Doin’ The Hampton Wave

“So, this is Lady Hampton Of Lambertonshire , our office Hamster. I swear she gave us a wave when we were taping this!” -Paul P. of Trenton, NJ.

Star Wars Celebraysh

In honor of the big Star Wars cast announcement today, we proudly present this Star Wars medley of Past & Present Cute!






~Le Creditos~

Video 2: Han Solo The Cat, from Andrew S.
Photo 1: Frederique, from Lori R.
Photo 2: Lord CucuFace R2D2, from James T.
Photo 3: Arnold, from Alissa B.
Photo 4: Inca (Princess Leia), Murray (Darth Vader), and Rocco (Wicket the Ewok), by Megan R.
Photo 5: Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog.

Tiny Hamsters…

EATING TINY BURRITOS! (And this is only Episode #1. There. Must. Be. More?)

Submitter Megan: “Holy crap- this is exactly what I was imagining and I love it!”

Update: Thanks for the shout-out. Spotted by Sarah L.


Fritz (Who Is NOT A Cat)

We’ve had a lot of Rules Of Cute Action going on lately. (Here, here, and here.) Just sorta fell together like that, ya know?

With that in mind, get a load o’ Fritz here, with the classic Rule of Cuteness #44: Ears at 9 and 3 are cute. And also Rule Of Cuteness #48: Tiny Tongues are cute.

From Marissa I.


Radar The Puppeh sez: “Just wait for ‘em….”


Great photo from Amanda S. (Also Rule Of Cuteness #6: Mimicking humans is cute.)

Multiple Rules Of Cuteness ALERT!

#1: Putting a paw up is cute.
#3: An Inquisitive Look is cute.
#37: If you tilt your head to a side, it’s cute.

From Cutest Paw.

Well, It Has To Be A Squnk

(Squirrel + Skunk = Squnk. Isn’t that the right spelling? Who knows, we’re makin’ this stuff up as we go.)

Ever seen anyone like thees? This little girl/guy was spotted in San Jose CA., and she’s/he’s called a “Piebald” sqwerl. Ah, let’s trot out The Big W for that one.

A Piebald or Pied Animal is one that has a spotting pattern of large unpigmented, usually white, areas of hair, feathers, or scales and normally pigmented patches, generally black. The colour of the animal’s skin underneath its coat is also pigmented under the dark patches and unpigmented under the white patches. Animals with this pattern may include horses, dogs, birds, cats, pigs, and cattle, as well as snakes such as the ball python. [+ SQUIRRELS. -Ed.]





Photos by the San Francisco Globe.

Ukraine Goats Really Knock Me Out

“I wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. I have been living in Ukraine since September, and there’s been a political revolution followed by an invasion. It’s great to come home and look at Cute Animuhls every evening, just to be reminded there’s still love and goodness in the world! In ‘Tocktober you published my goat-tock photo from my friend’s dacha. It turns out the goat had bebehs! They are sweet and soft and totally adorable!” -Emily C.

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

How About A Toe Bean Bouquet for Toesday?

LOOK at all that FLOOF! Amazink!

“These are Thelma’s toe beans arranged in a nice bouquet.” Thanks go to Tar Heel Jo in Chapel Hill, NC!

IMG_20140427_212631 (1)

WHO Wuz Out In The Fresh-Cut Grass?

WHO was? Was it YOU? It was, wasn’t it!



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