In Which Rosco Gets A Pawdicure

[I’ve got TWO front paws there, hoomin. I will let you know when you’re finished. BTW, can I soak these in some Palmolive when you’re done?]

Is This A Sqwerly Video, Or What?

Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield is back, and he shows us just how he draws Sqwerls for his videos!

TGIF! (With Bonus Rule Action)

output_WGjyupTime for a holiday weekend TGIF! “This is my new baby, Rogue (named after my fave X-Men)” says Christina D. “I love how she splays out and sits on her butt when she gets tired. Thanks for making me smile every morning!” [*Note: Also…please note a CLASSIC example of Rule of Cuteness #47: Splayed haunch action is cute. -Ed.]



Friday Afternoon Haiku: Cuddle Buddies

The Owl and Kitteh
Love to cuddle in a ball
What could be better



(Dan B. found this on RN24.)

U Want To Tape Your Yoga Workout?

Too bad for you.

(Viral Viral Videos.)

Bebeh Dwarf Goats: The Director’s Cut

OK, check this one out as you set the “Out of Office” reply on your email for the long weekend. A month ago, we were treated to 1:04 worth of Bebeh Dwarf Goats in Pajamas. It goes without saying (but we’re saying it anyway) that 1:04 is not NEARLY a long enough video.

So the nice people at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine have released BEBEH DWARF GOATS: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT. Close to seven minutes of Winifred and Monty!

Cold As Ice

That Big Bull Mastiff Puppeh has NO problem dropping a dime on the Toilet Paper Caper Culprit. #Payback

Flashback Friday: D.C. Dog Show, 1915

05641a“Washington, D.C. “Dog Show, 1915. Mrs. Blanche Strebeigh Bonaparte.” Dog owner Mrs. B. (this girl’s mother) was married to Jerome Bonaparte, great-grandnephew of Napoleon. Harris & Ewing glass negative.” (Shorpy McShorpersons.)

Jimmy! You’re Back!

jimmy2Last September we told you about Jimmy Choo, the Bull Terrier who finds himself in all sorts of imaginary adventures c/o his hoomin Rafael Mantesso.

Mantesso got a divorce, so it ended up that his wife got all the furniture, and he got the house and Jimmy.

Mantesso had a lot of blank wall space to fill…hence these artistic flights of fancy with Jimmy.






Via My Modern Met and Laughing Squid.

What’s For Breakfast On Ferret Friday?

Today on the menu, we have scrambled eggs! So….Polly, Daisy, Luna and Snowy…dig in! (Wait, where are their little Ferret Bibs to wear?)


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