#CO10: Thanks, Farm Sanctuary

COTENLARGEC.O. turns 10 tomorrow! (How could you not know, we’ve been beating it in the ground featuring it for a few weeks now.) Our Tenth Anniversary Month continues with this salute from the Farm Sanctuary !It’s been our privilege to feature their Prosh Friends; and they decided to create a special video just for us!

Meredith T., we thank thee.

Friday Haiku: Ladylike

‘Tocktober is soon
Butts of all shapes and sizes
Send us your pix here.


OK, Time To Test Out My Fierce

[I is gonna be The Lion King one day, and I need to try out my fierce. OK here goes. I’d stand BACK if I wuz you. Just sayin.’]


Flashback Friday: London, 1930

13th February 1930:  A merry party of prize winning Sealyham Terriers from the  Eastfield Kennels at Bristol , seen here at Crufts Dog Show.  (Photo by Veale/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)“1930; A party of prize winning Sealyham Terriers at the Cruft’s Dog Show in London. Image: Veale/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images.” Via Mashable.

Preview: #CO10 Wallpaper

wallpaperCOTENLARGEC.O. began September 26, 2005, with the Kitteh Image at left. We’re going to be showing some of your favorite posts (that you emailed to us earlier) all day tomorrow- 24 hours worth! Thanks to everyone who sent in their fave posts!

[*Note: Want the above image as a wallpaper? No problem- click here. -Ed.]

Ferret Friday: Beauregard

24C7B1F8-F26A-490B-A666-090D17AE733F.full“Here is our ferret, Beauregard, in the midst of the typical ‘Before bedtime loss of control of da feet parts.'” -Scott S.

#CO10: Greetings From Sophia!

image1“Hey, Cute Overload! I’ve been a big fan for many years and Sophia, my kitty, thought it would be nice to send you some flowers for your birthday. Enjoy!!” – Kathy.

You Know Your Cat Is A Total Creep…

…when he watches you sleep. (OK, so that’s the header from the video- but it’s accurate, right?)

The Story Of Jessica The Hippo

We don’t generally have a LOT of Hippo stories here on C.O., because well we don’t. But you HAVE to see this story about Jessica, who was separated from her Mom :( after a flood. Not exactly sure where this IS, but they’ve got a big river in the backyard, so it’s all good!



Otter #696 Needs Swimming Lessons!

Now, you’d think a Bebeh Sea Ottersons would instinctively know how to swim, right? Nope. They can float, but swimming is a whole ‘nuther kettle of…well, fish. Or otters. Anyway, here is another video in our week long Sea Otter Appreciation Week series via Monterey Bay Aquarium, on just HOW #696 learns how to swim!

(Warning: the part where #696 gets towed through the water is positively KILLER. Speakers UP for this one, folks.)

And just ’cause we’re in the mood for some swimming, let’s roll Dori out.


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