Miss Alice

IMG_20141225_195230“I would like to introduce you to Miss Alice, the little fluffy genius hamster, who was described by my vet as ‘like the one cow in the herd who always does things their own way.’ I prefer to call her ‘Mensa Hamster.'” -Jenna W.









Lucy: “She’s Back There, Isn’t She.”

photo 2“Roxy, 3 month old kitten, loves to terrorize her much older sister Lucy (12 year old Boston Terrier.) -Tiffany B.


IMG_1942“Triple-layer, red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake, to be exact. (Edible Peacock Feathers by Sugar Robot on Etsy.)” -Lara C.

“Impending Doom” Tag Needed?

At first glance, this little guy looks like…a snack. His bigger friend seems a bit bewildered by the snack, too. [“Why is my lunch barking at me?”]

ResQte Of The Week (Rats, It’s Monday Edition)

10900027_699783460139590_1100118574953827145_oThese photos just could NOT wait until the regularly scheduled ResQte Of The Week on Thursday, folks- you can see why. Cuteporter Miia sent these in to us. “A friend forwarded me these photos of a Lonesome Deer Bebeh. Last summer the photographer found the fawn on the side of a road and stopped another driver to ask for help,” she says.

“(It was decided) that the mom had crossed the road, but the newborn baby was too weak to follow. Using pieces of tissue paper to protect the deer from icky hoomin smells the helpers carried the deer over the road. By evening the Bebeh was gone – apparently his/her Mom Taxi had finally arrived!”

“P.S: The photographer says the fawn looks like s/he’s escaped from a book on fairy tales. I think we can agree, yes?”

Seen Your Slippers Lately?

If you can’t find them…it’s a safe bet that Pixel (previously seen here and here in the I. WANT. MY BED. Mini-Series) knows where they are. Pixel, buddy- it’s obvy you’re our next star here at C.O., so you’ve got your own tag, just like the big boys do. Congrats!


Pixel also thinks he is a turtle. Just a phase.


What’s That Noise, Walter?

Walter is having the time of his life playing in the deep powder, but SOMETHING is MESSING with his HEAD. Get it, boy!!!

Nice Mohawk There, Shiro

Did you and your friends go to some fancy high-end salon for that look? Hope you stiffed them on the tip.

NEW Maru & Hana Doubleheader!

TWO new videos from Japan’s Finest to start the week! First, that little red cat bed can only hold so many cats. Maru thinks the bed should be his, and Hana has her own ideas about this.

But that’s not all as they say on TV. There’s more. We’ve got GRAY BED Maru & Hana action, too!

These Puppehs Pick The Ducks

The first ever college football national championship game is tonight, with the Oregon Ducks taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes in Arlington, Texas. Though the game has yet to be played, these guys have already chosen Oregon as the winner.

Well, that makes sense.

After all- what’s Cuter, a Bebeh Duck or a…Buckeye?


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