Bunday Morning Comix

2013-05-21-hedgehogsAnother great Bunday Morning Funny, from Invisible Bread.

Look Closely 2

PoodleTime for another edition of Look Closely. Maybe we need to adjust the contrast on this one. Or the color. Or the Gamma Saturation. Or…something.


Caturday Night: Gotta Be A Sqwerl Or A Birdeh

SOMEthing has this kitteh’s attention. At least, we THINK it’s a real kitteh. Hard to tell.

This Boot Wuz Made For Sleeping…

…and that’s just what I’ll do!!

Puss in boot
Nothing To Do At ALL With Arbroath.


Muppet Dog“So, about 8 years ago, we met Jack The Mystery Terrier at the shelter. He was about 12 weeks old and as far as we can tell, he’s a cross between a Build-A-Bear and…Tub Floof.”

[*Note- the original photo shown above was titled “Muppet Dog,” so there’s that, too. -Ed.]

“We adopted him mostly due to a series of shameless lies that involved his ability and eagerness to do laundry and windows. By the time we realized we’d been swindled, it was too late to take him back. Here’s Jack as a puppy so you have an idea of the level of grifter we were up against.” -Michelle B.

‘Nuther Day, ‘Nuther Robot

On Thursday, Maymo and Penny tackled a toy robot. Today, in honor of it being Caturday and all, Coco The Kitteh battles…Robot Puppeh!


Charlie’s MAXIMUM Look Of Disapproval

unnamedYa really don’t see many puppehs with the Look, right? Well, meet Charlie, who is quite (un)happy to disprove that theory. Marissa W. says “I’d like to submit for cute consideration my pseudo-dog-in-law (boyfriend’s parent’s dog) Charlie, who is a girl Golden Retriever. She also goes by Chuck, Bob, and Charliepants. Photo by her dog-mom, Pam.”

The Rules Of Cuteness Noodle

Noodle_shiftyeyesNoodle is back, and he brought the Rules Of Cuteness with him! Let’s see what we have here: first, the feature photo above has so much Side-Eye it’s amazing. (Also #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is Cute.)


And here we have some #48: Tiny tongues are Cute.

There’s no Rule for Billy Idol Hair..maybe there should be.


And below, plenty of #20: Showing your paw pads is Cute.

“Noodle loves stuffed food plushies, walks in the park and hugging his Toe Beans. He’s not the biggest fan of being in costume.” -Zlata and Don.

Love To Be A Fly On The Wall Here

junior_turtyProbably going something like this:

Cat: “So, Turty. Dude. Who stuck you with that outfit, man? Let me guess. Marcie.

Turty: “None other. And you oughta see the Thanksgiving thing she’s got for me. Turkey feathers, the works. She’s gotta be stopped, Junior. Next month is Christmas!”

“Long-time friends, Junior isn’t quite sure of what to make of Turty in his Cute dinosaur costume.” -Marcie B.

Kid, Pay Attention!

[Here’s how you work that thing. Now, watch what I’m doing- there’s a test later. Wait- you can’t write. Or read. Or speak. Never mind about the test part.]

22 Words.


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