“He’s A Very Delicate Little Friend.”

image1Mr. MiniMcInchersons was in the middle of a table, nowhere near food. I let him climb onto the edge of my nail and took him to a place of flowery, leafy spring beauty. He immediately began to make a mini chomp circle in the leaf. To give a bit of size comparison, my hand is a whopping 6″ from the base to the end of my longest finger. He’s a very delicate little friend. I took the picture. Thanks for a wonderful site to visit!” -Jenny D.

Headline THIS: The iBrowser

It always look so angry - Imgur[Updated 1:06pm PT: “Apple has released its new search engine: the iBrowser” scores this time around, c/o Oakley. Thanks to all! -Ed.]

An 007 reference is the most obvious choice here, but y’all always come up with some great Headline THIS stuff, so g’head and give it your best shot, and we’ll update the headline around 1pm PT. (Imgur.)

Lotta Otters (Would That Be…”Lotters?”)

Without question one of THE cutest critters on the planet. Enjoy this fine selection of furballs, won’t you?
















Four On The Floor

11179964_1620609211509860_3373981924250084316_nCan you EVEN BELIEVE THIS ONE? A purrrrr-fectly matched set. Vajda saw this on The Facebookster.

Hey SpringRidge Peeps! WAKE UP!

[It’s already 6:00 in the morning! Time to rise and shine! Fresh cantaloupe and waffles in the dining hall! Shuffleboard on the patio at 7am sharp! Let’s ROLL, people!]

“The residents of SpringRidge retirement facility in Wilsonville, OR. have been waking up to this Woodpecker, who seems to prefer pecking on metal gutters to wood. He shows up every morning between the hours of 4 and 7am, much to the displeasure of the seniors who live there.”

Video taken by Anne D.

Nikki, Don’t Lose Our Number!

Nikki Toes-dayFrom reader Namaval: “This is our kitty Nikki. Today is her first day as a totally indoor cat. Apparently it suits her! Welcome to our household, little one. Pictures by Ye’ela.”

Nikki Toes-day2

What Do Four Week Old Corgis Do Best?

They nom their dinner LIKE CRAZED BANSHEES! (And look! They’re not stubbular yet!)

Koharu Takes A Trip

Remember Koharu from last week? The Shiba Inu with the many boxes to choose from? She’s back, and ready for a trip to the country.

Mo Slo Mo

Earlier today, we got some Maru in Slo Mo- now it’s Bikke The Munk’s turn.

OK, So Take The Photo Already

[It’s not like I can EASILY fit inside this car! Are we done here?]

(Metro UK.)


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