Roo’s First Toy

Roo The Goldie had a very hard life. But not anymore. Read all about her here, and watch how she picks out her first EVER toy, Happy Happy Joy Joy time!

[*Note: Roo also has a book- check it out here. -Ed.]


A Quality Find by Smedley, on


Time To Meet The Press, Bei Bei

Or……….maybe not. Bei Bei the Bebeh Panda (which is surprisingly hard to type) got hauled out for a Meet -N- Greet, then promptly went offline.

Thanks to Susan M. for the heads up.

GAAAAA! Little Fur Creatures In Japan (II)

Back in September, we took a jaunt over to Machida Squirrel Garden in Japan. So naturally, we’re headed back.


Jessica K. writes, “Hi! Long time reader, first time sub-mee-shoner. Did you know Japan has zoos just for squirrels?” [*Note: Yup. Ed.]

“Of course it does, it’s Japan! I recently wrote a piece about one in my neighborhood for RocketNews 24, your favorite source for Big J squee-worthy attractions.” [*Note: She writes..FOR…RN24. Sigh. -Ed.]

“It would be super exciting to see it on your page too!”

“All the photos are mine, so feel free to use them! Hope you enjoy!”




Meowy Catmas!

Those wild guys Cole and Marmalade have created a special Christmas video for you. They also seem to have trashed their Christmas Tree while doing so. Details, details.

Bats, It’s Monday!

And WHO wants their tummy rubbed? WHO does? That’s right, YOU do!

Joyeux Noël From Montreal

That’s how they say it in the Great White North, eh? Five days to go! David F. writes, “Our kittens Ace and Tux were having the time of their lives playing with the Christmas decorations so we decided to film them.”

Sprocket & Gizmo

If you look in the dictionary under the term “Whackadoodle,” you’re most likely going to find this pair. From Eva M.

Bunday: Wait ‘Til The :06 Mark

Keep your eyes on this area:


Ready? Are you sure? Buckle up and then click the play button.

From Brandi K.

Time For Bunday Breakfast!

What’s on this morning’s menu? Meelk. Lots and lots of eet.

Bunday Morning Comix