Headline THIS: Pucker Up, Buttercup

IMGP2905Our latest Headline This! candidate comes courtesy of Rebecca S. What do you think Mr. McFrogster is saying (or ‘thought ballooning’) here? Post your header in the comments, and we’ll refresh this post at Noon PT with our fave.

(*Sorry for the late update, workin’ on a massive Kitteh post, and tryin’ to fix the comments, and stuff about the 2016 C.O. Calendar, and gotta dentist appointment in a few, and, yeah. Thanks to Gayle! -B.)

If You’re Gonna Play “Superman,” Little Guy-

..you got to get yourself a red cape! Standard procedure for the Man Otter Of Steel!

Baby otter
From Arbroath.

How Would YOU Know The Hyperdrive Is Deactivated?

The City’s central computer told you? R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer.

From T.O.

Jowl Rest

IMG_20141030_204338053[It’s the middle of the night. Turn the lights OFF! And why do you got that thing in my face?]

“This is Miss Trixie using her moose toy, Sven, as a jowl rest. She likes to rest her jowls.” -Natalie W.

Remember Munchkin The Shih Tzu?

The Ewok from yesterday? She’s back, and right in the swing of things.

!Così Belli Kittehs!

chi-super-cat-show-wre0023818178-20141108More than 800 kittehs got together (imagine the giant hairball) in Rome last weekend for the Super Cat Show 2014! (it is all-Italian, Chrome refuses to translate- buona fortuna.



As seen on the Chicago Tribune.

Time For The Dinner Noms, Guys

What, doesn’t EVERYONE have micro-sized Bebeh Pigsters on their KITCHEN COUNTERS??? (Or wherever that is.)

Hey- U Wanna Be Groomed, Or What?

[Let me just take care of these fleas ya got back here- and do you mind if I have a seat after I’m done? Thanks!]

Either The World’s Largest Dog…

…or the world’s smallest deer. OMIGERSH.

From Susan M.

Icelandic OMG Ponies Nosevember ACTION!

You won’t believe the Nose that’s coming up in this one at 0:58!

“My husband and I were looking through some videos that we took during our world bicycle trip that began in Iceland. (We’re from Canada.) When we saw this video that we took of a group of Icelandic horses, Cute Overload’s Nosevember came immediately to mind. Anyhow, we hope you’ll consider our submission of this lovely shaggy horse. We love your site. Thank you for all you do.” -Michele & Benoit. (Benoit’s voice and hand are featured in the video.)


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