A C.O. Tribute To Princess Kiki

IMG_0065Cecilia R. wrote in earlier today to tell us about her Guinea Pigster “Kiki,” who sadly passed away a little over a month ago. “Here are some pictures Kiki. As evidenced by these pictures she was a Princess Among Piggies. I think she qualifies as being a little more than Cute.” [So true, and we’re sad for your loss. -Ed.]


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Meet Murray, The Man Of Many Moods

Murray” is absolutely the perfect name for this little maniac. Whether he’s on the slopes or sacked out after a long day of just being Murray, he’s C.O. Certified Prosh 24/7.

Andrew B. says, “We’re super stoked you’re interested in featuring Murray! We had a hard time narrowing down our favorite pics, so here are our favorites. Cheers, Drew, Heather, (and Murray.)”














Toesday II: Polar Paws UP!

240FD66D00000578-0-image-a-1_1418636671214[Everybody have a great Toesday, OK? Remember, it’s another short holiday week!]

(Photo by Sylvain Cordier as seen on Mail Online.)

Snow Moo

Baby cow's first experience with snow - ImgurYesterday we showed you the reaction of a kitteh experiencing snow for the first time. Today, it’s Little Moo’s turn. Notice the Leetle Pink Tongue. The Perfectly Proportional Radar Ears. The nice little line of snowfall across the Nosicle…ah, the perfect touch! (Reddit.)

“No Words For This Level Of Cute”

That was the subject line of the email we received earlier today from Debbie C. And she’s right. Look at those little Grabby Hands! And the Chomping And Smacking! Needless to say, turn those speakers UP!

From Debbie C.


The past year brought us some terrific QTE from Down Under, primarily from the swell folks at Edgar’s Mission. This time ’round, we’re treated to Chrissie The Bebeh Goatster and her Mama.

ImageProxy (1)

ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (3)

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ImageProxy (5)


Chrissie from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Nixon NOW

Aug052014_2586I think it can be unequivocally stated for the record, that this puppeh is NOT a crook.

“Hi there! Here’s a picture of our adorable corgi, his name is Nixon and you can follow him on Instagram!” -Francesca J.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Kyoto, Japan

unnamedAs 2014 winds down, we’re off once more to The Big J and another Cat Café, c/o Cuteporter Dorobozaru O.

“Today I visited Neko Cafe Tango in Kyoto. It’s a short walk away from Saiin station on the Hankyu line. I’m not sure if the staff speak English, so it would be wise to bring a Japanese friend or a phrasebook. The usual cat café etiquette applies, wash your hands and apply sanitizer upon arrival and before handling the cats. Don’t bother sleeping cats or forcefully hold cats. They do however allow you to pick up the cats, if the cat is OK with it, which is a first for me at a cat café.”

“The environment is very cozy and comfortable, carpeted floors and comfy sofas for all. The best part though, is that some of the cats are adoptable! It seems like they have a rotating population as they help some cats to find a forever home.”

“The cost is 1080Y for 1 hour and that includes a drink (some drinks will add 50Y to your total) and they even listed wine or beer on the menu. They also offer a ‘free time’ option for 3080Y including a drink, this means you can stay from opening to closing if your heart desires it.”


If You Go™:

*Addy: Google Map.
*Hours: Noon ’til 9pm. We think. Chrome didn’t wanna translate the site. Bad Chrome.
*Phone: +81 75-748-9139.
*Cost: See above.
*Email: kyotonekocafetango@gmail.com.
*Social: Facebook : Google+ : Twitter.

Poll: Snorkeling & Snorgling

The first thing people think when they hear the word “Shark” is: “Da DUM….Da DUM…Da Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum.” Let’s face it, Sharkies have a bad rep, deserved or not. So check this guy out- he gets all warm -n- fuzzy with a Big Ol’ Chomposaurus.

What do you think? Is this guy nuts for trying this? Or is Tarantino The Tiger Shark QTE & Cuddly after all? Take our final Poll of the year! (Thanks to Paul & Barb.)

Someone Thinks It’s Still ‘Tocktober

IMG_0677 However, it’s also Toesday, so everybody wins! (This is Millie, c/o Timothy R.)


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