“It’s Coming To Get Us!!!”

Someone (or something) has to give here. A robot spider with a camera and disc shooter…vs. a bunch of kittehs and their Mom. From Japan.

But you knew that.

(Boing Boing.)

Rats, It’s Monday President’s Day

Do you like little rat feet - ImgurSome of y’all have the day off today! #YAY
Some of y’all…gotta head on in. #RATS IT’S MONDAY.


And That’s Gonna Do Eet For The Week!

Hope you enjoyed our 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day extravaganza yesterday! And before you know it, here’s another holiday tomorrow (In the U.S., anyway- President’s Day! No, sorry, no 24 Hours Of Presidents.) We’ll be here with a new Maru and a special President’s Day post, too!

A lot of you may have the day off Monday, so sleep in- just like Timo and Cleo here!

OK, You’re Here, And I’m Here

[So! Place your left or right hand on the top of my head, and begin the scritching. Then you can proceed to my back or my belleh. This isn’t rocket science, you know. Begin.]

After a long day of work nothing beats coming home to a puppy - Imgur

Bunday Afternoon: The Littlest Bun

[I nose it was yesterday and all, but would you be my Valentine? How ’bout picking me up for a fast Snorgle?]


Happy 2nd Birthday, Peggy!

unnamedPeggy turns the Big Two today, and to celebrate she’s givin’ us some MAJOR Princess Di Side-Eye! “She makes us laugh every day,” says Mary H. Can’t imagine why. :)

What The Stylish Italian Greyhound Is Wearing This Winter

gaius.overlookGaius the Winter IG (secretly dreaming of Miami Beach, stuck in Fort Tryon Park, NYC) from Carlos D.

Bunday Morning Comix: Hoot Couture

hoot_couture_by_bluewingedcoyote-d8h4rf5“I have a comic I drew about the Owl in Oregon that has been stealing jogger’s hats,” says Jessie B.


20150208_210029And we LIKE Big Bun (photos) here at C.O.! “Gracen the Bun [Who hasn’t moved an inch since ‘Tocktober, it seems. -Ed.] is relaxing on Bunday. If only Bunday didn’t mean back to work tomorrow. Thanks for all the cuteness! Keep up the great work!” – Melissa C.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 11:29pm PT

And here we are at the Tail End of 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks to everyone who sent photos in! “This is Gizmo. He let me balance this paper heart on his back because he is a very patient little gentleman and loves Cute Overload very much.” -Molly D.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day was powered by a very large handful of Valentine’s Day M&M’s, some 2% milk from Safeway, and a couple of cake donuts from the store down the street. Back to eating (relatively) healthy tomorrow. Probably. Our regular Bunday programming returns shortly.

This has been your announcer, Don Pardo.


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