Does This Bag Make Me Look Fat?

Maru attempts to shove himself through a bag. Did I mention the hole at the end is too small for Maru’s head?


Headline THIS! (Updated!)

[*Note: April scores the top header this time around! Thanks to everyone who wrote in! -Ed.]

Ah, one last Headline THIS! for the year. This little girl/guy is clearly up to SOMETHING. Getting ready to pounce perhaps? Write up your best header and we’ll post around Noon PT! Good luck!

(Fluffington Post.)

Monday Morning Stubbulars

A lot of you have had the previous several days off for the Christmas holidays. Now, it’s time to gear up and get back in the routine (for just a few days, ’til New Year’s Eve.) So—-to ease you into the work day—-have a Corgi. (Imgur.)

National Geographic’s Top Twenty Of 2015

Lots of great photos to be found in the National Geographic Top Twenty Photos of the year. (Like VOTE VOTE VOTE above, and these two guys below.) Check out Bored Panda for more!



Rats, It’s Monday!

Time for breakfast! What’s on the menu today? Guess it doesn’t matter as long as it’s green n’ leafy!

This Is What’s Known As…

…a “Yogurt Baroo.” “Olive loves her yogurt,” reports Robin S.

How Do You Weigh A Bebeh ‘Roo?

Like this, People!

1.48 Kg of cuteness - Imgur


Folks, please say hi to Sammi! She was born back in August of ’12, and according to her mini bio on The Daily Puppy, “Sammi is a very clever and affectionate puppy. She loves to play fetch and gives the best cuddles.” Works for me.



What…Day Is It?

[We…we had some of that leftover egg-nog last night—SOMEONE musta spiked it. I was dreaming about purple-spotted elephants. Wow.]

Baby Syrian hamster
(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

Bunday: Wake Up Guys!

I know, you’ve had a busy week with the Christmas stuff and all, and we’re glad you got some rest last night. NOW…who’s up for some carrots, eh?