Two Of A Kind: Zoey And Jasper

Folks, a great story here about Zoey The ResQte Puppeh and her lil’ hoomin pal, Jasper. These guys are the very definition of “BFF.”

Zoey was in desperate shape in Taiwan…

…and came to the US when she was a little over 4 months old. She’s 7 now.

These photos have appeared all over the Net, and have enabled current owner (and pro photographer) Grace Chon….

…to connect with Z’s original foster mom.

See more on Instagram and FB.





Friday Haiku: Snails

Most underrated
The Snail just creeps right along…
Minding his/her biz


ImageProxy (1)

ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (3)

ImageProxy (4)

ImageProxy (5)

ImageProxy (6)

ImageProxy (7)

ImageProxy (9)

Photos by Vyacheslav Mishchenko, as seen on 123 Inspiration. Sent in by LOTZ O’ Cuteporters, thank U!

Why Pay Those High Groomer Prices?

Just stop by your local hardware store and pick up one of those utility scrub brushes, and you (and your puppeh) are good to go! Agnes has NO problem with this.

“Thirteen week week old English Bulldog puppy Agnes loves the utility brush we got at the store.” -Nikolaj K.

Flashback Friday: Every Bunny Has Its DAY

Movie star Doris Day poses with The Easter Bun in this 1950s promo shot!

Doris Day easter
(Headline by Pyrit.)

ResQte Of The Week (Part II)

This little fellow’s already been Resqted (is that spelled right?) but you have to hear about him. After your puppeh does something funny, do you ever call him a Dork? As in, “U are so Dorky!”

(Read on.)

“This adorable creature from heaven was found as a stray! I rescued Resqted him, and this picture is his first day at his new home! He appears to be a Dorkie (part Yorkie, part Doxie) and he is filled with love! His name is Barnaby, aka The Barnacle.” Love, Heather A.




[I've seen other guys do this! Gonna try and get this ENTIRE carrot in my mouf at one time!]

[ we GO!]

Snuffles….short for Snuffleupagus, from Colleen M.

Bijou Draws A Line In The Sand

“This is Bijou. She is engaging in an act of civil disobedience!” Photo by me, Stephanie Y., but her real parents are Herve B. and Mari K. in New York.”


ResQte Of The Week: Easter Edition!

Rabbit-Haven-Logo-300x223 Peter Cottontail is gonna come a-hoppin’ down the Bunneh Trail in a few days, so let’s check out these ResQte Buns! They are all located at the The Rabbit Haven in Northern California. From their site:

“The Rabbit Haven works with shelters and the community in the Bay Area of Northern California to assist rabbits in need. We then work to place these rescued rabbits into loving foster homes and finally into permanent adoptive homes.”

Here’s how to adopt…here’s adoption criteria…and here is a pre-adoption questionnaire. (Click each link and that doc downloads automatically.)




DEETS U SHOULD NOSE: Adoptions once a month at For Other Living Things in Sunnyvale California (first Saturday.) Twice a month at Pet Pals in Soquel California (2nd and 4th Sundays.)

If THIS Post Doesn’t Make U Smile~

~Ya MIGHT just need to go to the grocery store and check your pulse with one of those little cuffy things back by the pharmacy.





From the files o’ Mail Online.

PS- and just because someone is prolly gonna ask for one:


Nice Boogie Woogie Jazz On This Clip…

and oh yeah, and LOOKIT THE KITTEH PLAY WITH THE TOEBEANS aye yi yi yi yi. This is just first class freakin’ nuts, couldn’t wait ’til Caturday.


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