Russell Welcomes U To Toesday

“This is my 9-month-old rescue kitten Russell. He and his sister Sophie enjoy cuddling, being loud in the middle of the night, and begging for human food. As you can see, he leads an exhausting life. I thought you might enjoy his cute little Toebeans and barely-noticeable overbite. Thanks for bringing smiles every day! Photo taken by me, Kate C.”


Now THIS Is The Life

[Hey- can SOMEONE bring me a drink with a little umbrella in it? Thanks!]

Reindog XII

“Waiting patiently for Santa…they were both nice this year! 😊❤ Sophie & Jackson, 2015: 8 year old husky & 6 month old border collie/lab mix from a local shelter,” writes Maureen M.

I Disapprove Of These Christmas Presents.

[I specifically asked for a new Kindle Paperwhite. (Yes, we BUNS can read.) I. Do. Not. See. A. Package. That. Size. Addressed. To. Moi.]

~ ~ ~
“This is our little Christmas Bun Nacho and he definitely won the ‘Most Enthusiastic’ award in our house Friday morning! No one had to open a present unassisted and he was 100% into holiday cheer…until I pulled out the tiny Santa hats! I thought I would share this one picture with you as it’s a mix of Christmas Cheer and kind of a Where’s Waldo-Nacho game as he’s definitely well camouflaged with all the penguins!! We LOVE your site everyday, but especially around the holidays!!! Cheers, Sara G:).”

Scootin’ Soarin’ Bebeh Trunkster

DUMBO ALERT! Words fail me when you find photos like this. Real? Not real? Who cares. Amazingly QTE. As seen on We Heart Elephants FB, and sent in by Terrie J.

“♬ Dashing Thru The Snow, With A GoPro™ On Your Back ♫…”

We’ve still got some Christmas celebration photos and videos we received on and after the 25th, so we’ll be showing some of those through the end of the year or so. Here, Annie decides to try out her new GoPro™ camera at the park, and drags her hoomins along for the ride.

“Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! My dog, Annie, received a very special Christmas gift this year – a GoPro™ harness! She promptly dragged us directly to the park for some romping and Doggeh ‘Tock Sniffin’ and wanted us to share with you!” -Courtney B.

Jill The Sqwerlio (Part III)

We first heard about Jill The Sqwerlio back in October (see Part I and Part II.) Louisiana-based Jill was rescued after she fell from her tree during a hurricane. Here’s Part III c/o My Modern Met!

And naturally, she has an Instagram.










BONUS LINK/THIS JUST IN: Read about Mittens The ResQte Sqwerl…who lives in a Christmas tree.

When You’re BUB….

…the only thing that will get you out of your nice warm bed on a cold midwestern morning is….yogurt. Lots of it. All over your face. Good JOB, BUB!

When You’re Milo…

…you can pretty well get belleh rubz whenever you want. Like now! Raise your hands, everyone who’d like to nosedive down to that tummy for a quick snorgle.

Oh, You Want Some O’ THIS?

[Fine. FINE. Let’s GO, big guy! Right NOW! Yeah, you’re a big bully aren’t ya. Well I am gonna take you DOWN a peg or two. C’mon, I mean BIZNESS.]

Another Quality Smedley Find.