‘Tis The Season

The header is all we need to add to this.

[*Note: We’ve got another pair of C.O. Calendars to give away..coming up at the top of next hour…stand by! -Ed.]

6am PT, Cyber Monday: I Disapprove Of Reindeer Games…

11763540896_915d149658_oUpdate 7am PT: “I disapprove of Reindeer Games” by DeeDee is our first winner of the day- two 2015 C.O. Calendars are yours!

Alright kids! It’s Cyber Monday and the Intertubes are sizzling hot. Wanna win a pair of 2015 C.O. Calendars? Just leave a spiffy headline for this image in the comments section. (You know, we’ve done this before.) We’ll pick our favorite at 7am (PT) to win a pair! We’re doing it all day long today, so get cranking and good luck!

“Tilly (she is 6 years old today) rocks and so does your site :-). Photos by Ali at Pet Hooligans.com.”

Rats, It’s (Cyber) Monday*!

14893448571_c7bb8b0873_oThis little fellow (or lady) doesn’t seem to care, though. He (or she) has a turnip to nom on! From Deanna W.

[*Note- If you’d like to win a 2015 Cute Overload Calendar, stay tuned. You’ll have a chance to win a pair all day long. That’s coming up NEXT. -Ed.]

Frankly My Dear, Our Last Nosevember Post Features…

image1…Scarlett O’ Hara! Thanks to everyone who sent in Nosevember photos- sorry we couldn’t use them all! Sent in by Rebecca S.

[PS- “Rule of Cuteness #42: Ears that flop over a leetle beet are Cute.” -Ed.]

[PPS- Cyber Monday is NEXT. And oh we have something for you, yes indeed. -Ed.]

Kobe 3.0

Kobe red 109-22-12-2011“I am submitting this pic of Kobe’s first Christmas. He is 3 years old now, but he is still my baby (master of the house though!) My sweet Kobe was on C.O. twice already (Sept. 12 and Oct. 31, 2014.) I sure hope he makes it this time also. Saying hello from Belgium, Iris W.”

Two Noses For The Price Of One!

FullSizeRenderOnly a few hours left in Nosevember! “Here are ResQtes Duffy and Henry snuggling snorgling. Don’t you love their peeeenk Noses?” Submitted by Katey.

Stocking Stuffer

11656299404_188cfa6757_oSometimes the littlest faces make the biggest smiles. From Cats, Beavers & Ducks.

It’s The 30th Of Nosevember Beakvember

FUR_3996-XLThis is Gizzy! She is a “Peach Head Caique Parrot,” and is available for adoption at the Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue in San Jose! (Had to get one more Beak/Nose in before Beakvember Nosevember wraps up tonight!) Photos by The Furrtographer, of course.

But you knew that.




Bunday Super Disapproval In The Big J

According to the YouTube video, Yui The Bun is “just being Nosy.” Since it’s the last day of Nosevember 2014, we have no problem with that.

Andrew Y., hard at work.

Bunday Morning Comix

lizclimo06Art by Liz Climo as seen on My Modern Met.


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