Derpy IS As Derpy DOES

ElkeVogelsang14Got a huge dose of Derpy earlier this morning c/o The Dude. But oh, we’ve got more.

As seen on My Modern Met, Germany-based photographer Elke Vogelsang took these shots of her ResQte Dogs Noodles, Scout, and Ioli.









Hold On To Your Mutts

Masrani: So the paddock is quite safe then.
Claire: Yes. We had the best structural engineers in the world.
Masrani: Yeah, so did Hammond.

Video starring Helicopter and Bazooka. Thanks to Jamie M. Header stolen borrowed from video.

It’s Still Adopt-A-Cat Month, Ya Know!

It most certainly is! So..the no-kill shelter Homeward Bound (great name) of Decatur, IL. recently partnered with yoga studio Yoga at Connie’s. (The yoga “Up Dog” move probably won’t fly at this yoga studio.)

It was a way to introduce kittehs that need homes, to peeps who might not otherwise consider a shelter.

Six kittehs hung out during the session, one was adopted, and over $500 was raised for the shelter.

We contacted the studio to see if there will be another event- we’ll let you know if so!





(Seen on My Modern Met and The Dodo, and also sent in by Carmen C.)

Got Cantaloupe?

Jake 6-11-15“I would like to submit Jake the Sugar Glider for the world to see! He loves licking his cantaloupe as seen here! Have a super Cute day!” -Heather S.

[*Note: Let’s give it up for that LEETLE PEENK TONGUE, shall we? -Ed.]

Q: Why Do Goats Jump On Top Of Horses?

A: Because they can.

Presenting….THE DUDE

image5If there’s a Derpier Goldie out there, we don’t (yet) know about him/her. Folks, this is…THE DUDE. Ellen H. has the story:

“I wanted to introduce you to The Dude. He is still a puppy, and is going through training to become a therapy dog, cause making people smile is his fave.”

“Since he is named after a famous movie character (The Dude from The Big Lewbowski), and also since he can’t really talk, every photo of him on Instagram is matched with a movie quote.”

“The account was started in February and already as over 5,500 followers!”

[*Note- I can promise you that there will be a THE DUDE Trading Card. We’ve held back a photo for this. Book it, it’s done. -Ed.]






Rats, It’s Toesday (Special Edition)

IMG_1446Gonna combine Toesday and a special Rats edition in one post. Sorry to announce that Rats, It’s Monday alum Franklin has passed away. :(

“This is Franklin. You may remember him from a Rats It’s Monday entry on C.O. last fall. Sadly, Franklin passed away on 11th June,” writes Frankie in the U.K. “He was a pretty special chap, doing a lot for ratty PR in the UK. He even made it onto Good Morning Britain on their Pets Week at the end of May.”

“He met so many people at the London Pet show the past two years and touched so many people’s hearts. He especially enjoyed meeting a young ten year old author there who wrote the Adventures of Sherb and Pip. I hope you can give him a little shout out as his human family were all very proud of all he did in his short life, and miss him very very much.”

Cats….Who Are Actually SPIES

It didn’t take a video posted by The Dodo for us to realize this.

Prosh Pixel From Poland And His Pink Play Pig

Pixel The Frantic Frenchie will do just about ANYthing to engage Czika The Cat in a game of “Play With The Pig.” As you might expect, Czika ain’t havin’ none o’ THAT.

All Hail Maximus!

That’s the name of this outrageously QTE Australian Sea-Lion Pup. We should all just bow down right now as it’s quite clear he will rule the world. JUST a matter of time.


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