At The End Of A Long Day….

….sometimes all ya wanna do is veg out. In the baby swing.

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Puppeh?”

“Wasn’t he in the living room? He should be, you put the gate up, right?”

Spotted by Arne.

Double Doodle ACTION

FullSizeRender“It’s Saya (the Double Doodle) here! You featured her on Cute Overload when she was just a wee pup and now she’s a big girl at 10 months old! I wanted to submit her Double Doodle date with Bailey the Goldendoodle for Valentine’s Day! Have a great day!” -Betty F.

[Couldn’t wait for Saturday! Love some Doodles, we do! But which is which, Betty? -Ed.]

FullSizeRender (1)



Knut 2.0

eisbaer_800_fitKinda looks like Knut, huh? (Sadly, the world famous polar bear passed away almost four years ago.) This happens to be Knut’s new half brother! According to Mashable, this fellow was born in December and surfaced for the first time over the weekend at the Rostock Zoo in Germany. He’s due to get a name in March. We translated a bit of their site:

“After ten years, it’s time again: There’s polar bear young in Rostock! The entire zoo team is very excited about the apparently quietschfidele cub. The parents are mother and father Lars Vilma. Will be up to the parent-child duo on the grounds to see, yet it takes a few weeks and depends on the weather. We hope for the end of March. Until then, we are on multiple screens about the zoo distributed recordings from the birth den of Vilma show that are updated weekly. On our website you will find already short clips from the offspring.”


New C.O. Office Intern

To: MF
Fr: B
Dt: 2/10/15
Re: New C.O. Office Intern

I’ve explained to Manitou the new intern that we’d like him to do some, y’know, actual work. Answer the phones, get the mail, fix lunch, detail my Honda FIT- you know, stuff ‘terns normally do. THIS guy- he’s nice & furry and all- but all he ever does is sleep under my chair. He shows up on time, immediately heads under the desk, bang, out like a light. Maybe too much clubbing overnight?

I needed new headphones (See: Monthly Expenses-January Attachment A) to cancel out the snoring. And the Snausages cost is not insignificant. Not sure what direction to take at this point. He came highly rated from Lars P., too. Please see video link below, with speakers up. Thoughts?

Bears…Or Puppehs? YOU Decide.

These Prosh Lil’ Chubbulars do kinda resemble Little Teddeh Bears, don’t they. Hey, it’s winter! Ya gotta store up that Belleh Fat, right? Now, where’s that box of Krispy Kremes…













(Bored Panda.)

I Haz Hard Drive?

[How does ‘dis thing work? Let me just look in here and WHOOPS!]

When You Combine “Snow” & “Horses” U Get…

“Snorses,” naturally.



Vajda B. found the OMGPonies!1!1 at Horse, and “Snorses” is his, too.

“I thought you might like to see my new horse, Bernie. He just came up to Illinois from Kentucky, so I don’t think he has much experience with heavy snow. Anyhoo, he seemed to enjoy the sunshine, as evidenced in this wink/smile! I got him through this wonderful charity organization:” -Dawn B.


Nose Boopin’ In Nara Park, Japan

We’ve heard about the famous Deer in Nara Park, Japan. How they basically own the place, right? Giselle C. visited The Big J and has taken Nose Booping to an entirely different level. (Speakers up, please.)


And no, we’re not too sure what the sign means.


Now Those Are Some Cheesy Toebeans, Eh?

image“This is Cheese The Cat,” offers Tobias S.


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