And That’s A Wrap For The Week!

photo 2And we end another week of The QTE with this nice email from Jen Smith! “Hello, These are my Great Danes. They have very cute Noses. The first (above) is Frankie, our ten year old. Next is Scottie (below,) who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago. :( He used to love to plop his jowls on the kitchen counter top! They would love to be on C.O. Hope they make the cut! P.S. I love Cute Overload. It always turns a frown upside down!”*

photo 1

{*Note: Memo to Marketing: “Cute Overload: Turning Frowns Upside Down since 2006.” Get to work on that. I don’t see Jen copyrighted the phrase, but check with Legal. I want to see visuals and a campaign mock-up by end of the week. Yes, I know it’s Thanksgiving. So I’d start sooner than later. -Ed.]

Nosevember: Hooray For Hugo!

IMG_5825Gettin’ down to the very final days of Nosevember ‘doncha know, and who do we have here? A furry little Valentine Nose* named Hugo!

“Check out the heart-shaped black nose on my tuxedo cat, Hugo! We adopted him as a stray from our aunt and uncle’s farm last year, and that heart nose won over our hearts.” -Meghan W.


[*Note- Tag with Valentine’s Day 2015 so we can potentially re-run then. Classic. -Ed.]

Has Anyone Else Thought Of This?

What a great idea. No more pesky ears in your soup!

As seen here, from Vajda B.

Let’s Paws For This Announcement:

IMG_5059Digit is back and brought a friend with him! “You remember Digit? Orange Polydactyl (with a monkey?) Here he is with his tabby best friend.” -Amy S.



Our Weekend World Tour C.O.ntinues!

burliYesterday it was little Nikita from Portugal, and Newt from France. Earlier today we met from Dulci from Switzerland! Now let’s make a quick hop over to Germany and meet Burli! “My Maine Coon/Birman mix Burli was born on Sept. 1st this year. He loves relaxing on his cat grass.” -Greetings from Germany, Christoph B.!

I Am Kitteh. Hear Me ROAR.

Well, kinda sorta.

From I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.

Caught In The (Bunday) Act!

(Say like Kirk:) [If I…can…just…get…this…a little closer…GOTCHA!]

“The banana bandit, Sir Lancelot (aka Lance) caught in the act.” -Amy K.

*Bonus Bongo Feet Added by Stunbunneh request.

Bunday Morning Comix


Nosevember In Switzerland

1465952_10151684525457687_1213329875_oYesterday it was Caturday Morning in Portugal and Caturday Night in France, so today, why not have a Nosevember feature from Switzerland?

C.O.’s reach is GLOBAL, we tells ya.

So, how ’bout this kitteh, Meghan B? “This is Dulcinea Princessa Pequeña Rodriguez, or Dulci for short. I adopted her in 2001 from The Seattle Animal Shelter and we are now living the sweet life in Lugano, Switzerland. She enjoys nature programs, snacks of prosciutto, and lounging in her fancy basket. I hope you enjoy her freckled Nose and Super Calico Action as much as I do!”

THIS JUST IN! Maru & Hana Go Offline

They don’t have too bad a gig, do they? [*Note- this one has music. -Ed.]


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