“Hey Honey? Did U Take The Duck Out For A Walk Yet?”

“Nah, I forgot..been watching ‘Star Trek’ on MeTV. Where’s the leash again?”

(Boing Boing.)

Littlefoot The Disgruntled Bebeh Frenchie

image2When you see a look like that (above) as a hoomin, you know you must have done something wrong. Like bust out a pair of pajamas for a camping trip? “This is Littlefoot, my new Behbeh Frenchie,” writes Monica F.

“She wasn’t pleased that mommy made her wear her pjs when we went camping this weekend! Look at that ‘Tock!! I hope she makes it on the website! I have been visiting Cute Overload since 2006!!! Love it!”


Shih Tzu Peekaboo!

IMG_6500“Hi, in honor of the New Rule #57, I’d like to submit our Shih Tzu gals, Sprinkle (above) and Truffle (below.) I was trying to get pictures after returning from the groomer but they like a little peekaboo from under the kitchen table. Thanks, Scott C., York, PA.”


Caturday Joy To The World

All you boys and girls
Joy to the kittehs in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me

-Three Dog Cat Night















Caturday: Watch Out For Those Rogue Cucumbers

They will get you EVERY TIME.


It’s A Stubbular Caturday Saturday!

OK, so…this isn’t really The Queen Of England. And these…aren’t really her corgis. They’re what you’d call…a reasonable facsimile, right? And DID You Know: in Welsh folklore, Corgis were the preferred mount of Tiny Fairy Warriors. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get in line at the local Hallmark for the new Christmas ornaments. Tut tut and cheerio.

From Crystal B.

Ooooo, U Haz Cavity?

They rule our entire lives- why not rule our teeth as well?

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Night Edition)

Take a look at THIS little friend. He was rescued from alongside Highway 58 near Cottage Grove, Ore., and is now Living Large at the Oregon Zoo! More on the story right here!

Double-Barreled BunBun TGIF Action!

BabybunbunTWO BUNS- ONE POST! Yep, the workweek is wrapping up for many of us, so let’s say it together (with help from BunBun:) TGIF!

From Natalie W.

Pardon Us For A Little Rules Housekeeping

Desktop1 - Copy[*Note: The Rules of Cuteness have been updated. Note they are now actually in order, from 1 to the current 57. No more numbers in the high-90s stuff, which we blame on an overzealous intern. Or someone. Your weekly Friday 5pm PT TGIF is coming up next. -Ed.]


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