Mom Taxi LI: Watch The Claws, OK?

This cat clearly has his hoomin trained properly. Like this is a surprise to any of us.

(No audio on this one. From Andrew Y. who saw it on

Ever Seen A Birdeh and Puppeh Kees?

Yep, it happens in this video. That’s Max The Yorkster looking somewhat perplexed.

From John B.

ResQte Of The Week: Cammy!

IMG_20150810_155945092Cammy is without question the best desk accessory ANYONE could want! “Meet Cammy! We adopted her from the Oakland SPCA last Friday,” says Alice W. Click below for some Cammy C.O. Super-Size™!

Sleepy Cammy

Headline THIS!

crikey[*Update 1:01pm PT: And thanks to Tater for this great headline, submitted just 11 minutes ago! We’ll have another Headline THIS soon! -Ed.]

What IS going on here? Crikey! Write up your best header and we’ll post it about 1pm PT! Many thanks to’s FB and Robin L. for this one.

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Jeffrey Lately?”

“I think he’s on the back patio. Hey! Jeff! Get in here- Animal Planet’s on, and we’ve got a plate of strawberries for you!”

Next time Jeffrey, close the door “so the cat don’t get out!” (Mashable; a sequel of sorts to last night’s “Hey Honey? Have You Seen Stanley Lately?”)

Hey! You Wanna Play Or Something?

Thanks to Jeanette for this Totes Adorbs video of Bambi and Thumper playing in the front yard of the Lula W. Dorsey Museum in Estes Park, Colorado. (She originally sent a 9News clip that said “Get ready to be Overloaded in some Cuteness” but it wouldn’t work in Chrome/embed/whatever. So we went to Plan B! Thanks to Colorado’s News Leader for the semi-plug.)

And let’s have us some ORIGINAL Bambi and Thumper Action while we’re at it, OK?

Stumpers In The Great White North!

GTA Corgis Beach Day 2015 - Group Photo-1Recently, we’ve seen Stumpers at Huntington Beach and Long Beach, California. Now they head on up to The Great White North! (Group photo, above.)

Around 50 of these little guys hit Toronto’s Cherry Beach on Sunday for the third annual Corgi Beach Party.

Are you and your Corgi in the Toronto area? There’s an FB group for this bunch.

Here’s some more deets in this Reddit threadit.

(From and Mashable, on a roll these days.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Stanley Lately?”

“Yeah, he’s upstairs- hey, Stanley! Get down here! Time for dinner, pal!”

(Andrew Y. saw this on BuzzFeed.)

Ooooh, How I Loff This Red Thing!

IMG_1656Rachel W. says, “When I showed my coworker this picture, he said I had to send it over to your site. Our rescue dog Peanut has been told so many times he’s our baby that he’s starting to believe it. You can see more of his shenanigans on Instagram.

Someone Needs Boxhab

And it’s NOT Maru. Nope, no cats at all. This…is Diesel. (As you can tell from the video, she says his name 10 times though it seems like a hundred.) And Diesel is not gonna give that box up.

Not a chance.

From Tracy B., Stacy M., and Connie C.


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