Almost There, Tink!

“Tink wonders “Is Cwissmas EVER going to get here?” Tink, the answer is YES! Tonight at midnight, little friend! Now get over here and give us a snorgle! Photo from Kathryn F.


“Bah HUMBUG From Mr. Beefy”

“Here is my sister’s Frenchie, Mr. Beefy! Poor little nugget had just been fixed and was doped out of his mind! Made it very easy to slap on the Santa headband and capture this shot! I think he’s saying “Bah Humbug!” Picture shot by me! Tracy G. 😊”

Merry Milo

Dear Santa: I know you can’t bring me Milo since he already has a great home- but could we have a puppeh just like him? That would be great. Thank you and have a safe trip tonight. -B.

Oh, Sure, An Inflatable Reindeer

Popping out of a wrapped Christmas present box. Wait- this is Maymo’s World we’re talking about. OK, it’s business as usual.

SF Holiday Windows (Christmas Eve UPDATE!)

Got an update for you on the Macy’s Holiday Windows in San Francisco. All the windows are full of cute furballs that can be adopted on site! Krista M. of the SFSPCA says they are currently at 187 adoptions. Details on the photos below are in the hovers- above, “Two of our latest adoptions at Holiday Windows…litter mates Kamari and Kapuki went home together” says Krista. Here’s the window schedule. They’re open today but closed tomorrow.


Sir James Bond

BONUS WEBCAM ACTION!! Watch the kittehs and puppehs: LIVE!




Hey Santa! Look Down Here!

Our 12-hour Christmas Eve Countdown is underway! Twelve straight hours of the Christmas QTE! Here, Dunkin Simmons wants to make sure that Mr. Claus spots him waiting by the tree tonight. He might not even eat the cookie that was left out, either. But he probably will. (Submitted back in January by Debbie M.)

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Best Of 2015

WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) has released its favorite images of 2015. Ten of the images come from WCS’s Bronx Zoo, and ten other images were taken by WCS scientists working around the world. WCS works in nearly 60 nations and in all the world’s oceans saving wildlife and wild places. Above: An adult female western lowland gorilla holds her baby in Congo Gorilla Forest. CREDIT: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS. (Check each photo’s hover text for info.)







The C.O. Christmas Eve Countdown….is NEXT.

“Hey Honey, Is The Table All Set?”

“Sure is! We just have to wait for everybody to arrive- I think Mom and Dad should be here in about half an hour.”

Paul P.

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

These Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo asked Santa for some snow for Christmas. Well, The Jolly Old Elf has come through in a major way- delivering 26 TONS of it. Kalluk, Tatqiq and Chinook seem to enjoy it a LOT. “This was a special day for the polar bears,” said Susan Purtell, senior keeper, San Diego Zoo. “I could tell they really loved it. It was great seeing them roll around in the snow, showcasing their natural behaviors.”

(Quote from SDZ YouTube clip : article seen on Mashable.)

Subj: Office Parties Tonight

DT: 12.23.25


Reminder: Christmas Party tonight beginning promptly at five pm in the bullpen. Dean Martin on the Hi-Fi, Hot Toddys for all (everything in moderation!) and we’ll do the annual gag gift exchange, too. Oh, and Pugg Pugsby gets his Employee Of The Month Award, too. Be there!

PS: “The Wah Wahs down the hall are having their party at the same time and have invited us to stop by- so let’s mix & mingle, people!”

Second video c/o Krista L.