They Say It’s Your Birthday!

picdump-1174-14Right now, there’s NOWHERE on Earth this little guy would rather be! (DP&F.)

Hey, Little Appreciation, OK?

FUR_4353-XLToday happens to be Black Cat Appreciation Day! These little critters were adopted from Wonder Cat Rescue in San Francisco. Photos by The Furrtographer, of course.


What’s For Breakfast On This Bunday, Tilly?

[Just a single grape will do, thanks and OM NOM NOM.]

This is a video of Tilly (short for Attila The Bun), slurping down a grape ever so Cutely. With her sweet little booplesnoot and teeeeny tiny tongue, she really hopes to make it on the site.” -Annie G.

[Note: "Booplesnoot" is now an official C.O. Word, as of this date. -Ed.]

Bunday Morning Comix

10559714_10152109168992504_925769734402694940_nFrom the Southern Oregon Humane Society FB: image from Captain

Young Man, If You Leave Your Toys Outside…

…the Fox next door is gonna come over and play with them. That will teach you to pick up after yourself!

Why, THANK-You, Maddie

Maddie is usually known for being On Things, but this time she offers us a nice flower!


Don’t Think You’re Skating On THIS One, Buddy

(Pro Tip for in the future, FWIW: if you knock over a flower pot/plant, don’t hunker down right next to it. Better yet, ask The Cat to sit there in your place.)

Guilty puppy
From Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

Dateline, The Big J: Mutant Parrot-Bananas!

Where do they THINK of these things? Wait. We all know the answer to that.

These are called “Gachapon,” which is the name for little capsule shaped toys that come in vending machines.


And…another version combines parrots with….mushrooms?

RocketNews 24.

Can’t Wait ‘Til Toesday!

FUR_7849 (Medium)Here we have The Furrtographer’s foster kitteh named Maggie! “She was playing so hard her ear got flipped backwards,” he says.

What DOES That Sign MEAN?

10485880_838389076171237_6901263805821436519_n[Everybody NOSE doggehs can't read. Must be for something else. Maybe for cats. Whatever. I got some BIZNESS to take care of, RIGHT NOW.] From the Mike Rowe FB page, spotted by Smedley.


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