“They’ve Been Playing This For TWO Months!”

[I. am. SICK. To. DEATH. Of. Jingle. Bell. ROCK!]


Look What Santa Brought

No setup required!


Lil’ BUB Magical Yule Log

You know how some stations put on a Yule Log endless loop video? Here’s an hour-long version featuring Lil BUB. If you want to go max-screen, click the [ ] icon in the lower right corner. Then grab a mug o’ BUB Nog, and glow n’ flow with BUB!

Photo from @IAMLILBUB.

Merry Christmas Down Undah

OK, it’s already the 26th at Edgar’s Mission. Details, details. Enjoy their Christmas video!

Have Yourself A Merry Rotten Christmas

Grumpy Cat wouldn’t have it any other way, after all! (Image from Grumpycats.com.)

Merry Christmas From Cute Overload

Feliz Navidad : Gezur Krislinjden : Vesele Vanoce : Kung His Hsin Nien Bing Chu Shen Tan : Glædelig Jul : Kala Christouyenna : Sung Tan Chuk Ha : Nadolig Llawen : Mele Kalikimaka : Joyeux Noel.

Friday Haiku: Happy Holly-Daze

Small furry puppehs
All dressed up in Christmas stuff
They did not want to






Le Creditos~

1.) Photograph of Bentley by Kathleen P.
2.) Miko from Kate.
3.) Jackie by Paul C.
4.) Theodore Edward von Bearenstein (aka Teddy) -Sara L.
5.) From Reddit.
6.) Lucy & Leo from Erin E.

“On Dancer, On Dasher, On Prance- Wait. What?”

Cute Overload wishes all our Peeps around the world a very Merry Christmas!

Flashback Friday: A Hollywood Christmas

Ava Gardner from Carl Anthony Online; Liz Taylor from Pinterest.

elizabeth taylor christmas

We’re Just Gonna Wait For Him RIGHT HERE

[Every year we say “This is the year we’re gonna wait up for Santa. But it’s…late…and..we’re…uh, we’re..sleppy and…well, maybe just a quick catnap dognap wouldn’t hurt ZZZZZZZZ.]

“From left to right: Koko, Cooper (upside down, and a therapy dog), and Zoey (another official therapy dog.) Their human was able to take this photo because the dogs took the comfy places to sit!” -Kate R.