Yes, Ferrets Love Snow (Part II)

IMG_2342Maybe you didn’t see this post from yesterday- it’s about cold weather and how it can affect our Furry Friends. SOME of them, anyway. And there were some Gonzo Ferrets in there, and, well, we have some MORE Gonzo Ferrets, why because we do. Kate S. says, “With all the snow we decided to bring some inside in a kiddie pool for my ferrets!”

“Dasher (the black ferret) is only about 4 months and has never seen snow before yet he dived right in as soon as he saw it!”

“The others, Vincent (in the last photo) and Jack (the all white ferret,) have played in snow before but it took them a while to hop in! Thanks for everything you do to bring Cuteness and happiness to the world!!”



We’re getting seriously Snow Ferret crazy heah. “Hi! Here is a short video of my Teenage Ferret Sisters, “Minty” and “Honey Badger” playing in a pan of snow my son and I brought inside for them yesterday. They loved it! I hope this video gives your fans a smile. : )” -Eliza and Lukas O. of Powell, OH., where it’s REALLY COLD. Keep those Ferrets bundled up!


JTJ2EqvYou know, like “Kleenex” which comes in these boxes, but then you go SQUEE when you see these little goobers in there, and- well, yeah. (Arne found this on Imgur.)

Anyone Have A Towel?

2OixfcNThis little Winter Fox just took a dip and could use a little toweling off. Of course, that means a lot of cuddling, too. Know anyone who’d like to do that?


ResQte Of The Week: Holiday Windows Update!

HW2This year 267 animals found homes through the San Francisco SPCA‘s annual Holiday Windows event at Macy’s Union Square! They also raised more than $90,000 to support their year-round programs and services. “We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to the community for opening their hearts and homes to so many homeless animals this holiday season,” says Krista M. of the SF SPCA. “It was a truly remarkable to see everyone rally together to save so many lives.”

(Photo by Robert Schroeder.)

It’s Lunchtime, And Someone Is Hungry


Where’s The Wind-Up Key?

Looks like someone really wound THIS little maniac up. He’s got a couple of big ball pits to jump in, and no one is gonna get in his way..not even a thoroughly bewildered Schnauzer.

I. Want. My. BED. II

Earlier in the week, we saw a little puppeh try to get a kitteh out of its bed, without much luck. This time around, a pupster has a Short Little Hoomin to deal with, and achieves better results. [FYI, the video plays 2x, it’s really just 1:22. -Ed.]

Thanks to Smedley.

C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month: January

Here we go! Sorry we’re late on this- we totally forgot were skiing in Tahoe and had spotty Net access. (Just click the image, then right-click to save. You can find more stuff to download here.)

January 2015
Image via Shutterstock.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Kyoto, Japan III

Clipboard01 Our C.O. Cat Café World Tour continues with our last two stops in Kyoto, Japan. (This is Part III, and next week will be Part IV.) The tireless Dorobozaru O. reports, “Next up we have Wan Nyan Chu! “Wan” is the sound a dog makes in Japanese, “nyan” is a cat’s sound and “chu” is the sound of a kiss. Although the name is slightly deceptive since I haven’t found any puppies in this cat café. (The name written in Japanese is also a bit confusing as the kanji 犬猫人 would be pronounced “inu neko hito” or “dog cat person,” but it’s an adorable name, so we don’t mind.) Wan Nyan Chu is the first cat café I ever visited in Japan. It’s located near Kawaramachi street in downtown Kyoto.”

unnamed (1)
“It’s impossible to miss once you’re in the area as there is almost always a few people crowded around the window, jealously wishing they were inside with the kitties. This café is 1400yen/hour and that includes one drink. It’s rather small, but very cozy. They have a wide variety of different fancy kitties that you can pet and play with.”

unnamed (2)
“Everyone here is easy going and are happy to be loved on or played with. My secret is to visit on weekdays before 5 and peek in the window to see how many customers are already inside. It’s less fun when it’s busy and the small space gets crowded easily.”

unnamed (3)
“Wan Nyan Chu recently opened a second location, Wan Nyan Chu 2, although they share a website. The systems in the two cafés are a little different. If you know enough Japanese to get through the forms on the website, they do offer reservations if you want to visit in the busier hours.”

“Perhaps the most exciting thing I’ve learned about this cat café, is that they have a kitten room on the second floor. That’s right, you can pay 1200Y/30 minutes to be in the kitten room. I plan to do this soon as I suspect the return to work will require some kitten therapy.”

unnamed (4)

If You Go™:

*Addy: (Google Map.)

*Hours: Looks like 11am ’til 8:30 or 9pm.

*Call: +81 75-241-9939.

*Social: Twitter : FB.

Inset photo from Google Maps.

“Front Teeth Like ‘Tiny Mitten Gloves'”

image-201501071055130001We can show great Noses anytime- doesn’t HAVE to be Nosevember, ya know. We got this from Richard C. yesterday. “Hey C.O., Happy New Year. Here is a photo of our dog Tilly (or Laps, or Yap Yaps accordingly.) She is a very silly collie cross. You can’t quite see them in the picture, but she has front teeth like tiny mitten gloves.

Oh sure, we can see them. Time for a TEETH-HANCE!



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