THIS JUST IN: Happy #1 To Fenway!

Fenway CAKE time“My precious girl Fenway turned one years old yesterday and we had a little celebration. Photo says it all :).” -Cherie O.

Nuthin’ Like A Little Panda Blorp..

…to get you through the day. Look at how these Round Mounds O’ Fluff nom that bamboo!


Whenever Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, or Gamara decided to get really feisty, they’d plow through poor old Tokyo. Then the good citizens would dutifully rebuild, only to see the next giant creature stop by for a quick smash. These people just did not grasp the long-term future of their city. Heck, they just gave Godzilla a Good Citizen Award. Or something.

Now comes……Hamzilla. Duck and cover, folks. Duck and cover.

I Haz Soccer Ball Now?

It looks like this kitteh also likes a little basketball team handball action, too.

Toesday Sugar Glider ACTION!

Actually- two Sugar Gliders for the price of one! Mama SG is chowing down on MMMMM, Mealworms! And then Bebeh SG is chowing down on, well, Mama SG.

Mom Nose Best

The cheek of this little one! When he wants Mom’s attention…he just pulls the emergency lever.



(Mail Online.)

The Adventures Of Eimear: Dateline, Perth

Clipboard01It is hard to keep up with Eimear. When last we saw her, she was hangin’ out in Bali with the monkeys.

Now she’s back home in Australia, and- well, what do they have a lot of in Australia? (Besides Wombats, Koalas, and Zombie Spiders the size of a 1972 Ford LTD Wagon. Right! -Kangaroos!)

As before, her travels are chronicled here, and her blog comments about each photo below are in the hovers.

“This is probably getting a bit ridiculous (I’ve got that Pokemon mentality with petting unusual animals – GOTTA PET ‘EM ALL) but today I petted some Kangaroos,” she tells us.


“They are so so so cute, a cross between a bunny and a cow, I think.” [A bunny….and a cow. A BUNNY…AND….A COW. Hmmmm. -Ed.]

“They chew on the grass like cows but they hop like bunnies and have bunny teeth. And they’re super soft.”






Toesday: Blue Eyes, Black Beans

IMG_4237Buddybear welcomes you to Toesday! “One of the things I love most about my handsome Buddy (AKA Buddybear) is that he has one black bean on every paw!,” says Abbey H. “I mean, just look at ’em! Titles he also holds: Master of the Chill and Blue-Eyed Heart Melter. Infinite thanks for bringing joy to my soul!”



Hammies…Or…Mochi Buns?

YOU make the call! Big J-quality QTE, thanks to Meg B. who added, “Found this on Twitter from The Land Of Cuteness – Japan!”




[*Note: helpful Korean Mochi Bun recipe here! -Ed.]

Look Who Has An Apple Watch!

You’ve no doubt heard about Apple’s latest invention, a super-sleek smart watch that does just about anything you could imagine. This puppeh heard about ’em and dragged their hoomin down to the local Apple Store to check ’em out.

He seems to like it- but the belleh rubs at the end are what he’s really after.



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