Bunday Morning Comix

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‘Tocktober Dateline: Argentina!

THESE ‘Tocks have come a good long way to reach the pages of C.O. “Llama ‘Tocks!! This photo was taken in the northwest of Argentina. I want to thank you again for doing the contest for winning the C.O. Calendars. I won them with the photo of the doubtful monkey with the rock. In my country is impossible to buy things on the Net overseas. So…yay!” -Mercedes M.


It’s The Bunday Super Bowl Down Undah

Kinda sorta. Today the South Sydney Rabbitohs (the team that Russell Crowe owns) play the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the Australian Rugby League Grand Final, the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Got that, mate? And it’s starting right now- 1:15am PT (YAWN) = 7:15pm at ANZ Stadium, NSW.

UPDATE! The Rabbitohs won!

Frankie Rabbitoh
Sender-Inner Jamie S. says, “They haven’t made it to the Grand Final since ’71 (it’s been 43 years!) so it’s kind of a big deal for the team and all of the supporters here in Australia. Our Bun Frankie wants everyone to know he’s the Rabbitohs’ #1 fan!”

“Frank was featured on your site a couple of months ago for the 4th of July; he was our Foster Bun back then, but we have since adopted him :). Here’s a bonus photo of Frankie’s ‘Tocks for your ‘Tocktoberfest!”

Frankie tocks
[*Note- If you don't know anything about rugby- like me- it's totally incomprehensible. But BUNS, I know. -Ed.]

Caturday Night: GAAAAAAAAAA Lookit That FACE

And those EYES! And..and the little Paws-N-Claws™ wrapped around the thumb! (AYIEEEEEEEE runs screaming into the backyard, scares the doves off the patio.)

photo 1
“Hello! This is Trixie, she was abandoned by her mother in a small town near our city. She came to the Saskatoon SPCA and we are fostering her until she’s old enough to adopt (in about six weeks)!” -Lorene T. & Leslie L.

photo 3

(BTW, our second name choice was Duchess Cutie McFluffyButt of Snuggleburg. ;)

Teddy’s ‘Tocks

photo 2Cuteporter Maddy A. provides us with this shot of Teddy The Norwich’s Business End.

Slo Mo Milo

Milo’s back, and out for a walk on a blustery afternoon, sporting some very jaunty looking camo. Wait ’til you see The Milo Hop @ :47.

C.O. Rated™: One Hundred Per Cent SQUEE.



Game Faces

The Giants play the Nationals in the playoffs, and here’s one determined doggeh that’s showing her true colors. “‘Tocktober is great, but around here we’re all about Orange October,” says Giants fan Jo Bluestein. “I took this photo of my Mini-Doxie, Kit, who watches every game with the dedication of a true fan (Kit made her CO debut during Nosevember 2013, and we were SO proud!) We LOVE C.O. and hope you’ll love Kit’s team spirit!”

After that, the Cards play the Dodgers tonight, and Jack has his Game Face on, too. BRING IT, Dodgers. “Here’s Jack..ready for the Cardinals game! Taken by his Dad, Spencer.”


‘Tocktober: Oh, Bother

001“Hi there, this is Pooh (short for Pooh Bear) and his ‘Tocks being moodily lit by late afternoon sun.” -Marcie F.

Update: These ‘Tocks JUST IN: “This is Mitzi. She would love to be featured! Thank you!” -Kathy A.


Update II: MORE ‘Tocks JUST IN: “I offer my humble sub-nee-shon of Sadie Marie Johnson. She is my friend’s puppeh which I was watching while they were away. Sadie Marie was tuckered out, and collapsed in the sunbeam, after a hard day of playing with her toys.”


[*Note- ROC #40 for ALL: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute." -Ed.]

Make It A Coco Caturday!

Just stretch out on the couch, get the remote, punch up a little college football or the MLB Division Series, maybe some popcorn and an ice cold soft drink.

On second thought, Coco says…maybe just pass on that fizzy stuff. Yeck.

Caturday: Invisible Tuna, Yeah Right

[If this guy pulls this kinda stunt again, there are gonna be VISIBLE HAIRBALLS in his Nikes. Just sayin.']


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