All Hail To Our Caturday Cute Overlords

[I HATE having to suck up to this little RUNT. HATE it. If the guys down at the bar find out about this, I’ll NEVER hear the end of it.]

(RN/24 + Andrew Y.)

Caturday Photobomb Action!

IMG_1318[O HAI, U gonna EAT that?] Photo of Sprinkles Confetti-Cake (early leader for best name of 2015) by Katie S.

Caturday Morning: Move OVER

[Look, if we’re ALL gonna be IN here, we have to SHARE the bed, OK? And no SNORING, either!”

“Only in Japan,” says Sender-Inner Paul P.

OMG It’s Rocket Raccoon!

[This is like the best day ever! Rocket Raccoon is my FAVORITE! Go, Rocky, Go!!]


I Just Don’t Understand This

[I wanna pick up my chew toy in my mouf. WHY does my paw keep going up in the air? Oh, wait a minute here…]

Whac-A-Mole (Puppeh Edition)

A certain someone wants to get up on the bed. Another certain someone says “Not gonna happen.”

Mom Dad Taxi XXXVIII: This Is NOT Miami Beach!

picdump-1271-15“Ma, you said we were going to FLORIDA for Christmas break! I flunked geography this quarter- whoops did I just say that out loud- but I KNOW this is NOT Miami Beach.” (DP&F.)

Sleep Tight, Enoki

Everyone needs a little cuddle now and then right before bedtime, right?

“Tucking in my little one Enoki (a Winter White Hamster) into her tiny bed…but she won’t sleep until I give her a massage first!” -Jaieden S.

The Zen Of Sno-ball

And now for something completely different. Even for us. “Dear Cute Overload, I’d like to introduce Sno-ball, a very small, very cute Japanese “Sirotan” Harp Seal toy. She has become our office mascot, and this is her story….”

“We would be thrilled if you could share her on C.O – the very best site in the world!” -Deb S.

Zap! Pow! Flashback Friday!

1528649_600236796696560_218487573_nYvonne Craig as Batgirl 47 years ago….with a small Bat-Friend, making their second C.O. appearance. As seen on Facebook.


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