24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 12:00am PT

IMG_6747Let’s get this train rolling! Twenty-four solid hours of Cute Valentine’s Day photos! And we start things off with Cameron, courtesy of Stacy O.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

Night Night, Everyone

Bet it’s been a busy week where you are, just like with this little guy! Time to turn in, we’d say!

“This is dog puppy “Lambaó” from Brasil falling almost into sleep by tickling him behind his ear. He was a street dog and a few days of age only, now he got a home, my 7 year old nephew in Brasil adopted him ! Best regards from Germany, Renato.”

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day…is next.

Loff Ees Een The Air

Baboons, Lambsters, Pengys and Beluga Blorpsters are all ready for the big day! Are you?





~Le Creditos~

*Spotted by Arne. All from The Telegraph; Photo 1 by Knowsley Safari Park….Photo 2 by Ross Parry / SWNS….Photo 3 by Sue Flood/Caters….Photo 4 from Rex Features.

Valentine’s Day Is Alllmost Here!

(Though as we said earlier, in some places it already is!) Anyway, Vedran S. says “I am writing you from Sweden. Here is my video with cute little dog Mille. She just wants to hold my hand and never, ever let go!”

Does Your Valentine Play Hard To Get?

You know, like this little guy. Maybe he’s thinking….”Altoids.”


Well, here it is, 5:00pm PT on the dot- time for our weekly TGIF! “Here is the help I got putting away Christmas decorations last month. (This is Moe.) Can’t get enough of your website! Thanks so much for providing a calm spot for my eyes, mind and heart during hectic days!” -Diane B.


So Bounce The Dog Went On The BBC…

..with his hoomin, animal shrink Dr. Roger Mugford. While the doc was prattling on, Bounce provides some commentary of his own.

And here is the original interview.


Happy Valentine’s Day! (In Australia)

Phoebe's ValentineIt’s already the Big day Down Undah, mates! Through the miracle of SAME DAY EMAIL, we got this from Cuteporter Danielle G.:

“I would like to introduce Phoebe: a West Highland Terrier/Maltese cross who joined our family last year. Her original family were returning to Ireland after years in Australia and we were privileged to be selected as her new Australian family. She has brought such joy to our lives so for her first Valentine’s Day with us we would like to share her with you as there is room in her heart for all. Yours faithfully, Danielle G.”

“Haz U Seen My Hoomin?”

Amazing story here, People. Sissy is the puppeh in question, and it seems her hoomin went to the hospital for cancer treatment. Sissy wasn’t having ANY of that. So she traveled 20 blocks.

On her own.

(Seen on Neatorama, additional thanks to Andrew Y.)

Happy Valen-BUNS Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…but TODAY is “Valen-Buns Day.” Geddit? This video was taken at Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (B.U.N.S.) in Santa Barbara, CA., with music by (obviously) the one and only Parry Gripp.


(Sent in by Stacy M. You can adopt these guys now, says T.O.)


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