Trunkster Gets His Fierce On

The Scooting Bebeh Trunkster has been a fixture on this pages for a few years now. In his latest escapade, watch him get all fierce and stuff at some hoomins.

Or not.

P.S. little guy–THIS is how it’s DONE.

“Doc, I Don’t Know How It Happened!”

2015-06-13 17.41.53[I…I woke up this morning with…..with an extra butt!] Concept and photo by Julie H.

Doug And His Ducks

As the narrator quite correctly states, “This is Walt Disney stuff.” So, big ol’ doggeh Doug plops down in a barn, and a bunch of brand new Peeps swarm around him. That’s the entire plot right there. And what more do you need?

Here’s the extended “Director’s Cut” version:

Thanks to Gord F.

“Today I Am Declaring My Candidacy For President”

DTCat_FEAT[First off, I’m really rich. Secondly, I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. And third- can SOMEone find me my can of AquaNet?]

(This actually IS the “Donald Trump” caterpillar; a caterpillar of the flannel moth. Honest. says so. Thanks to Robin L.)

Wombat Wednesday With Robert Irwin

Crickey. Let’s go way Down Undah for today’s edition of Wombat Wednesday, hosted by Crocodile Hunter Mini-Me v2.0, Robert Irwin.

Playtime With Muggle The Puggle

[Yes, I DO have another front leg, it’s just all stuffed up in this swing. And speaking of this swing- is this all it does? BORING.]

Taken by Emily at Congress Park, Denver, Co.

Misa Minnie Congratulates The Warriors

Misa Minnie’s proudly wearing her NBA Champion Golden State Warriors jersey as she takes the ball TO THE HOOP! The Cavaliers puppeh doesn’t look so happy.

Penny For Your Thoughts, Little Guy

image2[OK, I am thinking that maybe YOU SHOULD PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!]


“Found this little guy hanging out in our garden!” -Joy.

Prosh Puppeh POWER

unnamed (1)Folks, please take a look at the one and only Strider, frolicking in the garden with a little help from his hoomin. #PERFECT.

Sent in by Rusty & Jen, photos by Penny.

“Hey Honey? Did You Clean Up That Spill In The Kitchen?”

“No, didn’t need to. The Cat took care of it.”

“Cinderella cat says, ‘Why isn’t our house like Maru’s?’ From the OTHER side of the Big J.” -Katherine B.


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