C.O. Bird Cafe World Tour: Tori No Iru Cafe, Tokyo

1000-asatori58Our World Tours Feature is back after a brief hiatus, with more keen photos from Robb S. This one is the Tori no Iru Cafe, and on his fine Animal Cafes blog, he says “(This is) in touristy Asakusa. The cafe offers two very different experiences: a quiet moment with ten sleepy owls, and absolute bedlam with a flock of noisy, boisterous parrots and parakeets.”








When You Go™: 1p-8p daily.

Phone: 03-6802-8572

*Addy: Asakusa 1-12-8, Oyama Bldg B1F.

*Cost: Y1000 cover charge for a 30 minute stay. Y1500 for 60 minutes.

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Kitteh?”

image1“No, but if you do, it’s time for her checkup at the clinic. I made the mistake of saying ‘Vet’ rather than spelling out V-E-T and she took off like a shot.”

(Toad Bobbin going low profile, photo by Toad’s mom Meshy, submitted by Heather.)

If You Have ANY Idea How This Is Done-

-I’d love to know. Truly some outstanding talent here! Big J all the way.

(Andrew Y.)

Greetings, Fellow Earthlings!

FullSizeRender“I just went to the Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center with my boyfriend for my birthday. It might be the cutest place on earth. I took this photo of one of the Boy Meerkats hanging with his stuffies. I’m including a few extra bonus shots-and my boyfriend Jim S. also just submitted a video of the Meerkat with the stuffies falling asleep.” -Christine K.


Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

seVWtP2Yes, this IS a prosh lil’ Hermie Crab, using a discarded toothpaste cap as his shell. It’s called improvisation.

(Daily Dot.)

Maybe I Should Pick On Someone My Own Size?

[Those guys are pretty big…biggest dogs I EVER saw. And what’re those things on their heads? I don’t know. Maybe I can just sneak up on them…after all, I am The Lion King. Sorta.]

And the sequel, ’cause all big movies deserve sequels…

C.O. Trading Cards #18: Kodie By Request!

[He was in the works anyway, but Dennis W. sent us an email asking for K-Man, and who are we to say no to Kodie? Never happened. Never will. -Ed.] Click below for C.O. Super-Size!

More C.O. Trading Cards here!

We’re Back, Welcome to CAT-TALK™ on KQTE

We’ll be taking your calls all morning long here on CAT TALK. Call us, 555-KQTE, that’s 555-5783 for those of you who don’t like to have to stare at the phone and figure how what letter matches what number. Whatever’s on your mind- the new 2016 Cute Overload CalendarC.O.’s 10th Anniversary…’Tocktober coming up in a little over two weeks..so let’s hear it! That number again, 555-KQTE, 555-5783..phone lines are open. Hello, THIS is CAT TALK™, YOU’RE on KQTE:

(Speakers UP:)

(Boing! Boing!)

[*Note: There really IS a KQTE. -Ed.]

Toesday: ‘Tocktober Is Getting Closer!

thebestintocktober-1938-1-_tplqJust over two weeks to go, as a matter of fact! Got some Prosh ‘Tocks you’d like to see on C.O.? You know what to do!

Candidate For Best Day Ever

“♬ I’m slobberin’ in the rain (KLUNK)
Just slobberin’ in the rain!
What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again. (KLUNK)
I’m laughing at clouds..so dark up above.
The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love! ♫”


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