24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 12:37pm PT (Bonus Hour!)

chicken_tocks_cbrillhart“Hi there! Guess what? Chicken Butt! I took this photo recently while in Bellingham, Washington, staying at a property that had two miniature donkehs*, three dogs and three chickens on the premises! I couldn’t help from trying to capture the awesome ‘Tocks on this little lady.” -Courtney B.

[*Note: Bonus points to The Courtster for providing the correct spelling on her own. -Ed.]

PS- She also sent in a link to, well, to Butt Magnets. “Your site brings me so much joy every single day. I’ve been looking forward to ‘Tocktober for months now. My friend just got me these. Would be perfect for ‘Tocktober.”

(Saw something like these last year butt they were sold out. Go! Hurry!)


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ Noon PT

10143819325_72838f6bb5_oGreat email here from Sarah L., who clearly gets what this month is all about: here it is word for word.

“Toby’s ‘Tocks (L,) Buddy’s ‘Tocks, Hubby’s ‘Tocks, and some pumpkin ‘Tocks! We had a fun fall day pumpkin picking and Toby and his pal Buddy were real tired by the end of the day.”

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 11:11am PT

20140907 Iowa Marion front yard Lugnut 3We go to America’s Heartland for this little ditty. “Lugnut is a Mittelspitz rescued ten years ago from a shelter in Ely, Iowa. She is the pride and joy of Jack Andy and Diane.”

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 10:00am PT

11841117794_1a06f3e81b_oTHESE ‘Tocks are built Ram Tuff! QUITE Rare, unless you happen to live in Big Sky, Montana. Then they’re, like, everywhere. Photo by Amy Q.L. (Yip) MHS ’77.

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 9:00am PT

10563330253_e05c390289_oSoft, fuzzy, and oh-so-buttery yellow. Bebeh Duckster ‘Tocks for the 9 o’ clock (PT) hour. “My pet Duckling Twinkie has the cutest ‘Tock ever!!!” says Pennington613. Who can argue? And there’s more where that came from. We’re gonna give you somethin’ to ‘Tock about. Sing it, Bonnie!

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 8:27am PT

12295439646_c7693fed62_oNow, are the ‘Tocks White with Black? Or are they Black, with White? Photo by Lora M., who sent it in back in February and we’ve been hoarding it ever since ’cause that’s what we do.

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 7:45am PT (Bonus Hour!)

G Bubbles ButtIn the featured shot (above) Magilla Glub Glub of Kigali, Rwanda seems mesmerized by Lady Bubble’s ‘Tocks. Not that there’s ANYthing wrong with that. And below, MGG decides to hang out on the bathroom divider wall, carefully balancing his ‘Tocks JUST so.

GG Tock

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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 7:07am PT

Ah yes, a trusted favorite! ‘Tocks AND Beans. Remember Eiger from last ‘Tocktober? This serving was provided by Cuteporter Patricia B.


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 6:30am PT

Ah, it’s breakfast time here on the West Coast, and here we have our first Bun of the day. And who might this be? “Felix proudly showing his “Boonay Fur Flap while taking a nap.” -Patty P. from The ‘Nati.


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24 Hours Of ‘Tocks: ‘Tocktober 1st @ 5:28am PT

Nothing like some nice cool tile and morning sunshine streamin’ in on ‘Tocktober First. “Here are Banjo’s ‘Tocks!!!! Hope you can post this!!!! A Big Hug, John B.”


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