Looks Like A Seven-Ten Split To Me

And he didn’t have to wear those funny looking and usually painful smelly bowling shoes, either!

‘Nuther one that’s totally T.O.

Leaf It Alone, Leo!

Leonardo my friend, it’s a leaf! A part of a tree that fell off! Chill out!

Via T.O.

Caturday: You Will Address Me As Your Lordship

[O HAI my name is Simba, and everybody noze ah am gonna be The Lion King cuz Disney says so. Now bow down before my greatness. Oh, sorry- before that can you get me a bowl of noms please?]

From Reddit.

Caturday: Kiska

It’s Caturday. You rule the house. What’s on the agenda today? Obviously, get your well-trained hoomin to tend to your every whim while you lay sprawled on the bed. Bonus points for the Double-Paw Snack Grab™! Let’s hear from the Humiliated Dedicated Hoomin Cat Servant:

“My name is Elise, and this is a video of my cat Kiska! She’s a loveable 18 lb. ball of fur and she’s very floppy. If I’m downstairs in the living room and shake the bag of treats I can hear her jump off the bed upstairs and suddenly she’s at my feet! One time she was laying on her back on the couch and I decided to experiment to see if she would eat them without getting up and assuming the normal cat-eating position.”

She: “Honey, Did U Take At-At Out?”

He: “Huh? (Mutes TV, fiddles with iPad, slurps smoothie, rustles paper, tries to hide. Sighs heavily.) No, ah, it was snowing earlier, Weather.com (punches app) says 22 outside, so I- OK, come on little guy. Let’s do your duty.”

The Force is with DP&F.

Bear With Us On This One

These two Siberian bear cubs named Lewis and Clark were rejected by their mom :( at a Chicago zoo. So David and Lana Fechter are raising them ’til they get bigger (and, um, they WILL) and then they’ll move on to the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, north of Milwaukee.






(*Saw this one on Bored Panda but then MoonPieWoman also sent it in so she gets the cred.)

New! From C.O.-Tel! Kitteh Inna Pocket!™

EVER been stuck without a kitteh? You NEED one and you NEED one NOW. Where to turn? Where to go?


Announcing Kitteh Inna Pocket™, NEW NEW NEW from C.O.-Tel! These top-quality fleece PJ’s come complete with their own Pocket-Sized Kitteh! And if you act now, we’ll ALSO throw in a copy (or two) of the 2011 Cute Overload Calendar leftover in the basement perfect for note-taking since it’s now three years old!

ORDER NOW! Operators are taking their lunch break standing by!

From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow.

The InterTubes Belong To Kittehs

Great story on Mashable about the virtual stranglehold kittehs have on The Intertubes (and everything else, for that matter.) From Maru to Grumpy Cat and all felines in between, they rule. And they aren’t shy about letting us know it, either. Here are a few of the Most Famous Furballs, leading off with Surprised Kitty!

Inception Cat:

OMG Cat:

Standing Cat:

We Would All Trade Places With This Guy–

..in less time than it takes to snap your fingers. WHO’S WITH ME?

Friday Haiku: Paper

I love all paper
It is fun when U touch it
Learned this from Maru