ResQte Of The Week: Koza From Poland

Koza“Meet Koza (Polish for ‘Goat‘), my parents’ two-year old kitty. She’s a rescue, found as a tiny feral kitten during a particularly severe winter. She had suffered serious frostbite to her tail (which had to be partially amputated), as well as part of her ear. Thankfully, she made a quick recovery and is now an adventurous kitty with quite a personality. She is the princess among all the household pets, including Pyza, Dzika, Rivka and Obama (cats) as well as Belfast, Toxy and Sonia (dogs). Koza would love to be featured on CO and has been practicing her Rule #40 skillz. She sends her regards from Warsaw, Poland!” -Zofia B.

I’d Think Twice, Little Guy

Do you like owls - Imgur[I KNOW you feel like maybe stinging me or something- but I’d buzz OFF if I were you. Just a friendly word of advice. OK? We good now?] (Imgur.)

SOMEOne Had To Stay After School Today…

Friend took her puppy to school! - Imgur[I didn’t take all the faucets off the water fountains and hide them in a box in the roof of the Mechanical Drawing Room*. It was the CAT! I’m TELLING ya!] (Photo of Henry by Eva W. on Imgur.)

*This may or may not have actually happened here.

We Haz The Dinners Now, OK?

IMG_0207“I took this pic a couple of days ago, this is Fred (orange kitty) and his sister Melody. Rinsing out some dishes around 7pm, I turned and was greeted by this! I couldn’t help but laugh! Hope you like it!” -Tammy L.

“♬ That’s Where We Wanna Go ♫…”

tumblr_nnjwj5xCsH1so4mdto1_540…”to play with Kokomo!”

“I tried to get Kokomo to play with his many other toys but he wasn’t interested. Here he is giving me some major Side-Eye and then being content once I brought out Babe (below.)” -Wendy W.



多摩に満足して16日 (Happy 16th To Tama)

Tama is the “Super Ultra Station Master and Operating Officer at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.” Try and get all of THAT on a business card. (C.O. archival super coverage here and here.) Today is Tama’s Sweet 16th Birthday! (Video of the festivities c/o NHK NEWSweb.)


You can even buy Tama stuff (of course) here. I think. Chrome won’t translate this one. Nuts.

Here’s the current work schedule for Tama and intern Nitama.



(Andrew Y. and RN24, of course.)

So…We Got (Another) Email From Westley

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset‘Member Westley The Bernese Mountain Doggeh from earlier in the month? Well, he’s written us another email.

“I am now 4 months old and growing, and much more comfortable around new people. I’ve started puppy class and enjoy playing with fellow classmates. I’ve learned how to work the puppy eyes for treats.”

You Won’t See ANYthing Cuter All Day

Cute-Baby-Seal-Photographed-By-Russian2__880Nope. Not a chance. What we have here are some dazzling Bebeh Seal photos from Russia, by Alexey Trofimov as seen on The Panda.





Bebeh Duckster ResQte In Slidell, LA!

Four Bebeh Mallards were stuck in a storm drain in Slidell, Louisiana last Saturday. St. Tammany Fire District #1 rescuer Cody Knecht used a duck call ringtone on his iPhone to lure ’em out, and they were reunited with their Mama. Their FB page says that “this is the second duck rescue call in less than a week!”

duckling rescue 1

duckling rescue 2


Wombat Wednesday: Kenny

980x (1)Holly H. sent us these photos of Kenny, The Rescued Wombat “from my personal Pinterest collection!” We think Kenny may be a relative of Vinny, from the looks of it.


980x (2)
Images originally from The Dodo.


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