Freddy Cougar: Full Frontal Floof

Freddy gets the award for best kitteh name so far in the month of March. You can tell he’s obviously very stressed, too.

From Rebecca S.

Usually, I Prefer Orville J. Redenbacher

..but this will do quite nicely, THANKUVERYMUCH!

From The Squid O’ Laughter.

Big Pig Little Pig

“Meet Cora the Guinea Pig. ‘He’ is almost four years old. The pet store told us he was female, we named him Cora. After his first vet visit, they let us know our little Cora is actually..male. However, he loves his name and rocks his pink ear. I visit your site everyday and I think it’s about time Cora is a part of it. Thanks so much!” -Samantha W.


Kinda Look Like Those Alien Ships On “Close Encounters”

Remember? Those little mini-ships that went zooming around the- never mind. Take a look at these amazing photos taken by a fellow named Alexander Semenov. There’s more to the sea see than meets the eye!




First three photos seen on Mail Online : last photo via BuzzFeed.

It’s Friday Afternoon And Everything Is Just…..


From Reddit.

Friday Haiku: Caffeine

It will keep you up
Caffeine makes you jittery
Go easy on Red Bull

From DP&F.

First Sneef

You’ve mebbe heard of the “First Kiss” video that made the rounds this week. Caused a lotta hoo-ha and then turned out to be an ad. Well, whatevs. THIS one is lotz better!

Anybody Up For Some Pi?

Today is the bestest day of the week for a big honkin’ slice o’ Pi!


Pug photo from The Daily Puglet.


They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!



Via Bored Panda.

Life’s Simple Pleasures

…are brought to you by this little English McBulldoggerson Puppeh named Sophie. Enjoy.

Arbroath FTW.