Not ALL Of Us Are TV Stars!

“That Gecko on the insurance commercial? Meh–NOT. EVEN. BRITISH! He’s from, Portland I think. Flies down FIRST CLASS to do the shoot, then back home! Meanwhile, yours truly is stuck in F L A rooting around for grubs. Or whatever it is we eat. #UNFAIR.”

Submitted by Cuteporter Jacquie W. “Here is a picture of a Wee Gecko I encountered on a trip to Key West a few years ago. He was sneaking around in our poolside cabin, and I scooped him up to take him outside. Please excuse the chipped manicure. :)”

This Post Has “Awwww-Factor” Rating Of 10+

No doubt about it. Wilson the Meerkat needed a mom. Kimi the Chihuahua happened to be having a phantom pregnancy.




Photos by John Aron/Newsteam. Discovered and sent in by Kelly B.

Interspecies Snorgling 101

Class, today we’re going to discuss Interspecies Snorgling. It’s a very simple premise. One species takes it upon his or herself to snorgle another species. The video we’re about to see, sent in by Pilar V. is a textbook example. Take notes, there’ll be a quiz later.

PS from Pilar: “This is my sloth. Do you remember her? Prince, the sloth and Witch the cat? Prince loves cats. And we have a lot of cats.”

I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

Maximum McFloppulance

We’ve got paw-waving.
We’ve got bouncing ‘tocks.
We’ve got ear nomming.




Spotted on DP&F.

THIS JUST IN: Comfort Dogs Headed To Boston

This MSN story says K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs are soon headed to Boston in the aftermath of the terrible bombing. Quoting the story, “The golden retrievers were brought to Newtown, Conn., to provide comfort to people of the community after the shootings. ‘Dogs are nonjudgmental. They are loving. They are accepting of anyone. It creates the atmosphere for people to share,’ said church president Tim Hetzner.”

Photo from the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs FB page.

Poll: 2 Gambol, Or 2 Gallop?

Finley is getting her knobbular on- but is she “gamboling,” or is she “galloping?” GOTTA FIGURE THIS OUT, PEOPLE.

Gam·bol [ gámb'l ]

1. Leap playfully: to leap or skip around playfully
2. Playful leaping: an instance of leaping around playfully

Gal·lop [ gálləp ]

1. Fast-developing: proceeding or developing at a very fast rate

“This is the first foal born at the University of Missouri’s Equine Teaching Facility in Columbia, Missouri. Each year we get about six Quarter Horse foals, and this is the first one of 2013! She’s a bay filly we decided to call Finley, because this year all the foal’s names will start with ‘F.’ Here she is bouncing around while mom Della cleans up leftover hay.” -Delia B.

Doin’ The Budgie Bop

It’s easy. Just bounce up and down. Try it right now!

From Frîncu M.

Explosions At Boston Marathon

Multiple explosions have rocked today’s Boston Marathon, with at least three deaths and scores of injuries reported. CO offers condolences to those affected.

Update: Here’s how you can help, and here’s where you can look for someone in the area that might have been affected, as well as some other helpful links.

About That Tax Return…

The dog ate it.

This be Felicia, from Cuteporter Curtis St. J.

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. V–Lights Out!

Whadya do in Kigali, Rwanda of all places…when the lights go out?

You eat meatballs! Just like Magilla Glub Glub.

“MGG and I made this video last night. Our power was out and my wife was in the U.S. so we were left to entertain ourselves. Glub Glub really likes eating meatballs, so we decided to see how many he could eat in 60 seconds. I think he does pretty well for his first try. He promises to eat more the next time he gets a chance.” -Hoomin Nathan G.