Bunday Morning Comix

From Liz Climo. ©Liz Climo.



The Cone Of Shame is well-known to kittehs, puppehs and hoomins alike. This kitteh knows her hoomins have done this to her deliberately as a way to shame her- but has come up with a new way to use The Cone to his/her advantage while plotting the appropriate retaliation.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Hey Honey? You Gonna Shovel The Sidewalk?”

“Nah- the game is on. Laika said she’d do it for a couple of dog bones. That’s a good deal where I come from.”

(Tastefully Offensive.)


(Say in Cliff Clavin Voice:) That there Nahm is what you call a Bobtail Squid. “He accumulates bioluminescent bacteria along its underbelly, which lend it a brilliant shimmer as it reacts to light rays.*”

(Say in Norm Peterson voice:) “Great Cliffy. Now gimme a beer.”

[*Note: *Above photo and quote from an article on My Modern Met. -Ed.]

Snow Chick

These videos excerpted from the BBC1 documentary shown earlier this week. Unreal levels of The QTE. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Paul P.

Thing Two, Sleepin’ In

It was a long hectic Christmas holiday yesterday for Thing Two, (babies pulling her tail, too much fruitcake and egg-nog) who has decided to exercise her right to Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute. Photo from Guremike.

One Of These Is Not Like The Others

Can’t quite put my finger on it…something is…just…a bit off with this photo. It’ll come to me.

~ ~ ~

“My Brother Fr. Steve cherishes his pets like his kids. We found Señor Don Gato (the cat) in our Mother’s garage and can’t express how grateful we are that he’s found us and is apart of our family. We took this picture yesterday and were amazed at how well the cat cooperated! We definitely gave them a lot of treats for this! Ha. Just wanted to share this gem of a photo! Cause we think it’s purrrrfect! Happy Holidays! Emily and My bro Fr. Steve.”

TGIF! (Christmas Day Edition)

Can you still say TGIF! even though it’s a holiday? Of course! It’s Christmas, but it’s also Friday! Now, let’s take a photo by the tree. Annnnd, here we go, let me get the flash..and..wait, stop blinking! The flash hasn’t gone off yet!

Jenny H: “Charlie is a Pug/Beagle mix and is sporting a lovely green sweater and soulful brown eyes.”

Barney Claus

“Here is a picture of my sweet dog Barney, wearing his new Santa costume. Silky Terrier, age 4.5. Enjoy my photograph, Karen A.”

Joy To The Glub Glub

Magilla Glub Glub’s hoomins have been rather busy- moving back to the US (AND having a new bebeh hoomin) but they took the time to send these in just in time for Christmas. “These are long overdue; we owe you a good update and pics of the kitties getting to know their little sister, Alicyn. All are doing great, and we have had fun adjusting to human parenthood and being back in the US,” says Bethany and Nathan.

Bubs Xmas Tree 2
“For now, however, we wanted to send you best wishes to you for the holidays and new year. Shockingly, Bubbles was the most cooperative for photos this year, and we didn’t get any of Mickey in Christmas gear so we sent a pic of her dreaming of sugarplums.”

MM Chair 1