Kiko NOSE What Month It Is!

IMG_9165 - Version 2And who’s happy to see the month of Nosevember? Kiko is! “This is Kiko. My 11 month old rescue Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan. He’s a spritely and happy little fella, living with me in Venice Beach, CA.” -Eileen M.


_DSC4297Cuteporter Jen F. is back, with another image she took on her January 2013 excursion to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands!

Hey Bandit? It’s Halftime, Pal!

The two magic words of the day? “I’m parched.”

We’re gonna assume El Bandito got his treat off-camera, right? From Mashable.

Bunday Morning Comix

lizclimo05Art by Liz Climo as seen on My Modern Met.


DSC_0947“This is ‘Maya.’ She is a ‘Kleiner Münsterländer‘-lady. About the time she turned 2 years old, a spot grew on her nose. Beside that it is harmless, it’s very cute and unique! Maya lives in Germany, in the beautiful city of Cologne.” -Florencia P.

Hi Morgan! Or..Morgan vonPuppyface..Or Mrs. Roper. (?)

All of you who have puppehs or kittehs and have multiple cutesy-poo nicknames for your pet…raise your hands! Get ‘em up, there in the back row.


“I wanted to share a photo of our two year old husky, Morgan, or Morgan vonPuppyface but has recently been dubbed the name “Mrs. Roper” (as in, Mrs Roper from Three’s Company.) She is the nosiest neighborhood busybody. And when she’s not all up in their business, she’s in ours. She’s a 60 lb. lapdog so she is frequently sticking her nose into our business to see if she can climb into our laps and get ear skritches. Thanks for letting me share!” -Stacy S.

Caturday Night: Heeerrrrree’s MINNIE!

photoKibblenibble’s email was short, sweet, and to the point. “Dear C.O.—Minnie’s nose is just so adorable to me!”

Can’t argue with THAT one bit! #YAY4NOSEVEMBER.

Nosevember First & The Return Of The Noodle!

Noodle Man presented perfect ‘Tock Splayage about two and a half weeks ago, for ‘Tocktober.

Well, it’s a new month and a new schtick gimmick concept- it’s Nosevember Uno and look what we have here.



From Zlata and Don.

We Can Haz Fall Back Now?

Remember that hour of sleep you lost in March? You get it back tonight, so roll ‘em back when you go to sleep. Our lives are run by clocks, right?

Or are they run by cats?

From TO.

Caturday: Maru And The Art Of The High Five

THIS JUST IN! The Circle shows us how it’s done! Hana….not so much.


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