Second Jack Klugman Reference Ever On C.O.

Prosh Little SnuggleBomb Quincy M.E. made his site debut just before Thanksgiving, and now he’s back to spread a little post-Christmas cheer. “Happy Holidays from Quincy ME,” writes Noel R.


ResQte Of The Week (Pre-New Year’s Eve Edition)

Can you even believe this? This ResQte happened the Day After Christmas! “Meet Hadley. 4 months old. Mutt 4.0. Rescued 12/26/15. My husband and I had a quiet Christmas. Sort of missing the excitement of what used to be. So the day after….I saw a local rescue trailer at the pet store and my gut said STOP. GO IN. So this time I listened to my gut. The rest is history in the making. Hadley will make future Christmases so bright! So really, it was a double rescue!” -Kris H.

I’m The King Of The World!!

[Oh, well, maybe just….the king of this rock.]

~ ~ ~

“This is our 3 month old Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Cross named Barry on a walk at the beach, looking picture perfect.” -Hannah S.

Murray Von Kittypants

Only three days left in the year and we might just have discovered the Top Name For 2015. “Yes, that is indeed his full name. He’s a seducer of the ladies (well, me, since he hides under the bed when strangers show up) and he also likes to celebrate Christmas. He also has his own Instagram; sorry, gotta Pimp the Cuteness! Actually, not sorry :P)” -Carrie S.

[*Note 1: Rule of Cuteness #25: Dangling paws are cute. -Ed.]

[*Note 2: New tag: “Pimping The Cuteness.” -Ed.]

The Force Is With Timo

Those lightsabers looked a whole lot more dangerous in the movie- but Timo handles them with ease. I mean, can you see Master Yoda CHEWING on a lightsabre? Not, I think.

BUNS Aren’t Just For Bundays

If we can have a Ferret Friday today, we can also have a Bunday BUN too. Sez so in the rules. If there WERE rules. Which there aren’t. What?






Speakers UP For The BUB Motorboat

Let’s let BUB’s hoomin Mike B. tell the story:

“This is a quick video i took yesterday morning after breakfast. Every morning after BUB eats, she asks to be held in my lap, and then proceeds to purr like a motorboat. While BUB has overcome a lot of physical difficulties, she is a truly happy cat, with a fiercely strong spirit, unbelievable courage and determination, and the heart of a space lion.”


Everybody Into The Peanut Pool!

Moving Ferret Friday up a few days since Friday is a holiday and all. Besides, we can post Ferrets anytime.

(Boing Boing.)

You’ve Heard The Term “Three Dog Night”

That’s the old saying that it’s so cold out you need three dogs on the bed to keep warm. Well, here’s your one pig morning. COMPLETE WITH PINK TONGUE ACTION.


Meet Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster’s Cousin:

…Scootin’ Bebeh Rhino, naturally! (Take a second to imagine little puffs of smoke coming off those heels; and here’s some bongo feet just ’cause.)