Elizabeth L. writes, “Hi guys, this is the newest addition to our family. She’s 12 weeks old. This is from the first 24 hours in our house. As you can tell she has settled in well. She’s a purrfect sleeper :).”



Total Christmas Rule 58 Action Spotted!

Class, before we break for the Christmas holiday, let’s recite Rule of Cuteness #58:If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” Sir Peanut von Wright is our Rules model for the day, c/o Rachel W.

Reindog XI

From across the Big Pond, Hattie the West Highland Terrier wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

“The Cute Overload Continues” (UPDATE!)

Yesterday we told you about the brand new Bebeh Sea Otter born at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. NOW- we got some video for ya! GAAAAAAAAAA.

MBA’s Mika Y. says “The otter mom and pup were spotted again this morning, in the Great Tide Pool. They’re back out in the bay right now, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them soon.”


©Monterey Bay Aquarium, photos by Tyson V. Rininger.

ResQte Of The Week: (Three Days Before Christmas Edition)

If THIS isn’t a warm & fuzzy Christmas present, I don’t know what is. Not even gonna set this one up. Just watch. And then go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Super Special C.O. Kudos to David Loop of Sierra Pacific FurBabies!

Why, Santa! You’ve Lost Weight!

See what working out and cutting out the Christmas cookies can do?

Yay 4 Snow Days!

Remember back in the day when you were in school, and it was snowing out? You’d turn on the scratchy AM radio and listen for the magic words…”Closed today.” (Not a 2-hour delay, who cared about those- big deal.) No, CLOSED. Well, Shasta, Baxter, and Ryer from Aquarium Of The Bay in San Francisco are having a snow day too.

And they dig it. Normally NOT a lot of snow in The City.

From Erin U.

Work It, WORK IT..

Ugly holiday sweaters are popular with hoomins this time of year, but what about pets? The dogs and kittens at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in Southern California wanted in on the fun.

All of the dogs and cats featured in the video were available for adoption at the time of filming. Most have found their forever homes just in time for the holidays. Celine, the pit bull wearing an elf frock, is the last pup looking for a new home. You can learn more about adopting her by calling 626 792 7151 and referencing A#382164.


Santa Sushi? Well, Of Course It Is

File this one under QTE Food/The Big J. Anyway, Japan has been keeping a low profile on the Cute Edibles front since Halloween- I don’t think Thanksgiving is big over there- but they come roaring back for Christmas with, of all things, Santa Sushi.




And next we’ve got some cherry tomatoes stuffed with rice.

Finish things up with some strawberries and whipped cream.

(RN24 and Andrew Y.)

‘Tis The Season For C.O. Trading Card #32

Could Santa be missing some of his Reindeer? Not likely- these guys are too small! Maybe one day, though! They’re #32 in our C.O. Trading Card Series…collect them all and click to Super-Size™!

(As seen on Cutest Paw.)