma is a bit of an exhibitionist, Patty is the modest one.” -Hilary K.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 2:22am PT

Got a Two-Fer this hour, everyone. Lookit this first photo! Mama Peeg’s got three little guys parked on the side!!!

“My sister fosters Guinea Peegs and one of the females came to her already pregnant. She gave birth to 5 Pups (only 3 pictured here) and they are all chock-full of Mini-Peeg ‘Tocks!” -Stephanie G. (More here.)

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 1:41am PT

photo“Our Leonberger puppy Merlin’s graceful perch on the couch.” -Shannon. Wow! BIG ‘TOCKS!

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 12:00am PT

Can it BE? Another ‘Tocktober 1st has arrived? It HAS! We’re crankin’ up the ‘Tockiest ‘Tocktober First Ever! Let’s get ‘er goin’ with Otto, OK? “​My mom’s Bernese Mountain Dog, Otto, has some of the biggest, fluffiest ‘Tocks you’ve ever seen! He also thinks he’s little and can still fit under the furniture.” -Maggie G.

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“Best. Day. Ever.”

Once you read Kristin F.’s email, I bet you agree!

“I recently visited Cuyutlan Ecology Center, a Sea Turtle Sanctuary in Mexico. It was the slow season, and we were the only visitors for the day, so they let us help release some lil’ sea turtles into the ocean. Best. Day. Ever. They were tiny but mighty!”

image (2)
“They also had Crocodiles, and I especially enjoyed this warning sign- “Don’t shoot, feed, or swim with the crocodiles, and most importantly: Never play the maracas with your buddy for the crocodiles!”

image (1)

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