Stumpers In The Great White North!

GTA Corgis Beach Day 2015 - Group Photo-1Recently, we’ve seen Stumpers at Huntington Beach and Long Beach, California. Now they head on up to The Great White North! (Group photo, above.)

Around 50 of these little guys hit Toronto’s Cherry Beach on Sunday for the third annual Corgi Beach Party.

Are you and your Corgi in the Toronto area? There’s an FB group for this bunch.

Here’s some more deets in this Reddit threadit.

(From and Mashable, on a roll these days.)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Stanley Lately?”

“Yeah, he’s upstairs- hey, Stanley! Get down here! Time for dinner, pal!”

(Andrew Y. saw this on BuzzFeed.)

Ooooh, How I Loff This Red Thing!

IMG_1656Rachel W. says, “When I showed my coworker this picture, he said I had to send it over to your site. Our rescue dog Peanut has been told so many times he’s our baby that he’s starting to believe it. You can see more of his shenanigans on Instagram.

Someone Needs Boxhab

And it’s NOT Maru. Nope, no cats at all. This…is Diesel. (As you can tell from the video, she says his name 10 times though it seems like a hundred.) And Diesel is not gonna give that box up.

Not a chance.

From Tracy B., Stacy M., and Connie C.

All Aboard! Kishi Station Gets A New Super Station Master!

Clipboard01There’s a new (Super) Sheriff in town, folks. Nitama has been appointed as official Super Station Master (and successor to the late Tama) at Kishi Station, Wakayama Prefecture. This is the official press conference:

Her hours are 10am to 4pm, with Monday and Thursdays off. Tama has received the posthumous promotion to “Distinct Eternal Stationmaster.”


And here Nitama is visiting the Tama shrine. They take this SERIOUSLY in The Big J.

(Thanks to Andrew Y., who does not- repeat not- work for RN24.)

I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m Here To Rescue You!

11703594_10153602422862147_6361762760021785839_oNo, we’re not done with the Star Wars references today. Earlier it was the Pikachu Imperial March, and now it’s…Koalas with Light Sabers. Of course. The original photo of a Cute Little Koala at the San Diego Zoo is above. And here he is once he’s got a bit of The Force in him:

(Story via Mashable, pic by Elisa Evans, possible Photoshop by Matt Schwarz.)

Guys, You Don’t EAT It, You HANG It UP!

CuteOverload616VGVI8JDL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_618sEhRscIL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_The 2016 C.O. Calendar is a hit at Edgar’s Mission. Though the (non-hoomin) residents there admit they can’t read, they love the full color pix- like their pal Sheldon in the Wall Calendar/February! Two outta three sheeps say, “BAAAA it now!”


C.O. Peeps, Meet Osamu

Uh-oh, another outrageously Cute Kitteh from Japan. They just won’t let up on us, will they.

Gentle Giants

To celebrate World Elephant Day, let’s take a look through the C.O. Heffalump Archives for some of The Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster’s Greatest Hits! First off, the one that started it all– an all-time C.O. Favorite, and a new member of our Hall Of Fame.

And…That’s Gonna Be It For Planet Earth

Pikachu Marching. In Yokohama. AGAIN. Coming to YOUR town…..sooner than you think. Kotaku has the story. (Thanks again Carol H.)








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