Wanna Volunteer At A Bat Hospital?

One catch, though- it’s Down Undah. (“We are nestled in 5 acres of gardens in a quiet forest valley 6 kms outside Atherton, Queensland- an hour’s drive inland from Cairns.”) Got that? So save those frequent flier miles!

There’s a place there called the Tolga Bat Hospital.

The story at Lost At E Minor says you can sign up at the TBH to be a volunteer!

Quoting the story, volunteers do tasks like “preparing food and milk, taking care of bat orphans, cleaning the cages, helping to search for or release bats in rain forests, keeping weeds away, and even assisting on research projects.”


‘Tocktober: NOT Your Normal-Sized Everyday ‘Tocks

IMG_9838Wow, what can you say about this photo but “Um, how CLOSE were you to get this shot?” Sarah B. sent this in and sez, “Hello, I just returned from Rwanda where I hiked to find Gorillas. Here’s a Silverback from behind! I was very close. That photo was taken with my iPhone, so not much of a zoom. A small gorilla was running & bumped into my husband!”

This Just In: Coctopus

[*Note: Cuteporter Jen wrote us today and told us, “Did you know today is Octopus Awareness Day? Sorry, I don’t have any Cute Octopus pics to share, but I’m sure you can use one from your archives. Or that famous video of the coconut-carrying octopus! [We did. -Ed.] I love your site. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes.” Happy to oblige with this Encore Presentaysh written by Prongs, from December 15th, 2009. -Ed.]

Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday. Our friends over at National Geographic report that octopuses have been discovered tip-toeing with coconut-shell halves suctioned to their undersides, then reassembling the halves and disappearing inside for protection.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Check out the full story here.

Thanks, Marilyn T.

Seal Trolls Puppeh, Film At Eleven

Watch this Prosh Bebeh Blorpster mess with this puppeh’s head with a game of hide and seek, in the River Thames near Greenwich, South East London.

‘Tocktober: Snickers Really Satisfies!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo doubt you;ve heard that candy bar commercial- now see Snicker’s Quality Tox up close & personal. “This is our Manx named Nakita, Niki, or “Snickers.” She has a little pompom for a tail. Her fur is as soft as a bunny and her tail confirms it. Notice the feet fur too. She can really slide into a room.” -Melodee I.


Duncan TocksPerfection.

“In honor of ‘Tocktober, I humbly submit my parents’ Golden Retriever Duncan, demonstrating the Full Trifecta of ‘Tocks/Splayage/Baroo.” -Alexandra M.

Ribbit! McFroggerson ‘Tocks!

photoYou don’t see too many Frogster ‘Tocks around these parts- a rare commodity, indeed. However, Melanie T. has solved that problem for the moment! “I took this picture several years ago in my back yard. Hope you likey!”

[We like the ROC #47, too. -Ed.]


10500422_586638754796237_97729471850706497_nThis is the very first one. All the way back to the very beginning. Waaaay back in December of 2005. Twitter wasn’t even INVENTED yet! Rule Of Cuteness #01: Putting a paw up is Cute. Now that we’ve established that, who’s up for a quickie snorgle in the park…hmmmm?

Kristin MHS ’78/IU ’81 saw this on the Paw My Gosh FB.

UPDATED! Welcome To The Taronga Zoo, Mate!

DSCN0376“We were fortunate enough to take a behind-the-scenes tour at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The Cuteness of the Australian native fauna is off the charts. This Quokka jumped right in front of my husband’s camera!” -Michele G.


“The ones that were awake just hopped around and seemed to be begging the keeper for carrots (the curious little guy had to hop around a few Echidna to make sure he stayed close to people.) I would have scooped him up and Snorgled him if our guide hadn’t been watching us like a hawk. He told us that he could stop our private tour if we touched a Koala, so I wasn’t going to step too far out of line, even with massive temptation. It took self-control of epic proportions.”

Voila! More Quokka!


Oh C’MON, Just Play For A LITTLE Bit, Huh??

[Lemme just give ya a little nudge here, OK? Well, maybe two nudges. OK, THREE nudges. OW! Boy, if the other dogs seem me doing this, I'll NEVER live it down. Sheesh.]

Wendy M. found this on The Buzzzzz.


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