Norbert? Wanna Treat, Buddy?

Better yet…you want TWO treats? No problem. Heck- YOU can have the entire bag.

100 Years Of Hammie Beauty..In 60 Seconds!

Hammies stuffing their muzzlepowches with carrots hasn’t changed that much over the years…has it? This is Joy The Rescued Hammie, via the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven!


How Your Dog Sees The World

It’s more complicated than you think. When you’re built low to the ground- there’s a LOT going on up there.

The Greatest Koala Video Of All Time

You gotta be careful when you make sweeping statements like that, because you’re basically implying that any other Koala Video ever made is inferior to this one. And I think we can get away with saying that.

Just watch THIS! (Sit down when you do- you’ll have a shorter fall to the floor.)

(Thanks for the tip, Kim.)

Instant Family

So a big group of Bebeh Peepsters arrive- somehow- on your front porch. Whadya do? If you’re Bailey The Goldie, you darn well ADOPT them!

(Boing Boing.)

Thank YOU, CHOTK! #CO10

CO-10yearsJ1COTENLARGESuper Photographer Jess Lessard was kind enough to send this in! The CHOTK and Jess have sent in many super quality photos over the years, and we really appreciate it! Send in your favorite posts from the last ten years! (Just email us a URL with the specific post.) Then on September 26th, we’ll run ’em all day long! The Best Of The Best, chosen by You, our Best Peeps!

Rats, It’s Monday!

9466847538_0e3094c69e_kMore terrific RATSO PIX to kick off the week- Rats, It’s Monday! (Already.) These photos are c/o Katheleen L; we first saw her work this past Friday for TGIF.

“I did not know about your awesome blog [*Note: What? -Ed.] before I saw your cute calendar. Josh (The Furrtographer) showed it to me and I thought you could be interested by my pictures.”

“I have tons of pictures of many animals, mostly rodents, hope you’re gonna love them!”


Lotsa Kittehs To End The Weekend!

Time to wind down the weekend and get ready for another Rats, It’s Monday! What better way to settle down for the night than a video full of kittehs? Here we go!

Thanks to Mihai Francu.

The Zen Of Shiro And Friends (Cont.)

We’ve seen this bunch will all sorts of decorations on their heads (It’s The Big J, who are we to judge.) Now, disclaimer time here. I cannot tell ANY of these kittehs in Shiro’s Gang apart. Collars with name tags or little kitteh football jerseys would certainly help. A YouTube commenter helpfully remarks, “Tyratora doesn’t care, just keeps on purring :D.”

So we’ll go with Tyratora. Here’s their site– is that all of ’em at left?If someone would like to ID all these kittehs, I’d appreciate it! We’ll make a post out of it. Or something.

Ozzy And Eeyore, Just Hangin’ Out

Ozzy The Weasel makes a welcome return to the pages of Cute Overload, and he’s brought his friend Eeyore along with him for a game of hide ‘n’ seek!


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