A Yawn On The Lawn

unnamedEarlier this morning we brought you some Quality Capy Action—now it’s these guys turn. Q: Are Cavies (also called Mara) related to Capys?

unnamed (1)
A: That would be a true statement! These two Patagonian Cavies were born at NaturZoo Rheine in Germany last month.

unnamed (2)
(Maureen P. and ZooBorns.)

Practicing for The 2016 High Diving In Rio

CBEAF132-A974-4C70-B280-FD4FAF6E8FC6We’re 13 months away from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janiero, and Rusty The Kitteh is practicing his High Diving moves.

We’re no experts, but this kitteh looks to he headed for GOLD.

Looks like a reverse dive in the tuck position to this untrained eye.

(Rebekah Y.)

YAY 4 #RumpDay

16311012673_e2668b6e79_oThe work week is officially 50% over. You know what that means- it’s #RumpDay! In this case, several squirmin’ Rumps (or if you prefer, ‘Tocks.) From Flickr.

They’re Cleaning My Bed

[….so I’ll just take a nap up here if it’s OK with you, big guy. Ahhhhhhh. Perfect.]

(Susan M. saw this video here.)

Cruise Control

As #SharkWeek continues, check out this Hammerhead as he/she cruises the ocean floor with a GoPro c/o diver Andy Casagrande. (And don’t miss the Outrageously Cute Little Tiny Shark Remora or Suckerfish holding on for dear life on the Hammerhead’s, er, head. He falls off at 1:12 but jumps back on at 1:22!)

Andy Murray + Wimbledon Puppehs, Part III

For all you puppeh fans out there, we’ve got Part III in our Andy Murray Loves Puppehs series. (See here for Parts I and II.) (Oh, and for the tennis geeks out there- like me- Murray takes on Federer on Friday in the semis.)

Poll: Does Trudy Like Her #SharkWeek Costume?

image1Judging from that Side-Eye, I’d say no. But let’s make it official. Photo from Chandler S.

“♬ The Spiky Little Guy & The Tiny Little Dog ♫”

There’s nothing like going swimming with your best friend.

This Guy Is TOAST

FA961112-3CE5-43E3-A8E5-11564708847F‘Cause, er, that’s his name! “I ran into this little guy at a nail salon, where his owner works. He charms the customers (me) by getting them (me) to chase him around the salon. He also confirms my hypothesis that all pets are cuter if they have food names.” -Rebekah Y.

[*Note: Hmmmmm. Could this be a new Rule? “If you’re named after food, that’s cute.”

Big Is Beautiful

Just in case you were in the mood for some Capybara Action this morning, we have it for you right here. How did we know?

Magic. Capy magic.


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