Double Beady-Eye Factor™

image1“Thank you for considering my photo! I would love to have my very own special guinea pigs (Autumn & Winter) be on your website! I love them so much and it would be awesome! Thanks so much! Aleena D.”

Don’t Forget About National Dolphin Awareness Month!

Copy of Piquet IMG_9986Earlier we told you about National Pig Day! But that’s not all for March 1st. Dolphins are just about the funniest and sleekest critters in the ocean. And they get an entire month! Photo of Piquet The Dolphin © Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez, provided by Torie A.

Maru Tribute Song

Gather around the campfire and sing it with me! There’s only one Circle!

A Smedley find!

Oink? Snuffle? Yay 4 National Pig Day!

2010_07-27_FSNY_Kim_Gordon_piglet_002_CREDIT_Farm_SanctuaryThis Gang O’ Plump & Prosh Pink Porksters are living the good life at Farm Sanctuary, celebrating National Pig Day! That’s Kim Gordon above.










C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month: March 2015

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March 2015
Original photo from Shutterstock.

Bunday Morning Comix

cat-logic-funny-61__605From Cat vs. Human as seen on Bored Panda.

Colorado Frosted Bun Action!

DSC02971“This little bunneh discovered my ground birdfeeder this winter and has developed a taste for birdseed. The snowstorm we had Thursday did not deter him and as he nommed away he started to look like a frosted bun with all the snow collecting on him. Thought you’d like to see his Cuteness! Lynne H. in Colorado.”

BunBun’s Back…

image….following his New Year’s Eve birthday party. And he still disapproves. Of everything. “Bun ate this rug today…I just bought it yesterday! You can see the unraveled chunks of carpet by his back foot, but what he’s hiding under his Fluffy Belly is the huge hole!” -Natalie W.

Caturday Night Ribbon Crazies

I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this!

Caturday Night Truckin’

[I haz developed a new way to get the noms. I just drive into the kitchen and pick ‘em up. How easy is THIS?]



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