When All Ya Got Are Stumpers…

Ya gotta be CAREFUL goin’ down those steps, THUMP THUMP THUMP.

(Andrew Y.)

Maymo & Penny VS. The Great Outdoors

Now that The Dynamic Duo have left their home in shreds from various videos, it’s time to head outdoors and see what trouble they can get into. Oh, look. A big pile of autumn leaves. Wonder what happens…next?

What Can We Do For YOU, Manny?

Manny The Frenchy Lion King OBVY has SOMETHING on his mind. Manny, how can we help you? Your wish is our command. (Speakers UP, natch.)

(Laughing Squid.)

You Haz My Teddy Bear Maybe?

[Is it here? No. Is it here? No. O HAI here it is! WHEW. C’mon, TB. We’re outta here.]

(Laughing Squid.)

The Many Moods Of Benny:




“This is our big Border Collie-Bernese Rescue Benny sharing his biggest Nosevember smiles! He also fits just perfect beneath a computer desk!” – Jacob at Michigan Tech.

Could NOT Hold These ‘Til Bunday

baby bunny2Just. Could. Not. Do. Eet.

Scott Y. writes, “I’m submitting two new videos and a photo of a white and gray baby bunny from Nono’s litter. These bunnies are just 6 days old, and with their eyes still shut they spend most of their days sleeping and finding the best position to snuggle comfortably. ”

C.O. Trading Card #25: Clownfish

♬ Somewhere beyond the sea ♫….you’ll find C.O. Trading Card #25! (As seen on Flickr.) Click for C.O. Super-Size™ Effect and collect ’em all! (You’ll use up all the office toner on this one- even the extra one you kept stashed under your desk- but you’ll have the best looking cube.)


Nosevember Double Play!

max-nuppuWhat could be better than one Nose? Well, two of ’em, naturally. Simo H. says, “Hi, You’ve got the cutest website ever! Here’s a nosy picture for you, hope you like it! :) There’s “Max” and “Nuppu” in the photo. They’re Scottish Terriers.”

Nosevember: Meet Charlie!

charlie tongue“My name is Amy Parsons, and I’ve been enjoying your website for 9 years now, but haven’t yet submitted a photo. I rescued Charlie three years ago from a shelter, and he certainly has some photos worth sharing! Hopefully you think he is Cute enough to share!” -Amy P.

Nosevember Is Dot-A-Licious

dot1When I think of Dots, I first think of Dippin’ Dots. However, THIS Dot makes me rethink all that. “This is my cat, Dot (short for Dot-a-licious). She slept all day yesterday following the time change and I just couldn’t help sending some photos of some of her more interesting sleep positions. She was smashed up again a couch cushion most of the day until she then turned sideways and went all-in. Photographer: Dot’s mom.” -Janie F.



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