Baby, It’s Just You I’m Thinkin’ Of

[I’ll be here all week. Two shows a night and three on Saturday. Remember to tip your waitresses. Thankyouthankyouthankyouvurrymuch.]


Mr. Snorgfeller

IMG_1214“We are fostering this prosh kitten and he’s fallen asleep with his plush monkey! From Beth and Fifi. Photo credited to B. Feiner.”

No, That’s Not A Fire Hydrant

2759295574_031bb4a123_bThat’s not the Droid you’re looking for, either. May The Fourth be with you. (Photo via Flickr.)


Gotta admit, there’s definitely a resemblance here. Oodeed! “My dog’s name is Monsignor or Monster,” writes Emily W.

“And today is my birthday!”


Kittens. In Sweaters. Made Of Socks.

This is JUST the ticket to get the week off on the right foot. Er, right paw. Right, Quinn C.? “We here at Sante D’Or Adoption Center in L.A. believe that a warm kitten is a happy kitten, and that a warm fashionable kitten will, hopefully, someday be invited to compete on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Rocket (below) is grey and Chewie (above) is orange.”


We Need To Talk. NOW.

IMG_1285[The quality of my dinner has been- oh, how shall we put it? LACKING, that’s the word. LACKING. As in TERRIBLE. So look, I have four words for you. IN AND OUT BURGER. Just hit the drive thru tonight, OK? And of course, I want my burger ANIMAL STYLE.]


Adam P. tells us, “Our Cairn Terrier puppy Pilot spends his days in our Seattle fabric shop greeting customers. This morning we let him play with a gold balloon!”

NEW MARU: You Knead To See This Video!

Maru and Hana demonstrate the correct way to knead bread. Or a pillow cushion. Or your tummy when they’re sitting on it. Whatever.

Why Hello! And BTW, Rats, It’s Monday!

3566995019_a826f40196_bThis welcome to your Monday was spotted on Flickr!

Seeds Wait For No One Munk

Chippy is back, and oh look. She’s mowing down another dish of seeds. What a surprise!

That’s all for this week, folks- back soon with another edition of Rats, It’s Monday…new Maru and Hana..and a new video from Navann The Scooting Bebeh Trunkster! May The Fourth be with you.

National Alpaca Week? Who Knew?

photo1Uh, Sharon B-C did.

“Here in Oz ( Australia ) we love Alpacas so much we don’t just have a National Alpaca Daywe have an entire week! And why not? Have you seen those Googley Eyes and Juicy Schnozzles? They even have open farm days so that you can pet an Alpaca. :-) Thanks for all the smiles, keep the cute coming!”

Suitable For Nomming

Paws, toe beans, The Batman Ears- GAAAAAAAA. Want.

From the Tumblr of Kathy S.


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