#Nosevember: Meet Dave

image1“My dog’s name is Dave (or David Justin Russell when he is really naughty!) I think his Nose is pretty cute, I hope you agree!” -Alexandra R.

The Anatomy Of A Corgi (v2.0)

InYnpXAWell, sorta. The above image is from Imgur/Reddit; below is an Encore Presentayshe of a different version from 2.5 years ago.

Which is more accurate?

Second image from the Sir Artwork Tumblr.

Might As Well Keep Walking

As Imgur poster Adam Genesis mentions, “Picking him up at the vet- that look- I know I’m in trouble. Yup. I’m going to hear about it on the way home.”

Picking him up at the vet ... that look ... I know I'm in trouble ... - Imgur
(William D. sent this in.)

#Nosevember: Need A Little Touch Up, Axel?

axelpaintIf ya thought Axel was born with that Prosh little white Nose—-you’d be wrong. That one is self-inflicted, it seems. “Hello friends at Cute Overload. This is Axel. He is a 3-year old Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund. He is particularly good with his nose. He frequently has a variety of items stuck to it, from fur clumps from our other dog, feathers to paint, as picture here. The photo was taken by me. Deborah W. ( Veterinarian and fan of your page to cheer me up.)

Prince William Griffon, King of Petflix & Chill

PWG’s rocking a Primo Example of one of our newer Rules: “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” “He’s not mine, but my heart is about to burst through my chest wall at the cute. My God LOOK AT THAT FACE.” -Lori B.


C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month: November, 2015

Don’t be a turkey! Click on this month’s C.O. Wallpaper for your computer! More here!

kitty-with-turkey (1)

Rats, It’s Monday

3289088597_b2d325f643_oAnd Olivia The Ratty has NO problem with that! This fine photo is by ArtBrom as seen on Flickr.

#Nosevember: Wesley Goes Camping

image1“This is my first submission to C.O., been hanging out with you guys for years. This is my shepherd mix Wesley, he’s hoping his juicy nose can get some love. He likes to use it as a stamp, usually on my rear end when I’m not moving fast enough! On this day he was packed into the backseat of the car on the way to go camping, and bit sore that he has to share his space with so much stuff!” – Sara G.

#Nosevember: All Those Smells!!!!

What do you do when you go outside for the very first time? You SMELL EVERYTHING!!

Gavin L. explains, “Pickles, our hedgehog discovering what outside smells like.”

Meet Nosely Mosely

uySvbtr[Hi, can I help you? Mosely’s my name, and Noses are my game! I LOVE this month! It’s all about ME!] (Imgur.)


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