When Life Gives You Lemons….

…simply walk away.

(Daily Dot.)

Kitteh Quid Pro Quo

As T.O. says, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” [*Note- I know you wanted to go with Cat Scratch Fever, but we’ve done that one. Twice. -Ed.]

The Dogs Of Instagram™ (Plus Artsy Stuff)

@thiswildidea__880Interesting series of photos here by artist Valerie Susoloparova. She makes these illustrations of famous Net Doggehs, then adds a real item and takes the photo! (That’s Maddie above, from @thiswildidea.)





Who took what AKA Le Creditos:

Photo 2: Danidlm.

Photo 3: Harlow & Sage.

Photo 4: Honeyb_doodle.

Photo 5: Maru The Shiba Inu.

Photo 6: Dazeofdukeandsully.

(Once more, we bow to The Panda.)

Guess Which Rule Of Cuteness THIS Is?

She's growing so quickly - ImgurAbsolutely got some Rule #42 here. “Ears that flop over a leetle beet are cute.” (Imgur.)

Time For Some Hedgies, People!

We get emails….

“Dear Cute Overload: We love your site! It’s the first one we look at every day. But we have a problem- not nearly enough hedgehogs. Please post this clip.” -Richard F., Ft. Lee, NJ.”

Mr. Feder, we’re happy to oblige. Sorry about that.

Buddies 3.0

animal-children-photography-elena-karneeva-882__880Got another entry in the Buddies series (last seen in January of this year and January of 2014 by photographer Elena Shumilova. This time around (also via Bored Panda) we see terrific shots from the camera of Elena Karneeva. (Her own site is here but doesn’t seem to be working.)









London Peeps! A Pignic Is Headed Your Way!

min-micro-pig-for-sale_cSo says Mashable. During the “second bank holiday weekend” (had to look that one up) from May 21 to 25, Yelp London and PetPiggies are holding an event at The Proud Archivist in Haggerston.

Drinks, food, Micro Pig Snorgling, and education about Micro Pig ownership are on the agenda for the evening. (No bacon served, natch.) Wanna attend? Here’s how.


And With This, We Bid You Good Evening

A little boar-ing - ImgurIt’s late here on the West Coast, but rest assured, C.O. returns Wednesday morning with more of The QTE! We’ll be up all night making this stuff! (We hope we’re not…boar-ing you?) (Reddit.)

Mom Dad Taxi XLIV: The Only Way To Travel

DSC_3253When you’re tuckered out after a long walk- make the hoomin do all the work! Or, as Jena J. puts it: “Step one: Go hiking! Step two: Have fun! Step three: Get carried when you’re tired! This is my Terrier Mix Pup, Sharky. She was featured on Cute Overload before, and would love to be shown off to the world again.”

[*Note- Wicked side-eye theyah, Sharky. -Ed.]

Grilla Mom Dara Welcomes First Bebeh

6a010535647bf3970b01b7c75e10a5970b-800wiGrilla Birth News out of the Como Zoo in Minnesota, where Dara gave birth to a Tiny Bebeh Grilla on February 22nd.

He was five pounds at birth and doing well!

Sent in by Maureen P. (ZooBorns.)


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