“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Wicker Basket?

“Well, last time I saw it, it was in the kitchen. Look in there.”

It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week (+ Bonus Wallpaper!)

Sea otterSea Otters are pretty much at the top of the Cute Hierarchy. And soon as you seen ’em, you go nuts. And this is their week! To celebrate this fact, we’re rolling out an Encore Presentayshe of one of the cutest videos you’ll ever see in the history of…well, history. After all…twenty million page views can’t be wrong.

[If you’d like to download the above image for your desktop, just click here.]

Sea otter
(Above Image from Sea Otter Week.org. Wallpaper source image/Shutterstock.)

Willkommen, Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is here once again, kicking off its annual 16 day Munich run yesterday- complete with beer (lots of it,) dancing, food, musik, and……Hedgies.


Bunday Morning Comix

tumblr_ns9v3b8UcQ1uacv0ho1_1280Artwork by TheyCanTalk.com, as seen on Laughing Squid.

Frenchie In The Spin Cycle

From Frenchified Barb and Paul: “Has this been on Cute Overload? We looked, and LOOKED. Babies and Frenchies. What could be better?” Hmmmm, how about a Frenchie sitting in the passenger seat of a classic 1963 Aston Martin DB5? Just sayin.’

Two Tags That Go Great Together

Do you use the “tag” feature? I must confess I don’t. But lots of people do, and this video is perfect for two of them: OMGPonies and I Shall Leeck You. Or (I Shall Frantically Attempt To Leeck You.)


13946890790_6598e9017f_o(Well, technically, we didn’t. There’s still a few hours of the 19th left.) Today’s International Red Panda Day!! Thanks to Smedley for the info, and to The Furrtographer for the photo!

Mom Taxi LV: Hitchin’ A Ride

sealwhaleAustralian photographer Robyn Malcolm recently snapped this shot of a Seal hitchin’ a ride on a Humpback McWhalersons off the New South Wales South Coast on a whale watching trip. She swears it’s real, no post shot trickery involved. (Link via Mashable and sent in by MANY C.O. readers.)

Caturday: “Jack, Your 2 O’ Clock Is Here”

Jack the Cat Masseuse is giving Bella the Great Dane the complete treatment, and Bella doesn’t seem to mind one bit. [*Note: Annoying Hoomin Commentary included- consider killing the volume when playing. -Ed.]

Caturday Afternoon: Looks Like A Bowl Of Fun

If you look in the dictionary under “Shiro and Friends,” you’ll find the words “Low Key.” So here they are, spending a lazy Caturday afternoon…stuffed in a mixing bowl. One guy gets out–and the next guy takes his place. Share and share alike in The Big J.


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