Not A Creature Was Stirring

Not even Maggie The Littlest Wah Wah. Sent in by Coco. Now get to bed. Santa can’t stop at your house if you’re still on the computer reading Cute Overload.


Thanks To All And To All A Good Night

I’d like to personally take this opportunity to thank certain people for their help this year! (In no particular order.) Kyle B./Edgar’s Mission. Angela C./Kodie. Anita C./Milo. April W./Chronicle Books. Jeremy W./Maymo. Julie F./Norbert. Krista M./SFSPCA. Meredith T./Farm Sanctuary. Mike B./BUB. Plus The Furrtographer and Kim B.

Of course, we can’t forget: Cute Overload has YOU to thank, too! Our loyal Peeps who visit C.O. every day!

Again, thanks to you all and Merry Christmas! -B.


It’s A Wonpurrrrrrful Life!

These kittehs recreate classic Christmas films- and oh BTW; Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!

Looks Like Santa Has Already Hit MBA

The Otters of the Monterey Bay Aquarium already have their Christmas treats. These guys are true party animals- we can only imagine what they’ll be up to one week from tonight.

Tucked In And Ready For Santa

These Prosh Lil’ Furballs are winding down the day’s busy Christmas Eve activities, getting all tucked in and ready for Santa’s arrival sometime in the weeeeee hours of tomorrow morning. OK, maybe there’s time for a midnight snack.

From Jaieden S.

Christmas Eve With White & Wolf

White & Wolf are decorating the tree tonight in Austria!

“A friend shared this on Facebook…I think it looks like it could be for you!” writes Christine H.

Deck Tear Down The Halls

On behalf of all Christmas-Crazed-Kittehs everywhere, C.O. wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings From Selby

And Selby has CLEARLY been a good doggeh this year! Photo c/o Atsuko M.

Bunday Morning Comix (Christmas Eve Edition)

From Liz Climo. ©Liz Climo.

Make It A Norby Christmas

Already bummed because I KNOW Norbert won’t be under our tree tomorrow morning. Then again, I have been good allllll year. So- we’ll see. (Image via Norby FB.)