“Hey Honey? Is That You Singing In The Shower?”

“You mean the one that’s off-key? That’s Maximus. Hush, big fella!”

From Paul & Barb, waiting for The Wet Death That Never Arrives in The 925.

And how about this puppeh who just CAN’T let it go. So to speak.

Yule Logs In Christmas Sweateuhs

xAS2P4fCorgnelius and Stumphrey are certainly showing off their Christmas Spirit (and their matching ‘Tocks!) PS- Nice Snoopy Sweateuh, too! Charlie Brown Christmas on CBS ABC, tonight at 8:30pm in the US.


Elaine_A363835-XLOn the heels of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday comes #GivingTuesday. As the website says, it’s a time to “celebrate generosity and to give.” Like maybe to your local animal shelter- many of them are always in need of your time or your donation. Just a thought.

(Photo of Elaine at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control, by The Furrtographer.)

Sheep. With Santa Hats.

Missy-MooWhere ELSE would you find Sheep wearing Santa Hats? Nowhere else, that’s where!

“Hello, you posted some photos of Missy wearing her Bob The Builder outfit for Halloween, i was wondering if you would like to see her and her pals getting festive?” -Carol B.

Festive Missy

I Luff Ma Hat


Ultimate Baroo (Shrimp Division) 2

christmasshrimpShrimpster The Parrot is back, and she just finished decorating the Christmas Tree, polishing things off with yet another classic Baroo!
(Natalie W.)

A Kitteh With A TWITTER Account!

14268934172_55abf15af1_oWho would IMAGINE such a thing in this day and age? Yep, Pookey is ONLINE, People. “Here are two photos of my favourite kitty, Pookey the Cat. She is a Purebred Ragdoll who was left at the SPCA [What?? -Ed.] -and has been the greatest addition to my family!” -Nicole H.


Take Yer Pick- “Zoo,” Or “Aquarium!”

Now, I must admit, the RocketNews24 header (from Andrew Y., manning the Pacific Rim Desk for C.O.) had me confoozed. Admittedly, that’s easy to do. Ask my wife.

OK, so- as far as the names go. Look closely, and you’ll notice that these Buns are shaped like animal or aquatic creatures. That answers that. But what ARE they?

Quoting RN, “These lines of confectioneries are sold by Japanese sweets maker Namikoshiken — they’re called the ‘Zoo’ (Dobutsuen) and ‘Aquarium’ (Suizokukan) series of sweet steamed Buns.”

They go for between $12 and $13, USD.

But that means nothing, since once again, you can’t get ‘em outside The Big J.

But if you’re in Japan- you’re in luck. As usual.





You Don’t Even Need To Add Water

Watch Sophia The Rhodesian Ridgeback puppeh go from two months to three years.

Just. Like. That.

From Greg C.

C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month

December 2014
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If I Didn’t Know Better…

..I’d almost swear this Bebeh Owl was one of those Animatronic types you see at Disneyland. Wow.

From Michele R.


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