Ham Sandwich!

unnamedFrom Halyse D.: “Hi, Cute Overload! Do you remember the pictures I submitted of our baby Chinese Hamsters a while back?”

image (1)
“Well, I’m so excited to announce that, even though I said we wouldn’t have them again—–we did!”

“Announcing Gracidea and Hermes’ sweet babies! Here they are, three weeks old, born June 13! The photos are taken by me.”

image (2)

The Vidal Sassoon Effect

3515816201_10c9fe943a_o[Don't hate us because we're beautiful.]

Why does this photo of these OMG Matchingks Ponies!!!!1!!11!!! look like the cover of Tiger Beat magazine? Do they still exist? Photo from David P. on Flickr.

Hold The Line- It’s Toto!

fav4“Happy 4th from Toto!” -Jessica H.

Happy Fourth From Io The Corgi

No, I don’t know how to pronounce it, either.


From Io’s Tumblr.

Three Cheers For Puck!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Puck is a Sulcata Tortoise. I’ve been his human for a year. Such a friendly little guy. Loves to be around people and other animals!” -Melanie S.

Take Care Of Your Furball Tonight!

With fireworks going off this evening in the USA, take a sec to read this info from the SFSPCA on how to take care of your pet.

From DP&F.

You May Serve Max His Picnic Lunch When Ready

It’s July Fourth, and Little Max has his PICNIC GAME FACE on. “Oh yes, Hot Dogs are my favorite!! Potato Salad? Sure! Apple Pie! Absolutely!”

“Max is ready to celebrate the 4th of July.!” -Tracey M.

Sit, Forest, Sit!

Patriotic PuppyLast week we featured Forest in full World Cup Mode. Today, he’s honoring the USA in full red-white-blue regalia. Kinda tuff to chase that soccer ball with a top hat on, eh Forest? Photo by Nikki B.

♬ “And The Sprocket’s Red Glare, The Bombs Bursting In Air…”♫

image (1)“Here’s Sprocket. We can pose him to look all cool and stuff, but most of the time he just looks doofy.” -Ingrid H.


Patriotic Peeg

IMG_4242“Marshmello’s heart beats red, white, and blue!” From Sha.