Oh, You Would Like Some Fish Treats?

That’s clearly what is on the mind of this little kitteh. Better yet is the Google Translaysh from the YT video:

“Contact begging pose you got to start with nature. Braze-chan we ask a snack. Even while the look away, to give me give me! And, the movement of the scrounge has firmly.”

Alright then!

(RN24/Andrew Y.)

ResQte Of The Week: Buckle Up, People

This one will get ‘cha RIGHT HERE. Click the video to learn about Monica and Chandler.

Deets on these guys:

Got an email from Annie H. of Rescue From The Hart. (FB is here.) We’ll let her tell the tale tail:

“These two cuties are still looking for a forever home! We have partnered with Hands Paws Hearts.org (Los Angeles County area- Studio City) to help find that perfect family.”

It’s The Darndest Thing!

output_WjwdX0[My right ear flips backwards, and lettuce shoots into my mouf! SWEARS! Oh, and also: I disapprove. They told me to say that.]

“This is my new Bun Mochi, who I adopted from our local humane society :).” -Lisa.

I Haz iChat?

PCUROXR[You’d theenk they could make one of these things A LITTLE BIGGER. You know, the iCat for people my size.] (Reddit.)

[OK maybe not THIS big.]


“♬ Shake It Off, Shake It Off ♫…”

animals-and-first-snow-baby-panda1__700Taylor Swift has the right idea for this Bebeh Panda, experiencing snow for the first time, sez Panda of Boredom.

Is U IN There?

[Oh you don’ wanna come out and play? Alright then, take THAT! (Whack)]

“We just rescued a stray kitteh from the humane society and he’s proven to be hilarious. His name is Bran. Here is a video of him watching our iPad.” -Meaghan T.

We KNOW You Can Drive, Maddie…

…but how are you going to get that Christmas Tree through the front door?

(Maddie On Things.)

Newborn Quokka ACTION

Many thanks to UK Cuteporter Hannah B., still awake at midnight local time, for spotting this Knucklehead-Beyond-Belief Bebeh Quokka on ZooBorns. “I don’t know if you have seen this yet (we hadn’t) but it’s too Cute! Love your site, makes every day happy.”

So this little maniac is “Meeuk Mia” or just “Mia.”

Keeper Bec Russell-Cook of the Taronga Zoo (Down Undah) has been hauling Mia around in a pouch, and waking up very early for the first of five daily feedings.








Photos on ZooBorns by Paul Fahy of the Taronga Zoo.

I Think He’s Saying, “I’ll Eat That”

Teddy Bear is back, and he brought his grabby hands with him. On the menu today: sweet potatoes! From DP&F.

Got (Snort Snort) Meelk? (Snort Snort)

Little Bebeh Hoofster wants his/her meelk and wants it right NOW! (Snort Snort.)


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