New Bikke Pistachio Chomping ACTION!

Our new favorite Nutso Creature From Japan chows down on breakfast. Or maybe lunch. Could be dinner. Or a snack.

New Video: How Mugumogu Keeps Her Floors Clean

Why buy those Swiffer™ cleaning supplies…when you can get His Roundness to dust the floor for you? (After he gets his Starbucks™ fix.)

Headline THIS: “OMG Frank, The Times’ Critic Is In The Second Row!

IMG_0647[UPDATE, 1:26pm PT: Ack! Sorry, late with the update again! Let’s just say Mondays are the longest waits at the Comcast place. That’s the updated header c/o Catvicc4r!]

That’s what Jenny S. in NYC wrote. She adds that the names of these two are Reddington and Ella- guess that’s Reddington on the left and Ella on the right? Anyways, think up your best header and put it in the Comments- we’ll update with the best one around 1pm PT!


(Had another headline in mind but wanted to have a word with an Umlaut in there.)

“My friend, Autumn, just got a new puppeh and gave me permission to send her prosh photos in. Her name is Sjöfn Skye, after the Norse goddess of affection/reconciliation. She is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and is 7 weeks young.” -Jenn from Virginia.

P.S. “I just asked my friend how she pronounces her puppeh’s name. “Sjöfn” is pronounced “See-yo-fun”….I thought this was cute.” -Jenn.

Rats, It’s Monday!

10718658_924161217597982_380378623_oAnd….a hearty WAKE UP, EVERYBODY! Rats…it’s MONDAY! Who do we have here?

“Hello there! I have definitely got the cutest pets ever!,” writes Alexandra T.

“Their names are Pistachio and Cashew, they are 1 year old grey-faced and white-butted hooded Rattys. I am adding their best photos! :D



Lights Out

We say goodnight to all our peeps here at C.O., with a promise we’ll be back for more tomorrow morning- Rats, It’s Monday! (Already.) We get a new video from Bikke The Maniac ‘Munk, Headline THIS!, and…..we find out how Mugumogu keeps her floors clean!


Now- you’re feeling verrrry sleeeepy. Or sleppy, as the case may be.

(From The Squid.)

Henry The Griffon

On this Bunday Evening, please welcome Henry, just the second Griffon EVER on C.O. Looks like he’s got some ouch on his paw there. Feel better soon, G-Man!


From Zosia D.

Newborn Bebeh Blorp

They’re so wrinkled and squashed together, sorta like a bigger Shar-Pei, right? And let’s NOT forget about those Prosh Eye Capsules (Eye capsules are cute.) Anyway, this little dude was born this week at the San Diego Zoo, and he’s ALL THAT.

Spotted on The Boingster.

Seven Adorable Puppeh Facts

Or, as we say here at C.O.: “Totes Adorbs.”

NEXT Time We Play “Fetch”…

[Can we PLEASE use a smaller stick?] (Boing Boing.)


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